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Found 122 results

  1. 16-Bit would be so much better for printing. especially with gradients as a background. CMYK 16-Bit please. Thanks.
  2. I am trying to print a large banner 37 feet by 4 feet. I can create the canvas and then place all of the content onto the canvas and save the document as an afdesign file. But every time that I try and export any output I get the "boing" sound indicating an error of some type and I am unable to export anything in any form, bitmapped or vector. I have no bitmapped content and no effects for which bitmapping might be applied. If the output size is less than 12 inches then I can export but anything over a relatively small paper size refuses to process. Any suggestions?
  3. I've been trying to export a vector file as an eps file from Affinity Designer, so it can be laser cut. For this the eps file needs to be in RGB colour, which I set up in the document settings. On sending it to be laser cut though, it the eps file was returned saying it was in CMYK colour format. Does the format change for export? I can't see any way of setting the colour format during export, only in the document setup. Is there any way of making sure that it can be exported with its RGB colour profile? I've attached the example file and exported file: Circle test.afdesign Circle test.eps
  4. CMYK document exports EPS files as RGB, even if I select "EPS(for print)". In fact every option I have tried has resulted in an RGB file being created. I was hoping to run EPS files through Acrobat Distiller as my print repro workflow, but this isn't working correctly. I know EPS files support CMYK, so I know it's not a limitation of the file type.
  5. Hello Just purchased AP as a quick & unbloated alternative to PS (stupid cloud). I work as a print designer and something I use to do a lot in PS was converting images from RGB to CMYK with a specific colour profile (eg: sRGB -> ISO coated 300%). However, if I choose "document -> Convert ICC Profile" in AP I only see RGB-profiles (and no rendering options). I can convert of course with "document -> Colour Format", but that doesn't give me any options on how I want to convert my images… Am I missing something? kind regards, Benjamin
  6. Hi, there's a Plugin for PS (Windows only) called Curvemeister which allows to Curve in different colorspaces. E.g. the document is RGB, the Curves dialog shows the usual RGB Composite + R, G, B channels and L, a, b, and C, M, Y, K (which channels are calculated on the fly). In PrePress it's quite usual to switch carelessly from one colorspace to another to exploit each colorspace peculiar features. The multi-colorspace Curving could be implemented, say, only when the document is converted to Lab (so that you're already in a device-independend space, which saves you a conversion). Thank you, Davide Barranca
  7. Just for fun I opened up a AD sample image and changed the document to be CMYK/8. That muted the colors a lot. Didn't find a saturation change option. Reverted to RGB and exported the file to PSD and opened in PS and opened it. The files look close. Converted the file to CMYK in PS and there quite a difference. In the below the top is PS (left) and AD (right) in RGB. Bottom is PS (left) and AD (right) in CMYK.
  8. Hi - apologies if this answered elsewhere but I couldn't see it. I use the eyedropper tool to sample colours (usually 5*5 pixels) to check on skin tones, and convert these values to CMYK to compare to established skin tone colour values. Being red-green colour blind, this is vital for me! Is this a procedure within Affinity, or at least one that can be imitated? Howard
  9. I'm trying to migrate from Illustrator to Affinity, but experiencing some problems making the switch. I'd love to be able to use the software I've beta tested and bought! :) Opening the attached file as CMYK and converting to RGB (or exporting to a RGB PNG) completely changes all the colors. (EDIT: No ICC, title is wrong) CMYK.zip
  10. It appears the the CMYK color mode default "white" background is not exactly pure white, as compared to RGB. I understand that 100% key black in CMYK and RGB black are not the same; however, it seems white should be the same in both. It is not in Affinity. You can see the difference in the image below. This might be caused by a monitor color issue, but I have never seen this problem before.
  11. I have a question concerning colour. When I create a new Affinity Designer document, the Default Black colour isn't 100% Black, it is 72 Cyan, 68 Magenta, 67 Yellow and 88 Black. Why that colour? If it was "registration" (100% of all colours) I could understand but it isn't. It is odd because I have set the colour space to be CMYK when I created the document. Is this a bug or is it supposed to be that way? For someone who has experience working with images for print it isn't as much of a problem (it is annoying but can be dealt with) but for someone who doesn't quite understand the printing process this could be a problem. On screen it looks black but if it were to be printed commercially, it wouldn't look so good.
