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Found 3,611 results

  1. Hello, I'm still learning AP and trying to get used to all it can do ... it'll be a long time before I can say I'm somewhat comfortable. But one of the software programs I use just came out with plug in capability for AP along with a couple of other photo programs. I am trialing it for the moment and opened AP, did some adjustments in it and then opened the plug in program. I noticed that unless I merged the adjustments that the plug in sees the non edited photo. I tried attaching the adjustments under the background layer (I think this is called being a child adjustment) but it still only sees the non edited photo. I learning to use AP for layer work and having the plug in might be nice to use at times. Is this the way a plugin works in Photo? Am I missing something? Thanks!
  2. Dear Friends, the most used size for printing in my case is european "A4 letter". Till now, if i selected this size of print media a popup windows appears with message like "the document will be resized, fitted to match the media. So the final result on the paper was a resized picture to maybe 95% of its original size to be fully printed to A4 letter including the margins. The exception was of course if i choose "A4 borderless" printing what my printer is able to do. Maybe it happens with update to 1.9.1 (no hardware or settings changed), but now this alert and autocorrection is missing. Even if i manually choose before print "Fit to Printable" it doesnt happen in reality. So the final result is cropped on the paper, since the content after the margins is not printed. Im i alone with this bug now please ? P.S. Im absolutely familiar with templates, margins sizes etc., but i also print couple of times some drafts, pictures for daughter etc and im really missing this popup-feature now. Thank you very much !
  3. umm.. help I don't understand, I'm in the middle of masking adjustment layer and as shown in the image I only have 3 active layers. Happened frequently since last update especially when working on RAW files. OpenCL acceleration enabled, processes seems stable Image size 7,32 mb; 6000 x 4000 px; 350 dpi, 24 bit depth sRGB
  4. Hello, Recent convert from Photoshop here, and I'm pretty happy with Affinity's products so far! Transition has been fairly easy, and lots of features to like. One problem I'm having, however, involves the Pixel Tool. I did a lot of my pixel work in Photoshop using their Pencil tool, with pen pressure controlling opacity. However, when I attempt the same thing with AP's Pixel Tool, pen pressure seems to be binary? Like 0-50% pressure = no mark made, 51-100% pressure = 100% opacity. Am I missing a setting somewhere? The brush tool seems to behave correctly to pen pressure, but I want the rough/aliased edges of the pixel tool, not smooth/antialiased edges that Paint Brush Tool produces. Also, bizarrely, the pixel tool's size seems to work fine with pen pressure. Just accumulation is on/off like this. Any suggestions? I've attached a screenshot of both the brush and pixel tools attempting the same stroke with a pressure pen (Huion Inspiroy H950P). Best, Dan
  5. For some reason by default PSD's are associating with publisher on my mac and not photo. Even using open with other and the "always use checkbox" doesn't change anything. It's not a massive issue, just seems quirky, but don't know if this an OS level issue or an app level issue?
  6. Composing with Affinity Photo 1.9.1
  7. In affinity photo and designer The new free brush pack sunlight effect and overlays by paper farm is installed successfully but when I try to use them I did not found them in the brush panel please help what is the problem ? knowing that the other brushes installed successfully and when I open brush panel I found all of them except the sunlight pack which I really need it.
  8. Hi! I was creating some brushes especially to make sketches, it cost me a little to find what I wanted, but finally this is the result: D I hope you like it.
  9. Hi, this problem is in affinity designer and photo. Mask and perspective have conflicts. For example, i can't duplicated o copy an object, this duplicate in blank. bug-affinity.mp4
  10. After upgrading to AP 1.9.1 logos that I had placed (embedded) in version 1.8 had vanished when I reopened the files to make changes. I could see the logos in the layers, but weren't appearing in the image space. I selected the crop masks in the layers and the adjustment handles appeared, but still no logo. When I went to Page Box and reselected Maximum Content, did the logo reappear. However the handles are not accurate to the image placed. This worked perfectly in AP 1.8, but now producing strange results in the current version.
