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  1. Portrait drawing, oil crayons, acrylics; NOT edited with AP, simply photographed. :o ;) :) http://b-bertuleit.de/helena/
  2. Hi, I was eager to see how the 'pro' print tools work in AF Photo 1.4, but can't seem to find either black point compensation or how to choose the intent. Am I missing something?
  3. Hi, i think this don't happen before but i don't have sure. Im using the Affinity Photo. I select a imagem with "Move tool" or other tool, and i press the "J" for Patch tool(is the last tool i use before) and change automatically for Healing Brush tool... Why change the tool have selected before?
  4. Hallo, in diesem Affinity Photo Tutorial zeige ich wie man eine Vignette erstellt. Zu den Bildkorrekturen im Vorspann: Wie das geht habe ich im gesonderten Tutorial „Belichtung & Tonwertkorrektur“ gezeigt. In this Affinity Photo Tutorial, I show you how to create a vignette. And the previous photo corrections: I did a separate video „Belichtung & Tonwertkorrektur“ (aperture & curves). ​Ciao Jack www.youtube.com/watch?v=SPQVQ0UyfFA www.youtube.com/watch?v=SPQVQ0UyfFA
  5. I have been using macs for too long and am not accustomed to right and left clicks just a simple mouse action. This program uses right click, and I know that this is causing me and this app some problems. The program has crashed often and I believe that it is me and the mouse causing it. As well when I am in the crop tool trying to straighten my photo, when I release the mouse it jumps and 9 times out of 10 I end up with a very badly skewed horizontal. I know someone asked about this before so if there is a solution to changing right click to control click I would really like to kn
  6. Hi! I want to share this short tutorial which explains the technique I use to get a convincing watercolour effect. It is very short because the source file is included at the end of the post (about 129MB) so you're free to experiment. Let me know if you have any question about it! Please forgive my spelling and grammar mistakes... :P
  7. Hello, After doing my work up on layers, I wish to "flatten image" (PS) in order to save it as tiff. Right now, I am doing "merge down" on each layer. Which is pretty boring. Is there any "flatten image" fonction ? Or I missed something. Thanks!
  8. Bonjour la communauté Je recherche comment faire le raccourci clavier vers la pipette car le glisser me dérange, je trouve ça pas très pratique. Si quelqu'un aurait une idée ou l'astuce pour faire appel à l'outil pipette avec le clavier c'est cool merci à vous. Hello community I look for how the keyboard shortcut for the eyedropper as the drag bother me, I find it not very practical. If someone would have an idea or tip to appeal to the eyedropper tool with the keyboard is cool thank you to you.
  9. Hi I use a PhotoShop Plugin Topaz Denoise 5.1.0, one of the market leading noise reduction filters. With Affinity Photo 1.3.5, this worked perfectly. With 1.4, it stops working. I attach a Screencast comparing this between 1.3.5 and 1.4. The Denoise filter demo version can be downloaded here: http://www.topazlabs.com/downloads By the way , I see that the initial file open dialogue of Affinity Photos 1.4 does not open the file, you see it in the movie. Best regards BlauerClaus
  10. Portrait, oil painting, photographed, edited with Affinity Photo. http://b-bertuleit.de/portrait/
  11. Hi all! I know you guys are very very busy prepping for the next full version of Affinity software to be available to customers in the Mac App Store, so this is by no means a biggy issue. I was just wondering if it could be possible in the future to have an automatic or manual upload button within AP (maybe AD as well?) to the online photo hosting service SmugMug? In case you are curious, here are a few links: SmugMug online hosting service SmugMug API (home) Third-party uploaders, downloaders, migration tools and utilities Thank you for your time and keep up
  12. Hello, I tried to use Affinity for some simple stuff like removing object. In my workflow, I can still not replace PS by Affinity Photo (No tiff support). However, if I do select an area and fill / inpainting, the program usually crash. It do not respond und use 100% of the cpu power, endlessly. Can anyone confirm that behaviour ? Regards
  13. Hi Guys, In this weeks episode we use two examples to take a look at how to select and change colour of just about anything within your photos. Click the link, sit back and relax... Enjoy. Allan. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4L7rNc-F5O0
