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Found 2,284 results

  1. Hallo Everyone! I have stumbled over a bug that crashes Affinity Photo on my Mac (macOS Sierra 10.12.2). Whenever I try to open one of a set of PNG files it crashes immediately. I attached one of the PNG files. I was trying to do a composite photo. When it came to adding the speech bubble PNGs I couldn't continue. Sadly this was my first time using Affinity Photo since I bought it last week. Thanks to the excellent PSD export I was able to finish my image in time with a competitor's product (which opened the PNGs without a hitch). If you need more info, more of the PNGs, just tell me. I'm happy to help.
  2. Hey, great Application (Affinity Photo) . I´m using it on an almost daily basis. But one thing is bothering me. Is there an option for seamlessly rotating the canvas? I just found the 90° Option. But it would come really handy if it was possible to rotate the canvas with a button and the mouse like in Photoshop (R + Mouse). When Painting Masks and so on this would really help, because of stroke directions. Thanks, Elmar
  3. Hi, guys! I love drawing, and also I like learning new ways to do it. I came across with digital painting and after using some programs like GIMP, Krita, Corel Painter Essentials and Photoshop I've started using Affinity Photo for that purpuse. Here I colored a drawing I made long time ago for a good friend of mine. Now it has more life thanks to Photo. Best regards!
  4. I'm using Affinity Photo for Windows. My question is does it support typing in Arabic? because when I tried to the letters appeared detached where it should be connected. Also it appeared out of order, the last letter in the word comes first for some reason. Detached = ع ن ب Connected = عنب This problem happen with Photoshop and there was a solution for it. I'm not sure where or how to do it in Affinity Photo if it's there.
  5. I've just been working with Affinity Photo 1.5 in earnest and watched a number of the video tutorials. It's a great program! But I haven't spotted anything about capture sharpening for RAW images. I do use that feature quite a bit as an initial step in processing RAW files with other programs, like Lightroom and Photoshop. Is there an option like that in Affinity Photo and I've just missed it? Do you offer some way of applying capture sharpening? All I've seen in the program and videos so far is creative sharpening and output sharpening. Thanks, Dave
  6. • These may just well prove my perversions to get close, trying to observe and discover more, see better… always closer. As I said before, I am not a birder. I'm just a photographer who likes to see how light is revealing (in this case, through swans) Mother Nature's "nature". A simple and commun bird under Her light turns into a sculpture, a magnificent visual pleasure, an eye candy… to me! I don't have the words in English, so I will show you what I mean… C&C welcome… as always! 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
  7. Love the Affinity apps, bought both Designer and Photo for windows. However --- PLEASE add the ability to draw a pixel brush or eraser stroke to a constrained 45 / 90 / 180 degree angle by pressing and holding the SHIFT key. This is the third time I've requested this. This has been a default UI behavior in Photoshop since at least Photoshop 7. EVERY SINGLE TIME I forget that Affinity Photo doesn't have this (yet), I grit my teeth. I know you can click --- then press shift --- move the cursor --- click again and it will draw the brush stroke to the exact spot of the second click, but there's no way to 100% know that you've constrained the angle exactly 45, 90, or 180 degrees using this method.
  8. Hi there guys, is there a way to stop the previous brush stroke from darkening the next, I understand if I am at 100 opacity then its not so bad, but I am working around 20% adding makeup to a model etc... Cheers Ryan (WINDOWS)
  9. Unsere Agentur plant den Umstieg von Photoshop auf Affinity Photo. AP 1.5.1. für Mac macht soweit auf uns einen guten Eindruck. Beim Zeichnen mit dem Brush Tool sind wir aber auf folgendes Problem gestoßen: Im Vergleich zu Photohop erscheinen die mit einem Wacom Intuos gezeichneten Linien nicht ‚flüssig‘ sondern sehr eckig. Erst dachten wir es liegt an der Brush Größe bzw. Dokumentgröße doch im direkten Vergleich mit Photoshop sind unter den selben Bedingungen ein immenser Unterschied zu erkennen (siehe Screenshot). Unsere Mac Version ist OS X Yosemite 10.10.5 Tablet ist ein Intuos 5 Touch M.
  10. Hi, After affinity photo 1.5 I'm at least able to process raw images from 5d iv, but the software shows them very underexposed. Am I the only one seeing this? Is there some configuration that needs to enabled? Thanks, -ND
  11. Hello Guys, A short introduction of myself as it is my first post here. I life in germany and i am not a retouching or photography professional. I just do photography as a hobby and I am waiting for affinity photo (AP) for Windows since they announced the beta. Today I am using an old version of Adobe Photoshop Elements for retouching and Capture One 9 Pro (CO9) for Sony as my RAW Converter. You can easily edit your Image in Affinity Photo out of your Capture One Viewer To edit a Image from CO9 first go to your Windows explorer. Right-click on a jpeg File, open with. Choose other app and search your AP folder. You should do this with a jpeg and a tiff document. To edit a Image from CO9 in AP right click on the Picture in CO9 and choose edit with. In the following window click on Open with and browse to you AP folder. AP will start. Make your Changes in AP and Save the file. Only save not save as. Back ip CO9 right click on the image and regenerate Preview. Now you should see your retouched image. If you don’t want to browse to your AP folder every time you want to use AP from CO9 the first step in windows explorer is necessary, otherwise CO9 can’t save the settings. I have testet jpg and tif. Both works fine in this combination. I hope this will help someone. I have the german versions of all programs installed, so I hope i have translated all step to the english version of CO9 or Windows correctly. This was tested with Capture One and affinity photo greetings GermanDennis
  12. These, and later following pictures i edited with Affinity Photo - most of them converted from RAW (Nikon NEF) to JPG.
  13. Henry Stahle

