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  1. Hello, I recently purchased Affinity Designer on my iPad, however, I discovered that the vector brush panel settings do not offer many options for modifying brushes. For example, there are no options for adjusting roundness or angle, while in the free app I used previously like Vectornator does have these options. I'm unsure if I'm just unable to find where are these settings, or if they dont exist. My goal is to create calligraphy designs. Thank you in advance for any responses!
  2. Hey guys......so I was working on my new course...and got the the lesson on making brushes.....sooooo I had to amek some brushes. I made a set of fog/ smoke brushes in raster and a set of silky smooth stroke brushes for your vector applications. I have learned so much from the people on the site....I wanted to give back, so here ya go . I am working on new blog post and some new art using them....so I will keep you in the loop Feedback on them is always appreciated, I love making these sorts of tools Jeremy , www.7thseasonstudios.com Stroke brushes -7th season studios .afbrushes Smoke and fog brushes -7th season studios.afbrushes
  3. I’m really liking the embedded RAW file functionality and the ability to go back to the Develop Persona and edit an Overlay adjustment. It works well with Gradient Overlays that when you go back and select an overlay, you can see the start/finish handles of the gradient so you can reposition it. However, I can’t figure out how to see a Brush Overlay to edit it . I was expecting to be able to switch the red overlay back on ( as when you orginally paint) so I can fine tune it. Is it possible to do this or do I have to rely on guesswork?
  4. I’m trying to figure out how to feather a brush, or add feathering to a current brush. The hardness/softness control doesn’t work as expected, if like most professionals, you’re coming from photoshop. 100% soft is not soft at all when using a basic brush, there is still a hard edge between stroke and empty. I especially use a feathered brush when painting masks to blend 2 objects. Please explain how to add feathering to a brush, if this is possible, meaning I’ve missed something. If it’s not possible please, please, for all the professionals coming from photoshop, add this feature immediately. Out of all the amazing features Affinity offers, I’m surprised such a simple but intensely used feature was missed. Thanks!
  5. Hi, I am having a bit of trouble wrapping my head around how this magically starts happening, because I have not changed anything in my device recently, only when I installed AP 2. The official DAUB W&W Bristles pack sold on your store causes the program to instantly crash whenever I open the subfolder. Affinity Photo 1 did not have this issue. It happens on all files I've tried to use the brushes on. I've removed and re-imported the brush pack but that did not fix anything. Device and Affinity Photo 2 info: AP 2 version: Hardware Acceleration is turned on. (And turning it off makes it impossible to work with at decent file sizes). Windows 10 Home 21H2 Huion Inspiroy Q11K v2 graphics tablet (not sure if relevant but it's the main external device I use). I've added what I understood to be the crash files, please let me know if you need anything else. Thank you. attachment_Log.txt d7953454-ff0f-45bd-97aa-591343955311.dmp
  6. I'm using Affinity Photo and I'd like to stroke a rectangular or circular (or any other selection) shape. I haven't figured out how to do it… I've made the selection with the rectangular marquee tool. In Photoshop, this operation is really easy but I'm stuck in AP. Thanks for your help.
  7. Hello, first I'm very happy to see amongst other things that it's possible to rotate a brush - wonderful! But I don't see a possibility to mirror a brush which would be very useful. Please put in this with a next update! Greetings Martin
  8. I am completely desperate. I have complete horror with raster brushes in Affinity Photo. Brush preview is very slow and brush painting takes a very long delay. However, problems only with the Intensity brush. A round brush works lag-free at any size. Disabling brush preview in settings does not solve the problem. Second problem. The Accumulation brush option works like Flow. Although previously the Accumulation option worked like Opacity. It is absolutely impossible to work! Lag brush.mp4 Not opacity correct.mp4
  9. I have an issue with UI scaling the brush variable settings on the side of the workspace when in my usual landscape orientation (iPad) The three options for hardness, size & opacity bleed off the screen and make them unusable at the higher or lower values (see pictured example) These options fit on screen just fine in portrait mode, however I almost never work in portrait mode, and having to flip my iPad around every time I need to change brush values is annoying. Is there a future fix for this?
