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  1. Well, since photography has always been my first love, here are some of my photos and often with my favourite model! 😉
  2. Hi. My entire Affinity Suite (Photo, Designer, Publisher) stopped working: Every time I try to create a new document, open one or try to import/open a picture, ... , it does nothing. And if you try to do anything else while importing/opening, it shows "not responding" and then crashes. And even if you don't do anything, after a few minutes it shows "not responding" and then crashes. Tried reinstalling, deactivating Hardware-Acceleration, etc. Maybe someone can help me with my problem. Thanks in advance! My Setup: Win 10 Pro (20H2) i7-4790k RTX 3060 ti 16 gb ddr3 ram (bo
  3. Sky replacement Affinity Photo Beginner tutorial Many beginners replace the sky forget about how it affects the rest of the photo. In this Digitally Fearless Affinity Photo tutorial I show how the sky affects the whole photo in real life and how you can show this in your photo manipulation. https://youtu.be/TUwr1ULcYzM
  4. Scanned painted map with a creature drawn on it with affinity photo.
  5. I think that there should be a video showing how to use L.a.b. colour to rescue flat files. I used Photoshop for years for this purpose now I am getting to grips with the different process in Affinity. The present videos do not do justice to this powerful tool. I have attached a before and after edit which only took a couple of minutes using Curves in L.a.b. For your info they are in the South Australian outback. There is much more to L.a.b. and it is the main reason that I chose Affinity when I gave up Photoshop Eric
  6. This is my first attempt to draw with affinity foto. Very interesting experience
  7. REMOVE RED EYE TOOL How to use the Remove Red Eye tool. Part 16 of my Digitally Fearless Powerful Tools of Affinity. I also give you an alternative tool because like in all graphic apps, the Remove Red Eye tool might not be the best choice in some cases. https://youtu.be/_FqDyGeQcWQ
  8. Hi there good folks in the Affinity forums, first of all, I want to say, that I do like the software very much and I really try to find a solution for my problem here. I've seen variations of this issue in other threads before, but but it seemed, that there is no solution to this. Here are my problems: In Affinity Photo and Designer (Pixel and Designer Persona) I experience serious brush lag and all in all performance issues. This happens with brushes in all sizes and complexities, even with the standard default pixel brush. When I rotate my canvas, raster based areas are
  9. Good day, Could you please advise as to when the Canon 850 D ( Rebel T8 ) will be added to the list of approved cameras. It was introduced in about Feb 2020. Thanks Trevor
  10. Hi guys, if you are using Adobe Photoshop or used it before, you must have seen the FILL option often right. It's located below Opacity in Layer Panel. So some of you might be wondering about the difference between Opacity & Fill Opacity because if you look at it, both Opacity & Fill Opacity do the same thing, controlling the transparency of a layer. But then, why bother to create the same feature, there must be a difference right. So in this video, I will explain the difference between Opacity & Fill Opacity, and where Fill Opacity is located in Affinity Photo. I hope you enjoy th
  11. If I enter a percentage scaling for with or high the input in the batch dialogue it would be ignored, no rescaling happened. If this feature ist not possible, i expect a feadback and not only a "done" after pressing OK.
