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  1. Being in Greece recently for the last two winter months (...well no need to ask it's nicely warmer over there 😉), I saw people there starting very early on November to decorate their gardens, balcons ... etc. for Xmas. - One of the neighbors had in his garden an interesting - sequence blinking rain-fall like lighting - applied outside on his xmas-tree, which looked quite good at nights. This inspired me to try to build some sort of an xmas tree animation from a vector drawing. I've kept my initial ADe vector drawing as simple as possible, since I didn't wanted to spend overall too much time on it. Thus I just reused one of my latest available silhouette xmas tree assets for the tree drawing etc. ... ... and gave the vector drawing partly just a quick pseudo 3D touch ... ... the more interesting part (at least for me here) is to save/export enough single tree light state images, so I can vary these when creating/stiching some animated GIF or MP4 video together out of the single images. - Here's a quick single one time run (no looping yet) of 14 behind each other state images: xmas-tree-meteor-light.mp4 Now I've to play with variations, looping, duplications and timings of images, in order to try out more and different blinking/flow lighting effects! 🤔
  2. Well, this is something I have never done before, but Printables has a context for designing a 3D printable cookie cutter. So I just drew a double star in Affinity Designer, made several duplicates, gave each a different stroke, expanded the strokes, subtracted duplicates of the inner strokes from the outer strokes, so I got this: I exported that to SVG, which I hand edited to the width and height of 100 mm. I imported that into FreeCAD, in which I extruded each of the three shapes into three 3D layers of a cookie cutter and added a little cross to the background to make the 3D print sturdier, and the result looks like this (and no, it’s not leather, it’s PETG plastic): I seriously doubt I will win because there are numerous entries much better than my first attempt at a cookie cutter, but at least I figured out how to do it with Affinity Designer. At any rate, if anyone wants to see it (and maybe give me a few stars), here it is on Printables.
  3. After some extra fine tuning, here is the final version of the 2022 Christmas card, created with Affinity Designer as always
  4. Created with Affinity Designer. Still working on details but would be interested in feedback
  5. I've recently been spending time creating items for Christmas, and have been working on some paper cut out effects for Affinity Designer. This has involved creating lots of assets, brushes, styles and a colour palette. If anyone is interested in grabbing this package, you can find out more in this blog post that describes all the bits and pieces etc. The images here show some of the things that can be created using these items.
  6. Like to wish all forum users and serif staff a very MERRY CHRIMBO hope next year brings great things for Affinity
  7. new video showing my process using affinity designer on ipad. Very simple steps! brushes used are from my Master Vector brushes available on my gumroad
  8. Hey there! To make this design I used geometric shapes and also Pencil tool to model the tree! then I've applied some basic textures with Vector Brushes, the free ones, and I used my Custom Package of Christmas to add some extra elements! You can join to watch my lessons and tutorials, upcoming and last challenge Click here below to know more! challenge.jhonsilva.com
  9. Hello community, a simple tutorial with meaningful techniques! you can do this as well! if you do, tag me on my insta: @jhonatan.ssilva so I can share your design too! New upcoming 4 days learning Affinity Designer, challenge link below! https://challenge.jhonsilva.com Enjoy!
  10. hey there 🤣 let me show you guys what we've done so far to help the creative affinity users community to create vectors from drawings in case you are interested about to see my real time process the link is available here below enjoy! https://youtu.be/ojrX5wsXmH0
  11. More bad puns masquerading as a Christmas greeting. Made with Affinity Photo and Serif MoviePlus X6. Stock photo credits at the end of the video. Merry Christmas (we can but hope 😊 )
  12. Well, I think it's near enough now, so here's this year's Christmas video. Made with Affinity Photo & Designer and Movie Plus X6. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GTJEneTyJ2U
  13. Hello, I just finished creating a new Christmas card for the place where I work. Back / Front Inside
  14. Christmas is fast approaching! Here is a set of over 50 Christmas and Celebration style frames, suitable for print, print on demand (POD), video, posters, cards, photo frames and more. All in 300 dpi png file format. https://www.creativefabrica.com/product/christmas-celebration-frames/ref/63430/ Christmas_&_CDelebration_Frames.mp4
  15. Yes, it's that time of year again. My Christmas video is made with a 'borrowed' image, chopped up and manipulated with Affinity Photo, animated with Anime Studio (a third-party package marketed by Serif a few years back) and brought together in Serif MoviePlus X6. Merry Christmas!
