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Found 77 results

  1. Liamd88

    Kobe Bryant Vector

    I decided to have another go at a vector person so here's just a piece I've been working on the past few days. :)
  2. Hey folks – I created this illustration as a parody of a quasi-famous NY designer I recently saw. It was my first attempt with AD, and at using variable brush strokes / curves. I found the experience pretty straightforward, almost fun. I typically use illustrator for renderings like this but wanted to test out how AD worked since I had just purchased it recently. I think the only major challenge I had was that I didn't like that I couldn't use the eye-dropper on different colors to select the color. That part wasn't intuitive to me. After watching some youtube videos and some snippets on the site, I got the hang of it after a while. This is one in a series of character illustrations I'll be doing. His name is Tobison Vanderherd: Senior Design Strategist (for now anyway). I'm going to be fleshing out an entire agency based on endangered species because, after all, agencies are sort of dying out. Anyway, don't know how far I'll take it, but it's certainly fun getting familiar with the tool and experimenting. I'm eventually going to take the illustration into After Effects and try some puppeteering/ voiceover work to see how that holds up. I'll share my results if anyone's interested. Been enjoying watching what everyone has been posting and looking forward to seeing what other creations folks come up with. Thanks for your time and feedback, Anthony
  3. Hi, this is my first character made in Affinity Design Windows Beta, this is to use in some animations, also y post it in our Devian Art Chanel if you like please join us in there, be friends and show your art made with Affinity to other who dont have it. Here is the link to the full version at Devian Art http://affinitydesigner.deviantart.com/art/Roby-Robot1-619239522
  4. Bruce-R

    Debut dribbble shot

    Hey designer pals! I have been lucky enough to win a dribbble invitation. I created my debut shot with affinity photo over the weekend... Please hook up with me on dribbble if you use it... @funkyimage
  5. giantlobsterprd

    café – web comic test

    Okay so this is a test frame for a web comic I'm working on - the backgrounds are Cinema 4D, the character is Affinity Designer and the whole thing has been comped and adjusted in Affinity Photo. There will be a lot more of this, once I've got the environment nailed down.
  6. giantlobsterprd

    Bob & the girl

    No idea who these two are. Feel free to make up your own story. Winner gets a Kinder Surprise.
  7. Hi! My name is Enrique Figueroa, I'm a professional graphic designer. I've started to use Affinity Designer recently and I love it!. I have some expertise in character design, mascot design and such... I began to write a book about cartoon character design in Adobe Illustrator a few months ago... but it happens that I don't use Illustrator that much anymore (I hate, hate the subscription thing). So I thought that it would be a good idea to re-write the whole book for Affinity Designer only. The book is oriented towards people that would like to give life to their ideas, without the pain of going all the way trough DaVinci's academy... the learning method is very simple, for beginners and advanced users alike. The goal is to help you in the making of all kind of characters within a month or two, so you can even make money out of them (T-Shirt design, vector stock selling, freelance works, etc). Its heavy focused on styling and commercial appealing. I still don't know in which formats will be released. For now I would really, really appreciate your feedback on this project. It appeals to you?, Would you buy it?, how much would you pay for it?, is this what you need?... any opinion is welcome, my mind is open. You can ask whatever you want too. I have attached a couple of my drawings just to give you an example of the simplicity and look of the characters for this first module (these ones won't be in the book, but they can give you a small idea). I love more and more AD and I think It has great potential as a learning tool. Thanks in advance, Enrique Figueroa
  8. abk


    Hi there, Here is an image i did on Affinity Designer. It's still a work in progress, hope you'll enjoy ! Peace, k
  9. mcpete

    Hot or Cold

    Finally was able to make the switch at work from Illustrator to Affinity Designer for any graphic images we use. Created this guy for a website based of the logo. I love the ability to adjust the stroke pressure to add a bit of variety in the stroke wide.
  10. MantaMike

