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  1. Better Threshold results. Powerful tools 20. Beginner Affinity Photo Tutorial. https://youtu.be/CWy6baTlQL0 If you have had trouble getting Affinity Photo’s threshold to look right, then this beginner Affinity Photo tutorial is for you. It shows how to combine dodge and burn with threshold. This is number 20 in my Digitally Fearless Powerful tools series.
  2. Built by a good friend of mine at his shop in Houston..... McCreations,this is a very close reproduction of the bike Dennis Hopper rode in the movie.Very few ever built,hundreds of the Peter Fonda bike were.
  3. TGA animation files and Affinity photo!!!!!
  4. Hi, I like to test APhoto for some editing and the current beta version is unusable because it is so lagging. OpenCL NOT enabled ! No problem with the retail version on the same picture with the same workflow. P.
  5. Windows 10 All updates installed Affinity photo version 1.9.2 Zenbook UX482 with latest drivers Affinity crashes while drawing with pencil tool. Happens often like three times in hour. Just simple sketching nothing more. If affinity dumps logs during crash please inform me where I will add them to post.
  6. Hello, my suggestion is make full use of Zenbook DUO Screenpad plus Control Panel to be able to better customize workflow. Improve support for touch pens, unfortunately app crashes often while drawing (does affinity dump logs during crash? Then I could attach them). My model is UX482. Example of control panel for Photoshop: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hR7ymcF9UaY&t=59s
  7. What am I doing wrong, to get this effect instead of a beautifull filled pattern? I made a rectangel, filled it with a style and rasterised it. Layer- new pattern layer from selection and this is what i got. I do not want the 1 or 2 pixel lines. happy greetings, Yolanda
  8. Hi, good day everyone. I'm wondering is there a way to convert pixel layer to image layer or shape because I can't find the option or button, and is there a way to create a path from selection? Thank you.
  9. Following along with this compositing tutorial. I cannot replicate what Rikard is doing in Photoshop -> by making edge disappear via curves. See Clip. After clip, see all the steps I have tried and cannot make edge blend. RPReplay_Final1618497950.mov Steps I’ve taken Regarding Curves, I tried all the channels just like the video clip: Master, Blue and Red, tried for about 40 minutes moving the nodes to various points. Even tried putting a curve on both sides of the photo to balance out that way -> to no avail: Maybe it’s because
  10. I set APh to ROMM RGB in 16bit, but in the 32bit settings I can't find the entry. Where is it ? In AD and APB I can set it. Also in the APhbeta. APh 1.9.3 on Big Sur
  11. Greetings, I have found that I am unable to drag and drop layers from one document to another. I know that I can copy paste. But drag and drop feels more convenient. Please consider this feature request. Thank you
  12. Hello, does anyone know if the devs are planning on adding more options for the canvas rotation feature? In Krita you can freely rotate the canvas holding Shift+Space and Right MB (and it feels soooo goood), the new rotation feature is really cool but I think implementing it so both mouse users and pen/stylus users can use it would be better.
  13. My affinity photo hangs and does not recover while making curves adjustment. I was following the steps mentioned in following tutorial to adjust skin tones. https://affinityrevolution.com/color-correct-skin-affinity-photo-tutorial/ While adjusting the red channel affinity photo hangs. CPU usage during hang. Even after waiting for 5 minutes affinity photo doesn't recover. Affinity Photo Version: Windows Version : Windows 10 - OS Build 19042.867 I am trying to create a repro for this issue, by that time can any one confirm of there are an
  14. i’m taking a course, it’s on photoshop, but i follow along on my affinity photo ipad. the instructor pulled up something called an offset tool located in the the filters - do we have some like that? because i cannot find it. thanks.
  15. Greetings, I think this would improve the experience in Affinity photo if there was an option to change into "percentage" among options such as pixels, points, centimeters, meters, feet, inches. Usage: Quick resize, helps in macro building and batch processing. Thank you.
  16. Another Text effect that incorporates pattern layers. There is one on the background too. This time I went for a kind of vintage 3d look I chose soft muted colours in tones of pink and yellow .
  17. I have been creating my own bank of presets based on ones that came with Obscura 39. I give them a name which indicates the original preset from which they are derived, with my own additional relevant tag. Over time I have amassed a list of custom presets, but I'd like to re-order them for swiftness of application. For example, I have 3 custom preset variations based on the Mercury 50 preset, but they have been saved at different time intervals, which means there are several other custom presets saved between them in the list. Since I now have about 20 such custom presets, with the list ever-g
  18. Go see my work here https://www.instagram.com/xpo_lindahl/ I am totally new to Affinity Photo and look forward to whether it is so good that I will opt out of my Adobe.
  19. Hi guys, some of you might be wondering if there's a skew or distort feature in Affinity Photo. So in this video, I will show you how to use and where you can find Skew, Distort, & Perspective feature in Affinity Photo. I hope you enjoy watching this video, thank you!
  20. Dear all, I am writing a Data Science article about beer price development in the last 35 years. For this I created a title image that should run with the article. However, I have the feeling that I got a little carried away. 😐 I would appreciate your feedback. 🙂 First impressions? Would you click on the image/ article? What would you do differently? Thank you so much! All the best Greg
  21. My device is ipad pro 2020 12.9. When I used develop function to edit my photo, I cannot scroll down these sidebars, including lens studio. I don't know if it is wrong with my gestures, I'ved tried one finger, two fingers. It didn't work.
  22. An easier way for beginners to use the pen tool for tracing or masking is shown in this Digitally Fearless Affinity Photo Tutorial. https://youtu.be/jsj5iAzL0cQ
  23. I am following along a Olivio Sarikas tutorial, for some quick tech. I am trying to replicate his light beams technique onto a project i’m working on, where multiple light beams shine through multiple, small vent openings. So what’s weird here is that in the curve I created, which i set to mask, the brightness adjustment, doesn’t shine into the entire shape of the curve. it cuts off at the end. This will make more sense when you see the clip i created. i’m trying to figure out why is affinity cutting off the bottom segment of the curve shape, and not allowing the brightness adjustme
  24. I am trying to follow along with the video below. It has us - select high lights via tonal range and place them in their own layer. But I just cannot find this option. What am I doing wrong? Even when I go to tone mapping Persona, I still can’t can’t find the option she used in the beginning of the video. If I am not in the wrong - Is this a feature that Affinity Photo iPad is not capable of doing? so Serif purposely omitted it from the app? Thanks.
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