  10. I have recently upgraded my entire suite to V2. Looks great so far, but I can't for the life of me find how to adjust the value for the rope / window stabiliser for the brush? I can see the selection for window, rope & none - I can't find how to adjust the numeric value of each option as I used to be able to in V1? I'm having this problem on the iPad version - can someone please help direct me? Please don't tell me this adjustment option has been removed in iOS?
  11. UPDATED: paint brush DOES NOT WORK when painting a mask as shown in affinity tutorial 2 pixel layers, black mask on the top one, I select the brush and white paint and try to paint on the mask, nothing happens. Am I missing something? you paint masks with black and white to mask out or in things right? EDIT: can confirm even after watching affinity tutorial on masking, paint bursh does not work atall on a mask, it doesn't wor for painting white nor black, the only available thing is to "paint" the mask with the eraser tool, operation which is not reversable. Help, there must be something wrong
  12. To be very clear: I am not talking about the option to automatically import assets that were previously installed in V1. I have done that already, for the few assets I did have previously installed in V1, when I installed V2. YouTube keeps showing me videos about this or that free brush pack, created back before V2 was released. If I now download any of those brush packs (or other assets), that were originally designed for V1, will I be able to import them directly into the V2 products? Or will I need to do some kind of ridiculous workaround? Or am I just out of luck, and should only download assets designed for V2?
  13. Hey Everybody I'm working in Publisher V2 in the Photo Persona on macOS Monterey. I'm not sure if this is a bug or just a mistake on my part. When I try to edit the mask with the Brush tool it seems like I haven't turned the opacity on the brush all the way up. And then even when I paint over it multiple times I can't get the value to be completely black. I have selected the Mask Layer, opacity is up, flow is up. I thought maybe one of the adjustments layers is affecting the Mask, but hiding the adjustment layers doesn't solve the problem. Anybody can explain to me what is happening here? never had that problem before. The parts that I circled is the "maximum blackness" that I can paint the mask. Thanks for the help Josh
  14. The option to adjust Brush Size to be Alt + Right Click like it is in Photoshop. I've seen posts since V1 requesting this and I'm surprised this hasn't been added yet. Affinity's current combo of Ctrl + Alt + Left Click just feels really clunky and unnecessarily complicated. I've used Affinity for years now and it still feels odd. Giving us that option to change it in Preferences > Shortcuts menu would be great! Especially with new users switching to V2 from Photoshop would help ease them in better. Loving V2 so far! Keep it up Serif!
  15. Irregularity/randomness of brush pattern seems to be fixed on the macro action. The brush pattern always comes out the same like it's copied. I think the random parameter for brush pattern shouldn't be fixed. it should be different each time.
  16. Is it possible in Photo to draw a curve with the pen tool, then have that curve use one of the brushes to make the line? There is (still) an option in the pen stroke dialog for a texture line style but that (still) doesn't seem to do anything. It would be nice to be able to make a precise curve and have it 'drawn' with one of the brushes.
  17. I've had a hard time adjusting the brush to act in a natural way for drawing. I've compared with mainly photoshop and sketchbook pro and posted numerous reports about this. There are a few issues like jagged lines on low zoom levels and general inconsistent behaviour of hardness and size. Things you only notice when drawing or writing by hand on a tablet or Cintiq. Now I think I found what causes the latter! I was able to isolate what is going on by setting the shape to a narrow ellipse and the stroke to large spacing. Look what the preview shows. There are 2 things going on here: 1 Inconsistent size toward the beginning/ending of the stroke, causing a sort of 'arrow head' effect 2 The increase of the amount of dots towards the ending is too steep. Meaning the spacing between the dots in the end is near zero and in the middle pretty large. Some decay in spacing is useful since the relative spacing between dots should stay the same. But it seems that AP does not take the dot size into account and at certain settings the decay is much to steep, causing too many dots to overlap. I noticed that in photoshop and sketchbook pro this decay is far less and generally in better balance with the shape size. This presumably results in their smoother line behaviour. One result of this steep decay in AP is that soft lines are much harder in the endings than in the middle and pressure sensitivity feels a bit 'off'. All in all this explains the strange behaviour I was experiencing. This arrowhead effect is nearly invisible in the preview when the shapes are rounder, but in practice I always notice the inconsistent line behaviour because of this. Affinity photo: A drawn line to show it's not just the preview: photoshop: sketchbook lastly look at this soft line and how hard it gets near the endings. The steep decrease of dot spacing is what causes this. In all examples these are the dynamics settings: In my opinion two things need to change: 1 The arrow head behaviour is just off and needs to be fixed. 2 The spacing between the dots needs to be rebalanced in order to have a consistent line behaviour throughout different settings of spacing, dynamics, hardness etc. Generally speaking the dot SPACING needs to be in balance with the dot SIZE and SHAPE. E.g. the thinner part of a pressure sensitive line should be equally soft as the broader part of the line. Also when pressure sensitivity is set to linear, the line thickness change should also be linear. This is currently not the case and my guess is the inconsistent dot spacing causes this. I hope this helps refine the brush behaviour for AP!
