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Found 2,211 results

  1. Hello, I have to wonder, is there an measure tool in Affinity Photo? I'm not able to find it anywhere in the tools and this is pretty needed feature I think.
  2. I've noticed the following bug when attempting to use the Save As... function--and *changing* the location from the one initially displayed by the dialog box (see attached screenshot). The error occurs whether or not the file name is adjusted. Again, this only happens when I choose a different folder than the one already displayed (which is always the Documents folder for some reason). Simply pressing the SAVE button in the Save As... dialog box allows the document to be saved.
  3. bodobe

    Book Cover

    My latest project with AP, the book cover for the thriller (novel) „Die Heilanstalt“ by the german author Simon Geraedts. The cover will be featured in the new edition. It's just great to create book covers with AP :) Thanks to the developers ... :rolleyes: http://b-bertuleit.de/die-heilanstalt/
  4. Hello! The problem of the collapse of the Affinity photos when exporting to PSD, in version 1.3.5 and beta. When you save the program immediately closed and a very large memory resource consumption, system monitoring shows a red swap. After 2 minutes the computer hangs, then goes out the window with the problem of an error, the attached file error report. Help please, to understand what the problem is. Tatyana. Без названия.pages.pdf
  5. bodobe


    My vector graphic “Luna 2" edited by AP :) http://b-bertuleit.de/luna-2/
  6. Hello! The problem of the collapse of the Affinity photos when exporting to PSD, in version 1.3.5 and in When you save the program immediately closed and a very large memory resource consumption, system monitoring shows a red swap. After 2 minutes the computer hangs, then goes out the window with the problem of an error, the attached file error report. Help please, to understand what the problem is. Tatyana.f Без названия.pages.pdf
  7. Hello All, First attempt at Affinity Photo. I used a few tools in this example; Inpainting Brush Tool, Paint Brush Tool, and the Lighting Tool, amongst others. My favourite feature is definitely the lighting tool... So many possibilities! Hope you like it, and thanks to Callum for the help. Cheers, Adam
  8. Hello! Is there any way for me to import my affinity photo designs into Xcode? I'm not really sure how to code all the designs I've already made and it would be WAY faster if I could just export them into Xcode itself. Thanks so much.
  9. Farmerwan

    Rusted truck

    Here's a rusted truck photo that I took quite a few years ago and always wanted to mess around with. Having great fun finding out how to use Affinity Photo, incredibly powerful software. Thanks for making it so reasonably priced! Ive included the original photo too for comparison. Photo taken with Nikon D70 (ISO 200, f5.6, 1/125s) in Queensland, Australia in 2005.
  10. Hello! I just bought Affinity photo and it's incredible. However I'm experiencing some problems when working with Photoshop CC 14 PSD files. I'm using latest Affinity Photo version and El Capitan GM. (Macbook pro 15" mid 2014, with dGPU) I've attached a gif showing the bug. (I have experienced this on two different PSD files) Regards, Sergio
  11. I have recently purchased Affinity photo and was surprised that In develop persona there is no button to accept changes. I realise Affinity is working to remedy this, and Moderator advice in the forum is to double-click in the crop area. However, when I tried this, the result was a cut and not a crop, leaving me with transparency instead of a successful crop. Attempts to rotate the crop area also malfunctioned in what appears to be a related manner - it is not the crop grid that moves, but the whole background image, opening up transparency between the crop grid boundary and the edge of the rotated image, as with a cut.
  12. bodobe

