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Found 3,303 results

  1. My very first project and photo editing with Affinity Photo. I took yesterday 3 pictures at my customer work place. I have to use bracketing because there was loads of highlights and shadows then i combine those 1 HDR picture what i tweak with Affinity Photo. Then i save it 32-bit tiff file and move it to my customer folder, after that i did some tweaking with colors and stuff at Capture One, then i move it back toedit table at affinity. I had to straighten picture and clone some stuff areas where had nothing cause of straighten. Then i removed some disturbing items like clock at wall and some wires and stuff like that. Then i saved and refresh picture at Capture One and did some vertical and horizontal tweaking. And then i had first rdy picture...
  2. I'm just trying to use a mask to replace the background of my photo. I add the mask and a background layer. I've tried a selection to mask and just a blank mask. But when I try to use the brush to adjust the mask, there is no change. I've tried going from all black and using a white brush and the opposite, all white with a black brush. No response. I'm so frustrated. I'm sure it must be user error, but I cannot figure out what I'm missing. Thank you in advance for your time and help! Update: Using the brush on a regular layer doesn't do anything either, so I must have a weird brush setting going. Solution: Turn off "Protect Alpha."
  3. I have some others to come with a bit more detail about the editing ; however comments and questions welcome . All but the tree taken with a Pana Fz300 Crested pigeon perched over water fountain bubbles -- one click at a time shadows from a bus stop shelter just a few minutes minutes (backyard) the difference three hours can make -- nice day until the dust storm wandered through
  4. When I create a new document, I am given a white background for my new document. How do I create a document with a different color? I'm sure this must be easy, but I am a new user of AP. (longtime user of Photoshop). Thanks!
  5. Honest comments, suggestions and questions welcome Do you prefer one picture per thread or multiple collages/pictures like this thread two hours of changing clouds guess who forget to rotate the polarising filter from vertical to horizontal pretty in the front yard actually -- more versions to come He's MINE!!
  6. Hi folks, I just noticed another bug, this time with the clone and healing brushes in Photo. The clone brush does not obey the force pixel alignment option. This becomes a problem when there is fine-grained texture or very small text or detail that must be cloned. To see what I mean, follow these steps: 1. create a new document and make force pixel alignment enabled. 2. create a grey rectangle. 3. add maximum noise to the rectangle. 4. rasterise the very noisy rectangle. 5. zoom all the way in to clearly see the pixel detail of the noise. 6. select the clone brush tool and set a source point for cloning. 7. without clicking, move the mouse around to preview the clone At this last step, you can see that it's hard to ensure that the clone will be sharp, as most of the time it is off pixel alignment and the resampling destroys all the detail. This is pretty bad. I was wondering why my cloned areas were so blurry, and this was the reason. Also, here are some other issues I noticed while trying to reproduce the clone/heal alignment bug: 1. If you make a fill layer and add noise, either with live or static filters, no noise appears. In fact it looks like no filters or adjustments work when nested inside a fill layer. This is odd, especially because filters and adjustments will work on shapes such as rectangles. 2. Even though adjustments and filters can be nested inside each other at the root tree level, the nested one does not get applied. Cheers, Jules
  7. I use Affinity Photo Mac version. I am a Adobe CC user before. Last month I need to batch convert about 2000 svg icons to PNG with 20 different categories. I tried Illustrator action, failed. I tried Photoshop Image Processing, succeed, but I got blurry PNG files. Then I tried Inkspace, unfortunately, I got the same result wz Photoshop. Then I Googled Affinity Photo and installed a trial version. With the Batch Job feature I finished convert all svg files at last. But it was not easy, I cannot add folders with sub-folders, I had to add 20 times for each folder. Luckily´╝îI got high quality PNG files for svg files. Then I decided to purchase a full version. But soon after I found a problem: This app always miss some files when do Batch Job. It means I have to pick the svg files not converted manually after each converting. Have anyone meet the same problem? How to resolve this? Thanks. My English is poor, hope you will understand.
