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Found 419 results

  1. For instance if I wanted to have stars follow along a curved path...or the letter C follow along a line.
  2. Thank you all for the hard work. Here is a short list of things I'd like to see. I have mentioned a couple before, a few are new but other may have already mentioned them. Node alignment Line erase and trim to line (different that knife or node split tools) Draw shapes on selected axis (ellipses, etc) Eye dropper to copy paste all or some properties of object Callouts (great for parts lists). Perhaps this can be part of the arrowhead feature. Auto numbering would be an awesome bonus. An ai/PS export that works. ;-)
  3. Dear Affinity photo, If I try using the Affinity extensions in Photos, I am presented with the photo in the incorrect orientation, rendering it useless. Please can you advise? Thank you.
  4. What happen with Affinity for IPad is still in development I hop so because I need a pro tool on iPad pro for vector and photo
  5. I use these forums quite a bit to discover how to use Affinity better. These forums however… I'm not sure what is powering them, I guess InVision? I think this is a sub par experience for a number of reasons: - Does not respond effectively to mobile devices - login/lout out is clunky and I often loose my session and have to re-login - Feels super old This last point is hard to nail down but should be fairly apparent. It feels like using a bbs/phpbb form from 2002~ish. There are a lot of great tools for managing communities and forums and as someone who used to work with clients who used InVision is not a good option. To put it simply This (https://affinity.serif.com/en-us/) and This (https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php) feel like they come from a different century. Some alternatives: - https://muut.com - http://www.discourse.org - http://zendesk.comexample>>> https://support.todoist.com/hc/en-us Apologies if this sounds overly negative, affinity designer is awesome.
  6. I am facing a problem over batch on my MacBook Pro. The updated features are amazing , especially the macro and batch function, I use these two features a lot in my work. I record a Marco and save it into my category and then use batch job, it's great-I can give up Photoshop completely now. But there is a big problem, I don't know why the batch always processes my photos in landscape and portrait to the same shape, maybe the former or the latter. I just want to resize them but not to change the shape. Are you facing the same problem like me?
  7. Hi, I noticed that Text is overlapped on Radio Buttons in Typography Palette.please refer attached screen shot. Thanks, Srinivas
  8. Hello, I have checked the forum but did not find this rotate issue, when I open any image file and then rotate via document menu and try to export via export persona it saves the file with the original orientation but the image it self will be rotated regardless, have attached image to show what I mean. also you can not undo the rotate and then export the image file as it just makes the rotation problem worse, you need to close and reopen the image without saving thank you for the help regards chris
  9. I am trying to simplify complex illustrations into their basic line forms...what is the best way to do that using Affinity?
  10. This software is great - but I keep on getting bugs with it and it is really putting me off . . . I have tried opening Designer this morning and it immediately crashed with a pop up error saying - Unhandled Exception Code 0x80004003. I am using Windows 10 on a powerful gaming laptop so there shouldn't be any problems in terms of specs. I am wondering if this is a problem that is fixed in the beta updates - but I don't really want to update as I need this for commercial use. I have attached the crash report file to this post if anyone needs to look at it. Thanks in advance! cae4d011-5793-4b5b-9d1a-f335433f594d.dmp
  11. Hello All, Your help please. I have tried to download the trial version of Affinity Photo onto my mac pro (late 2013), running with the macos Sierra (v 10.12.1). The download is shown in my "downloads" folder, but when I double click to open the file all that happens is that a "new tab" opens - nothing else - your help and advice please
  12. CreationsOfKoon

