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Found 421 results

  1. AF for Windows ver. When using smooth selection, AF will crash if value is set to a negative number. When this happened to me, I was using the scroll wheel on my mouse held over the value input box. When I attempted to scroll down in order to return to zero, I was surprised when the number went below zero. Affinity Photo promptly crashed. My specs: OS Name: Microsoft Windows 10 Home Version: 10.0.14393 Build 14393 System Type: x64-based PC Processor: Intel® Core i7-6700HQ CPU @ 2.60GHz, 2601 Mhz, 4 Core(s), 8 Logical Processor(s) Installed Physical Memory (RAM): 16.0 GB Graphics Adapter: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 960M Adapter RAM: 4.0 GB ​I have included a GIF to demonstrate what happens.
  2. Dear Forum Member, I want to mirror a isometric Shape (picture) in 30° Axis (red line). The usual Mirror function only works Horizontal and Vertical. Know anyone how to do that? Thanks for help. Matthias
  3. hi all, just started with Affinity. great program , here my first manipulation with Affinity ! All used pictures are also mine !!
  4. Hi there, I recently had to chance to discover Affinity Designer. As a hobbyist and not a professional artist, I must say the product really encouraged me to create and learn more about graphics design due to its easy to use and visually pleasing interface. After I familiarised with the software, I decided to use Affinity Designer to create art for a mobile video game that I was planning to develop for some time. It recently listed on the App Store and I decided to share with the community. I'm open to all sorts of feedbacks and I also would like to express my gratitude by discovering with this most amazing software and its creative team. Cheers Download Link: https://itunes.apple.com/WebObjects/MZStore.woa/wa/viewSoftware?id=1189981195&mt=8 Dev Blog: mrchillrun.wordpress.com
  5. Hello everyone, i have some problem with affinity designer with my macbook pro OS lion 10.7.5 but i want to focus on glitch. This problem occur when i open a file that i have been working on with affinity designer, when it opened, suddenly the red glitch(sometime black & white or grey or yellow glitch) occur than i cannot do anything from scrolling, zooming... mostly i cannot see my work. when i closed the application, then i open it again. it still the same, the glitch displayed on the artboard. thank you for your attention and solution.
  6. NeilArmstrongGomez

    Affinity HTML

    Upcoming app to apple & windows
  7. bodobe

    Vector (Portrait)