  12. Affinity Photo 1.9.1 Crashed using Burn & Dodge Brushes. iMac (Retina 5K, 27-inch, Late 2015) - macOS 10.15.7 (19H524). Process: Affinity Photo [47963] Path: /Applications/Affinity Photo.app/Contents/MacOS/Affinity Photo Identifier: Affinity Photo Version: 1.9.1 (1.9.225) App Item ID: 824183456 App External ID: 840596491 Code Type: X86-64 (Native) Parent Process: ??? [1] Responsible: Affinity Photo [47963] User ID: 501 Date/Time:
  13. Hi, I've just reset Windows (10) on my computer and am reinstalling my apps. After that I'm getting all three apps crashing on start. I have upgraded to the latest version of each, and that at least got far enough to enter my licence keys but they still crash. I have checked the FAQ and made sure I am fully up to date with all updates. I am not using any of the apps mentioned in the FAQ thread. I attach the crash dump from Photo. Let me know if you want the other crash dumps as well. 303c872c-809e-4a8c-9adc-4640780b7121.dmp Cheers, Ian
  14. Hello folks, I want to write in order to express some feedback. We are a small company and we are looking for alternative to the Adobe suite, since those subscriptions are too expensive, it is abusive in fact. So I downloaded Designer and Photo for our designer in order to test it in the iMac 2015 of the company. Unfortunately, she found many lacking tools that are basic for the work in this company. We already searched solutions in these forums and FAQs, but it is clear this features are still not present in Affinity. This is her feedback: - When opening the files that were cre
  15. Is it possible to specify interleaved vs non-interleaved when exporting to .tif in Affinity Photo? I use Affinity Photo and Designer for scientific work, and many of the image analysis programs I use only accept non-interleaved .tifs. I've got a workaround for now, where I ingest the desired image into mathematica, and then change it to non-interleaved, but it's a clunky solution. Any insight on whether this is possible would be great.
  16. I noticed with last upload in Affinity Designer and Affinity Photo that now I can select object with Move Tool without draging mouse over whole object as you can see in video bellow, but that does not work for Affinity Publisher, or AD and AP within Publisher. A Friend of mine can not select object in this way in Affinity Designer, it is the same as before, you have to drag your mouse over whole object to select it?!?..Does anyone else have this issue? I mean it would be great if it could stay this, but I think it is some kind of glitch on my version.. Video_2021-03-10_082616.wmv
  17. Whenever I import an image onto Affinity Photo, the image quality is downscaled. I've made sure of this. It's all pixelated. Is anyone else experiencing this issue, and is there anything I can do to fix this? Thanks.
  18. enjoying a day off with a little space exploration. There are filters, pattern layers, and some painting in there. the rock is a pattern layer in an ellipse and then a spherical live filter layer.
  19. It would be nice if Affinity Photo gets a Macro Editor. Up to now ist is very uncomfortable to start a new recording of a macro when you want to change only one command line in an macro: Fowling function would be useful: Delete commands, add commands by start a recording at a marked position, move commands, copy and paste commands from other macros. By the way it would be nice to save the history as macro. Regards Erhard
  20. Hey uh i was a following a tutorial on youtube and i do not know how to recreate this one.
  21. Hi there, In the Export persona, is there a way to include a specific layer for one slice only (between various other slices)? So far I know I can exclude a specific layer/group of layers for all slices by unchecking the eye mark. But I want to do like the opposite. For example: I have a usual project file with the original image, various changes in multiple layers and groups. On top of that is a soft-proof profile placed as well as some smaller tweaks for printing. Now if I export those image I want copys for the digital media without those printing tweaks, so I simply uncheck
  22. Hi there, I just noticed that the ipad version doesn't stop the user from retouching protected layers immediately (repair, clone etc tools). It takes a few seconds after opening a project until the protection starts working and changes wont be applied anymore. I have neither tested if the same happens on the desktop version or if other types of changes like painting on the layer would work as well.
  23. First of, stating the obvious, everything was working right until the latest update on March 5th. Running an Acer 5 laptop. 16 gb of RAM, i7, 7th generation CPU, 1050ti GPU. Here's what my image is supposed to look like. Then I try to export it as any image file. JPEG, PNG, etc. I also tried with the Export persona. I tried by fusing all the visible layers into a single pixelated one. Regardless, it turns into this corrupted mess. And every time I do it, the corrupted bits are placed differently. I've tried a couple documents with the same background elements, stil
  24. Pattern Layer Effects Affinity Photo 1.9 beginner tutorial Add FX to the new Pattern Layer. In this Digitally Fearless beginner Affinity Photo tutorial I not only show how to create a layer pattern, but also away to apply and add effects to it. https://youtu.be/S-2foNdXXHc
  25. It appears that currently the astro stacking uses the intersection method to stack all images. Would it be possible to have the option to get a mosaic of all pictures? Or/and use a reference frame? (I know, I know, it's not DSS, but just asking) Cheers, Dom
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