  8. Well my tremor seems to be going at least, maybe time to try something serious now I can draw again.
  9. Intentional camera movement is exactly what it says: you move the camera during exposure. I spent some time deciding whether ICM is just a gimmick or a valid technique -- I think it's both! Done well, it's very striking. Here's a couple of examples I shot yesterday ... These are a couple of the Christmas decorations at Shugborough, Staffordshire (UK), the National Trust property that was the home of photographer Patrick Lichfield. Here they are again in "proper" photos ... The dashed appearance in the second shot is down to the LED lights, which flicker at 100 Hz (mains frequency is 50 Hz), and something I hadn't expected. HOW-TO It's a very simple technique. Set your camera to a slow exposure, from, say, 1/4 second or much slower, depending how much movement you want. In bright conditions you may need a neutral density filter. Press the button, and as soon as you hear the shutter open move the camera. Simples! Remember that the trails will go in the OPPOSITE direction to the camera movement. You may need to have several goes to get the hang of it, and before you get a shot you like ... but that's not unusual in photography! There are quite a lot of ICM photos on the internet to give you more ideas, and there's quite a bit of variation in the kind of results you can get: interesting, abstract or just weird.
  10. I seem to be unable to access brushes in Affinity Photo: Whenever I touch the brushes palette, AP locks up: If I touch the brushes palette with my mouse pointer, I get a beachball, and AP stops responding. If I use the "more" button in the brush configuration bar, the textures are simply missing, but the app stays responsive. Essentially, I cannot change any brushes except the one currently configured (well, that's something, but less than I expected.) Launching the app registers starts with an error and two warnings (and lots of other stuff not categorized as error or warning) in the log console (filter "Affinity Photo" applied; reference to user directory edited) -- I guess this has little or none to do with the problem at hand: SoftwareMap: Error: Spotlight reported a change to an app that isn't in our data structures: <CKSoftwareProduct: 0x7f84822527c0>: (com.seriflabs.affinityphoto, 1.6.7, 824183456:824402592 VPP:NO md:0x7f847fea0390 /Applications/Affinity Photo.app) ... Unable to load Info.plist exceptions (eGPUOverrides) Sandbox: Affinity Photo(1780) deny(1) file-read-data /Users/<myuser>/Library/Preferences/com.apple.LaunchServices/com.apple.launchservices.secure.plist When I triggered the lock-up, the log is quickly filled with this log message: Error Domain=MTLLibraryErrorDomain Code=3 "Compilation failed: program_source:1147:11: error: no matching function for call to 'min' return min(args..., args...); ^~~ program_source:1933:19: note: in instantiation of function template specialization 'min<unsigned int>' requested here loc = min(source_bounds.y*source_bounds.x-1,loc); ^ /System/Library/PrivateFrameworks/GPUCompiler.framework/Versions/3902/Libraries/lib/clang/902.1/include/metal/metal_integer_math:163:15: note: candidate function template not viable: requires 2 arguments, but 0 were provided METAL_FUNC _O min(T x, U y) ^ program_source:1144:4: note: candidate function template not viable: requires at least 2 arguments, but 0 were provided T min(T val1, T val2, Args... args) ^ program_source:378:21: note: candidate function not viable: requires 2 arguments, but 0 were provided inline cmykaf_type min(cmykaf_type lhs, cmykaf_type rhs) I think it stops generating more log entries after some time, but I'm not sure. I installed some brushes I bought from the Serif shop lately into Affinity Designer (which still works, even with those brushes, vector and pixel). I kind of fear this has something to do with those brushes, but I really don't know how to zero in further on the problem. Machine details: Affinity Photo: 1.6.7 (Mac Appstore version) OS: macOS 10.14.1 (18B75) -- upgraded from 10.13 some time ago Graphics: Intel Iris Graphics 550 1536 MB Unfortunately, I cannot remember if I ever used Affinity Photo on this device, and if so, with which OS version.
  11. fiddling around with no real ideas in mind -- small flower about 20mm across. Sort of grows wild in the backyard editing was similar to the blurred cloud photos Sky photo was taken around the same time this morning Pana Fz300 may as well add another taken at the same time -- used a canon 250d close up filter/lens on the Pana for the last two --- files cropped the square only Yep; the lizard was also caught in the sun today honest comments / suggestions / question always welcome
  12. I just bought Affinity Photo and I think that this software looks pretty awesome! It is way faster and more responsive than Photoshop on my Windows 10 PC. However, I am a pro 360/panoramic photographer, and one of my biggest complaints about Photoshop (and Lightroom, and pretty much everything actually) is that it has no idea when a photo wraps around at the edges of an equirectangular image, and therefore when I apply "nearest neighbor" functions like vibrance, clarity, shadows, highlights, sharpness, etc., I get a seam that can be quite pronounced. When I read Affinity Photo had native 360 functionality, that sounded like music to my ears. Within the Photo persona, I've had no problems with seams, which is a huge improvement over Photoshop. I tried using the Tonemapping persona, which did some amazing stuff with a really lousy Theta image that I never would have guessed, but then when I projected it to equi, the seam was as big and bold as ever... I'd just like to ask if there is a way that I can avoid this in the Tonemapping persona, and if the Tonemapper can be made 360-friendly, because with 360 images, this is almost critical. You often have the uber bright sun in the same image with uber dark shadows, and tonemapping of this quality would be something I really would like to take advantage of.
