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Found 2,283 results

  1. • I spent three hours, in the early afternoon, shooting corporate portraits of a new management team put in place after a very hostile takeover by some american interests. Sure, I was doing the right thing (it did cost them dearly!) but I didn't feel so happy with this bunch of proud, superficial, in- fatuated, cold, and arrogant executives and managers. The job was well done and very well paid… but I had to put my "soul" at ease and, to wash away the bitter feelings, I know nothing that beats a visit to the close by marsh. Specially today, as it was the first snow! Mother Nature treated me well —maybe She felt how I needed Her to cheer me up— and surprised me… as usual! This was a delicious moment and I would like to share with you Her beauty and kindness… In one of the takes, a Kingfisher is perched… can you spot it? Have a look, have a good time… C&C welcomed! 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 What, a shy snow you say? This is south Austria… not Canada! :P :D :P :D :P Sure, I did shoot some birds but that's the following thread… be patient… here is the link: Tip: the Kingfisher is in picture 8 Part 2, with Egret ballet, is here: https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/27703-no-ap-2-•-birds-in-first-snow-—picture-heavy/
  2. Henry Stahle

    Designer + Photo = Love

    I started by using Designer to build the vector shapes of the hat, and filled the shapes with gradients. In Pixel persona I used texturizing brushes (from Frankentoon) for tinting and shading. Some additional lines, smooting and adding noise was done in AP as well as lighting. The seamless integration between the two programs makes me just love them...
  3. The past few months have been insane I haven't much time for personal work, but I am starting to see some light.... So many fun new features to test!
  4. Hello & HNY! I have been experimenting with the stacks, focus merge and HDR/Tonemap modules and I have some questions. I have stereographs that I have scanned and I want to merge them into a 3D-ish/HDR-type image. I have tried many different approaches but because they are just a bit off on the perspective and framing, I have a terrible ghosting problem. I like the stack blend methods and either Median or Average seem to give me the best blend but typically there are only two files to a stack. I would like to be able to use the de-ghosting tool from the HDR merge when using the stack module. Is there a way to use the stack blend modes with the manual de-ghosting in the HDR module? I checked Live Alignment and added a Mask layer to each image but nothing seemed to show up. Using stacks is a very new thing for me as I only learned about it in an Affinity Photo tutorial video. Would greatly appreciate more information on using them. Thank you for your time! Have a great new year! Lisa in Atlanta
  5. • A long lens photo club booked the morning for a three hour mentoring class. Theme: how to successfully use all the reach of big guns! It is not difficult to operate but compression, reach, move- ment control & stability, and the shallow DoF need be well taken care of. Task: Don't try to impress waiting for flying dragons or surfacing submarines… just shoot anything from BiF to landscapes (yes, possible with long lenses!) as the subject is, in this exercise, not important but the quality of the take should be impeccable in terms of framing, panning and fo- cusing. Shortly, before Christmas, we will meet again and look for the best takes of the day! Here is my contribution… 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
  6. Hi, there are some minimum cpu specs for Affinity Photo? It runs well on atom x5?
  7. If I want to compare the original end edited photo (in Photos app with any Affinity Photo plugin), the preview slice shows very pixel image and I can't really compare them. I created a screenshot to show what I'm meaning. This image is'nt edited, so I only checked the Preview checkbox.
  8. • — following and completing this thread: https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/27639-no-ap-•-first-snow-—picture-heavy/ … ​ Very heavy clouds and fog were not helping me in this but the equation remains and should be completed: I got the gear + here is the challenge = I'm gonna do what? By law (physics laws that is!), birds will fly at the same speed (flight is flight!) in good or bad lighting conditions. I should try to get good results and the solution resides in tweaking the shooting settings accordingly, accepting to compromise here and/or there: higher ISO, same ƒ stop, and, when possible, slower SS. Every time it is different and, today, some Great Egrets really outperformed all the others birds show wise. The light was alien somehow but that did not bother the birds. Have a look, have a good time… C&C welcomed! 1 2 3 4 5 It was also breakfast time for what we call a "Blue Heron"! 6 7 8 This Great Egret is getting dangerously close to the Heron which is a much stronger bird. 9 This hybrid Goose (Greylag + ???) brought a rather modest contribution to the show! 10 "Clear the runway, here I come"!
  9. I simply want to import a PDF file as shown below. I do not want to edit text, I only want it as an image. Is this possible? Can someone help me by telling me how it's done? PDF before import: PDF after import: Best regards!
  10. Thought users might like to see how well the AP Panorama feature works. This is a hobbyist example of 3 images taken in a California USA street and it is the first attempt at using the AP feature. The three uploads show (1) the 3 images to be stitched, (2) the automatic stitching by the Panorama feature and (3) the final cropped image. I made no corrections anywhere along the process, although some lighting & sharpening filters might be done at this point.. Fun! :) 1 2 3
