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Found 15 results

  1. I'm not having any success recovering a file after AP v2.3.1 crashed. I'm on a 2017 MacBook Pro, Ventura. I never saved the file, but I had it open for at least an hour. I usually save more often, but I was experimenting with some techniques, so I didn't save it at all this time. I started with a DNG RAW file, opened it in the Develop Persona (RAW Layer linked), then did a lot of work on it in the Photo Persona. I have my recovery time in Settings set to 300 seconds, but I couldn't find any record that autosave ever saved my unnamed file anywhere. I looked in ~/library/application support/affinity photo 2/autosave. Nothing is listed there from today.. When relaunching AP, it asked if I wanted to recover the file and I said Yes. It opened the original DNG RAW file in the Develop Persona, which was useless to me. Shouldn't autosave save a copy every 300 seconds, per my AP Settings (preferences)? Is there any way to recover this file? If so, where do I look and how? Thanks.
  2. Looking for help and advice please: The hard drive on a Windows 10 laptop was almost full, so running very badly. Eventually I discovered that the User Photo Appdata folder had about 750 GBytes of unwanted Photo Autosave files, plus masses of crash reports. The laptop's owner had not mentioned seeing crashes. Questions: 1. Have other people had this problem? 2. Is there any way to stop AF Photo doing this, or any AF Photo feature for clearing these files (manually or automatically)? 3. Any other suggestions, please? These unwanted files were in the AF photo folder within the Windows User's "hidden" AppData folder, so had not been reported using normal Windows file or storage tools. The files had dates going back months, including today, even though no crashes had been noticed. BTW. That copy of AF Photo 1.10 was set to NOT send crash reports or to reopen files on startup.
  3. Yesterday, I started doing production work in Affinity and I have already lost nearly all my work due to the software hard-crashing every hour or so (with hardware acceleration disabled). The recovery files seem to have been saved over an hour ago and are completely worthless whenever I need them. Please let me change the autosave settings to be at a five minute interval and let me decide the number of copies to save for the file so they cannot end up being corrupted or overwritten.
  4. I have been working on a huge build for a week, and then the computer crashed today. It's saying the last save was 3 days ago! I read on the site there's an autosave, where are the files autosaved on my machine? Please help. I feel like I am going to cry with the amount of work I just lost.
  5. When I have multiple tabs open and try to close the window, AP asks me for every file if I would like to save or delete the changes I made. The problem is that it doesn't show the file the prompt is for in the background, which is pretty misleading IMO. I have deleted changes from my documents multiple times because of this issue. This issue could also be solved if AP had an auto save feature. Why can't AP auto save at least every hour or two?
  6. Hello, I use Affinity Photo on my MacBook Pro, Retina running MacOS Mojave. I'm having problems with affinity randomly crashing, sometimes I can even start it, it'll crash right away. I can't really identify an origin,… sometimes it crashes when I'm painting fast, sometimes even when I was looking at the painting/zooming out. My ram should be fine, I have around 20GB+ storage space and I never downloaded brushes or any other plugin. Already tried to reinstall and restart my Mac. I never had that before, just in the last two months, of the one year+ I'm working with Affinity. I hope someone knows more, or at least can tell me if Affinity Photo has Autosave (can't find it anywhere), so at least I can breathe. Thanks in advance, Vivi
  7. I feel like Affinity really needs to improve their auto-recovery and autosaving into their programs. I can rely on almost every other program to open up a file after a crash or recover lost work but not Affinity designer. Application or computer crash after you haven't saved in a while? welp, that's 3 hours of work you can't get back. I've had multiple instances where either the app or my computer has crashed and there isn't even a hint at some kind of 'application didn't close properly would you like to open this back up' it's just straight into the opening screen like nothing happened. Now don't get me wrong I love Affinity's software I think it's miles ahead of the competition, but even Adobe with their poor optimization and buggy apps can figure out how to autosave and recover lost work if something goes wrong. This needs to be fixed, is anyone else experiencing this?
  8. I built a table in another publisher document. I needed to pull that table from the old document (created on artboards) to a new one (created as spreads). The new document crashed after 300 seconds (during the autosave) and I chose to open the recovery, which had no edits done up to the attempted autosave. I re-embedded the table, adjusted the size of the table to fit into my smaller spread, and everything works fine until the program tries to autosave or until I attempt to save manually. I've tried: 1) Save As to rename the document 2) Deleting the table and everything associated with the table (paragraph and character styles, table formats, the table itself, content within the table's cells) 3) Deleting non-system fonts that have nothing to do with the project 4) Converting the table to curves 5) Opening the publisher file in Designer Persona Only 6) Splitting the table into sections 7) Clearing all contents and style of the table to default table settings 8) Restarting the computer 9) Saving the document to the desktop or another location My computer is a 30k workstation with plenty of ram, cpu and graphics processing. I'm exporting a crash report It seems I can no longer modify this file unless I manually copy all the content over to a clean document with the exception of the table itself and the spreads span over about 90 pages. 2fb92aa6-3692-4eee-8516-5cd1d8a016a2.dmp
  9. Something you have solved probably and a request Affinity publisher report1.afpub
  10. Hi all, I am using AP on my ipad pro. Language is set to French, and translation from English is not perfectly accurate. How to configure autosave in order to make the most frequent backups possible? Minimum is 30, but is it 30 seconds..? or else..? maximum is 2700 but what does it refer to..? Thanks!
  11. I would like you to imitate History from photoshop by adding an anchor where you want stay then you can go back and do whatever you like and you still have the option to go to the marked step. Something horrible happened to me today, I just went back in history like 5 hours of work, and then I did accidentally a change in the document and I couldn't go back to the current step, the document autosaved and I couldn't recover my work. I think you need to improve the way documents are autosaved. I like how Apple Motion 5 has a backup history.
  12. Just started using the Windows version, and the app just crashed and I had not saved for +- an hour. Is it possible to turn on autosave in Windows?
  13. I was working on an Affinity Designer (Mac OSx Yosemite )document for three hours without saving (yes I know!) when AD crashed. So I reopened the working document. I don't remember seeing an option to recover an autosaved file but is possible that it was there and that I missed it. Anyway the resulting opened document is the last saved version of three hours earlier. I haven't closed AD yet because as I understand I will loose the autosaved file. Following answers in this forum I looked for the autosaved files in: ~/Library/Containers/com.seriflabs.affinitydesigner.beta/Data/Library/Application Support/autosave There I found two ".autosave" files. Opening the first it told me that it couldn't open it because the file was already open. So I closed the opened AD document and went back to the autosave folder to find only one ".autosave" file. When trying to open it an AD message window tells me: "The file is a linked file, but the parent file could not be found." According to Finder the autosave file is there in the autosave folder with 323.7mb but according to AD it is just a link. Is there a way to get to the actual file? I would appreciate any help. Thanks
  14. I was using AD Trial, then bought AD Full but still had work open in the Trial, which then promptly crashed on me a day after the trial expired, taking a bunch of unnamed documents with it. Running the Trial just tells me that it’s expired, then opens the App Store. Running the Full version does not give me an option to recover the crashed (autosaved) documents. Which files do I need to move from where to where to make AD Full see them on startup and offer recovery?
  15. I have a file I was working on and when Affinity Designer crashed, I restarted my computer and opened the file but it hadn't been saved since I had saved it the first time. I was working on the file for almost an hour so it should have autosaved at some point but it didn't. Am I missing something here? My autosave settings are the default settings.
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