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Found 3,608 results

  1. Inspired by the isometric grid 🙂 AD + AP 1920x1080, png 8bit
  2. Hi there, First off, congratulations for the latest update 1.9, such a great release! The hardware acceleration is making a lot of difference on my end, much appreciated. I've got a question about the new pattern layer feature. After defining a new pattern from a bitmap selection I wonder if there's a way to reposition the content being mapped to the pattern. Which is different from moving the pattern layer itself. I guess what I'm asking for is if there's a way to control the content of the pattern layer (the bitmap) and move, scale or rotate only the bitmap while the pattern stays in place. Hope that makes sense. Best, Piero
  3. Hey, I found a bug that persists since many versions of Designer, Publisher and Photo regarding fonts and font replacements. I did a small research, but didn't found anything regarding this. It's not a big deal, but still annoying... When replacing/choosing fonts you're normally able to search for them (filter fonts by keywords). In my example in the attachments, it's Open Sans. So when typing in a font family in any dialog, it doesn't search for this font in my font library. Searching for fonts simply doesn't work. So I guess it should work like a search field like it does for example in InDesign (2. attachments) As I said, it's not a big deal, but annoying in daily workflow (especially because the font dialog is so small and if you have a big font collection you need to scroll all the way down to find the font family you need) So, please have a look at it. Thank you and keep up the great work! -Alex
  4. The text cursor in AP 1.9.1 is wonky. I created a text block. When I insert the text cursor at the beginning of the last line to add a space, the whole working area shifts to the left and the cursor shifts off the "artboard". I quit AP, restart, and it still behaves the same way . . .
  5. After upgrading to AP 1.9.1 logos that I had placed (embedded) in version 1.8 had vanished when I reopened the files to make changes. I could see the logos in the layers, but weren't appearing in the image space. I selected the crop masks in the layers and the adjustment handles appeared, but still no logo. When I went to Page Box and reselected Maximum Content, did the logo reappear. However the handles are not accurate to the image placed. This worked perfectly in AP 1.8, but now producing strange results in the current version.
  6. Hey guys, im new to affinity photo and i have a big problem. You see i want to recreate this poster (credit : dribble) does somebody know how to make the colors of the background image match? so does the mix of the rounded square and the background looks clean. thanks
  7. I'm using Photo version 1.9 on a Windows 10 with a Cintiq 24HD. When I flip the pen to erase and then return to the Brush tool the selection in the Brushes list is no longer highlighted. The same thing happens when using other tools eg Pan, when I return to the Brush tool it draws with what I was using last, but there's no indication in the Brushes list to know what it is. Is there a way find out which brush is selected? I expected it would always highlight what was in use.
  8. Since the 1.9.1 update, launching adjustment (Levels, White Balance, etc.) can require up to 40 clicks before the adjustment box launches. I have tried the rasterize and trim option in layers, constantly saving the document before trying to select an option, but nothing seems to solve this. I am using macOS Big Sur, v. 11.2.2 on an iMac.The issue was happening before Apple did an incremental OS update last week. Having to click up to 40 times per adjustment function has destroyed my productivity. I looked through Affinity preference categories to make sure I haven't changed anything but there aren't any direct options for layer adjustments. BTW, using the filters via the drop down menu also behaves wonky. Sometimes the selected change/adjustment is ignored and sometimes it works fine. I never had trouble using that filter adjustment portal previously. My usual working approach is to launch Affinity Publisher and then switch back-and-forth between the three personas. Before sending this bug report I tested the problem by launching my document directly with Affinity Photo, instead of within the Publisher suite method, and to my surprise adjustment panels launch either on the first click or second. Good work around but that negates the benefits of the connectivity within Publisher.
  9. Affinity Photo is a great app on the iPad and on Windows, but working together with both platforms is not so easy. You could use iCloud to sync your files, but it is very slow when working with large files and regular changes. Therefore it would be nice to be able to access file servers (FTP or SMB) directly inside the Affinity Photo App. This feature would be very cool and I would also pay something for this feature as an In-App-Transaction.
  10. Hi, I have just updated to the newest version and now affinity photo ist crashing. I added an ellipse and then added the gaussian blur effect with manual input of 600. I have done this before with no problem. It is also shown on youtube in an Affinity revolution tutorial (How to Blend Two Images in Affinity Photo, Starting Minute 13). Now as soon as I add the blur (sometimes after I try to move the blurred ellipse) Affinity crashes. I tried to save after every step and now I can't open the image. It says "opening image" for hours with no effect. In this state I can't even close Affinity as it requires to wait until the image is loaded. After abt 2hours I forced it to close via task manager. Reinstalling the old version also does not work (newer version detected) and I want to avoid to deinstall Affinity completely and probably lose all my changes to the standard settings. any idea what to do? Philipp PS: Win 10, latest version
  11. This is a pain point whenever doing an export, that allows a mental load to be added to the process, of simply having to take a few seconds to think about which is width, and which is height. A simple addition of "W" & "H" next to each box would be a HUGE weight-off-mind and ease of usability change.