    AD T-Shirt design

    Hello everyone! First post in the forums, so here's a little introduction/explanation first: I've been looking for a good alternative to Illustrator (which I use in my daily job) for my freelance work and came across Affinity Designer. I lurked through the forums a bit, saw the introductory video about a hundred times and eventually when Illustrator abolished my last nerve and obliterated any pieces of patience I had left, I knew - Affinity Designer will be the software I use! I thought it would be a cool idea to try and record my first project with the program and share it with the community. It's nothing special, mostly shapes and gradients, but I had to start somewhere, so here goes: A video of the process: https://youtu.be/QlpYsvdkpEY The photo of the t-shirt guy is from unsplash.com. Thanks for having a look!
  13. What's happened to the pricing of Affinity Photo? The normal price has been $49.99 or £39.99. Today it is $49.99 or £48.99. Last I checked, Serif is a UK company right?
  14. It would have been great if we could load Affinity Designer with selective modules only to save loading time, because it is not every time we need all the modules. Sometime we just do some very simple things but we have to wait for all the modules to finish loading, before we can use the application.
  15. I purchased Affinity Photo and Designer through the Mac app store a while ago. Can I create an account on your website by clicking the 'purchase for mac' button, verify my previous purchases, and then re-download the Mac versions on a windows PC so I can have the .dmg images available for use via USB? Thanks for your time.
  16. Edges of an image show semi-transparent pixel on some zoom levels (Windows 10) which is very confusing. Example:
  17. Are there actions in Affinity Designer? If so, what are they called or what are they under in the menu?
  18. greenhalghdesign

    Large file - Affinity Photo

    I'm working on a poster, and affinity photo keeps locking up. It works, really slowly, then it hangs in crash mode, then goes back to working, then back to hanging in crash mode... I'm working as a freelancer. So I need this to be... well, totally cranking! https://www.dropbox.com/s/davt09r1olcvki5/Infiniti%20Poster%20April%202017.zip?dl=0
  19. Please scroll down to the end of this post to see the latest added tutorials. Thanks. Hello Everyone, In the last couple of weeks I shared in the Forum different topics related to video tutorials I upload to my YouTube channel. To make it more practical, I'm gonna share them and new ones in just this topic. Feel free to scroll down and find all the videos I already uploaded. If you want to know a bit more about me and what to expect, then keep reading. Photography (and design) is part of my life for more than twenty years. I began working in the advertising industry in the 90's and from there I covered many different areas from the creative process to production. Today I mainly do portrait photography, fine art, special assignments and some design projects. In the last years and as a certified trainer, I began to share what I've learned and continue to learn in workshops. I mainly cover Portrait Photography, Black & White, Digital Workflow and Retouching. For the love of sharing my passion about photography, I decided to start making video tutorials and this is the reason I end up here. The amazing software the Affinity Team made gave me the enthusiasm we normally have when we get a new toy. For me it's been a fantastic experience and discovery of new ways of doing the same things in a different, and many times better, way. And this experience is what I want to share with you. This is also the reason I'm going to cover more the Affinity apps in a photography scenario. But you can expect more, a lot more... I'll also be covering photographic tips and techniques and other software that I find relevant to my/our work. This is the case of Capture One Pro that will have also a special feature. Apart from this I'm also preparing some "extras" but that's for another time What to keep in mind: Every time I make a tutorial where I create a special resource, like a macro, a brush, a style, etc. I'll share it for free. You just need to follow the video tutorial or blog post to see the download links. Some tutorials also have a related post in my blog with more details. You can check it here: (available in Portuguese and English): http://blog.pedrosoares.photo/ The tutorials are made in Portuguese but they have English subtitles. Nevertheless I make them in a very easy to follow pace. For that reason they are suitable for both beginners and advanced users. The list I have for upcoming tutorials is long but if you have a specific topic you would like to be covered just let me know. You never know if your request is my next tutorial. This was the case of the Glow Effect video. I'm going to share them chronological so the new ones will be in the end of this topic. Finally my idea is to share tutorials on a regular basis so feel free to subscribe to my YouTube channel to be the first one to know about it: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCxdrAaW4Zr9lYktQmt5O4VA You can also subscribe to my Blog where you can find other topics: http://blog.pedrosoares.photo/ Sorry if I made this introduction to long, but it was important for me to share this. I hope you'll find each tutorial a useful resource and also a source of inspiration. TUTORIALS How to Create "Good Looking" Snow | Affinity Photo Tutorial + Free Snow Brushes How to Combine Text and Imagery | Affinity Photo Tutorial How to Extract Detail | Affinity Photo Tutorial + Detail Extractor Macro How to Create a Glow Effect in Letters | Affinity Photo Tutorial How to Create a Winter Scene | Affinity Photo Tutorial How to Create an Anaglyph 3D Effect | Affinity Photo Tutorial + Anaglyph 3D Macro How to Create Light Rays | Affinity Photo Tutorial + Light Rays Style How to Make Amazing Bokeh | Affinity Photo Tutorial Mock-Up Design - Clothes & Shoes | Affinity Designer Tutorial Ribbed Glass Effect - The MDNA Cover | Affinity Designer & Photo Tutorial
  20. deividtavares

