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Found 3,210 results

  1. When editing an image in Develop Persona the Crop tool does not offer an accept/reject (tick/x) option. How do I 'initiate' the crop while remaining in Develop persona? Solved. After setting up a crop how do I cancel it?
  2. Ros

    Rock it!

    Hi everyone, This is from a year ago or so. I'm now doing something else with this brand so I thought I should share the older ones. I hope you like it. Some older iteration:
  3. I've been thinking about doing some vector drawings of my local area so was looking at old photos. I fancied trying to colourise a couple to see if you can do it more simply and quickly than tutorials tend to show. These are done more like a colouring book, you probably managed not to go over lines when you were about 5 and this isn't a lot different and if you do then that's what undo's for. So rather than selecting and masking each area I just used a soft brush and two layers, one with blend mode of soft light, which I did most of it in, and the other with a blend mode of colour. Then you pick your colour and paint and sometimes go over the area with a different shade and low opacity. The soft brush means you don't have to worry about edges quite so much. Finding a decent skin tone is the trickiest as you notice straight away if it's wrong but the more you do the more of a library of colour you have. Of course you can use more layers or use selections and fill but a lot old photos are bad enough quality that it takes longer to select the area than just painting it. So if you fancied doing so colourisation but the tutorials made it look like some sort of magic and like too much faffing about then try it this way.
  4. The lion and the unicorn were fighting for the crown, The lion beat the unicorn all around the town. Some gave them white bread, and some gave them brown; Some gave them plum cake and drummed them out of town. I thought it would be much better if they made it up and went for a pint at The Crown. It's done in Designer, with a couple of brief excursions into Photo to blur the background and stop it competing with the important bits, and to reduce the brightness of the unicorn a little. The woodgrain and the badges on the beer pulls are bitmaps acquired online, but otherwise everything is my own.
  5. I am still on 11.2.6 and would like to hear from people who have updated their iPads to iOS 11.3 general release. There appeared to be some issues with the earlier 11.3 betas and Affinity Photo. I like to keep iOS up to date but don't wish to create issues with AP.
  6. Hi I'm trying to figure out if there is a way to batch watermark photos with different dimensions. I want my watermark in the right-hand corner on the bottom of every photo. I've tried looking and can't find what I'm looking for.
  7. Hey, I am using Affinity Photo for MacOS on my MacBook Pro 13" 8GB RAM, i5 (MacOS High Sierra 10.13.4) But if I want to work with RAW (Develop Persona) the CPU usage from Affinity goes extremely up. The Mac is really really really loud then and there is no way to work smooth with the develop persona. After changing to photo persona the CPU goes to a normal level. Is this a bug or is my Mac to weak for developing RAW images? Is there any way to solve the problem? Greetings!
  8. I wish that I was better at doing shadows! But it seems no matter what I do, I can never get it quite right. One day. . .maybe?
  9. It is true to say that I like the element of humour above all else in my photo composites. That's not to say I have no serious creative side, and there are times when this serious aspect of my character has a need to be fed when it surfaces. I like to play around with the results of my photography in the sense that, I experiment and try to turn an image into something completely different than what the camera lens has captured by employing heavy, picture altering manipulation, and editing techniques. I begin such endeavours with no clear idea or preconceived plan, it's a case of let's see what happens. The picture below actually came from a photograph I took of an LED light cluster underneath a shelf in my lounge. You may have seen these advertised on TV. They are tiny, round light arrays which have a sticky gummed bottom that you can attach anywhere you please - they are very bright. I set up the shoot by turning all other lights out in my lounge except the LED cluster. I angled the camera in such a way that it was not looking directly into the light but trained it more on the reflection coming from the underside of the shelf which is highly polished. The picture itself, once taken, looked quite ordinary and appeared to be exactly what it was - a picture of a light underneath a shelf! I do many photo shoots of odd things just for the sake of manipulating them into something else. I pull them in liquify, clone them, cut them, crop them, warp them, alter the colour, erase parts, duplicate parts, flip parts, copy and paste parts, or anything else that takes my fancy until a certain point is reached when I can clearly see an end result in sight. Once this vision has taken place I then build upon that to create the vision itself. So. From starting a shoot with nothing particular in mind, this image is a good example of how something which came from the most unlikeliest source has been transformed into something very different but easily recognisable.