    Eises Kind

    Hey Folks, this work is a Book Cover Mockup. „Eises Kind“ means something like "Child of Ice“. http://b-bertuleit.de/buchcover-2/
  13. Hallo, obwohl ich immer noch kein Internet habe... Ein neues Tutorial auf YouTube. Wie man ein unterbelichtetes (versautes) Foto doch noch retten kann. Dazu wird im Modul "Develop Persona" gearbeitet. Das funktioniert am besten mit Fotos im RAW-Format, aber auch mit JPG. Viel Spaß dabei Euer Jack Bauer Hello, although I still have no Internet... A new YouTube Tutorial. How to rescue an underexposed (waste) photo. That works well with RAW-Files, but also with JPG. Have fun with the video. Bye Jack Bauer
  14. Hallo, ich habe auf YouTube mein erstes Affinity Photo Tutorial hochgeladen. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i2gQyl7UGgQ Ich erstelle dort ein plastisch wirkendes Bild. Bisher benutzte ich Pixelmator, wozu es das gleiche Tutorial gibt. Daher kann man sich ein Bild von der Software machen. Ich werde in Zukunft weitere Tutorials senden. Ihr könnt mir auch Eure Ergebnisse und Tipps zu dem Effekt posten oder twittern. Viel Spaß.
  15. For precision work, I prefer to keep most layers locked after I am finished editing them so I don't accidentally nudge them, or I don't want them to be selectable all the time. I think it would really help workflows to be able to hover over a layer that's locked at have a lock icon show up, perhaps in the upper lefthand corner of that layer, and you could click it to unlock that layer. Normally, I have to navigate through all of the layers to find the one I want to unlock in the layers palette (since I can't select it), which can be a time sink in complex documents. It would be a dream for me to be able to just hover over a locked layer, click the unlock icon, edit, and lock again, all without having to dig through my layers palette. Cheers
  16. Moody Sheep Island Fuji X-T1 Fuji non XF14mm Exposure 30 Sec Processed in Affinity Photo. This is a photo taken way back in May this year, and reworked into Mono in Affinity Photo. To my mind, this software is just as capable as PS, and more so than LR for post processing. Still working and exploring the features.
  17. Hi there, I just shot this yesterday and used Affinity Photo to remove a few foreground objects and enhance the cloud colors.
  18. Hello, I have one (or two ;)) suggestions: Function: perspective warp or transformation 1) Keeping the proportions while dragging an anker point of the perspective warp tool. 2) And oppositely not keeping while pressing and holding the shift key. I like the way how to transform in Affinity Photo without "cmd & T" or "cmd & F". When I use move tool, I can easily transform. The proportions will be keeped automatically. And with holding the "shift"-key, the free transformation without proportions is possible. A different way compared to other softwares. I like it! But it is not logical, that this system doesn't work with the perspective warp. It would be fine, when it would work there in the same way. I provided a YouTube-Tutorial to the topic "transformation". Ciao Jack Bauer Berlin, Germany https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bUm1DY2i_R4
  19. Hi Everyone, In AP, do we have an Eyedropper tool like we do in PS? In photoshop if I'm retouching i can select the brush tool and then press and hold Alt/Option to quickly bring up the eyedropper tool. Once i release the key it goes back to the tool i was using. Is this available on AP because i can't find it. Thanks!
  20. Hallo, ich habe ein weiteres Affinity Photo Tutorial auf YouTube hochgeladen. Diesmal werden als Quick Tipp die Möglichkeiten der Transformation vorgestellt, die sich doch etwas von anderen Programmen unterscheiden. Viel Spaß Euer Jack Bauer Hello, I provided another Affinity Photo on YouTube. This time as a kind of a Quick Tipp how to use the several transform and warp tools. Because they are different compared to other software. I wish fun with that Ciao Jack Bauer https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bUm1DY2i_R4
  21. It was a nice surprise to find the art brushes in Affinity Photo. Here is a painting based on a couple of photos I took in Maine. The work took about 3-4 hours. The program could be better at painting with a couple of simple additions: 1 A good blender brush. Smudge and Blur aren't that useful for this. 2 A simple and easy way to change brush size without having to go to the slider - shortcut keys - control click and then drag to set size
  22. hi. I have problem with exporting highres(tiffs) and preview (jpeg) format in affinity photo. I tried it several times but maybe Im stupid or what. How is possible that tiff format from affinity is 100mb but exactly same photo from photoshop is around 350mb - without layers, the size is so big because of 50Mpx digital back. The question is how you exporting to tiff or to the jpeg in Affinity? Always when I export it the middle tones and also the tonal range is damage. With tiff format (adobe RGB) is less visible but in jpeg (resized to 1260pxX... profile sRGB) its horrible. Also affinity developers speak about possibility to export in PSD. Ok but have you ever tried to open in photoshop? I had always problem with missing opacity of layer, different colour rendering (for example in affinity you have to make more dramatic change to fix color than in PS and after if you open in PS its crazy - i attached them)... thanks for your help...
  23. Hallo, ich habe ein YouTube Tutorial hochgeladen. Diesmal ein Quick Tipp wie man mit einer tollen Funktion schnell den Horizont begradigt. Viel Spaß Euer Jack Bauer Hello, I uploaded a YouTube Tutorial. This time a Quick Tipp how to straighten the horizon with a great feature of #AffinityPhoto. Ciao Jack Bauer https://youtu.be/dG08LtOUYoQ
  24. Bonjour à tous, Hello everyone, 1st post ever on the Affinity forum. I just wanted to share my first Affinity Photo drawing and work in progress with all of you and a little review that will be posted for the months to come. So, let see the drawing wip first : Plus a nice layer workflow screenshot in detail : Here is the recorded time laps from yesterday : Last but not least, here is a kind of teaser for the french users/readers around that launches my deep investigations on Affinity Photo. I hope you'll like it. Affinity Photo, la "killer app" pour photographes "next-gen" ? (Affinity Photo, the "killer app" for "next-gen" photographers?) That's all for today :) richarre P.S. : the early sketches looked like this : and this
  25. I set out for a super moon shoot but there were clouds hanging low on the horizon and a storm was moving in from another direction. I turned my attention to the storm since there were the occasional lightning strikes and I wanted to capture them. After trying for a while and getting frustrated at the lack of success, I saw rain starting to close in rapidly on my (exposed) vantage point from yet another direction. I quickly packed up and moved to the closest parking garage. Once I was under a roof, I experimented with Live Composite captures (mode available on Olympus cameras) of varying duration for over an hour before the lightning storm finally started picking up and I was getting at least one strike every few minutes. What you see above is the final result of merging six different live composite shots for lightning strikes. Three more shots were used to to retrieve (and add) details in the buildings, the lights in the windows, and the traffic light streaks using Affinity Photo 1.3.5. Photo clickable for full res. Lightning Show Questions, comments and (constructive) criticism very welcome.

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