  13. it's a lot easier when there no plans or even ideas to work towards -- bit like a blind emu in a dust storm Sorry; radial blur not done in Affinity -- the Ap whiz kidz need to pull their socks up there just ask if you want to see the original file in full -- yep; made from the one (and only) file What you do to make this better ?
  14. This will be the thumbnail for my next video. The character was drawn in Krita, everything else, Affinity Photo
  15. I have a colour photo, to which i add Black & White Adjustment layer, I want to adjust the RGB sliders so they only work on a selected area, not the whole B&W picture. I can't seem to figure how - I've tried using masks. Any advice, or are there any tutorials dealing with this? Thanks
  16. Hoon tracks on a salty lake More about noticing a possible photography subject --- just thought of another editing idea Comments and questions welcome Pan Fz300
  17. This bug exists since AP for Ipad was invented, unfortunately its on (my) AP for Mac now, as well. I use the DAUB Watercolor brushes a lot, as soon as I mark a selection, the watercolor-structer disappears. I know, other illustrators have that same problem, at least on IPad. I really hope you guys from Serif will solve this problem, because I can not use Affinity at all for my work like this. I returned to use Photoshop which I originally wanted to quit. Please :-)
  18. I'm new to the affinity family and did some photo editing to get to know the program. I love the workflow so far. The dropbox screenshots are the unedited raw files.
  19. After placing two images (photos) both of the images got transparent . I link to a screencast so you will be able to see what I mean. Here's the link Is this a bug or did I something wrong?
  20. all photos taken with a Pana Fz300 along 20 meters of an old farm fence selection brush used the remove the background >make selection >slight smooth/feather >click on the layer mask icon so the select can be changed if need be RHS pic was manually made in Affinity >that image was then auto mirrored in Affinity The bottom row of pics are also making some interesting patterns like the second image [first file ] (No crashes while doing this ) honest comments [cc] and questions welcome
  21. Hi all, Is there a way to keep the brush settings pane open after restart the application? I use 3 monitors and it is not a problem to leave this panes in another monitor, like I have the brushes pane already there. Cheers, Juan
  22. Okay ! here comes the proposition or question. I've noticed everything or all tone map we apply to a pixel layer (let's say i merged visible and decided to apply tone map to it) that operation is still destructive. I mean, tone mapping is very helpful but would be great if it become non-destructive. Okay maybe i'm missing a way to do that but i always : merged visible and applied tone mapping from that thus preserving the other layers ! if there is a way to tone map non-destructively please let me know if not yet then please Serif, make it happen. Blessings !
  23. Here is the set of gradients "WEB 2.0 v.3" converted from the free .grd Photoshop file. I downloaded the PS gradient file from this site and converted it into .afpalette. It's a pity that creating .afpalette files from .grd files is so time-consuming, I hope that in the upcoming versions of Affinity programs, the ability to import the .grd file will be added, just like it is with files .abr WEB 2.0 v.3 gradients.afpalette
  24. Greetings, I would like to report 2 bugs which I have found using my tablet on Affinity Photo The tablet I'm using is a Gaomon WH850. 1. Holding Space Bar + Drag to pan view repeats the action of the tool I'm on quite frequently. I believe it's only Quick Selection and Free Hand Selection Tool. Take a look at the video attached. 2. I can't move my cursor when using the Right+Click+Drag to make foreground in refine mode. Now I'm not sure if it is my tablet that's the issue or just how the general tablet works on Affinity Photo. So far only two tools have this issue. Paint Brush Tool seems to work fine. There is also an ocassional unable to use tool hotkeys which seems to appear at random. But that don't bug me as much as these bugs. Pun intended. Hope to hear a fix soon. Affinity Photo Gaomon Tablet bug.mp4
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