  10. Hi, I’m new to Affinity Photo on iPad. So far really amazed at all the quality of this app. Couple of things I would REALLY love to see and which would make this app perfect. (Listed in order of priority) 1) when picking any brush and changing thickness, opacity, etc (via onscreen menu) and then switching to another brush and back, everything resets to the default setting of that brush. It makes painting rather difficult... is there a way to prevent this? 2) There should be undo/redo two/three finger tap (much better than swipe left/right as implemented in some apps) for drawing and painting it’s simply a must. 3) Really like the color sample feature, the way it’s made and how quickly it speeds up the process, but is there a way to Disable sample color via touch? If I accidentally rest my hand on the screen it just picks a color. I only use left hand for navigation around the canvas, rotating and for undo/redo. I think this is the most popular workflow. On Procreate I use left hand also for color picker, but in Affinity color picker is much better, the best I’ve seen so far in fact. 4) Rotate via gestures sometimes stops working. Going back to gallery and back to editing always fixes it. This one is a bug I think? But it doesn’t happen too frequently, the above 3 features are much more important.
  11. I checked the available options for the Stock Panel in Affinity Photo and can only see "shutter stock" as available. It would be wonderful if there were many more than just one option. One addition I would like is for Story Blocks images database to be included as well. Here is the link to Story Blocks: https://www.storyblocks.com/stock-image I have included an attachment of the Stock Panel to show you what I am referring to. If anyone else has requests for image databases to be included, please list them here to avoid unnecessary duplicate threads expanding on this feature.
  12. In both programs the same bugs: 1. The program crashes when you remove the brush (raster mode in AD) 2. When I try to rename or delete a brush category, the action applies to the category above.
  13. Hi, Sory if this is duplicate question, but I would like to know if it is possible to port key from Affinity Photo to Affinity Photo from Windows Store? If so, how to do it? Thanks.
  14. There was a suggestion of the Affinity Facebook page that I might make a tutorial on my 'Steam radio' AD job (see the link below). I thought about it and decided ... not to. But here are a couple of the things in afdesign format for you to look at. I'm sure you can work out how everything was done, and you can always ask if there's something not self-explanatory. Here is the left-hand valve/tube ... valve1.afdesign And here is the steam engine ... engine.afdesign I do need to add a brief explanation for this one ... The stationary flywheel spokes ('spokes (Curves)' layer) is turned off. I made the 'motion blur (Pixel)' layer by going to File/Edit in Photo, then rasterizing the layer and applying a radial blur. I did something similar with the connecting rod.
  15. Hello, while testing a solution suggested in this bug report I ran into a new issue that's definitely also a bug. See the attached screen recording. When I resize the rectangle with a perspective filter to determine where it should crop the nested layer, I get not only flicker, but the layer outright disappears at times with seemingly no way to recover it other than resizing the rectangle again. Recording-2.mp4
  16. Hallo, ich bin neu - leider bin ich nicht so gut in der englischen Sprache. Ich suche verzweifelt die Möglichkeit etwas in einer festen Zielgröße auszuschneiden. Das geht in Photoshop-Elements sehr einfach. Problembeschreibung: Ich habe ein großes Bild. Ich habe ein festes Zielformat von 768 * 512 Pixel mit 72 dpi. Nun will ich einen Rahmen aufziehen, der genau diese Seitenverhältnis hat. Diesen Rahmen möchte ich beliebig im Bild positionieren , oder auch, propertional vergrößern/verkleinern um den gewünschten Bildbereich auszuwählen und wenn ich diesen dann aktiviere soll genau ein Bild in der Größe 768 * 512 Pixel auch abgespeichert werden. Bei Photoshop geht das so: Ausschneidewerkzeug - Breite Höhe eingeben. Rahmen entsprechend ziehen - aktivieren - abspeichern - fertig. Bei Affiniti Photo habe ich hier alles mögliche probiert aber nicht das gewünschte Ergebnis hinbekommen - geht doch sicher ganz einfach!
  17. Hi, yesterday I recognized two complete system crashes while using AP as the photo editor for Lightroom. first I was unable to load the image copy in AP (esp. while AP still was opened in the background) - I had to close AP every time before i wanted to edit an image via LR.