    My firts Affinity Designer Article

    Hello guys! ;) Well, I'm in love with Affinity Designer and I'm also a columnist for the "Design Conceitual (DCon)" site. I create my first article on the DCon site, speaking of Affinity Designer. Your opinion is very important to me, I will be very happy. http://designconceitual.com.br/2017/03/24/affinity-designer-novo-tempo/ Note: The text is in Portuguese-Brazil. Ps.: Sorry for English, I'm speak a more less :P Big hug. Deivid Tavares :D
  21. Hi on MAC When I close an ongoing document, affinity ask me first if I want to save first if I say YES then affinity save the file but it forgot to close the window once saved. would be cool to close the document once saved. Regards. F
  22. anon1

    Affinity - meet the team

    I want to sum up a few infos about Affinity here that could be interesting to newcomers that are not all over the forum yet. It´s only information I´ve soaked up at some point and I won´t give guarantees for correctness, please correct anything if you feel it´s wrong! Depending on how you want to count things, there are at most 8 devs working on OS X at present (6 contributing to Affinity up-to 1.5, 2 working on future things), 4 working on Windows and 1 running and improving our regression testing suite. So we have at most 13 devs at this point. In all honesty, increasing the number of devs we have would be unlikely to make a positive effect on our productivity (from experience) so we're very happy as we are - we all have areas of expertise and we rely on each other to be passionate and effective about what we're doing and it seems to be working https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/23851-beta-10-still-some-saverestore-issues/?p=113170 In this Forum we´ve got first and foremost: MEB - Miguel Boto he is the heart of the forum, most likely you know him as he seems to be up 24/7 working and even if you´ve not received an answer from him yet he might just be busy with the other 29 000 forum members - he has 10 000 helpful posts, counting++ MattP and AndyS Matt Priestley and Andy Somerfield . These are the Affinity Designer and Affinity Photo lead developers - be sure to check out their twitter handles.. Matt and Andy Justin Science.. Ben Ben is all over PSD export and the snapping which has lead to amazing results already.. Dave Harris Dave is responsable for text (but because that's such a small and obviously simple thing ;)), he's also responsible for export things like PDF creation and SVG and all this stuff (once upon a time Affinity was using Apples PDF exporter and now they´ve got their own, I bet it´s a big part of Daves achievement) Andrew Tang By his own admission, walks around with a clipboard all day and nobody has any clue what he does. He's probably like an Octopus - he has his tentacles in every pie. If you see it - and it's wrong, it's his fault ;) Mark Ingram Known as 'The Pretty One', Mark is often dragged out for photoshoots. He is the leader of the Affinity for Windows team and I can´t say much about him except for the fact that he is also extremely responsive and knowledgeable. James Ritson He does the Affinity Photo video tutorials and you can learn really nice english vocabulary from his training sessions as well as great photo editing techniques, he also has programming skills which he enforces in private projects. TonyB You mostly don´t notice him except anything spectacular like the windows launch happens, but don´t be mistaken, he might be reading just as much as anyone else.. He is the lead of Affinity as a whole. Various moderators (They have the "moderator" tag beneath their pictures - that´s when you know they are official).. Their number grows from time to time and are like the small wizards that help you out in every case and I´m sure they´re doing a lot of alpha testing beyond the scenes as well here is a list of all official affinity people on this forum These are the ones I´ve seen round here so far: SeanP, Leigh, Callum, Chris B, pauls, Lee D, nravenlock, stokerg, AdamW (dev), Jon P, Jon W Ash, Neil, Kate M, acapstick, Dale (working on the presentation of Affinity) about 6 other developers in the background doing hard work as well Affinity .... has sold about 300 000 copies of Affinity Photo and Designer for mac combined http://www.nottinghampost.com/notts-app-developer-championed-by-apple-reaches-global-market/story-29504538-detail/story.html
  23. Hey I have mutiple errors with information about: Unknown property : VectorOriginationData,keyOriginResolution tested on version: 1.51.54 I can share oryginal PSD with QA/support via email regards Mike