    A vector portrait, created with Affinity Designer. http://b-bertuleit.de/vektor-grafik-portrait/ Best wishes for Xmas and a Happy New Year!
  8. First of all you haven't responded to past messages so I almost didn't write in again. I'm giving it one last chance before I give up on your software. When I first got Affinity I was shown how to use your editing features within Aperture. I did exactly as you taught me. Now some months later after editing from Aperture to Affinity and back I find that the saved photos are no longer readable on Aperture. I also find that photos that I uploaded to Flickr are no longer readable there. They were originally so these were once readable and they are no longer. All that editing work is lost. I don't think that people at your company any longer care about the Macs. You are all into getting the windows going You haven't updated your software as promised for batch editing etc. Someone should let the mac community know this so that serous photo editors don't waste their time on your product anymore. I don't mean to be unkind but since your support seems to have disappeared and it happens at a time when I really need it there is no other way to put it. Ron Taube
  9. [update: solved - forcing Windows 10 updates has resolved this, no further issues like this observed] Hi I purchased my copy of Affinity Photo 1.5.1 yesterday after a positive experience with Affinity Photo Beta. However, I have a disk usage related performance issue. System Drive Active time pegged at 90-95% during and after Affinity Photo Upon opening a 23MP DNG image to edit, the OS C drive (where Affinity Photo is installed) goes into high disk usage. In Windows Task Manager, under the Disk Tab, Active Time goes to 90-95% - and fluctuates within this range. It only drops momentarily when I switch personas or execute a command - then pops back up to 90-95%. Supplied Free Macros RAM usage The bubble light leak macro -which involves 150 or so steps - when applied expectedly increases the RAM usage. However with every follow up tinkering on the sliders + click apply, the RAM usage increases further and further incrementally until it reaches the max allowed in Affinity Photo Preferences.
  10. Hi, I think affinity misses heavily on some good colour correction options. Other software brands allow for almost automatic correction or profiling using great/xrite colour checker cards, e.g. passport, SG24 or DG which are all industry standard. Without that option of automatic profiling Affinity photo is not really to be any valuable tool for pro users who take colour processing seriously. Please add this feature. Thanks.
  11. Good day everybody! To support the huge release of Affinity Photo 1.5 on both macOS and Windows, we have 36 new video tutorials for you that cover most of the new features in great detail. In addition to that, 4 older videos have been revised and updated to match 1.5's new functionality. We hope you enjoy the 1.5 update, it's a beefy one! Here are the videos you need to get started with its new functionality: HDR HDR: Merging & Tone Mapping HDR: Tone Map Presets HDR: Panoramas HDR: Preprocessing HDR: Advanced Editing HDR: Ghosts Removal HDR: 32-bit Editing Tone Mapping Regular Tone Mapping Focus Merging Focus Merging Focus Merge Retouching Focus Merging Bracketed Images Live Projections (360 editing, perspective projection) 360 Live Editing 360 Advanced Editing 360 Retouching 360 Multiple Views Live Perspective Projection OpenEXR support OpenEXR Multichannel Import/Export OpenEXR Import Options OpenColorIO OpenColorIO Setup OpenColorIO Adjustment Macros Macros Macros: Equations Batch Processing Batch Processing Clone Sources Panel Clone Sources Clone Sources: Texture Creation Raw Development Improvements 32-bit Raw Development Raw Colour Quality Automatic Lens Corrections Apply Image Apply Image Apply Image: Equations Equations Filter Equations Filter Dust & Scratches Filter Dust & Scratches Filter Halftone Filter Halftone Scanlines Effect Pixel Art Resizing Pixel Art Resize PSD round-tripping Direct PSD write-back (round tripping) Freehand Selections Freehand Selection Tool Updated Older Videos Discover Raw Development Quality Custom Tone Curve Exporting I hope these all prove useful to you in getting to grips with the new update - if you have any questions please ask.
  12. Hello all! To celebrate Affinity Photo's first birthday, we're releasing a short set of beginners videos to help people who are new to image editing and the concepts of layers, adjustments, filters and exporting. The videos have all been transcribed (English UK) and the subtitles are available via the "CC" icon in the bottom right of the video player. You can watch each video from the links below, or see the album at http://affin.co/photobeginners Additionally, you can download the practice files for the Adjustments, Filters and Exporting videos here: http://affin.co/photobeginnersfiles Here's the list: Opening and Saving: covers how to open and save your images, and explains the benefits of using the Affinity Photo document (.afphoto) format. Layers: explains conceptually what layers are, how they're used, and how they affect your image or document. Adjustments: looks at what Adjustment Layers are, and how you can use them to tonally alter your images. Filters: learn how to use filters to manipulate your images, and get to grips with Photo's unique "live layers" feature. Exporting: find out how to simply export and share your finished images.We hope these are of great use to people who want a more straightforward grounding in the basics of Affinity Photo, and do stay tuned for further beginners videos in the future. Main Shortcuts differences between the Mac and Windows version Windows keyboard shortcut equivalents: Mac 'Command' key = Windows 'Ctrl' key Mac 'Shift' key = Windows 'Shift' key Mac 'Alt' key = Windows 'Alt' key Mac 'Ctrl' key = Windows 'Right Mouse' button NOTE: Most recent Affinity videos and tutorials have been made to reflect both Windows and Mac keyboard shortcuts. However there are still some that currently refer only to Mac accelerators.
  13. Hi, I want to snap individual object inside a group, but when I hovering my cursor to the object I wanted, the whole group was selected, and my candidate list is set to 6, so end up everything in my page were purple color indicated selected since all group selected when I point to more things. why this happen but not before? How do i solve this problem? Previously I can just hovering my cursor to whatever i want then a purple color will flash around the object to indicate you can snap to it no matter it is in a group or not. but now after 1.5 update or any reason, I can't do that anymore. even the whole group been selected, I can't snap to any object inside the group, only the boundary of the group. This is a follow up to my previous unsolved question https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/30909-how-to-snap-object-base-on-bottom-object/?p=152215 This is my snapping setting, if anything wrong please correct me The snapping I wanted is like this Please help! I wanted to continue my project as soon as possible!
  14. Hello, guys! I had a luck to work both in AD and AP betas, so now I'm thinking about purchasing these products. But I have some questions about prices and their values for different countires. Should I choose exactly the country where I live now, or I can choose any other, that have more acceptable price for me? Thanks in advance!
  15. Hi Affinity! I'd like to give Affinity Photo Windows as a gift. Can I use the e-mail address of the one I'm sending the gift to when I'm on the purchasing page (the part where they ask me about the e-mail address) so the details could be sent to him and be linked directly to his account (he has an existing Designer account)? I'll use my card for it. Thanks! Hope you can help me with this. :)
  16. atarashiidesu