  11. Hey guys, im new to affinity photo and i have a big problem. You see i want to recreate this poster (credit : dribble) does somebody know how to make the colors of the background image match? so does the mix of the rounded square and the background looks clean. thanks
  12. Hey, I found a bug that persists since many versions of Designer, Publisher and Photo regarding fonts and font replacements. I did a small research, but didn't found anything regarding this. It's not a big deal, but still annoying... When replacing/choosing fonts you're normally able to search for them (filter fonts by keywords). In my example in the attachments, it's Open Sans. So when typing in a font family in any dialog, it doesn't search for this font in my font library. Searching for fonts simply doesn't work. So I guess it should work like a search field like it does for example in InDesign (2. attachments) As I said, it's not a big deal, but annoying in daily workflow (especially because the font dialog is so small and if you have a big font collection you need to scroll all the way down to find the font family you need) So, please have a look at it. Thank you and keep up the great work! -Alex
  13. AF Photo crashes when using NIK plug-ins. Problem shows when I am using and manipulating control points in the NIK plug-in. It is most common when using the Dfine 2 plug-in, but can happen with other plug-ins as well. The crash does not produce a debug file, nor is there any restore point. After multiple crashes, I've given up and reverted to using an old version of Photoshop to get the work done. Version: Edition Windows 10 Pro Version 20H2 Installed on ‎2020-‎08-‎01 OS build 19042.804 Experience Windows Feature Experience Pack 120.2212.551.0 Processor Intel(R) Core(TM) i9-9900KF CPU @ 3.60GHz 3.60 GHz Installed RAM 32.0 GB Graphics: Nvidia GeForce GTX 1050 Ti, Driver 457.51 Crash occurs when Hardware Acceleration is either on or off. I've tried both. Plug-in image window functions in a more stable manner when hardware acceleration is off.
  14. Hi, For processing Deep Sky Astrophotography images, sometimes adjustments are very tiny. For example in the levels adjustment, the black level should be set with much higher sensitivity. Sometimes the change is just 1/10 percent. Given the size of the sliders and mouse sensitivity, it can be difficult to make the right adjustment. If would be great if you could ad a general concept of making these sliders more sensitive. While the curves adjustment allows to click into the image and drag the luminosity of the according pixel to a new value, for the levels adjustment, there is neither a black/white level picker nor any other way to make the change more subtle. The levels adjustment is only an example. Please let me know, if I need to clarify. Björn
  15. Hi, I have just updated to the newest version and now affinity photo ist crashing. I added an ellipse and then added the gaussian blur effect with manual input of 600. I have done this before with no problem. It is also shown on youtube in an Affinity revolution tutorial (How to Blend Two Images in Affinity Photo, Starting Minute 13). Now as soon as I add the blur (sometimes after I try to move the blurred ellipse) Affinity crashes. I tried to save after every step and now I can't open the image. It says "opening image" for hours with no effect. In this state I can't even close Affinity as it requires to wait until the image is loaded. After abt 2hours I forced it to close via task manager. Reinstalling the old version also does not work (newer version detected) and I want to avoid to deinstall Affinity completely and probably lose all my changes to the standard settings. any idea what to do? Philipp PS: Win 10, latest version
  16. Hi, I'm using Affinity Photo extensively for my Deep Sky Astrophotography and I have a problem when working when I try to create an LRGB composite. While the procedure of adding the RGB channels and using the recolor adjustment works quite well, adding the luminosity layer is a problem for me. In my opinion, the RGB channels should define color and saturation, while the luminosity layer should affect the luminance only. According to this post, blending the luminance image with the luminosity blend mode changes the color. Something that I experienced myself. To resolve the issue, I am using "multiply" as blending mode to keep the color. There is probably a good argument why luminosity blending mode works the way it does right now but it would be helpful, if I could select which way it acts. I hope I could make clear where my issue lies. Please let me know where I need to clarify. Björn
  17. Hi, In the Arrange menu, there's an item "Align Layers By Stars". I've seen this function available and working, if I have a document where the layers stem from the Astrophotography Stack. When I created a new image from TIFFs which contain stacked images (e.g. as the result from Deep Sky Stacker), this menu item is not available. I don't understand why? Thanks in advance! Björn
