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Found 2,348 results

  1. Hello, Affinity Photo consistently crashes when zooming in. (command +). Very frustrating. Cannot complete my projects. Anyone have similar issues? Help? Running v1.7.3 on macOS. Late 2015 iMac Mojave Thank you.
  2. Time Code Index in Sticky Comment on YT <3 - 3 hours of creating Affinity Photo Projects
  3. Here’s a silly throw-away experiment I put together while playing around. Everything except the background image was created using a mix of the three Affinity applications. Competition Time: First to say who is described in the “classified document” gets a Like.
  4. Hello, I would find it very useful if I was able to freely position the tool pop ups from for example the curve or hsl tool. Especially on the iPad Pro 11 inch the center placement of the tool often makes it harder to judge the impact adjustments have on the image while using the tool as it takes up a lot of screen real estate in the center. A great addition would be if something like being able to undock tool and drag it with two fingers to a different location in the workspace would be implemented. Thanks for considering, Johannes
  5. I noticed that the console on Mac is reporting a lot of these errors (marked red) for me when running Affinity Photo in the foreground: void IOAccelFenceMachine::fence_timeout(IOTimerEventSource *): AMDRadeonAccelerator prodding blockFenceInterrupt Only AP seems to trigger them - Designer for example doesn't. Other graphics intensive software using Metal acceleration also seems unaffected. I've seen this error attributed to GPU freezes, hence the curiosity. What's the meaning of it? Happening on D500 GPU's on a 2013 Mac Pro.
  6. Today I tried every way to edit a 360 picture in the equirecangular live projection it works fine BUT it is all destructive! SO for this work I have to go back to Photoshop I already abandoned for good (at least I thought), this is very sad because I love the Serif programs - especially Affinity Photo. Please do something in that regard otherwise keep up the good work greetings Schwabihabi
  7. Why does the artistic text in Harrington font have a black outline and the same words made with the frame text tool do not?
  8. I have been using this program for about 2 years both professionally and as a hobby. I am fully aware that this has been brought up on the forum before but this needs to be added. When we rotate an image we should be allowed to set it automatically crop the transparent parts of the image. This is a very large annoyance because the first thing most people do is crop. Because isolating your subject is important. I realized this when I used light room briefly and went wow I forgot how nice it was not to have to fiddle with cropping my self. If my phone can do it you guys can do it
  9. Since I updated to mac OS 10.15.1 Catalina, I observe, that Affinity Photo denies using images: Message: no permission. After repairing permissions, files are opened, but I cannot export the files nor can I save the same. Has anybody the same problem and knows how to overcome?
  10. TomSmithNaturePhotographer

    Moon shots.