    WIP - Family

    Hi everyone I've been visiting this forum for more than a year now, and thought it was about time to post something. I'm working on a poster of my small family that I intend to print if it turns out good. Still a long way to go, a lot of details I want to add and textures etc... I have never been good at posting the things I make, but thought it would be a good place to start here, since Affinity is the reason I started enjoying working with vectors again :) Thanks for watching. Michael
  11. digital_wampa

    Poe Portrait all vector - AD

    Tried to replicate a painting I saw online - but used all vectors in Aff Designer. Updated the image a bit and added an outline screen grab view mode... Thanks for your replies
  12. giantlobsterprd

    Not listening (1)

    From a children's book I'm working on...
  13. Hello, Seems that with both Designer and Photo on the current betas, when no document is open, when attempting to drag out the character palette to isolate it from the tabbed group, the entire program crashes. Thanks!
  14. Hello, I'm really liking the changes made with the now palette versions of the type features, however besides scrolling to find a font, I often know exactly what font I want to use on a project, is there a way to just manually type in the first few characters and have Affinity auto-complete my font choice? I tried double-clicking the font selection field to hopefully activate it to character input mode, but seems the only option is to go through the dropdown menu, and find it not ideal in all instances. Thanks
  15. giantlobsterprd


    Based on a true story
  16. giantlobsterprd

    Bad weather

    Winter is coming.
  17. When will it be possible to select not only the first character in a text box as snapping candidate?
  18. giantlobsterprd

    Bus stop

    For anyone who has ever had to wait in line. Adendum: I've revised the composition and refined some of the details: Individual components can be viewed on Bechance here: https://www.behance.net/danrobinson/wip
  19. Here's another dog, seems I'm on a roll... personal work this time. Thought I'd try out an all airbrush style paint piece using mostly pixel persona and the spray paint brushes in Designer. I had tried this guy a few years back in photoshop, this turned out much better. ;) Maybe I just suck at photoshop painting... :) Some discoveries made with this piece has got me thinking of some personal wish list items for Designer as it pertains particularly for painting: - rotate canvas - an option or toggle to hide the brush cursor while painting (some of the brush cursors outline previews are a little distracting and are in the way while painting) - smooth stroke or lazy mouse feature - quick flip canvas (horz and vert) to check composition - OPTION > COMMAND > SPACE BAR and COMMAND > SPACE BAR for zooming (it's enabled and works as expected in draw persona but not in pixel persona, never did get an explanation on why this is... :huh: - this is a biggie hence the UPPERCASE letters!) :) The navigator palette just doesn't cut it for quick workflow. as an aside... - would love to see a "global" noise effect ability like in Affinity Photo (live filter) to be able to globally cover entire artwork with noise from the top most layer...
  20. please let me center my text inside a text box horizontally. See screenshots. 1. Screenshot: The problem 2. Screenshot: Manual, very imprecise solution (adjusting the base line in the character menu) 3. Screenshot: What I want to have (just to make things clear) 4. Screenshot: Where this setting has to be in the user interface 5. Screenshot: Just to make things very clear: How Pages handles this. This is a very important feature, every typographer needs. If the textbox is aligned properly using guide lines, the text should be in the center of my textbox, or whereever I want it. It is impossible to align my text properly centered on a horizontal guide line.
  21. My Strawberry Monkey

    Character Design

    What's that you say? A new Affinity mascot :lol:. My Strawberry Monkey loves Affinity so much he's even got his own t-shirt LOL...
  22. giantlobsterprd


    Designer's block at the moment. Scribbled this guy in sheer desperation.
  23. Make a character panel that can be snapped to the side-bars (much like layers, effects, styles etc) This makes global & multiple character & paragraph style changes easier to implement.
  24. I have a block of text with kerning of 7% applied to the first letter pair, but not the rest of the block. I copy the block as a fast way to duplicate the font, color etc. for a new block of text. Select all to replace with new text. When you start typing, ALL of the letter pairs in the new text are now kerned 7%. It seems to me that while tracking should be maintained, kerning should reset to 0 in this situation.
  25. ronniemcbride


    Here a small portion of a project I have been working on and hopefully I'll be able to share more with you soon. stay tuned. His name is Flint