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Found 94 results

  1. giantlobsterprd

    Bad weather

    Winter is coming.
  2. When will it be possible to select not only the first character in a text box as snapping candidate?
  3. Finally found time to finish something! Simple sketch scanned in then given the Affinity magic. The end result is quite different but hopefully for the better. Thanks for viewing!
  4. giantlobsterprd

    Bus stop

    For anyone who has ever had to wait in line. Adendum: I've revised the composition and refined some of the details: Individual components can be viewed on Bechance here: https://www.behance.net/danrobinson/wip
  5. Here's another dog, seems I'm on a roll... personal work this time. Thought I'd try out an all airbrush style paint piece using mostly pixel persona and the spray paint brushes in Designer. I had tried this guy a few years back in photoshop, this turned out much better. ;) Maybe I just suck at photoshop painting... :) Some discoveries made with this piece has got me thinking of some personal wish list items for Designer as it pertains particularly for painting: - rotate canvas - an option or toggle to hide the brush cursor while painting (some of the brush cursors outline previews are a little distracting and are in the way while painting) - smooth stroke or lazy mouse feature - quick flip canvas (horz and vert) to check composition - OPTION > COMMAND > SPACE BAR and COMMAND > SPACE BAR for zooming (it's enabled and works as expected in draw persona but not in pixel persona, never did get an explanation on why this is... :huh: - this is a biggie hence the UPPERCASE letters!) :) The navigator palette just doesn't cut it for quick workflow. as an aside... - would love to see a "global" noise effect ability like in Affinity Photo (live filter) to be able to globally cover entire artwork with noise from the top most layer...
  6. please let me center my text inside a text box horizontally. See screenshots. 1. Screenshot: The problem 2. Screenshot: Manual, very imprecise solution (adjusting the base line in the character menu) 3. Screenshot: What I want to have (just to make things clear) 4. Screenshot: Where this setting has to be in the user interface 5. Screenshot: Just to make things very clear: How Pages handles this. This is a very important feature, every typographer needs. If the textbox is aligned properly using guide lines, the text should be in the center of my textbox, or whereever I want it. It is impossible to align my text properly centered on a horizontal guide line.
  7. My Strawberry Monkey

    Character Design

    What's that you say? A new Affinity mascot :lol:. My Strawberry Monkey loves Affinity so much he's even got his own t-shirt LOL...
  8. giantlobsterprd


    Designer's block at the moment. Scribbled this guy in sheer desperation.
  9. Make a character panel that can be snapped to the side-bars (much like layers, effects, styles etc) This makes global & multiple character & paragraph style changes easier to implement.
  10. I sketched in pixel persona, but everything is vector here. The only annoyance was the text, Affinity auto smooths too much. So I did the writing in pixel persona, and then traced the shape manually. Both works took about 3 days, if it were Illustrator, it would be 7. Vector still takes me at least twice as long, but before Affinity, I wouldn't attempt doing anything vector unless it had to be scaled up big. Now it is a breeze.
  11. I've decided to experiment and try to design a range of Christmas cards. This is my first offering! I just wanted to create something fun and fresh looking, please tell me what you think.. Thanks Craig.
  12. I have a block of text with kerning of 7% applied to the first letter pair, but not the rest of the block. I copy the block as a fast way to duplicate the font, color etc. for a new block of text. Select all to replace with new text. When you start typing, ALL of the letter pairs in the new text are now kerned 7%. It seems to me that while tracking should be maintained, kerning should reset to 0 in this situation.
  13. Thought I'd share a character or two from a commissioned interactive story I'm working on this month. Illustrations are created in AD, however I have to complete the slides in Illustrator as I NEED artboards and bleed.
  14. I think my first attempt to post failed, sorry if I double posted. I'm looking forward to the symbols tool and a tool to adjust the amount of correction the software applies to your line. This software is very fun to use, fast and intuitive. http://f.cl.ly/items/093p100f1a0i381D1B3i/haardkoor.png A link because I couldn't upload. :v
  15. ronniemcbride


    Here a small portion of a project I have been working on and hopefully I'll be able to share more with you soon. stay tuned. His name is Flint
  16. So, here goes. This is my first artwork created in AD. It has been very interesting and very inspiring to use something else than Adobe Illustrator which has been my playground for a decade.
  17. pablogulynn

    Character color foreground

    Hello, I have a problem to choose a color with the dropper tool. When I select the dropper (and I drag it to through the screen) I choose a color and then it disappears... How can I solve that? Thanks!
  18. Hello folks, Been practising with Designer and completed this wee critter in over the past couple o' nights. Still trying to streamline my workflow but practise is good (and fun.....) If anyone has any tips on how to make this better (especially the balloon) then I'd love to hear them. :D Cheers! George [shamelessplug] For more creatures like this, head to my website - www.eejits-online.co.uk [/shamelessplug]
  19. Chris B


    Here he is...