  18. I have bought Affinity Photo via the App Store and it works perfectly until i try to use the free macro pack's macro and topaz' studio Impression (as plugin). When I import the macro file into Affinity, the panel stays empty and in Impression (started via the via the plugin filter menu) the stroke panel stays empty too. Been searching the internet and it seems that it is because the App Store's Sandboxing Restrictions. Is there a way to convert my app store version of affinity to a version as if it is bought from the serif/affinity store? Or can I get a serial number for activation (when I sent my invoice from the app store as prove of ownership) to someone at Affinity, so I can download it from the site and activate it via that serial number?
  19. I really love Affinity Photo and I wish to keep using it but I have recently switched to a new computer which is a Windows computer instead of my old Mac, I'm not using that computer anymore and I want to use Affinity Photo on my new computer but I don't want to buy Affinity Photo for this computer and have a Mac copy just sitting around not ever being used. I wanted to know if there was a way to get a refund on Affinity Photo so I could buy the Windows version.
  20. I am on Page 258 of the Affinity Photo Workbook and Paragraph 1 states Quote "Above the Background Dither Layer, create a new HSL adjustment by going to the Layer Menu and etc., etc. I do not see a 'Dither Layer' on the layers on this particular exercise and I do not know what Dither Layer is anyway. Can you help explain this Please. Thanks
  21. With a brave heart she cast the spell then held the lantern aloft. I began meddling with this image just before I bought Affinity Photo, and with the new purchase in hand I decided to finish it in AP. You will see similar images cast all over the net and this is my shot at that fantasy genre. Not sure how it stacks up against the lofty giants out there doing great stuff, but at least I enjoyed my time when I was doing it.
  22. I watched how the perspective projection feature is working but i must say that the implementación would much work if it was added as a live filter. I am trying to make use of a BC mockup from photoshop and replace its smart layers completely in Affinity Photo but i am unsuccessful... maybe you can help me… How can I add business card to the mockup? How can this be done? Business-card-mockup.afphoto
  23. Hello all, is there a plan to copy the PS facility of "Colour Lookup" in Affinity Photo or have I missed it? This would be a great help in colour grading composites. Thanks for any replies...
  24. Hi, I'm using Affinity Designer and Affinity Photo at my MacBook. I want to print a detail section of my paper in Affinity Designer. I noticed, that my origin print menu ist missing! As I open: "Menu" - "Print", then open up my Mac only grey simple print options of Mac to choose printer, paper size, paper orientation and so on. There is no longer the black menu for detailed print options of Affinity Designer with adjustments of "Full Paper" or "Section of paper" or "print without backgound" or "resolution" and so on. (sorry to my bad translation, I don't no the english words. hope you know what I mean.) Recently, I updated to High Sierra. Is there any correlation? Can you help me how to get the black detailed print options of Affinity Desiger back? RegardsAnit
  25. I have 2 Documents: - IMAGE A, which size is 1000*1000px and - IMAGE B, which size is 4000*4000px I'm recording 2 macros while working on IMAGE A, which while running makes new layers on top, so at the end of the 2 macros the document has 4 layers (ALL NAMED) - (Pixel) - Composite (Pixel) - Effect (Pixel) - (Background) Basically, the 1st macro duplicates the background layer, runs a filter on it, then makes a composite, making a third layer. On this composite layer I run "Apply Image" and select the Effect image as source layer and it gets applied the composite. Afterwards I drag an external image (logo) on the 4th layer, and run the 2nd macro, which moves the logo 10px to the right. I save my macros, export them, then load them back again to use on my IMAGE B and the next thing happen: 1.- When running "Apply Image" on IMAGE B, i get the same source layer from IMAGE A, and i mean literally the pixel info is saved on the macro and I get a weird blend of 2 different documents. What I'm expecting is the macro to record "Apply layer named 'effect' to the layer 'composite'" 2.- When I get to the logo layer macro, the "transform" step scales to fit the IMAGE B dimensions, so I get a "400% Scale Y", "400% Scale X" "40px Offset X" although I'm only recording to "offset 10 pixels to the right". The expected behavior here is that only the settings I'm changing get recorded and in the same units I'm recording them. I don't want my logo to be scaled, I want its original size to be at 100%, and move it 10px to the right, exactly 10px, not a proportion of the document, otherwise I would specify a percentage value, which I actually noticed it doesn't accept. This behavior gets even worse when I try to run the macro on an image with different aspect ratio, I get weird percentages and values on my transform settings.
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