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Found 2,140 results

  1. mkroot


    Mysłowice - city in Poland. Pentax K-70 + DAL 18-50mm, 50-200mm + Sigma 10-20 F3,5 EX DC+ Affinity Photo (win).
  2. I've been dragged back to work and this is the site I am on - well nearly on - yet to cover anything but some of my old stuff is on there. http://www.dogfocus.co.uk It is nearly all running as it should but we had to launch to start generating a bit of interest. Regards. Sharkey
  3. Hi, when moving a layer with a live displacement map, the displacement pixels are left behind. See the attached image as an example, you can see the "ghost" of the displacement map. This is constructed using the tutorial here, look at around 5m40s where the layer is moved and seems to work ok on a Mac.
  4. Hi all, I just want to apply a color filter to an image with Affinity Photo to get something like this: : I´ve watched this video but I don´t know neither how to change the color of the filter nor this is the right approach to do it: Many thanks in advanced! Pedro
  5. I apologize if this question has already been asked and answered, but since I intend to buy a new laptop in the next month or so it is important for me to know how effectively Photo can use quad-core CPUs and dedicated GPUs? I'm leaning towards ultrabooks because of their superior mobility. However, if Photo is able to effectively use 4 cores and fast GPUs, I would rather get a beefier laptop, which is less mobile but offers more processing power. So, does anyone know what's crucial for good performance in Photo? Good single thread performance, additional cores or dedicated GPU? Thanks!
  6. Here is my first attempt at a self portrait using Affinity Photo on the iPad Pro with Pencil. Still needs some perfecting! It's such a great combination and will allow me to progress and experiment a whole lot more.
  7. Just bought Affinity Photo and one of the first tool I checked was, if I can move the zero point of the ruler to any point within the canvas. Unfortunately it is not able to use!!! I would need this tool urgently! Please help!
  8. Hi, I want to use an artistic Brush to outline my text. Lines work Dashed lines work The next option - "Texture" - doesn't do anything. If I click on "Properties", it opens up the Brush editing panel, but with no brush shown. If I select a Brush then open the panel, still nothing. What am I doing wrong? Regards, Steve
  9. Hello, ZBrush allows users to export canvas snapshots of their sculpts to texture in the 2D imaging software of their choice with the ZAppLink tool. ZBrush is perfectly compatible with Photoshop and even GIMP. However, when using Affinity Photo, this connection is not recognized by ZBrush. To use ZAppLink, one needs to do the following steps: 1. Click the ZAppLink button when their model is positioned in the view that they'd like to paint on. 2. Select the target painting app if one hasn't already been selected. 3. Once the painting app is opened, the user can paint and texture the image as they normally would. 4. When finished painting, the user must save the .psd file. In Photoshop, just click save. In GIMP, one would select File > Overwrite TempZAppLinkExport.psd. 5. Switching back to ZBrush, the user would then click "Re-enter ZBrush" if using Photoshop, or when using GIMP they would click "Re-check" first and then "Re-enter ZBrush." The user should now see the painted texture on their model. This video explains the steps above if you need a visual: In Affinity Photo, there is no option to select "Overwrite TempZAppLinkExport.psd". So I tried exporting the file as a .psd file, and ZBrush would still not recognize the changes made. Is there something I can do to get this feature to work, or is this a bug that can be fixed in the next version of Affinity Photo? Thanks for viewing! EDIT: I figured it out. I have to export the .psd file to Users > Public > Public Documents > ZBrushData > ZPluginData > ZAppLinkData. Affinity Photo doesn't automatically find this folder when exporting so hopefully this will help others who may have had trouble finding out how to fix this.
  10. Normally I could do this with Photoshop. But really struggling with Affinity. If anyone knows an easier way to remove reflection I'd be ever so grateful. Anyway, my first attempt using a cross between my Lightroom and Affinity Photo.
  11. I know that layer effects come out of the land of Photoshop compatibility, but I'd like to propose a new one which would create unlimited-size "long shadows'--solid, not offset dropshadows extending in whatever direction from a type or shape layer. There are workarounds for this, but most involve rasterizing the type (so if you change the kerning, you have to go back through again.) How about it?
  12. • Filippo •

