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  1. Here's a tribute to the exhilarating movie "Watch Out We're Mad" (Original title: "Altrimenti Ci Arrabbiamo") with Bud Spencer and Terence Hill. This is a painting based on a movie frame where the mighty duo is trying to avoid a killer while singing in the firemen chorus. Done in Affinity Photo 1.9. Bye
  2. Hi. I'm unable to register Affinity Photo 1.9 (though this also affects Designer and Publisher too!) purchased from the Windows App Store on Windows 10 Professional. It just says "We're Sorry ... Something went wrong during registration or sign-in."
  3. ON1 emailed me today promoting their latest plugin. "The new version includes performance enhancements and new features that make it even easier and faster to resize photos without losing sharpness and detail." My question is, given that Affinity Photo has photo enlarging features, do I need this as well? Does anyone know how they compare? I ask because some of my photo-based artwork looks fine at 5"x7" but I want to create professional art prints at 11x14. Thanks.
  4. Working with Affibity Publisher, I wanted to rotate an inserted image. I changed to the Photo persona, and clicked something to rotate, but the entire document became as shown in my screenshot. I could not undo this with Ctrl - Z or any menu command I could find. What is the solution?
  5. Quick Explanation When I try to export slices created from layers, the output files are not cropped to the document. I can "Rasterize & Trim" each layer to get the desired output, but I'd like a non-destructive way to do it. Any ideas? Detailed Explanation I'm taking photos of a number of products, each of which have 6 photos of the same size. My goal is to keep one AFPhoto file per product with each of the 6 photos as layers, with all edits made non-destructively, and then export each photo with a lower resolution (for web) in bulk to a designated "Processed Pho
  6. I have found a repeatable bug with linked images in Publisher. Here is the repeat steps. First create an image in Affinity Photo Make a new Publisher file, link to the Photo file twice. In each picture frame move to a different part of the image. In Publisher, crop away the part of the image you are not using. In my example I have 4 hats. I crop out all but 1 hat for each "picture frame" in Publisher. Close the Publisher document. Edit the Affinity Photo document, save and close Re-open the Publisher document. The position and crop information has been reset
  7. I did post this originally in the support forum, but I guess Bug Reporting is a better place for it given it's a major bug? It happens on all 3 programs, but I really need Publisher up and running for work so I reported it in Publisher bug sub-section, I hope that's OK? All 3 programs ran absolutely fine on 1.8, after upgrading to 1.9.0 all 3 programs crash as soon as the splash screen goes and it tries to open the main program window. Windows 10 is up-to-date. I'm using a Windows Surface Laptop 3 with the Ryzen 5 Windows Surface Edition. I ran the .NET Repair tool,
  8. I'm using Affinity Photo 1.6.4 on a Windows 7-64 bit Home Premium machine. I have some TIFFs that Affinity Photo does not open correctly--even though Windows Photo Viewer, DxO PhotoLab, and GIMP open them fine. For whatever it may matter, these TIFFs are grayscale instead of RGB, and are 16 bits per pixel. Opening the file brought up the Develop persona instead of the Photo persona. The file displayed completely wrong--grossly over-exposed, high contrast, like somebody had grabbed the top right of the tone curve and dragged it almost all the way to the left edge (while leaving it at the top).
  9. Hello, I'm trying to create a displacement map. I use this in a lot of video editors, but here in Affinity Photo it doesn't work (or I don't understand it any more). I use version I've tried everything like 8bit 16bit 32bitHDR, rasterize layer, parent and child layers swapped, colours adjusting... but nothing works! Can you help me please?
  10. Could be lots better....but just playing around with the 1.9 Pattern creator. Thought I’d do a quick one applying Adjustments to it and such, see how it could translate into some graphic design imagery uses. ‘Nothing major or project-wise...just some fun experimenting. Grabbed a photo...basic layer stuff, on a Pool. 🤣
  11. Apologies in advance... I'm just so excited, I can't contain myself. I now have all three of the Affinity suite! I recently acquired an entirely FREE version of Aurora HDR 2018...and I successfully installed and use as a photo plugin. Digital creation life is good. That is all. I just had to share that. Feel free to delete this. I just needed to say it.
  12. As the title says, when I try to create, delete or rename a preset through More ▸ Manage Presets option in the Export dialogue box, it is greyed out and unavailable. This happens in Publisher, Photo and Designer, all versions 1.9.0, on an iMac running 10.14.6. Does anyone have an idea on how to fix this?
