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Found 2,142 results

  1. Each week I have to crop 200 photos to 1:1 size. These are a mix of portrait and landscape. The focal point is not in the same position in each image. So, I need to be able to change the crop area for each photo. To open, crop, save for each photo is slow and tedious. I'd much rather use batch that has a macro that automatically opens each photo, opens the cropping dialog, waits for me to set the crop area, then saves the photo. Is this possible with Affinity Photo? (Is it possible in Photoshop?_ Thanks
  2. Photo's raw engine is doing something very unpleasant to Sony Raw Files. Please find attached a native raw file and the same file after running through adobe's DNG converter. Try to open both in Photo. The Sony native raw file as when presented for view and after developing is awful - lots of detail lost in the leaves. Photo apparently handles the DNG file what appears to be 'correctly'. So there is a work around pre process Sony Raw's with Adobe's DNG converter (which has batch option) - but it is an unwelcome extra step in the work flow. Can also use Sony's Imaging app to edit to output to jpeg but one at a time. I have also included jpeg from Sony's Editing App. Thanks in advance ... Gerry Platform: Windows 10 64bit - Photo DSC09718.ARW DSC09718.dng DSC09718fromsonyimaging.JPG
  3. Official Affinity Photo Desktop Tutorials New to the latest update of the app (1.7), we've got a brand new set of tutorials that follow a more structured approach and are sorted into logical categories. You can access them by following this link: https://affinity.serif.com/tutorials/photo/desktop Please note that the previous thread is now considered legacy and has been unpinned. The videos linked in the thread are also considered legacy—they will remain accessible (albeit unlisted) but ultimately my goal is to produce suitable replacements over time using the new studio setup with live mixing and picture-in-picture. There's been a clear increase in quality of teaching and production values since Affinity Photo was first released back in 2015, and we hope to continue this moving forward. The videos listed at the above link are hosted on Vimeo. Alternatively, please find a list below with YouTube links: Basics UI overview Light UI Open and save Placing images Pixel vs Image layers (New: 16/10/19) Moving, scaling and rotating Layers Advanced layer options Selecting layers Mask layers Undo, redo and history Exporting Resizing & resampling Canvas resizing RAW development Metal compute Advanced Adding lens profiles Colour management Compression efficiency Channels Channels: Selections HDR merging HDR ghosts removal HDR from one exposure Liquify Stacking: Object removal Stacking: Noise reduction Stacking: Exposure blending Focus merging Panoramas RAW advanced development HDR/EDR workflow Macros 360 live editing OpenColorIO setup OpenColorIO baking colour space transforms Blend modes Blend ranges LAB Infer LUT Luminosity masks from layers Masking vs clipping layers Paste/move inside Isolating layers Corrective & Retouching Inpainting Haze removal Dodge, burn and sponge brush tools Clone brush tool Sky replacement Creative Tools Colour picker tool Gradient tool Paint mixer brush Selection refinement Fill layers Pen tool Filters & Adjustments Curves Levels Masking adjustment layers Filters Live filter layers Displace filter Shadows/highlights Gradient map Denoising/Noise reduction Radial blur Clarity Channel mixer White balance Black & white adjustment Zoom blur Selective colour Procedural Texture: Tone Mapping HDR to SDR (New: 16/10/19) Export Persona Exporting slices Workflows & Techniques Editing infrared photography Relighting 3D renders Using Matte ID render passes for masking (New: 16/10/19) Lock children (Masking) (New: 16/10/19) Hope you find them useful! James
  4. I had a bit of time this WE and edited a few pictures in APhoto (1.7.2). As usual (well in the days when I posted more often), screenshots of living specimens for colours, forms and textures. The lens aperture was not optimal but I did not want to process with focus merging. P.
  5. Hi, I created a 24 x 36" (609.6 mm x 914.4 mm) document in Photo and added guides like this: Then I added 6 mm Canvas Size equally. But after clicking the Resize button, this is what I get: You could see that guides on the left and top are not visible! When I do this in Photoshop, all guides stay where they are! What might be the issue causing this in Photo? Am I doing something wrong? Any help would be appreciated.
  6. Hello I have a problem I do not know why metal does not use the Nvidia graphics card, just intel, Thanks
  7. This was the bug I was referring to earlier. If you use the high pass filter, even though you have the grid turned off, it places the grid on the image regardless. And when you save the image it has a grid on it. See screenshots for when in editing mode. This started with the last update and the current one has not fixed it.
  8. My girlfriend recently published a book. Imagine my surprise when I observed the pre-dawn sky and saw this. The marketing dept. at Timber Press have outdone themselves!
  9. Hi guys, I've bought the new Canon M50 mirrorless but Canon's new .CR3 RAW file format isn't yet supported by your raw engine. Do you have any plans to add it soon or will I have to do a tedious workaround for the foreseeable future? It's the first time in the eight months since I've joined the Affinity revolution that I've missed Photoshop - Adobe RAW added it somewhere in April already.
  10. Best Shortcuts for Affinity Photo, that you have probably never heard of: In this Video: ALT + Click: Select overlapping layer content CTRL + K: Find selcted Layer in Layers Tab SHIFT + Rotate: 15 Degree iterations "." (Perido): Reset Selection Box ";" (Semicolon): Toggle Snapping ALT + Drag: Disable Snapping momentarily CTRL + 0/1/2/3/4: Zoom Out/100%/200%/400%/800% Click Mousewheel (Mouse Button 3): Move Canvas "⇥" (Tab): Toggle UI X: Swap Main/Secondary Color Shift+X: Swap Stroke/Fill Color List of all Shortcuts PC/Mac: https://shortcuts.design/toolspage-affinityphoto.html Awesome Deals for Affinity Photo: https://gumroad.com/sarikasat Support me on Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/sarikas Follow me on: https://www.facebook.com/sarikastutorials https://www.instagram.com/sarikasat/ Join us on Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/AffinityPhotoTuts/ About Olivio Sarikas: Mag. Olivio Sarikas is a professional Designer from Vienna Austria. He has been a passionate Artist for over 26 Years, starting at the age of 16 with his creative education. He studied at the University for fine Arts in Vienna and Munich and holds a Masters Degree in Fine Arts. He works as a self-employed Web & Print Designer. Occasionally he also gives Lectures on Marketing and Community Building at the local University. Hi Channel focuses around tutorials for Affinity Photo, Affinity Designer, Affinity Publisher and occasionally other Software tools like Krita, Corel Software, the NIK Collection and more. Olivio is famous for his "Secret Sauce", always trying to introduces some Pro Tricks into his tutorials and give a bit more background information. Also his "Creative Chats" are part of this channel, where he gives insights into the creative life and talks about how to improve your creative flow and realize your creative dreams to share them with the world.
  11. If you use (or are considering) Nik plugins with Affinity Photo, this may be useful. The above link is to a complete bible of Nik material. For help installing the plugin in AP, go to page 41-2 in my AP User Guide
  12. Hello! It is still very difficult to use Affinity Photo for mockups. However, I think a basic solution is to prepare layouts that allow you to use the perspective tool with ease. Also, leave prepared layers that can be used as masks. On this, I would like to share something that I am working on: In this template, I just import the business card's PNG images and adjust it with the perspective tool on one layer (hidden below). The thickness and background colors are changed by selecting the desired color from the palette. I'm currently revamping this model to insert a localized varnish mask. See the result: Seriously, this design took a long time to build, but to modify and use is super fast and easy. I would like to hear from the community before proceeding to produce more Affinity Photo-specific mockups! Until then!
  13. Can I cycle through brush nozzles before dabbing my canvas? If I go to the Affinity photo brushes panel. Spray-paints, Spray 7 brush has 7 nozzles. I want to dab my canvas with these sploshes. But Affinity Photo applies the 7 different nozzle splosh shapes randomly. So I do not have any control of how my artwork will look. I can rotate the brush nozzle using the left and right arrow keys. BUT! When several nozzles are available for one brush. Is there a way to cycle through the brush nozzles and choose a specific nozzle, before I dab my canvas?
  14. Pedro Soares