  16. Oh my God!! My Christmas machine is hopelessly stuck!! Will you be able to keep Santas Factory running? Try it yourself! Santa's Factory Interactive (English) Santa's Factory Interactive (Dutch) All graphics of this Interactive Christmas Card are happily created with Affinity Designer! Especially LOVE the export persona which makes my workflow so much more fun and faster!!! 20181016_SantasFactory-ScreenRecording-1920x1080.mp4
  17. Here is a set of vector snowflakes for use in affinity designer. A tad late I know but maybe they could still be useful. enjoy! snowflakes.afdesign
  18. Here is a Affinity christmas photo storyboard template you can reuse or modify for your own needs ... ... in it's actual state this is setup for placing 2 photos inside. You can place your photos easily as child layers into the indicated left and right sides as shown here ... ... and here is the storyboard: christmas_photo_storyboard.afdesign Have a nice christmas time!
  19. Hi gang, here we go again. I drew this when I was 10. A year before my 1979 Kmart Christmas illustration, recently posted here, I created this similar scene for the cover of my school’s Holiday Activity booklet. Again, among my sketches & drawings was an old printout. Recoloring my Kmart illustration motivated me to retouch this for one reason: the faded booklet contains puzzles, poems, essays and drawings from my old classmates, some of whom are Facebook friends. My plan is to mildly retouch all 12 pages and PDF it as a gift to my grade school buddies. I think they’ll get a kick outa this blast from the past with their 5th grade contributions.
  20. Hello all, I drew this when I was 11 and rediscovered it while looking through my ancient portfolio. Long ago it was printed on the cover of this newsletter in black and white even though my original was in color marker. As practice with Affinity Photo, I chose to recolor my old illustration, but all I had was the printed copy on the left. The colorful original was never returned and I think you'll agree the black & white reproduction is muddy and lacks contrast. I scanned the reproduction and AP helped bring color back to my childhood drawing. My main goal—aside from returning color to a cherished memory—was to keep the integrity of the marker work. Under no circumstance did I want to clean up or improve what is otherwise a child's drawing. I'm happy to say Affinity Photo handled this personal project flawlessly. The file is over 300 layers, and each hue is isolated and colorized using Recolor Adjustments and further manipulated with Brightness/Contrast Adjustments, and of course Masks. Before recoloring, I painted out the gray fills to isolate & retain the strokes. Separate layers of the original B&W fills were then used for colorization. The Paint Brush tool and its options helped me get the job done. My old childhood drawing has color again, thank you Affinity Photo. For screen shots and descriptions of the process, including Affinity Designer to redraw the title, please visit Behance at https://www.behance.net/gallery/51578699/Kmart-Christmas
  21. Hi, guys! I love drawing, and also I like learning new ways to do it. I came across with digital painting and after using some programs like GIMP, Krita, Corel Painter Essentials and Photoshop I've started using Affinity Photo for that purpuse. Here I colored a drawing I made long time ago for a good friend of mine. Now it has more life thanks to Photo. Best regards!
  22. Hi, In diesem Affinity Photo Tutorial zeige ich wie man aus Zeichnungen von Kindern Weihnachtskarten oder Anhänger machen kann. Viel Spaß dabei. Euer Jack In this Affinity Photo Tutorial, I show you how to create christmas cards or labels from drawings of your children. Have fun Your Jack Foto / photo: eigenes / self made Link to YouTube Tutorial
  23. I have a series of paper craft robots. Three years ago I made a Santa Clause robot, then a reindeer robot, and this year I've added elf robots. The fold patterns were created in SketchUp, and the artwork was done in both AP and AD. All the textures are assembled from photos that I am constantly shooting.
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