  11. Here's a blog post I just wrote about using Darktable with Affinity Photo and the Google Nik Collection. http://bit.ly/2iaNDSS Happy Holidays! Stephen:)
  12. Hi, in diesem Affinity Photo Tutorial zeige ich wie man die Wirkung von der Magie von Weihnachten erzielen kann. Man kann ein Familienfoto nehmen und mit Farbanpassungen, Licht und Schatten schnell die Stimmung des Bildes verändern. Ich wünsche Euch frohe Weihnachten. In this Affinity Photo Tutorial, I show you how to create the magic christmas. You can take your own family photo. Change the mood with gradient map, light and shadows. I wish you a merry christmas. Ciao Jack Link YouTube Tutorial Foto / photo: „319929839“ von www.shutterstock.com (Lizens) Pinsel / brush: „Free Snow Photoshop Brushes 2" von artistmef, www.brusheezy.com (Royalty Free)
  13. Hi Under "Document" -> "Resize Document..." (or Ctrl-Alt-I) there is a calculation bug. Changing DPI seems to loose the ratio between width and height. steps to reproduce: 1. "File" -> "New" 2. Set Page Width: 41mm 3. Set Page Height: 28mm 4. Set DPI: 600 5. Press OK 6. "Document" -> "Resize Document..." 7. Change DPI value (for ex. 72) 8. Change width value (for ex. 42mm) 9. Observe the height value. It has changed to a different value as expected. (in this example 3.4mm, I would have expected 28.7mm as 41/28 = 42/28.7 (approx)) btw: In Affinity Designer "Document setup" the same calculation happens. thanks Bruce
  14. The dark UI has one huge flaw where it's hard to tell at times whether something is active or not, such as the snapping tool. Sometimes I've had to click it a few times to see which is darker. Why not have it be something that's NOT gray or black? What about a subtle color to highlight or some other effect to show something is on or off? I should be able to glance at the magnet to know what the state is rather than stare at it or click it twice to check. Saw this suggested by others. The Light UI is nice but that doesn't solve the issue in the current theme.
  15. I was using the beta and was pretty happy until I started looking for frequently used features from Photoshop at work and GIMP at home. Here's stuff that's missing that would help with productivty: Precision guide-making. You have a "manager" that doesn't let you manage much. It'd be nice to be able to edit the exact position of those guides (Let's say I want to quickly set up guides at 25/50/75% in percent mode or just set specific pixel values to each). Even GIMP's got this! "Pattern" layer style is also quite handy for the same reason as the "Fill" layer. [Edit] Solved or has a workaround: Move selected option for the mouse cursor. It'd be nice to be able to tap a layer and then drag an object around without having stuff that's in the way get selected. PLEASE add the option. Ability to duplicate layers between open files (and in the same position if equal size). Ability to create new alpha channels. It's handy for selections or when 3D texturing to be able to use even the A in RGBA images (or in some special cases, remove one of the channels). "Solid color" layer style like in PS (easier to edit than filling a raster layer with color, plus you needn't worry about resizing). Hopefully none of these are repeats since I didn't see them on the list. Thanks for listening!
  16. Hi, I'm a graphic designer specializing in book covers and I'm considering making the switch from Adobe to your programs. They look absolutely beautiful and I've downloaded the free trial of Design to test out but noticed there isn't a free trial for photo. I want to test the program out before I make the switch mainly to see if the Photoshop Plugins and actions I have will work. Is there a trial I can download? And will the plugins and what not I've purchased for Photoshop work in your program? Thanks for your time!
  17. Good day everybody! To support the huge release of Affinity Photo 1.5 on both macOS and Windows, we have 36 new video tutorials for you that cover most of the new features in great detail. In addition to that, 4 older videos have been revised and updated to match 1.5's new functionality. We hope you enjoy the 1.5 update, it's a beefy one! Here are the videos you need to get started with its new functionality: HDR HDR: Merging & Tone Mapping HDR: Tone Map Presets HDR: Panoramas HDR: Preprocessing HDR: Advanced Editing HDR: Ghosts Removal HDR: 32-bit Editing Tone Mapping Regular Tone Mapping Focus Merging Focus Merging Focus Merge Retouching Focus Merging Bracketed Images Live Projections (360 editing, perspective projection) 360 Live Editing 360 Advanced Editing 360 Retouching 360 Multiple Views Live Perspective Projection OpenEXR support OpenEXR Multichannel Import/Export OpenEXR Import Options OpenColorIO OpenColorIO Setup OpenColorIO Adjustment Macros Macros Macros: Equations Batch Processing Batch Processing Clone Sources Panel Clone Sources Clone Sources: Texture Creation Raw Development Improvements 32-bit Raw Development Raw Colour Quality Automatic Lens Corrections Apply Image Apply Image Apply Image: Equations Equations Filter Equations Filter Dust & Scratches Filter Dust & Scratches Filter Halftone Filter Halftone Scanlines Effect Pixel Art Resizing Pixel Art Resize PSD round-tripping Direct PSD write-back (round tripping) Freehand Selections Freehand Selection Tool Updated Older Videos Discover Raw Development Quality Custom Tone Curve Exporting I hope these all prove useful to you in getting to grips with the new update - if you have any questions please ask.
  18. Scott Williams