    Snow Brushes

    Who likes to play with snow? :) This are the two brushes I made and normally use (light snow and heavy snow) when I want to get that winter look. You can also check how I made the brushes and how to use them is this tutorial: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IlxXqCCx9AM Hope you enjoy them, Pedro Snow Brushes.afbrushes.zip
  15. I am trying to use Lens blur on Affinity Photo. After opening the Lens Blur Adjustment, as soon as I click on Radius Affinity Photo crashes. I tried using Depth of Field and Gaussian and they work fine. Let me know if there is any issue with the same?
  16. Snow & Ice are Coming! Look out for Demo Video and where to Freeze your copy!
  17. Andreas Raninger

    Starship trooper

    Made with Affinity Photo Windows version
  18. ChrisSmere

    Clouds and Light

    Hey! Just wanted to share with you this photo that has been enhanced with Affinity Photo. It's showing a nearby mountain with a observation tower on it. The evening sun just breaks through the clouds. What you think?
  19. I first started to see this in the last update, and this update is worse. The thumbnails do not show. Also when trying to edit with curves it shows an empty box. Another issue is that the grid ends up on exported images even when it is turned off. But, for this issue see screenshot. Thanks.
  20. Looking through my old images, and decided this would be fun to play with using "selective color." Really gave the touch I wanted to the image by moving the background away and making the flower head stand out. Added a small amount of dodging and burning.
  21. Ladies & Gentlemen I am fairly new to AP and am struggling to create Aspect Ratio presets for my Instagram post images. I have followed the Instructions below but never get the option to "Create Preset" As can be seen in the screenshot the 'Create Preset' option is greyed out - this occurs if applying to an image or in this case a sample document. I would appreciate help with this. To save crop settings as a preset: Adjust the context toolbar settings. From the context toolbar, choose Presets, click the menu and select Create Preset. Type a name for the crop preset and (optional) choose a category to put it in, then click Create.
  22. Blended images . . .
  23. I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions on how to make a poster similar to Obama's "hope" poster. I've seen a a few tutorials done using photoshop but im reluctant to try those because i know i would get lost eventually trying to follow along on affinity photo. Anywho, does anyone have a good tutorial they could link me? Thank you. If there are none to be found then its ok. i just wanted to try it out. My Favorite learning tool so far have been youtube videos where i can follow along. thanks.
  24. Importing a raw image into Affinity Photo with a specific lens (described below) results in horizontal color bands down the right side of the photo. Additionally, the image size is incorrectly reported. I've attached a screen shot of a portion of the photo as it's presented to me. This banding is not visible in either PhotoShop or Sony ImagingEdge software, in fact, the banding seems to be "added" to the right side of the photo. (Similar banding shows up in browsers viewing the image as a file in DropBox.) The edge of the image in the other processing software is to the left of where the banding starts. The banding appears to be about 31 pixels wide. The size of the image is expected to be 9504 x 6336 (both PhotoShop and Imaging Edge view report this as the size as well), however, Affinity Photo reports the image size as 9600 x 6376. The camera is a Sony A7 rIV. A 24mm F1.4 lens displays the banding. A 24-105mm F4 lens does not. However, the displayed image size is the same for both lenses.
  25. Andreas Raninger


    Todays work to test out new workflow for client work in the future. No problems at all. Closing my Creative Cloud Account A.S.A.P.

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