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  1. Using the trash button on the left side or with a long press works correctly with artboards filled with content but doesn't work with empty ones. The only way to delete is through the layer menu.
  2. When I set margins for my document it works just fine right up until I convert my document into an artboard. Then when you drag the numbers up they snap right back to 0 and show no preview. Current workaround is to either create a completely new document and ban myself from clicking the artboard button or create manual margins using invisible boxes while crying softly.
  3. Hi All, I am working with multiple artboards; I moved some around, and now some of the artboards are blank, but the objects are still showing: I'm not sure what to do - the objects are checked. I've tried bringing to front - nothing happens. I double click on the object and it zooms in to a blank box with the lines around the object: I'm not sure what to do next. Thanks for any help! Brian
  4. Trying to create this very tiny sticker for a label. The sticker should be 0.7x0.1” tried creating an art board and separate document with those dimensions and as you can see they are clearly not the same but affinity is telling me they’re the same size. What’s the fix? IMG_0730.MOV
  5. Would be great if the team at Affinity would add a feature that enables us to sort out artboards like HOW MANY IN A ROW or a COLUMN. Also if an artboard is Numbered at the end it would be good for it automatically increment numbers when artboard duplicates are created.
  6. Working with Web design i often need to eport several different png graphics ... i would like to know if there is a way to click/select an object to create atutomatically artboards or slices in the precise dimenson of the object/group, so when i export a PNG file the image does not leaves a gap or borders. Is there a way to do this?
  7. Is there a way to export all artboards at once as INDIVIDUAL JPGs or PNGs without having to go back and re-export over and over for each artboard?
  8. I have imported a Designer file (with two art-boards) into another designer file (all on iPad) but can not find a way to display the art-board I want. I thought it would be obvious but there seems to be no selection box anywhere. Is it even possible to do this? Can you specify which art-board to display on import somewhere/how? Why does the original file not update in the host file (resorted to duplicating the document and deleting other art-board) after editing? Simple feature just can’t see it anywhere.
  9. Hi all, our office switched from Adobe Illustrator to Affinity Designer recently. We have some questions about the layers and artboards function. 1. We struggle with the artboard function which is connected with layers. We need global layers with recurring elements (like logo, client, etc.) which we can switch on/off and lock easy on one layer and not individually on every single artboard. We suceeded in creating these global layers, but if you move the artboard these global layers are not moved with the artboard. Why??? 2. Every new element we create is automatically moved to the artboard on which the element is created instead of a defined global layer. So you have a lot of moving of elements afterwards... Is it possible to detach the artboard and layer function like in Illustrator??? Attached is a Screenshot with global layer (Ebenen) and the artboards. Thanks a lot and I hope someone can help!
  10. I often resize artboards to match new variations in content, e.g. adjust artboard height after creating a design version which is bigger or more compact. Would be great if it was possible to quickly adjust the size of the artboard to perfectly match the content.
  11. I am having difficulties trying to see if this is possible, so I am wanting to see if someone can help me. I am working on a design that requires duplicate of the same exact design on Affinity Designer. Is there a way to create a clone of an artboard and use it in a different artboard? The clone would be able to change whenever there is a change in the original artboard. For example, let say my design has 2 of the same exact coins and so I draw a coin and add it into a different artboard like a sticker. Later I realize I would like to change the design of the coin, so all I would have to do is change the original artboard and it will update it in my main design. Any help would be appreciated!
  12. Hi everyone. For some reason, moving even a single artboard around with a couple of shapes and text layers in it is pretty slow and lags a lot. My system specs are the following: Intel Core i9-9900K, AMD RX 580 8GB, 32GB RAM, NVMe SSD 512GB, running macOS Catalina 10.15.7 and Affinity 1.10.1. Metal acceleration is fully supported and I’m getting good numbers in all kind of benchmarks and other apps, but artboards in Affinity Designer seem to be very slow for me. Tried all settings, Metal, OpenGL, OpenGL (Basic). Metal seems to be the fastest out of all (as it should be I suppose), but still not acceptably fast. It feels like 5-10 fps which is strange to me. Situation shown on video became even worse when moving group of artboards. I should mention that any other actions I do in Affinity Designer are remarkably fast and smooth (after many years of using Adobe apps). Color corrections, transforms, vector tools all of these are just flying. But artboards... Here’s a quick screen recording I made. You can also see detailed CPU and GPU load during performing this operation. I’m also attaching project file. Appreciate your thoughts and opinions. Artboards.mov Performance Analysis.afdesign
  13. Hey, I have a issue that was in the past DESIGNER and still in the new update. I have a document i always reuse. 2 art boards. One is a wide format for social media , the other square. I change the content and also rename the art boards for output , so they have the correct name. When i rename the art board and switch to slice module, the art boards have the old name before i rename them. So I have to rename them twice. Anyway to get this fixed? Thanks Gary
  14. Only thing missing now is the option to change the background color of the pasteboard! Light grey doesn't have enough contrast against the white, even though that will be filled with color, shapes, etc. Thanks!!