  14. Hallo, in diesem Affinity Photo Tutorial zeige ich wie man einen "Sepia Filter" erstellt. Dieser Filter ist bisher noch nicht enthalten, aber leicht zu machen. Ich bin autorisierter Autor bei www.affinitytutorials.de. Verpasst Euren Bildern einen stimmungsvollen Vintage-Look. Viel Spaß. In this Affinity Photo Tutorial, I show you how to create the "sepia filter". This filter is not included so far. I'm authorized author at www.affinitytutorials.de. Create an atmospheric vintage look. Have fun. Jack Farbcode/Colorcode: #894504 https://youtu.be/qEsJVjh-Rbc https://youtu.be/qEsJVjh-Rbc ht
  15. 1st effort at photo comp. in Affinity Photo...not too big a learning curve ( having migrated from Photoshop)...I'm liking the software
  16. Hallo, in diesem Affinity Photo Tutorial zeige ich den "Sketch Effekt", also wie man ein Foto wie eine Zeichnung aussehen lässt. Dazu zeige ich weitere Techniken, damit Ihr Euren eigenen Bildlook entwerfen könnt. Viel Spaß dabei. Hello, in this Affinity Photo Tutorial, I Show you the "Sketch Effect" or "Pencil Draw Effect". How to transform a photo into a sketch draw. I offer further techniques for your own style. Have fun. Ciao Affinity Jack https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=srNqGqVBkxA
  17. Hi, I'm currently investigating the AP Trial. I noticed when zooming out on a PSD file I was working on that, at a 25% zoom value, the bottom and right-hand edges of the image are distinctly brighter (seems to be 1 or 2px thickness along the edge of the image). If I zoom in or out from 25% the bright edges disappear, but they always reappear at 25% zoom. I've attached a PNG screenshot. Needless to say the bright edges are not part of the stored image. My image is a 16bit RGB PSD file, 2942 x 2942 px. I'm using AP Trial v1.3.5 on a late 2012 Mac Mini running OS X 10.10.5. Many thank
  18. Here is my first attempt and my latest attempt at doing a 'HDR' image in Affinity Photo. It's coming along but still needs some work. Far better than the first attempt though. First Attempt 12193508_10156158046300655_8829102884278999522_n by Greg Murray, on Flickr Fourth Attempt Lighthouse2 by Greg Murray, on Flickr
  19. Hey guys, I made this wallpaper today, as you can see it is AHS themed. I like the outcome even if it is nothing too special, what do you think? I worked with pretty much only live filters, with a great performance! You can see some of my layer mess on the screenshot lol. I hope you like it, feel free to download it and use it, the size is for iPhone 6 ^^ I don't know if external links are allowed, if yes I would provide a link to the google drive download :)
  20. Hey everyone, I was just curious if it was just me or when your actually using AP and you are say adjusting the opacity or any slider it blurs/ lags a bit then make the adjustment? I noticed also when say I'm adjusting the brush size by using Alt+Option and dragging it lags a bit as well. Is that just me or thats something with the software? Please note, my computer was just upgraded and it did it before as well and i thought it would have gotten addressed in the other betas or releases. Thanks in advance!
  21. Versión Man of Steel Designer (vector) and Photo (effects). I love this software.
  22. Hi everyone, these are somme artworks done with AP, hope you,will like them.
  23. Hello, I encountered this issue when I had multiple documents open in the Develop Persona in Affinity Photo. When I show Shadow/Highlight/Tone clipping and switch to a different document, the behavior of the buttons becomes inverted so that it shows clipping on the other documents when the buttons are "off" rather than "on". Thanks, - Tony
  24. Hi everyone! Yesterday I watched one of the Affinity tutorials and realized that I have an old photo that needed a little TLC. Here is a link to the images https://www.flickr.com/gp/21393594@N03/5q1oF0 It took me about 1/2 hr to do this. I used the inpainting brush tool for the tear on either side of him and a combination of the clone tool and inpainting brush for the part of the picture that my uncle Harry is in along with random area's around the outer edges of the photo. I was amazed at how easy it was. It would have taken me several hours of cloning in photoshop to get t
  25. Hallo, In diesem Affinity Photo Tutorial wird ein Kino Poster im Stil vom James Bond Film "Spectre" erstellt. Keine Kopie, sondern eine Variante dazu. Ihr könnt mir Eure Varianten gerne posten oder twittern. I create in this Affinity Photo Tutorial a movie poster in the style of James Bond "Spectre". Not a copy but a variation. With English Subtitles. I would be happy, when you post or tweet me your variations. Viel Spaß Euer Jack Bauer
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