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  1. An old friend asked me the other day if I'd done any old Zombie movie artwork recently, Nothing on today so thought I'd have a crack at Return of the Living Dead - The TARMAN zombie was painted mainly in Clip studio paint and finished in APhoto (via studiolink) then page designed in APub
  2. Hi folks! I need to edit a rendering from Blender in Photo, however when I import the multilayered exr, all the layers are there but I can only see the top most layer in the viewport. Coming from C4D & Photoshop, I think the layer blends didn't work correctly? I was wondering if some of my settings are wrong, but all the resources about this topic I found simply open the files and it works (ignoring color mgmt.). I tried some other example exr files, but they have the same issue. Any help is more than welcome! kartoffel~ (Macbook Pro - OS X 11.2.3) I've added a small
  3. I shoot a photo of my dear cat Indy, and I obtained a painting of him with paint mixer brush tool and some hours of work. Hope the community will like the savage gaze of my wonderful cat. Original Photo attached too. Ok he just did an echography for a gastroenteritis, and in the original photo he lacks some fur, so I have dedicated some time to "rebuild" the fur with various brushes 🤣. But my loyal 15 years old feline companion is with us again in perfect shape, don't worry! Bye 😄😄😄
  4. A game design I’m working on. I’m beginning to understand rim light concept somewhat. I feel the glow to the left of the guy is too much, could be because my senses not fully developed yet with lighting and how it should cast. Couple things I’m struggling with: 1. Perspective of enemy on right side about to shoot w/ red flare.. seems off. It’s closest to guy behind cover. 2. Borg cube in Blue, is supposed to be enormous.. yet, I have no idea how to maintain it’s enormity, while still representing it is part of the background. I thought adding some haze, decreasing contras
  5. I wanted to learn Photoshop a while back and this problem always infuriated me. I never knew why this happened nor how to fix it. I considered to switch to Affinity Photo. Meanwhile the same thing goes on here too. Am I doing something wrong? Everything looks blurry, fonts, even vectors, like literally everything. Help Affinity Photo 2021-04-26 14-52-00.mp4
  6. Hi Serif! I'm Maurizio, and I'm a graphic and comics student from Rome. I'm having trouble with the iPad version of Designer and Photo. I have a 2nd generation iPad Pro (10.5) with iPadOS 14.5. In the iPad Settings section I saw that Designer and Photos take up a lot of space, especially Designer which takes up more or less 74 GB. Although I have closed some documents and deleted some history, it seems that this indirectly increased the space occupied by the app. Before deleting some documents, the space occupied by Affinity Designer was about 55 GB.
  7. I've lately been doing a study on drawing clouds in Affinity Photo. While I do enjoy the ease of using assets and merging other photos in to get clouds, I want a more Ghibli style look, and as far as I know that does require drawing. Having a tablet for this does help immensely. It does turn out clouds are pretty tough to draw. Each piece took me a few hours just on the sky. And I don't think I'll ever truly feel content with my work. I just want to keep making little tweaks and changes. But that is part of being an artists isn't it? Let me know your thoughts.
  8. After seeing some people making pixel art with vectors thanks to the new anti-aliasing options for layers, I wanted to take a shot at it as well, so I made something light and fun. Found the vector shape tools very useful when creating these. I was pretty relieved that Affinity's snapping features supported 1/2 pixel snapping, since it would have been next to impossible to create symmetrical and good looking shapes without it. Also used linked layers to create symmetrical shapes for my Pikachu from Photo. Here's a small video demonstration of what's going on underneath. I really
  9. Hi guys, I'm back with another 5 Affinity Photo tips that hopefully will be useful for you when doing your editing, especially for beginners. I hope you enjoy this video, thank you!
  10. Made this on stream tonight, between Designer (most of the work) and Photo, started off as just the cube, then found the greenery assets while trying to find how to create a sphere... Then added some of the assets and things from the Affinity store. It's nothing overly special, but probably one of the nicer things I've managed to put together. Probably a lot/too much going on, but was just playing around - rather happy with how it came out. Name of it came from a viewer which is why it went from more than just the cube to what it is.
  11. Learn the difference between a gradient tool and a gradient map. They are very different. One can be used to match colors between two photos which is perfect for photo manipulation, while the other is used more for stylizing your project. This is an Affinity Photo beginners tutorial and number 21 of the Digitally Fearless Power tools of Affinity Photo playlist. https://youtu.be/4-7Yvw6Yt54
  12. I still have a long way to go, but I am proud of myself for creating this from scratch, after all these months of practicing and following along with tutorials -> finally a original piece from my mind. Man it feels good. Original Images
  13. Hello everyone. AP have turned into my new favorite photo editor application that is out there. I've been using since Jan 2020 and it completely replaced the Adobe buggy program. But there's some features that I miss using on AP, like the filter gallery. For those who don't know what is it, it's a feature that can stylize a certain image or layer as you wish, with very specific filters and each one it's 100% customizable. I've read about using "macros" but I didn't get it at all. I really want this feature on AP to finally forget about the PS.
  14. Hi I'm using windows 10 and Affinity Photo and having problem trying to "Save As" or Export as a Jpeg, PSD or Tiff. Nothing is saving my work to my hard drive. Suggestions please. Thanks Andrew
  15. Again, I have some "remains" from a client's project (like the engraving macros last time), which might be useful for one or two: Simple 2-file solution, which generates a fake ISO 3D map of any image, shape or even text. Easy to use. Just place your object(s) into one file and update the master file. Cut's colours editable via layer FX. Caution! Can be quite demanding on weaker systems. Available for free (just enter "0" as price) at Gumroad.
  16. I am experiencing wobbly line in affinity photo while drawing/ sketching (OpenCL ON/OFF both option) When I work with 4k canvas size and try to fast gestural line it always appear wobbly PC spec Core i5 4440 16gb ram Nvidia 1650 4gb graphic Huion 1409 v2 Graphic tablet
  17. Final image of a clover flower Original image (size reduced for forum) Cropping, obviously (to my taste). Duplicated original image, cut out flower. On this layer I used "levels" adjustment to boost the black on flower. Next I used "shadows and highlights" adjustment layer to add some contrast. Finally used the "shadows and highlights" live filter to make final adjustments. On background, simple "curves" adjustment layer.
  18. I've been using the "R" key to rotate the Close Brush tool - but it rotates in large steps that make it unusable for the fine clone matching I wish to create. In Photoshop I am able to use Option + Shift + <left backet> or <right bracket> - and while this is a painful finger twister they do offer the fine controls. I would really love that in Affinity Photo - without the finger twisting - perhaps a much finer control by pressing the "R" key.
  19. More project details in > https://www.behance.net/gallery/117824581/Sonicnova-Album-Cover
  20. Hi guys, I just uploaded a new video about how to easily wrap text around any object in Affinity Photo. I hope you enjoy this video, thank you!
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