  12. Why is the default colour format for a new document with Print as the type, RGB? Shouldn't it default as CMYK? The Press-Ready Preset is, but not the general Print. I think this is just leading more to the conclusion that this app is being aimed at digital designers and really not thinking of print design.
  13. Not sure if has been reported before, can't find any similar. If it is the case, sorry. When working in CMYK, the current color, recent colors and eyedropped color shows in RGB, which is very confusing as makes difficult to appreciate real color being used. I attached screen capture of the issue, showing path in real color and the rgb green in the dropper and cmyk selector.
  14. When adding noise from the top color selection tool to a shape the color changes on the screen- Pic 1 & 2. But when I added noise onto that same shape & color from the right panel it did fine. (not sure what to call the different panel selections)
  15. Hi there, on mouseover the cmyk colour readouts in the swatches palette are displayed at a range of 0 to 255 instead of 0 to 100. Sometimes the readouts don’t show up at all unless you rename the swatches. I think a readable list view of swatches would be a nice improvement. But hey – kudos for bringing the good old “Paste Inside”-command back into business ;-) Keep up the good work! Dirk
  16. I just watched a Skillshare series with a surface pattern designer and Affinity Designer was mentioned in the comments. Questions: In what formats can the files be exported? What colour models can I work in - CMYK, RGB? I use Photoshop all the time but not Illustrator - Am I going to have a steep learning curve (vector or otherwise ;) ) Thanks,
  17. Steps to repeat: 1. New document. 2. Sketch a rectangle on the page. 3. Tick Gradient Overlay in the right side panel to Enable it. 4. Click the cog icon to the right of Gradient Overlay to display the Layer Effects dialog. 5. Change Blend Mode to anything other than Normal to see the vertical line bug. Note that I just purchased version 1.1.0 from the MAS and discovered this bug about 15 minutes into playing around in a new CMYK document. Thanks.
  18. Two things: 1) When I import an existing AI file, the CMYK values change in Affinity compared to the original file in Illustrator. 2) After making color changes, I then output the vector logo using web coated SWOP v2 color space and relative colorimetric settings. Opening it in Photoshop (5.1) or Illustrator (5.1), I see the CMYK values all change. Have the values in the Affinity file actually changed, or is the nature of going between the different software packages? Bottom line is I want to trust my assigned CMYK values in the file are preserved and correctly interpreted by pre-press. Manup-Logo-cmyk-187process.afdesign
  19. hi everyone, i just bought this nice piece of software. You did a really gerat job! While playing around a little bit i tried to export an image as [tiff/cmyk 8bit] file. So far everything works fine, but i cannot open this exported file in the mac os x standard preview app. I get the following error message saying something like this (translated from german to english): Also when i press cmd+i it says that the image size of this file is 0x0. Attached you'll find the two files. My System: MBP late 2012 4GB RAM 2.5 GHz Intel Core i5 OS X Mavericks 10.9.5 Kind Regards, Steve background.tiff Untitled.afdesign
  20. How do I convert an imported RGB image into CMYK to prepare a layout for printing? I currently didn't find any information within the help.
  21. The attached 3 screenshot show 3 Affinity color modes CMYK (8 bit) RGB (8 bit) LAB/16 They defenitely do vary too extreme. The background vector rectangle has a neutral grey fill (cmyk 20/20/20/100) and a black/white level adjustment applied. The applications rendering intent is set to "Relative colorimetric" + "Black point compensation" active.
  22. Hi In the new document dialogue if I specify - Document Type: Print, I'd expect the app to default to CMYK throughout, though of course if I did want to use RGB colours I'd want to be able to depart from the CMYK spec on an ad hoc basis. Currently, the colour mixer appears to default to Hue regardless of any changes I make in places that look like they might set this up. Is that how it behaves or have I missed something? I've searched the forum - no one appears to have raised this already. ---------- (I don't know if it's preferable for me to create a new topic for each observation or list them in one, I'll presume a topic per observation unless guided otherwise)