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Found 2,215 results

  1. Hi everyone, I have Affinity photo and having big issues with it: 1. It doesn't read the fonts from PSD files, so all the files look messed up until i fix it manually myself (the fonts inside the psd are not on my mac and the suggested fonts never look aligned ). 2. Once i export the file as PSD, the text can not be edited anymore after opening the PSD. 3. When i export the file as PDF for print, the pictures don't look as sharp and become kind of bright unlike in the original file, so i need to export as PNG instead to keep the look as the original. I am using this app for designing brochures and ads. The question is: Would it help if i'll buy Affinity Designer, or that app has the same core design/bugs? The thing is that Affinity Photo gives me ALL i need, but these bugs.... Thanx, in advance.
  2. Hi all, If you haven't already go and check out this list of tutorials from Affinity TV to enhance your skills and knowledge of Affinity Photo & Designer and take them to the next level. Don't forget to subscribe to stay up to date. AFFINITY DESIGNER TUTORIALS 1. How to create album artwork 2. Create slides for Keynote/Powerpoint 3. Create artwork on your phone & edit in Affinity 4. Web Design & Prototype 5. Create a business card 6. Create an email signature 7. Create a logo & animate using Motion & Final Cut (In this we create something similar to a Google advert) AFFINITY PHOTO TUTORIALS 1. How to swap out a face 2. Select & change the colour of a car 3. Using mockups 4. Compositing images 5. How to place a logo in perspective Allan
  3. With Affinity Photo 1.4 we get some plugins for Apple Photos: Develop, Haze Removal, Liquify, Miniature, Monochrome and Retouch. What about extending the ability of read Apple Photos plugins and not only Photoshop plugins? I sometime use DxO OpticsPro for Photos for quick noise removal and lens correction and I’d like to use it in Affinity Photo too.
  4. After the need of a Force Quit (AP didn't respond several minutes - have been waiting about 7 minutes, CPU running at > 700%), the Group symbols shows up very strange. Please see attachment. I tried to attach also .crash file and corresponding .plist, but I may not attach this type of files here... Of course I restarted AP, after it even rebooted the iMac 5K. Cheers, Roland
  5. Not a question but I don't know where else to post this. TechRadar published a review of Affinity Photo. Here's the link: Serif Affinity Photo Review :)
  6. I'd like to see hardness added to the flood erase tool in Affinity Photo. This way it would be possible to soften the edges up a bit (pretty much like the instant alpha tool in Acorn works).
  7. i wrote about this issue in the questions forum but since it got no attention by the team i am duplicating the post here. the spherical filter seems to have problems. i found that on certain images it works as expected, in other it only acts on the lower half; in addition there's some strange interaction with the crop tool: if i crop the image after applying the filter, the upper half or the image disappears. take a look at the screenshots attached. 1) the original image, loaded in ap 2) the image after applying the spherical distortion live filter: it only distorted the lower half 3) the image after applying the spherical live filter and cropping it (the crop included the whole width of the image and about two thirds of it starting from the top - notably, it did not entirely include the semi-sphere of the effect) 4) what i got exporting the cropped image and reloading it: it looks like the effect was applied correctly also to the upper half, but the crop screwed up the image. by the way, this is exactly the same result i obtained exporting the image before trying to crop it. 5) i reloaded the original image, then i cropped a slice at bottom and reapplied the filter: this time, it worked correctly. obviously i suspected that there was something wrong in my photograph, so i tried to apply the live sphere filter to different images and i found the same behavior with several jpegs and pngs. with some other images, however, it worked correctly.
  8. Hi, as soon as I update my AffinityDesigner app and opened my copy of Affinity Photo, I noticed that the full Grid has disappeared (background grid). That by the way was very useful for both of the Affinity apps. And I didn't manage to find an option on the menu to enable the feature. I hope you could reconsider this option for the next update.
  9. Another tutorial. Enjoy.. :) Changing eye color using shape tool as a mask.. https://youtu.be/g2DvaGwBdEY
  10. Working through this video from 1.30ish and using Affinity 1.4.1 For some reason, with a pixel layer selected, and when interacting with the channel panel and doing a control-click on a channel to load it to a pixel selection, the context menu will not appear, which puts a stop to things. Tried on two machines and with a couple of sample files.
  11. Working on an image in AP. Decide to apply the de-noise filter than zoom in on the image to 100% to see the results - and where did the filter dialog box go? It shows in the history but i cannot find a way to get to the dialog box to make adjustments. Am I missing something here? MK
  12. I've been trying to "fix" a picture I took last fall. If you open up the .aphoto file you can play with it yourself. My basic problem is that the sky and the moon came out too light and undersaturated in the original photo and now I'd like suggestions for how to fix that. I'm embedding a (down sampled) jpg of my work to date below:
  13. davemac2015

    Fun with Photo

    Here's my first attempt at playing with layers and filters.
  14. My Strawberry Monkey

    B&W Edit

    I usually edit in Lightroom, love the tools and ratings so its my default app. I spent some time using Affinity Photo to create this Noir look. Shot with a Panasonic G7 and my Samyang 50mm. Must admit, I'm addicted to a Black & White shot. ;) Can't wait for the D.A.M to be able to organise the shots. Allan
  15. realeza