    I made the wife younger

    I wanted to do a little project to start to get the hang of Affinity Photo. So my long suffering wife of 30 years 'Deb' agreed to be the guinea pig for my first effort at making someone younger. So this is a woman of 50+ made to look 40+. I think it came out pretty good for a first attempt. The aim was to try to just take a few years off rather than do a beauty touch up. I took the photo with my trusty little a6000 with the 16-50 kit lens. Features of Affinity Photo used were.. Frequency separation. In-Painting brush. Patch tool. Blur brush. Smudge brush. I'm really impressed with how Affinity Photo performed. I had no real problems apart from my lack of knowledge. And the fact that I had never done anything like this before. Cheers -Scott.
  19. Maybe I'm simply missing this, but is there any way to shift a selection around as I form it? To clarify, for those familiar with Photoshop, when you are dragging out a marquee selection by holding the spacebar down you can shift the position of the selection around. Is there a similar ability in Affinity Photo? On my Mac I've tried the spacebar, ⌘, option, ctrl, and shift all with no success. I'm fully updated to 1.5.1 as well. I appreciate any help. Matt
  20. I'd like to see the ability to position a marquee tool selection while forming it. Similar to how holding down the spacebar while dragging out a selection in Photoshop gives the user the ability to reposition the selection, and then, when releasing the spacebar, continue to shape the selection. It would be good if while in "add" mode that selections are able to be positioned independently as well instead of being treated as one universal selection and moved as one. Matt ------ I explain more about the issue I am describing HERE in this forum post and give an example of when I bump up against it.
  21. Hey guys, first off I want to thank you for your great work on Affinity Photo, it is truly a wonderful piece of software. In order to make it even better I think it would be great to see basic animation/video editing tools added in the near future. I'm speaking about opening video files, trimming, setting keyframes, adding masks, working with video layers, changing opacity etc. The reason why I'm requesting this the need for a tool to create cinemagraphs. In 2016 we've seen a shift from stills to video when it comes to website design and online marketing and this trend will continue in 2017. Being able to create small animations will become crucial if Affinity Photo wants keep up with Photoshop. I hope you will look into it and put it on your roadmap, but again: Great work so far!
  22. Hello all! To celebrate Affinity Photo's first birthday, we're releasing a short set of beginners videos to help people who are new to image editing and the concepts of layers, adjustments, filters and exporting. The videos have all been transcribed (English UK) and the subtitles are available via the "CC" icon in the bottom right of the video player. You can watch each video from the links below, or see the album at http://affin.co/photobeginners Additionally, you can download the practice files for the Adjustments, Filters and Exporting videos here: http://affin.co/photobeginnersfiles Here's the list: Opening and Saving: covers how to open and save your images, and explains the benefits of using the Affinity Photo document (.afphoto) format. Layers: explains conceptually what layers are, how they're used, and how they affect your image or document. Adjustments: looks at what Adjustment Layers are, and how you can use them to tonally alter your images. Filters: learn how to use filters to manipulate your images, and get to grips with Photo's unique "live layers" feature. Exporting: find out how to simply export and share your finished images.We hope these are of great use to people who want a more straightforward grounding in the basics of Affinity Photo, and do stay tuned for further beginners videos in the future. Main Shortcuts differences between the Mac and Windows version Windows keyboard shortcut equivalents: Mac 'Command' key = Windows 'Ctrl' key Mac 'Shift' key = Windows 'Shift' key Mac 'Alt' key = Windows 'Alt' key Mac 'Ctrl' key = Windows 'Right Mouse' button NOTE: Most recent Affinity videos and tutorials have been made to reflect both Windows and Mac keyboard shortcuts. However there are still some that currently refer only to Mac accelerators.
  23. Hallo Everyone! I have stumbled over a bug that crashes Affinity Photo on my Mac (macOS Sierra 10.12.2). Whenever I try to open one of a set of PNG files it crashes immediately. I attached one of the PNG files. I was trying to do a composite photo. When it came to adding the speech bubble PNGs I couldn't continue. Sadly this was my first time using Affinity Photo since I bought it last week. Thanks to the excellent PSD export I was able to finish my image in time with a competitor's product (which opened the PNGs without a hitch). If you need more info, more of the PNGs, just tell me. I'm happy to help.

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