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Found 15 results

  1. We're aware of an issue where our apps can crash if you're using an Nvidia GPU and you have Capture One installed with Windows Explorer Integration enabled. We've reported the issue to Nvidia to be fixed but you can workaround this issue by: Changing the default Renderer in Preferences > Performance to a non Nvidia device or Disable Windows Explorer Integration in Capture One or rename the WIC64 folder in Capture One's installation folder in Program Files More information can be found here: https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/134369-nvwgf2umxdll-crashes/&do=findComment&comment=751664
  2. Hi Everyone, Hope I placed this in the correct area. I was curious, is there any benefits to using Capture One for Raw editing over Affinity Photo's Develop Persona? Thanks in advance!
  3. Hello I recently switched to Affinity photo, currently on the latest version 1.8.4, been using it for like a year and so far loving it. except the following issue. I am using Nikon Z50 camera, and set my camera to take photos in RAW + JPEG whenever I shoot a photo, then copy the sd card contents to my mac 1. The JPEG taken by the camera has correct colors / white balance / exposure. 2. Opening the NEF file in Affinity photo develop persona, and change nothing, click develop then export the resulted image to JPG looks so flat, no vibrant enough, and it's really really hard to match the exact white balance i saw or the exact white balance of the original JPEG mentioned in point #1 3. Opening the same NEF on Capture One 20, and also changning nothing and export the image to jpg, gives way better image, comparable to #1 but not exactly 4. Opening the same NEF on FastRawViewer then taking a screenshot of the view also gives a good result, comparable to #1 but not exactly For comparison, i did the same for photos taken with my old Nikon D3400, and surprisingly the resulted image from Affinity photo NEF -> Export is not far from the original JPEG from camera. See d3400 original: vs d3400 processed in affinity photo (NEF -> Develop -> Export) I am wondering what might be causing Affinity photo to be off this much when processing NEF files especially for Nikon Z50 ? does any one with Nikon Z50 faces the same problem? Thanks
  4. It's a very important to have an amazing color to amaze your client when we talking about skin especially in portraits! Example: https://drive.bobarev.com/d/f/551673619992850756
  5. I had some photos in a Capture One folder that opened fine in 1.7.3 that are not opening now that I updated to 1.8. I need access to photos in that location. Please fix.
  6. Hi, I seem to watch tutorials where people simply click edit with or open with affinity photo from c1 and all the adjustments that have been made appear in affinity photo. When i try to open with affinity i just get the raw image with no edits. Can someone explain why as the rutorials dont mention what could cause the problem. It just works. Thanks
  7. Hi There: I'm not sure if this is a challenge with Affinity Photo (1.7.2) or Windows 10 (latest updates installed) but I'll throw it out there. While I'm still using Lightroom 6.14 for my photography, I'm also using Capture One 12.1 in a hybrid workflow for my Sony A7R III (.arw) files. I use Affinity Photo rather than Ps for pixel editing. Now, in Capture One, I can right-click on an image and select Edit with or Open with and it brings up a list of software I can use for additional editing. C1 first creates a .tif file, then sends the rendered image to the program of choice. On that list are Affinity Designer and Affinity Publisher, but not Affinity Photo. I can go to browse, go to the correct folder and select photo.exe, but I have to do that every time. I asked this question on the C1 forums and someone suggested I get Windows to associate Affinity Photo with my .arw files. So, I did a quick search, right-clicked on an image file, selected Open With, chose Affinity Photo and set it to use as default for this file type. What happened is that Windows added a .comask extension to the file name - i.e. filename.arw.comask and then Affinity Photo told me (of course) that it couldn't open a .comask file. Any suggestions appreciated!
  8. Are there any plans to add tethering feature to Affinity Photo? Phase One is ripping us off completely with Capture One upgrade prices. They need some serious competition to help them keep it real and if anyone could do it it would be you guys and girls.
  9. https://www.martindoersch.at/2017/11/capture-one-pro-affinity-photo/ Wenn man mit der Raw-Entwicklung in Capture One Pro fertig ist, will man oft in einem Editor – zB. Photoshop oder Affinity Photo – weiter arbeiten. Wie dies funktioniert und auf was man achten soll erkläre ich in diesem Video. Gerade wenn man Affinity Photo verwenden möchte, gibt es beim Dateiformat eine Kleinigkeit zu berücksichtigen. Wenn man dies aber verstanden hat, steht der genialen Zusammenarbeit nichts mehr um Weg.
  10. When using Capture One version 11 I have been able to send files through to Photo with all the work in Capture showing. Since updating to version 12, when I send files to Photo they appear as unaltered raw files. Is this likely to be related to Capture or will Photo require an update before the two will work in harmony ??
  11. I am looking for tips, ideas, clues, solutions. For months I have been using Affinity Photo seamlessly with Capture One Pro for Sony, no problems at all. Capture has transferred a file to Photo via Edit With > Photo and then the file has returned to Capture as a tiff following work in Photo. It is not now possible to do this ie when a file is chosen for edit in Photo, a tiff is created in Capture but does not find its way to Photo..... Photo neither opens up, as it previously would, or does not import the file if it is already open. There haven’t been any updates or changes to Capture but recently I updated Photo to the most recent update... I have also recently downloaded and installed the beta version of Publisher, along with the most recent update. I have uninstalled Photo and reinstalled the previous version, but the same problem persists. Similarly so since I have again updated to the most recent update. I have uninstalled the beta Publisher, still no luck. Capture continues to send files to Ps, and the various Google Nik plug ins without any problems. Anybody any ideas ??
  12. Hi all, When I deal with photos in Capture One I use Affinity to remove dust. Its not exactly like a plugin, but I open Affinity through Capture One, do what I need to do and save. I then get straight back to Capture One with a dustfree photo... however, for some reason the picture is also brighter... does anyone get why this is happening? Shouldnt the picture look the same in both applications? Cheers Peter
  13. Hi, Is it possible to use Affinity Photo (1.5) as a plugin in Capture One? If it is, how is this done? Cheers Peter
  14. Perhaps someone can help me, I use Capture One as my RAW processor. I decided to go for the combo CO and Affinity, after ditching PS. I have exported RAF (Fuji RaW files) from Capture one and noticed two things, first even with the same color space I get a total different rendition of the color that I have edited in the Raw processor, exporting it as TIFF and uncompressed. Skin tones get reddish and I get some also some cyan colouring when exporting B/W. The colouring is visible in the shadows transitioning. Can somebody tell me if you are experiencing the same issue? How can this be avoided? All settings are the same in both SW, screen and camera are correctly calibrated Thanks for your help,sorry for the crappy example ;)
  15. Please add File -> Share -> add to Capture One (like add to iPhoto or Aperture)
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