    Tarjetas de credito

    Hola buenos días. Hace unos poco días necesitaba unas tarjetas de crédito así que me puse a diseñarlas y pensé, puede que no sea el único que necesite este material, así que los comparto, espero que les ayuden en sus proyectos. Buen día good morning tarjeta_platino.afphoto
  16. Hi, in diesem Affinity Photo Tutorial zeige ich wie man den Pop Art Effekt erstellt. Er wurde in den 60ern von Andy Warhol erfunden und damals analog durch Entwicklung und Druckprozessen erstellt. Es gab ja kein Photoshop. Heute zeige ich wie man es mit der Software machen kann. Es gibt viele Gestaltungsvarianten, ganz nach Geschmack. Viel Spaß Euer Jack In this Affinity Photo Tutorial, I show you how to create the Pop Art Effect. It was an invention of Andy Warhol who created this with analog techniques like development and print processing, because there was no Photoshop. Today I show how to create this effect with software. There are many variations, like you want. Have fun Jack benutzte Farben/used colors: Hintergrund/background: blau/blue, #00bae3 Haut/skin: rosa/rose, #fbd5cc Lippen & Schleife/lips & hairband: rot/red, #d80e0e Augen & Schminke/eyes & makeup: blau/blue, #4566f3 Haare/hair: gelb/yellow, #ffff4d YouTube-Video https://youtu.be/wF2O1Z1Rpf4
  17. Hi! The Twitter support staff told me to put this here… Seems as if they are trying to make reporting problems as complicated as possible. Here we go: There's a serious issue with something I would call "smearing" when stitching panoramas with Affinity Photo. I've attached some images to show it. The source images are perfectly overlapping >30%, the camera was rotated at the nodal point. This must be something special to Affinity Photo as I haven't seen something similar in other stitching tools. I can spot these issues in every panorama I tried to stich with Affinity Photo (30 so far, minimum width 30k Pixels).
  18. When I want to use a certain TTF-flavored font, both above mentioned apps (v. 1.4) will not accept it and automatically return to Helvetica. Though I cleared all font caches via FontExplorer, the issue continues. The font itself works fine with all other apps like Pages, Sketch 3 and AI CS6.
  19. In this tutorial we look at a family portrait and how to swap out the face of one of the kids who doesn't look to happy. Enjoy... How to swap out a face Allan
  20. When opening a PDF in AP, I would like an option to load only the Images in a PDF. Also, the page preview would be easier to navigate with some pagination (prev/next page ) arrows. At the moment, the best way to do this is to change the page number and tab to the next field, or highlight the page number and use the keyboard up/down arrows. It's a little thing but the ideal would be to show a multi-page preview in grid form. This would really speed things up!
  21. Hallo, In diesem Affinity Photo Tutorial zeige ich wie man den Disintegrations Effekt (= Zerfall) erstellt. Er wird auch Splatter (= Spritzen), Sand, Sandsturm, Pixel oder Dispersion (= zerstreuen, ausbreiten) genannt. Die Methode ist dabei immer gleich. Nur die Art der Auflösung ändert sich. In this Affinity Photo Tutorial, I show you how to create the Disintegration Effect. Also known as Splatter, Sand, Sandstorm, Pixel, Pixelate or Dispersion Effect. The method is the same. Only the kind of dispersion is different. Viel Spaß Jack Pinseleinstellungen (Brush Settings): Dies ist ein original Pinsel aus der Software. (Original brush from the software) Gruppe: Gemälde Group: Painting Art: der erste Kind: the first Größe: 170 px width: 170 px Härte: 100 % Hardness: 100 % x-Versatz: 50 % zufällig x-changing: 50 % random y-Versatz: 50 % zufällig y-changing: 50 % random Rotation: 50 % zufällig (random) Fluss: 100 % zufällig Flow: 100 % random https://youtu.be/RH_PWH4pV20 https://youtu.be/RH_PWH4pV20
  22. I tried to do a more textured drawing. Not sure I will dig more into this way but making my own brush was cool ^^ Still a little bit disappointed by AP instability :S But I'm sure that'll be fixed in further version :) And Happy new year to everyone! And thanks again Serif's folks :)
  23. Book cover design - of course, created with Affinity photo :) Happy new year to all! http://b-bertuleit.de/buchcover-3/
  24. Hallo, In diesem Affinity Photo Tutorial zeige ich wie man Lichtstrahlen und Schatten erstellt. Man kann das mit einfachen Schritten in jedem Bild machen. Mit dem Zeichenstift, ein paar Ebenen und Filtern. Viel Spaß, ich bin auf Eure Projekte gespannt. In this Affinity Photo Tutorial, I show you how to create a light beams and shadows. You can create this in a few simple steps in every photo. With the pen tool, some layers an filters. Have fun, I'm curious to see your projects. Ciao Jack https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XDeTPbc4F8U
  25. In diesem Affinity Photo Tutorial zeige ich wie man den Tilt Shift Effekt erstellt. Man erreicht hier ohne kostspieliges Spezialobjektiv die Illusion, dass man sich eine Miniaturwelt erschafft. In this Affinity Photo Tutorial, I show you how to create a Tilt Shift Effect. You can achieve, without an expensive special lens, the illusion of a world of miniature and toys. Viel Spaß! https://youtu.be/-mLjT8IB8HU https://youtu.be/-mLjT8IB8HU

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