    Affinity Photo

    Recently, affinity photo crashes, and works slowly on files, which I first worked out easily. 300 Mb file at layers. Attach log file. The same files on Photoshop make them work quietly. Win 10 64Bit RAM 16Gb AMD FX (tm) 6100 SIX Core Processor 3.30 Ghz Video AMD Radeon 6800 series Thanks so much Log.txt
  13. Hello, I have just run a few tests against PhotoShop CS6 and Affinity Photo on saving/exporting Jpeg files, starting with a 6.46mb 1422px x 2013px 207ppi JPEG assigning adobe rgb1998 resize too 7020px x 9930px 300ppi PhotoShop : saved quality 12, options base line standard jpeg : 28.47mb Affinity Photo exported : jpeg best, progressive OFF, quality 100%, embed icc, embed meta : 46.33mb any idea why the huge file from AP Regards Chris p.s Windows 10, AP
  14. I made some channel mixer adjustments for AD and AP which I'd like to share with you. You can add them to your AP though opening the document, selecting each group, selecting the "channel mixer" adj, so that it's panel opens up, click "add preset". (I've made a feature request to make that easier) You can then access them by the "view > studio > adjustments" panel which is active by default (only available in AP) These are a bit "Instagram like" so please don't overdo it, blend modes, opacity and blend ranges can, and should be adjusted upon your needs for more information about such techniques you can have a look over here https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/37125-ap-ad-beginner-amateur-pro/ cheers channel mix.afdesign PS: similar presets vor curves are available here PS: similar presets for "LUT" adj. are available here
  15. Hi, I bought affinity photo on July 8th, and everytime I open it up it shows affinity photo 1.5 I was wondering if I already have this? And if not how do I download it? Thanks in advance
  16. I've created a quick video showing how to create a basic Long Shadow Effect using the Power Duplicate feature in Affinity Photo. If you have a better way of creating a Long Shadow Effect, feel free to add your tips and tricks here :) Affinity Photo - Long Shadow Effect
  17. How to crop an image on a selected layer - Affinity Photo v1.3.4? It seems the Crop Tool is a global function. How would I accurately crop an image in a selected layer?
  18. I had the privilege of being given a ride on the Yarmouth Lifeboat last week, and took my camera -- naturally! These photos are small ones I posted on Facebook; if/when I come to print them, I'll re-edit them at full size (and maybe develop them a little differently). The Needles chalk stacks, and the lighthouse: Scratchell's Bay and the cliffs Cormorants. They very considerately arranged themselves according to the Rule of Odds: a group of three and a group of one. (I wonder what he did to upset the others?)
  19. Hi There, I have just bought Affinity Photo and Designer for windows, I am running Windows 10, 16gb RAM over 1tb hard drive. My affinity photo is extremely slow and constantly "not responding" and freezing every time I do something. Even when trying to just transform or crop an object. I have tried everything in preferences, even upping the amount of RAM usage allowed. This is very frustrating and adding hours onto simple tasks. Is this a bug of the latest update or how the program is? Thanks, Billie
  20. Hello, a few months use Affinity Photo, it is possible to create contact sheets directly or via a plug in ? Thanks
  21. I click on batch and the app crashes. The dialogue doesn't even open anymore. Log attached. AP crash log
  22. Kiralyfotografus

    Failed to Save & Open

    Hy Everyone I bribed it Affinity Photo to the app store... but I know an any kind of photo unfortunately neither to open neither to save... I would need a fast correction, a solution. Thank you. Appstore acont: kiraly@me.com Király István Screenshots... https://www.dropbox.com/sh/1hydxxa34hdw3mn/AADm6p280LcXGrcnBpy0ER6Ia?dl=0
  23. Out of curiosity, I've dug out Version 3 of Knoll Light Factory, that was originally supplied with a Serif Photoplus bundle. Although it's installed, Affinity Photo doesn't recognise the plugin. Does anyone know if it's compatible with AP, and if so, how did you get it to work? (All my other plugins Like Nik Collection and Topaz Labs work fine) Thanks
  24. The picture that I captured had a lot of haze and dullness in it. So, I tried to retrieve some of those natural colours back inside AP Sharing the original image and the retouched version. Critics and feedback welcome!!
  25. Hello, I have been waiting with excitement for the Affinity BETA to come out on windows. After opening Affinity, i was not convinced. I really got this "not bad" feeling.. This is because of 1 main issue; i don't like the user interface. Functionally speaking, its great. It beats photoshop in my opinion. But its not even close to what i had hoped for.. I am a big fan of "minimalism" and "flat" design, not just for its looks, but for the overall experience. I came accross a photoshop redisign made by Aurélien Salomon on Behance: https://www.behance.net/gallery/19600227/Photoshop-redesign This is how a modern and new photo editor app/program, in my opinion, should look like. Design is contantly evolving, so the tools that are used to create design should be designed with this in mind. My suggestion: create an user interface that works with templates. Give the user control of how Affinity looks like. What would be better then an editor that by itself gives inspiration to create more beautifull & smart designs?

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