    The following are edited from RAW files from the Nikon D5300.
  11. Hello, community, is there a way to copy gradient from affinity photo to affinity designer??? Thanks Gyan
  12. Hello, I ask if there is the possibility of eliminating the same quantity of photos by pulling the right or left handle starting from the center. I hope I was clear...Thanks a lot...
  13. In Affinity Photo, Color Picker is extremely slow. It's terrible. When you use Brush tool and press alt/option to pick color, Color picker work so slow that it causes a lot of anger. please make your Color picker tool quick. Better fast and uptime than beauty.
  14. Possibility of auto face recognition and editing in Liquify Persona. Example in video below. It will be so cool.
  15. The native file name extension AFPHOTO for Affinity Photo files on MacOS is unneccessarily long and could be shortened to 3-4 characters.
  16. Official Affinity Photo Desktop Tutorials New to the latest update of the app (1.7), we've got a brand new set of tutorials that follow a more structured approach and are sorted into logical categories. You can access them by following this link: https://affinity.serif.com/tutorials/photo/desktop Please note that the previous thread is now considered legacy and has been unpinned. The videos linked in the thread are also considered legacy—they will remain accessible (albeit unlisted) but ultimately my goal is to produce suitable replacements over time using the new studio setup with live mixing and picture-in-picture. There's been a clear increase in quality of teaching and production values since Affinity Photo was first released back in 2015, and we hope to continue this moving forward. The videos listed at the above link are hosted on Vimeo. Alternatively, please find a list below with YouTube links: Basics UI overview Light UI Open and save Placing images Pixel vs Image layers Moving, scaling and rotating Layers Advanced layer options Selecting layers Mask layers Undo, redo and history Exporting Resizing & resampling Canvas resizing RAW development Metal compute Advanced Adding lens profiles Colour management Compression efficiency Channels Channels: Selections HDR merging HDR ghosts removal HDR from one exposure Liquify Stacking: Object removal Stacking: Noise reduction Stacking: Exposure blending Focus merging Panoramas RAW advanced development HDR/EDR workflow Macros 360 live editing OpenColorIO setup OpenColorIO baking colour space transforms Blend modes Blend ranges LAB Infer LUT Luminosity masks from layers Masking vs clipping layers Paste/move inside Isolating layers Corrective & Retouching Cropping (New: 22/10/19) Straightening Images (New: 22/10/19) Inpainting Haze removal Dodge, burn and sponge brush tools Clone brush tool Sky replacement Creative Tools Colour picker tool Gradient tool Paint mixer brush Selection refinement Fill layers Pen tool Filters & Adjustments Curves Levels Masking adjustment layers Filters Live filter layers Displace filter Shadows/highlights Gradient map Denoising/Noise reduction Radial blur Clarity Channel mixer White balance Black & white adjustment Zoom blur Selective colour Procedural Texture: Tone Mapping HDR to SDR (New: 22/10/19) Export Persona Exporting slices Workflows & Techniques Editing infrared photography Relighting 3D renders Using Matte ID render passes for masking Lock children (Masking) Hope you find them useful! James
  17. When I right-click on a .JPG image file, Affinity apps are no longer showing up as options in the "Open With" context menu under Mac OS Catalina (attachment 1). Even when I select "Open With>Other", select Affinity Photo, and check the "Always Open With" box (attachment 2), I get a dialog warning me that "macOS cannot verify the developer"... (attachment 3) HOWEVER, when right-clicking on .PNG, .GIF files, the Affinity apps appear in the context menu as they always have! Note: I *have* opened System Preferences>Security & Privacy>Photos to allow Affinity Photo to have access to my photos, but Affinity Publisher is the only app that appears in the list (attachment 4). I *am* able to open Affinity Photo, drag-and-drop the .JPG image into the editing window, work on it, and save it back out; I just can't open the image with a right-click. Would really like to have this functionality back. Is this an Affinity issue, or an Apple issue? Thanks!
  18. I've recently gotten Affinity Photo and so far I must say it's for the most part, very enjoyable! I mostly use it for digital sketching and painting - and this is where the color picker tool comes in. I realize it is probably designed while also keeping iPad users in mind, but I feel like the delay between setting the pen tip on the screen and dragging to obtain the color is just frustrating enough to make color picking on the fly not very comfortable. It is slow enough to be felt giving the usual speed I am used to working at. Would it be possible to have a toggle for classic color picker mode (tool switches from brush to color picker as long as Alt key is pressed, and color obtained with only a tap on the screen)? Or, barring that, at least customizable latency for the click+drag method. If this has been pointed out before, I apologize - I've researched around and I haven't found any relevant information so far. Thank you!
  19. I have got a number of picture border files in JPG format I need to convert to transparency in PNG format. I need pure black to become fully opaque, pure white to become 100% transparent and various shades of grey to become various amounts of transparency. Some of the files are just pure black and pure white. These are easy to convert: Flood select tool on the white, press delete and instant 100% transparency, then export. It's the various shades of grey I am struggling with. Any help gratefully received. Jonathan
  20. Graphic&Design

    Share your HALLOWEEN art

    Hello community, I would like to use this post to ask everyone to show something done in Affinity Designer, Photo or Publisher, main theme Halloween. It does not matter if it is something simple or complex, it is simply to show something done by you. To start, here is my contribution.
  21. Hello friends, I use the pen tool a lot and find this: -> start to create a path, -> I click and create the first node, -> then, I move and click (to create the second node and the first segment of the path), -> should be contemporary - node and segment creation, -> instead the node is created but the segment is not; the segment is created only if I release the button or if I hold it down by moving the mouse slightly. The question is: What is the cause of this behavior that I consider anomalous? Is it a wrong setting of some parameter or is it an APhoto anomaly? Thank you so much for your cooperation and forgive the errors of my English ...
  22. When I zoomed in on the sunrise this morning I found this tiny commercial airplane up there all alone in the clouds. By deploying the selection brush tool and some refinement I managed to get most of the fuzziness out of the airplane's edges, and was left with this. I had to export the airplane as a PNG and then clone brush the original image to get rid of the original fuzzy airplane, and then place the new airplane back in, but all in all, I was amazed at what I could do with Affinity Photo. Wish I could figure out how to make the airplane perfectly crisp!. But I do love the watercolor look.
  23. For some time already I had the idea with the finger, which is not the own finger. In time for Halloween, I finally had time to implement that, of course with my favorite App Affinity Photo. Like Dr. Frankenstein, I have some (free) images assembled to one, partly I have drawn on the layers with vector brushes. For the hand below, I photographed the hand of a friend. I then arranged the whole thing with some layer effects. https://www.bodobe.de/psst-keep-quiet/

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