  12. Hello there. I am having a problem after the last update. I just wonder if I have it. The program crashes while warping a text with the mesh warp tool. I also encountered a crash while sending files from designer to photo and lost the file I didn't save. (I clicked on the recovery option but did not open the file and crashed despite waiting for a long time) Am I the only one having this problem?
  13. Hey ! Ive got a huge problem.. If I understood well after some research, my project should be saved under a file named Affinity Photo or designer (depending on the app used) in My iPad or iCloud depending on settings.. But here is my issue : CANT FIND ANY OF THOSE ! It drive me crazy haha.. folder are shown when I search for them on FOLDER app but there is nothing I saved in it, plus as soon as I deselect the file, it disappears.. It doesn't exist where it should be ! Please help me on this one Thanks Replay_bug.MP4
  14. Hi, For processing Deep Sky Astrophotography images, sometimes adjustments are very tiny. For example in the levels adjustment, the black level should be set with much higher sensitivity. Sometimes the change is just 1/10 percent. Given the size of the sliders and mouse sensitivity, it can be difficult to make the right adjustment. If would be great if you could ad a general concept of making these sliders more sensitive. While the curves adjustment allows to click into the image and drag the luminosity of the according pixel to a new value, for the levels adjustment, there is neither a black/white level picker nor any other way to make the change more subtle. The levels adjustment is only an example. Please let me know, if I need to clarify. Björn
  15. Hi, I'm using Affinity Photo extensively for my Deep Sky Astrophotography and I have a problem when working when I try to create an LRGB composite. While the procedure of adding the RGB channels and using the recolor adjustment works quite well, adding the luminosity layer is a problem for me. In my opinion, the RGB channels should define color and saturation, while the luminosity layer should affect the luminance only. According to this post, blending the luminance image with the luminosity blend mode changes the color. Something that I experienced myself. To resolve the issue, I am using "multiply" as blending mode to keep the color. There is probably a good argument why luminosity blending mode works the way it does right now but it would be helpful, if I could select which way it acts. I hope I could make clear where my issue lies. Please let me know where I need to clarify. Björn
  16. This is the concept a friend of mine wanted for an album cover. Originally I was supposed to draw it by hand but I wanted to try to pull it off with AP. This is the result:
  17. hi there, I will preface this with saying I've just came to affinity photo from photoshop, I'm self-taught with PS so i can't even say I know much about that either! I'm a boardgame designer and I'm using affinity photo to create cards, which are a combination of text and icons. On PS when creating space at the end of a text line it would include the spaces as characters for centre alignment purposes, but I can't seem to give spaces any 'volume' in photo now that i've opened the PSD in affinity. I've tried using special characters and playing about with paragraph options but don't want to mess about with it too much, any ideas? The simpler the explanation the better, I'm a noob!
  18. Hello Affinity team.. i created a poster and all set to export ..but the problem comes when iam exporting as JPEG from AP...some strange glitches are coming in the final export. The only solution i found is to open that file in Affinity Designer and export it ..then everything is fine..i don't know why it is occuring ..may be its a bug ..That's why iam reporting here. Please solve this issue asap..
  19. Recently I decided to update my computer to version 1.9 of each program. Updating Publisher and Designer worked fine. However Photo refused, reporting that it would not install on a 64-bit machine. It also asked me, politely, to contact Technical Support. I do like it when people have programmed software to be polite. I have hardly ever looked at Photo, but I am trying to update it for completeness. William
  20. Official Affinity Photo iPad Tutorials New to the latest update of the app (1.6.9), we've got a brand new set of tutorials that follow a more structured approach. You can access them from the Tutorials option in-app or by following this link: https://affinity.serif.com/tutorials/photo/ipad They are sorted into categories: Basic Operations Advanced Corrective and Retouching Creative Tools Filters and Adjustments Export Persona Just some quick info about the new videos: They're all shot in 4K resolution (supported on desktop machines) for extra clarity. There are localised subtitles for all the languages supported by the app (English, German, Spanish, Italian, French, Russian, Brazilian Portuguese, Chinese Simplified, Japanese). Hope you find them useful! James
  21. We need the option or the tool for create unlimited artboards in Affinity Photo like in Affinity Designer is possible to a better and faster workflow
  22. Valentine done with Affinity Designer and Photo on new IPad Pro so quite a learning experience. Halloween done with Affinity Photo on desktop
  23. Now, I am not sure if I am doing something wrong or if this is an update issue but, when I merge the visible layers after applying a distortion and filter, I can't do anything else. All I get is the hand and can't seem to use any other function. IMG_2673.MOV
  24. I've had a lot of good feedback from my first batch of brushes, so I've made an improved set. Hope you guys enjoy it as much as I am. Gumroad
  25. Hi, since the software utpdate to 9.1 i can't use inpainting tool Have you this issue too ? Thanks
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