  18. Hi, I am using Affinity Photo extensively for my Deep Sky Astrophotography workflow. I have a new camera that has a bit depth of 12. The FITS files created aren't scaling the 12 bit to 16 bits, i.e., the maximum brightness value is 4095 and never 65535. How is the Astrophotography Stacking tool processing these files? For comparison: in Deep Sky Stacker, I need to define a scaling factor of 16 so that the very dark images are lighter and stars being correctly identified. Thanks in advance! Björn
  19. Since the 1.9.1 update, launching adjustment (Levels, White Balance, etc.) can require up to 40 clicks before the adjustment box launches. I have tried the rasterize and trim option in layers, constantly saving the document before trying to select an option, but nothing seems to solve this. I am using macOS Big Sur, v. 11.2.2 on an iMac.The issue was happening before Apple did an incremental OS update last week. Having to click up to 40 times per adjustment function has destroyed my productivity. I looked through Affinity preference categories to make sure I haven't changed anything but there aren't any direct options for layer adjustments. BTW, using the filters via the drop down menu also behaves wonky. Sometimes the selected change/adjustment is ignored and sometimes it works fine. I never had trouble using that filter adjustment portal previously. My usual working approach is to launch Affinity Publisher and then switch back-and-forth between the three personas. Before sending this bug report I tested the problem by launching my document directly with Affinity Photo, instead of within the Publisher suite method, and to my surprise adjustment panels launch either on the first click or second. Good work around but that negates the benefits of the connectivity within Publisher.
  20. I have encountered a problem opening a TIF file in Affinity Photo 1.9 and 1.9.1. I am using Mac OS X El Capitan 10.11.6 on my MacBook Pro. The camera used was the Canon EOS-1D (which is supported by Affinity Photo). The original Canon 4.8 mb TIF file opens with the following dimensions 288 px x 192 px @ 72 dpi in the Photo Persona mode (it does not even try to open in the Develop Persona). When I open the same Canon 4.8 mb TIF file in Adobe Photoshop CS6 it opens properly using Adobe Camera Raw 8.3 to process the raw 4.8 mb file. The dimensions after processing in Adobe Photoshop CS6 are 2464 px x 1648 px @ 300 dpi. If I save the original processed TIF file in Adobe Photoshop CS6 as a new TIF file copy and then open that in Affinity Photo it will open with the same dimensions as Adobe Photoshop I have attached screenshots to show what is occurring in Affinity Photo 1.9.1 and Adobe Photoshop CS6. Please advise as to how this can be rectified (I am new to Affinity Photo). Thank you very much for any help.
  21. Hi all, I think I have another opencl bug. I export my work to jpg or png or any other format and have artifacts in the exported file (attachment). When I disable OpenCL, the artifacts are gone. Initially I thought it was the light settings in the file but unfortunately not. In the program itself, the artifacts are not visible in the opened file ,only after the export. There is one more thing. With hardware acceleration enabled, the program will eat up 8GB of RAM when I have the file open, if I disable OpenCL, the same file will only eat up 900MB.
  22. This is a pain point whenever doing an export, that allows a mental load to be added to the process, of simply having to take a few seconds to think about which is width, and which is height. A simple addition of "W" & "H" next to each box would be a HUGE weight-off-mind and ease of usability change.
  23. Using "open" in Affinity Photo, there were no files in a folder. Since I've already used a doc in this folder...several times...this made no sense. Looked with Windows Explorer...and the files are there.
  24. Recently I decided to update my computer to version 1.9 of each program. Updating Publisher and Designer worked fine. However Photo refused, reporting that it would not install on a 64-bit machine. It also asked me, politely, to contact Technical Support. I do like it when people have programmed software to be polite. I have hardly ever looked at Photo, but I am trying to update it for completeness. William
  25. hi there, I will preface this with saying I've just came to affinity photo from photoshop, I'm self-taught with PS so i can't even say I know much about that either! I'm a boardgame designer and I'm using affinity photo to create cards, which are a combination of text and icons. On PS when creating space at the end of a text line it would include the spaces as characters for centre alignment purposes, but I can't seem to give spaces any 'volume' in photo now that i've opened the PSD in affinity. I've tried using special characters and playing about with paragraph options but don't want to mess about with it too much, any ideas? The simpler the explanation the better, I'm a noob!
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