  18. Hi, Say I stroke a closed shape with a Vector Brush (in Designer). There is always a gap at the terminal point. Say you don't want the gap. No matter how you edit the brush's Properties – including Head or Tail Offset, Overlap, Pull, etc., – there's always a gap at the closing node. Is there a trick I don't know? (Besides opening the curve and tugging the end nodes for visual stroke overlap.) Wouldn't visual vector-brush stroke closure be a desirable feature for some/many purposes? ¿Could this option be designed into Brush Properties, in a later A.D. update? thanks in advance, – pbass
  19. We're aware of an issue with Affinity V2 apps on macOS Ventura where the Brush Cursor will disappear in-between brush strokes or upon selection of a brush tool. A workaround is to simply zoom in and out to get the cursor back but we hope to fix this issue in a future update.
  20. Hi, I know how to resize brushes and change hardness/opacity using keyboard shortcuts but is there a way to alter the rotation of the brush by either holding down a modifier or step by step using keys? The clone tool is crying out for this ability - I can't believe its not there… Please tell me it is Regards, M
  21. Hello, hopefully you can point in a direction to explain this problem before I rip the ears off my computer bloke. Very few if any "experts" out here in the australian bush know too much a P/shop so it's far to say they know a lot less about Affinity photo ; or ever heard of it !. Not working on massive files -- most under 500mb and most far less than that . the number of layers and the number of opened files doesn't seem to make a lot difference but I guess it has some effect . Affinity Photo ; Win10 PC with 16gb of RAM ; SSD (93.9 Gb free of 222gb) plus another hard drive for storage (395gb of 894) according windows . The bigger drama seems to be with the brush effect trailing along way behind the brush and even stopping the program to catch up . Using a basic round brush -- various hardness and sizes but mostly 100% opacity --- basically using as I have always done with LR It has been slowly getting slower Opening JPG files from Lr5 and usually saving back the Lr5 as a flattened jpg file Maybe I missing something in the brush settings that I very seldom change --- Affinity brushes and brushing seem so complicated --- read useless . Sorry Do you have an answer ? Need more information ? How do I explain it to the computer bloke ? Cheers, thanks for at least reading
  22. Brush color(black/white) behave differently from on the Quick Mask or the Layer Mask. I can paint only white regardless of the brush color. I would like the brush to behave like on the Quick Mask or the Layer Mask. Is this a bug?
  23. I read that the windows shortcut for brush size and hardness are holding Alt + Right Mouse Button and then dragging left/right or up/down. However this is not working for me. Am I doing something wrong?
  24. Hello, I am a long time user of Photoshop and also purchased Affinity Photo and Designer. My original intention was to replace photoshop but I'll show you a big dealbreaker for me that still keeps me on photoshop for digital painting. Simply put, the alpha of a single brush stroke should not MIX with itself. It should instead REPLACE what ever alpha has already been painted during that stroke. Best way to describe this annoyance is in the screenshot i've prepared below where i tried to replicate a standard hard brush in affinity Photo as best i can and do the same brush stroke in PS and Affinity Photo. As you can see, the alpha of the brush stroke is mixed instead of replaced which creates these undesirable dark edges lines.... This appears to be hard coded into the engine...
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