  13. Ich habe mehrere JPEGs in AP 1.9.0 nachbearbeitet (kleinere Kratzer beseitigt. Die Originale haben eine Dateigröße zwischen 15 und 18 MB. Nachdem ich mir hinterher die bearbeiteten Dateien ansah, stellte ich fest, dass sie nur noch 4 bis 5 MB groß waren. Der Arbeitsablauf war folgender: Alle Fotos (8 Stück) in AP geladen, Erstes Foto bearbeitet, Mit CMD+S gespeichert, Mit CMD+W geschlossen, Zweites Foto bearbeitet, etc. Bisher hat dieser Arbeitsablauf ohne Ausnahme immer zu Dateigrößen geführt, die den Originalgrößen in etwa entsprac
  14. Having just purchased all 3 Workbooks I am wondering what plans there are to provide updates either in electronic or physical format especially so as the books have cost more than the apps?
  15. Hi guys, so Affinity just launched version 1.9 of all Affinity Products and bring a lot of new features on 4th February. And yesterday I just uploaded a new video, so I want to show you one of the new features that I think very useful, that is called "My account" feature in all Affinity apps. So now you can link your Affinity apps with your Affinity account, and then download and install all of your store purchases/content directly to Affinity Photo, Designer, and Publisher without having to import it manually anymore. I hope you enjoy this video, thank you!
  16. Can someone help? I repaired the installation, no change. I uninstalled and reinstall twice, no change
  17. I am a fan of this program. I mostly use Fokus Stacking and HDR functions. Here's an exemple, others are in my Gallery in Insta @macrophoto_studio1
  18. I don't generally dabble in black & white images because no matter how much I tinker with the black & white conversion I never get the type of results I want. I can work with the black & white adjustment layer but it doesn't bet me where I want to be. Add on levels, brightness & contrast, curves, or anything else and I still don't get the kind of tones I want. Blake Rudis (F64 Academy) had a video this week that has really helped me get the kind of tones I wanted . . . by adjusting the tonal values of the colors. After trying the method he described, it definitely improved
  19. I LOVE this editor, and I still can't believe I picked it up for 25 bucks! It's a very powerful piece of software and I'm overall very satisfied. The one issue I have is, I struggle to organize my photos when using this Application. Viewing photos with just the windows file manager because I shoot in RAW + JPEG, and the Windows photos app does not offer easy access to tools like histograms or exif data. I could just open the file in affinity one by one, but clicking through hundreds of photos and having to exit out of each of them every time would be far too slow. I could also use other progra
  20. Just a standard alone intended post for a B/W Adjustment Correct Setting Preset offered by Affinity Revolution for AP, I found. (If already posted...apologize). Easy add/install...works great, highly stunning noticeable difference...for converting Color Images to B/W. Can add other adjustments of course, but gives proper overall basic Value Toning transference. Use the iPad Pro 12.9, v3 here...and able to install, works awesome. (Video is for standard Desktop version, but able to do on iPad as well).
  21. Been using Affinity Photo for a long while now on iPad Pro 12.9, v.3...and loving the new 1.9 updates. Just thought I’d share a piece..an ‘Affinity-chop’ Concept work...noticed that I actually did last year... 🤣..but thought I’d start off with it before others more recent. In a style of more Fantasy or Literary, not going for Photorealistic, but for mood..ambiance... (plenty of realism though).
  22. is there a way to create “half drop” repeat patterns in version 1.9 or does it limit you to only single image simple even patterns? How about patterns with multiple images? Also, Can I import other elements from another file or another layer to incorporate it into the repeat pattern layer?
  23. Yesterday, I updated my Affinity's to v1.9, and soon after they finish updating, I can't seem to operate the programs at all, and my computer would slow down to a halt. Even Task Manager is struggling. Before the upgrade, the Affinity programs worked fine. I am not sure what is wrong and what other info I need to provide. Hope someone can shed some light on this. My PC Specs: GTX 1080ti 64 GB ram Intel i7 7700k
  24. 3 years ago I purchased (or got free through a promo, can't remember) the Dirk WÅstenhagen-Fine Art Texture Collection. In my Affinity profile, it shows the collection under my purchases. But it has the Affinity logo icon and store next to it. Clicking it takes my to the page showing all my purchases. I can re-download them, but this texture pack isn't set up to be used for assets. It's just 99 .jpeg files. So I can't access them through the Assets tab in Affinity photo. I know that I can open one of the files, then add it to a created asset category by "adding from selection," but I wo
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