    Bitmap painting

    I am not much of a vector illustrator. Only bitmap, really. That is why I love DAUBs brushes. 110% right for me! These are my very first illustrations done in AP using Daubs brushes. First one i painted in Grayscale at 300 dpi. This second one is RGB at 300 dpi. Hope you like what you see :)
  14. Set up for landscape and this happens :o Regards. Sharkey
  15. The Remove button in New Stack dialog box not working. Affinity photo Windows ver: Windows 10 64 bit
  16. Please, I ask if i can write arabic with Affinity Photo ???
  17. Kasper-V

    Christmas video

    Every year i make up a little 'Happy New Year' video, using the two bored-to-death putti (the posh name for cherubs in paintings) from Raphael's Sistine Madonna. This year I decided to be mean and not send any Christmas cards; instead I've made a video, which I shall post on social media a bit nearer the day. I used AP to extract the eyes and mouths (yuck -- that sounds awful!) from the original image. With a combination of pixel painting and mesh warping, I made half-closed and closed eyelids, and various mouth shapes for the dialogue. I used AD to make a couple of end caption texts. Then I recorded the different bits of dialogue (on my smart phone, then copied to my laptop), which I edited with Audacity to make female and child voices. Some time ago, I bought an animation package called Anime Studio -- it was one of the 'other' third-party products that Serif market from time to time. It's mind-numbingly tedious and utterly non-intuitive to use, but it's the best means of animating mouths (and eye-blinks) and syncing them to sound. All the bits and pieces came together for the final 'cut' in Serif's MoviePlus X6, which is great for this kind of thing -- quite the opposite of the animation job. Anyway, here's the finished product: https://youtu.be/hwQvSqbr-iA. Merry Christmas!
  18. Hi, In diesem Affinity Photo Tutorial zeige ich wie man aus Zeichnungen von Kindern Weihnachtskarten oder Anhänger machen kann. Viel Spaß dabei. Euer Jack In this Affinity Photo Tutorial, I show you how to create christmas cards or labels from drawings of your children. Have fun Your Jack Foto / photo: eigenes / self made Link to YouTube Tutorial
  19. Henry Stahle


    I have recorded my first macro "BlueSketch" (attached below). It is doing this: if you import a scanned sketch, graphite on paper like mine, it is sometimes hard to use the digital tools to trace it. It can be hard to see what is sketch and what is digital linework. The macro adds a new raster layer on top of the sketch, fills it with blue, turns the layer into Colour mode, and adds new empty top layer for your linework / inking. Just like the layer function in ClipStudio, where I use it all the time. Put the macro in the Library and the BlueSketch is instantly done. I hope it works for you the same way it does for me. BlueSketch.zip
  20. Itried Affinity photo a long time ago. At this time, Affinity Photo was not abble to substitute Photoshop for my use. Since then, impossible to test any new version. I always get a "Trial period expired". Inthat forum (https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/30384-tried-affinity-photo-but-crashed-each-time/?hl=trial) people at Affinity was telling " Affinity Photo 1.5 should be out soon and there will be a new trial available in case you want to give it another try." Great news ... but no way. I downloaded Trial and i continue with the same "Trial period expired" .... Having a closer look i saw that Trial is 1.4.3 version and not 1.5 ... could you fix this ?
  21. • One of the many reasons I like the near by marsh is that new species will appear every now and then. Some will stay but many are just popping in for a snack or nap as the marsh is on a bird's migration route. This fellow showed up for just a few moments on its way to where ever. It was not there when I came up at 13:00. I spotted it and took two shots at 15:29 later that day. I had a look at the histogram and saw it was very fine, I wanted to take more of him…but never saw it again. This northern Shoveller granted me his profile:
  22. • Having a boring corporative Christmas event to shoot that day at 10:30, and since I was up and ready quite early, I went to the close by marsh to see the sunrise. I had a good (but too short) time with the light and the birds though most foliage is down. Cold, crisp, clean air granted me some cool light conditions. As always, 600mm ƒ4 @ ƒ8 on D810 combo. Have a look, have a good time! C&C welcomed… Part 2 is here: https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/29470-ap-•-early-morning-birds-at-the-marsh-•-part-2/ 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 AP was used to clean up debris from the water surface!
  23. Installed the Mac AppStore version now and couldn't use the left Studio panel. Shortcuts are all set up, all I get is a 'bonk' sound. Used to work in the beta.
  24. • Shooting swans in flight is not much of a challenge anymore but Kingfishers are an other thing. These darn little things are so swift… and constantly moving… as if there were not enough letters in their alphabets to write: "stay put for five seconds"! Forced to fish closer to my shooting position by the clearly visible layer of ice building up on the waters of the marsh, this fellow was perching on a fallen tree and was aiming its dive at about one hundred meters from the lens, — the first two takes. The two others were from +/- two hundred meters as it was reaching the other side of the source river. As usual, shot with a 600mm ƒ4 @ ƒ8 on a D810. C&C welcomed and appreciated. 1 2 3 4
  25. CORRECTION This is not a Wood Duck female but a Mandarin Duck female. I don't know how to edit, correct the title • Right, so my sons are telling me that this time I react like a teen-ager because I fell in love with this brown- eyed, small, super cute female Mandarin Duck (surpri- singly similar to the Wood Duck Female!). I had a second chance at shooting this highly seductive "girl" and I was not gonna let it pass me by! She is still in the process of getting used to (and finding her very own little place into) this marsh populated by Mal- lard ducks and others, Swans, Egrets & Herons, so many Coots, occasional Gulls and Crows, etc… so she was staying too close to my shooting position where she feels safer I shall suppose. The quite variable light conditions on the day are well re- flected in the renditions. This time, shot with a 300mm ƒ2,8 @ ƒ8 on a D 810. C&C welcomed and appreciated… here we go: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

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