  15. I miss some features when creating icons for websites: Ability to set CSS classes or option to use the layer name as class instead of id Option to save SVGs with style attributes instead of inline CSS (then you don't have to use "!important" all over the place to change colors) Don't write a "rect" element in SVGs for the artboard if the artboard has no background color Option to automatically round artboard position and size because decimals led to weird problems for me in the past (like the exported file having the wrong size because the position was a decimal) Option to optimize SVGs. I use SVGO at the moment but it's not easy to set it up so that it preserves IDs or classes
  16. I have two artboards (one is a front cover and one a back cover) in an Affinity Designer file. I'm trying to place both of them separately in Affinity Publisher. Can this be done or do they need to be two separate AD files? Thanks
  17. UPDATE: Using Windows Designer 1.9 on a capable laptop. I have a designer document whose page size is 8.5 x 11. The document has two groups of objects, each measuring 3.5 x 5". I want to convert each of these objects to its own artboard. So I choose the first group and with the Artboard tool, choose Selection and Insert Artboard in the context menu. Artboard1 is created with the group as expected. When I repeat this procedure with the second group, Artboard2 is double the width of the object (i.e., the size it would be with both objects) and covers both objects, although the group from Artboard1 in the layers palette is not part of this new artboard. I don't think this is expected behavior. Anyone else?
  18. Some suggestions for Export features in coming updates. Apologies if they have been suggested already. Addition of Export all artboards option in Designer. Addition of option to edit resolution and save options of export when using slices in Designer Macros in Designer
  19. Automatic renaming of layers and artboards When copying artboards several times, they are added with the same name. Often this ends up with many artboards with the name "Artboard1". Artboard names are for example important when exporting, so they should have unique names I need an option which, after selecting layers or artboards, would allow me to give them a name with consecutive numbers like CustomName 01 CustomName 02 CustomName 03 ... It is very uncomfortable and time consuming to manually edit this for 30 artboards.
  20. in Affinity publisher when I have multiple artboards and then I select an object outside of them an outline surrounding all the artboards is shown, how can I hide this outline so it doesn't show up anymore? check the attached image below note: this doesn't happen when am using Affinity designer.
  21. Hi! I'm trying out Artboards (In Designer) at the moment and currently I got 10 similar artboard. Is it possible to link objects to mimic each other? Lets say I've made a rectangle to act as a background in each of the artboards, and I want to change the background of all of them, without having to select each rectangle individually. Is this possible? Bonus question: Is it possible to export all artboards at once as individual files? Instead of doing 10 exports selecting each artboard at the export window.
  22. Hi! Please, is it possible? I have document done in the Publisher and saved as afpub. Is it possible to continue the work in Publisher with all the pages opened as artboards? Thank you.
  23. I'm fairly new to Affinity Designer. I've imported a Illustrator document into Designer. The file contains a bunch of artboards (which show as Pages in Designer). I am able to export these one at a time, however, is there a way I can batch export these with a specific height?
  24. Hi everyone! I have been using Affinity Designer quite recently. But at the very beginning, I had problems that I still cannot solve. Can someone tell me how this can be done. First question: After I have created the document, I cannot resize it normally. That is, I do not know the exact values of the width and height, I would like to just pull the edges of the canvas and select the optimal size. But I cannot find how to do it. When you select the "Resize" item in the menu, you need to know the specific values for the length and width to adjust, but I do not know them. It would be convenient if the canvas at least changes when you change the parameters, but this does not happen. Is there a solution to this problem? Second question: I found that you can convert canvas to artboards and then you can resize them when you drag on the edges. BUT. The background behind the artboards turns an awful bright gray. This is very distracting. Can this be changed? Thank you for your responses!
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