    California Coastal Sunrise

    Working on a Non-Traditional Holiday Card.
  17. Is there such a guide to download. In the store maybe? As a beginner I find my self going screen blind after spending so much time going between the online help menu and my project. It would be nice to have a hard copy and maybe there is one and I'm just missing it. To be able to read through certain sections away from the computer would be beneficial in my case. Obviously I know I could load and shoot the sections in the help menu, just thought I'd inquire. Thanks anyone,,,
  18. Hello everyone, I created a channel on youtube and I will put some tutorials on Affinity. Follows the first video. https://goo.gl/vKPmd5 tutorial_mockup.zip
  19. Hello I just bought Affinity Designer a month ago for Mac but accidentally my Mac is broken and forced me to get me a new laptop. So I have to buy a new one, which isn't Mac but Windows OS platform instead. So my question is that is there any chance to change Affinity Designer from Mac to Windows? I just saw Affinity has released for Windows version. Best Regards, Buck
  20. Hello, I am interested in acquiring Affinity Photo, I really think it is an interesting and powerful application, a strong rival for Adobe Photoshop. My question is, when I buy the license of this application, what are my rights, what benefits do I receive with their acquisition, regarding the updates, are they free of charge or when would I have to pay back for the application? That is the question. Thank you for any information you provide before making the decision to purchase both Affinity Photo and Affinity Designer. Thanks in advance, best regards.
  21. Hello everybody, As i said in my introduction, i am a simple hobbyistn self-learner and i like the world of graphic design. i have discover Affinity Designer in the release of the first beta version for windows..what a great software ;) And, of course, i bought it the first day of the final release, prevent me from taking subscription to Ad..e ;) So, i know as i am not a professional , my job is under the quality of the professionals but i want to learn, to learn , to learn. So, here it is ( and sorry for my bad English ) : 1 - My personal logo, just for laughing , the background is done with Houdini : 2 - A print-style poster ( just for me ) , the sentence is "Take the Stairs ! " and " Burn calories and not Carbon" ;-) 3 - A print style poster ( just for me ) of what i think from Bayer/Monsanto lol : 4 - A flyers in A5 for "Le paradis infernal" musical, ( very good amateur singers ),'print): 5 - A rollup for "Le paradis infernal" musical , big-size (print) : 6 - A little booklet for people who came to see the show "Le paradis infernal" musical ( print) : ( re size for posting here ) 7 - 2 pages from the 16 pages booklet for " Le paradis inferna" musical ( cd+dvd boxset) (print) : 8- This is the rollup printed : And a cd cover, dvd I and II etc . So let me think what you think about it please, All the very best, David
  22. Hi Affinity Team, I'm I able to get a copy of the Affinity Designer for Mac Terms and Conditions and any other legal components of it required for creating works. Many Thanks,
  23. I'm feeling embarrassed with the white color in Affinity Photo, and I know it's not my computer or monitor problem. Because, I saw Affinity Photo itself created this problem. Check screenshot, below. I also have Photoshop CC, but that's fine. So, could anyone say something about this issue, Please?
  24. Hello, I have an idea regarding users who have purchased an Affinity license for one platform and want to use it on an additional operating system. For example, I have both a macbook and a windows PC. I purchased Affinity Photo and Designer for my macbook, but now I'd also like to use them on my PC. I can't afford to pay another $100 for apps that I've already purchased. Plus, once Publisher comes out as well as the ipad apps, I'll be investing even more money into Affinity. Now, had I just purchased an imac instead of a PC I could have gotten these second copies of Affinity for free because with an itunes account any app you purchase can be downloaded to any device associated with that apple ID. So why should it be different cross platform? Now, I fully understand that there is a lot of software out there that isn't transferable from windows to mac, but it isn't an obsolete idea either. The entire basis of Steam (the game management service) is purchasing one license that can be downloaded to whatever OS it is available for. Plus, wouldn't offering this service add to the innovative system that Affinity is trying to create? My point is, a lot of people, myself included, won't purchase a second copy for a second operating system when I could just walk to that device and use it instead, or get a free screen-mirroring service. So for the sake of the consumers convenience, I think that you should consider making this a possibility. But what about people giving away their "free" copy of affinity for the operating system they don't have? Well to work around that Affinity could offer their purchases/licenses right through their website (rather than using the app store) and you could log into the app with your affinity account to use them. It could be limited to one log in per account at a time. Or possibly a verification of your apple ID, and the email associated with your Microsoft account. Or purchasing a license could simply come with two copies similar to Microsoft Office. There are a multitude of ways to work around the issue. An alternate option would be to offer a discount to those that have already purchased one license. I would be more willing to buy a second copy if it were only say $20 than to pay the full price again. I hope that your team takes this idea into serious consideration! -Kalahgen
  25. Hello everyone! I have a question about Affinity Designer: if i'm using Affinity Designer on windows since beta, i still need to buy it after beta expires? Thanks, Best regards!