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Found 2,358 results

  1. I see you already support the X-A2 and X-A1, so it would good to complete the set with featuring compatability for the X-A3.
  2. TonyJ

    Bat Ears

    Weekend fun character painting. Hope someone likes it. Really quite amazed at the versatility of the old classic smudge as a real painting tool.
  3. Kevin Martin

    Practice work

    do not know what to say
  4. An album cover I did for Tony Rose, an artists based in San Antonio, Texas. website // CalvinCoolridge.com instagram // CalvinCoolridge twitter // Calvincoolridge
  5. Hey folks, actually I am very upset at the moment cause I have to repair manually lot of the data from my photos made from my trip in Scotland. Actually I use the raw development from my Panasonic data and this kills and messes up everything in the EXIF. E.g. the GPS data that is recorded well in the jpeg and the .rw2 file from the cam. I open the rw2 and develop with affinity photo and long story short... after the export to jpeg again the GPS data is "modified" means that the longitude is changed from west to east ??? WHY!? Finally all of my pics have been shot in the middle of the north sea now... great! Another thing is the time stamp in the file.. After editing, developing, editing and exporting to Jpeg I place the photos to the Macintosh app Photos to use as library After the import of the files the mess begins... all photos are mixed up and not anymore in the right order. I hit CMD+I for the information ... the timestamp seems to be correct. I dabble click the time to check the timezone ... and it is f***** up.. no time zone and a time which has nothing to do with the original and neither with the editing Maybe someone have an idea how to fix it for the future... now I have edited all timestamps and gps data manually which took me some days what I want to avoid in future...
  6. Who's in dribbble so i can follow you? My accounts: https://www.instagram.com/heavyblazenight/ https://dribbble.com/heavyblazenight https://www.behance.net/heavyblazenight
  7. Hello, I run Windows 10. And my version of Affinity is 1.5.269. I have never processed a pic with it yet. Intimated by it. I was going to print the guide out, put I ran out of toner. I am trying to do what the lady on this video is doing with the imprinting brush. I cannot do it. What she is doing is using it to 'paint' over an object, and then she releases the mouse and the painted over object is gone. She talks about how easy it is. When I do it, I get a thin line to 'paint' with. The line I paint with in the size of a the print of a normal pen. The one she uses is large and she can quickly paint over a telephone pole for example. There are no comments after her video is over, so I am left without any help. Could those of you that know how to use the imprinting brush teach me how to do it? Please? The time window for what I am interested below is from the 31:19 min mark to the 40:22 mark. How does she make her brush bigger? What is the deal about the two layers (ie. Current layer and Below, Current layer) Also, how come I do not see a red-eye icon on my screen? Would you please which the short clip above and teach me how to do it? Is her version the same as mine? You don't have to watch the whole video.
  8. Hello I run Affinity Photo 1.6.6 and Affinity Designer 1.5.1 it used to be easy to switch from one to the other, by simply clicking on edit in Designer when I was in Photo and edit in Photo when I was in Designer. Now I can't even import a Photo file created by Affinity Photo into Designer unless I convert it into a jep. What am I missing ?
  9. I was editing a scene which I had taken through develop )Nikon Raw file D850) through to Photo persona and had converted to monochrome (via Nik Silver Efex), I had sharpened using using high pass (1 pix - overlay) when I wondered whether haze removal might have a positive effect (distant contrast). Affinity Photo then started analysing (see attachment) before crashing see screen grab of Event manager (2nd attachment). Affinity Photo Win 10 64 bit pro latest version 16gb Ram GTX 760i
  10. An illustration I did in Affinity Photo, tell me what you think Website // CalvinCoolridge.com Instagram // CalvinCoolridge Twitter // CalvinCoolridge
  11. I am more drawn towards using Designer but will be spending more time later this year learning about Photo. One of my HUGE Designer / Photo add on packs which is my main production flow, requires me to need a photo editor, Despite being a long term user of another editor ( not PS!) which offers utilities not included in Photo, I find thta I can get what I am wanting in Photo without too much hassle. Let's say I am liking it alot.. So as my effort of showing off my creations here is one and I included the original image for comparison. Hope you like it. I encourage all positive critiques!
  12. I can no longer export and PNG file from affinity photo. It just hangs for hours saying calculating. the file is around 50 megs and I never had issues before. I am running a MacBook and ran all disk checks and no errors. I have to kill (force quit). Really need some help here. It just hangs forever.
  13. Photo of mine from Manchester UK. Into AP, then Corel Painter 2017, then finish in AP plus Nik.... Enjoy...p
  14. Created this look using Affinity photo for ipad with the smooth retouch then I used the lighting filter to put the emphasis on the face all done on the ipad. To give her that Female Black Panther look
  15. Finished this to a satisfactory level. Painted on a budget HP laptop that cost me £350. A3 processor and 8GB RAM. Hat's off to the developers. Link to WIP:
  16. Hi Guys, Just bought my mum a Nikon B700 camera so she could come into the world of raw. Last night she had problems with not seeing previews when trying to open her raw images through affinity photo. I fixed this by installing the codec from Nikon. But when she tries to open her raw file the image is opening up really weird? I have attached a screenshot of how it opens and the raw file for anyone to test it out. I have tried opening it on my pc which doesn't have the codec on in case it was that but I get the same strange image? Anyone got any ideas? Both pcs are running on Windows 10, latest version of affinity photo, 16gb RAM, Thanks! DSCN0007.NRW
  17. So, I finally had some time to play around a bit with Affinity Photo. Took this old photo I shot, and did all the editing in A-Photo. Not bad for a few minutes worth of testing. Inluded the original image and the retouched image.
  18. On the whole I would have to say I am pleased with Affinity Photo although feature wise it is not much different from Serif Photo Plus 6. The depth of editing is immense and a match for Photoshop which I have also used. I would use it if i needed to use deep editing capabilities such as cut outs and layer adjustments. However in my opinion where Affinity Photo falls short and where improvements need to be made to match either Photoshop or Lightroom is in the image sharpening department. In my opinion Affinity is quite disappointing in this respect because it lacks sensitivity. Maybe I would use it to sharpen with a High Pass Filter but the Unsharp Masking is disappointing and less sensitive than even that of Lightroom. i have found that even my Canon Software can produce considerably sharper images that are far sharper and less blacked up. Fine detail is preserved with both Unsharp Masking and basic sharpeners whereas I tend to find that with Affinity I am loosing colour sensitivity ( tends to blacken things up) and fine detail. I have tried it with a number of portrait images and in my opinion Affinity falls short in this area against both Lightroom and Canon ( camera supplied editing software). this means that I am having to swap about programmes to do the sharpening which is slightly annoying that i am unable to complete all my editing successfully in Affinity. In Affinity Photo there is a huge choice of outputs and jpg converters but in Lightroom no choice is given nor in Canon but the results are just as good if not better. I think that these are basic requirements and that Affinity should have been able to get in right but unfortunately in my opinion it has not. To be a truly serious contender to Adobe it needs to get these small but important basics right and when it does it will certainly rival Adobe PS and Lightroom but until then I am afraid I will still need to go to other programmes to complete these essential steps. I have provided examples. The file names provide clues as to the editing paths used. The one developed in Lightroom was taken into Affinity Photo simply to deal tidy up the stray hairs and get rid of them. That was its only Layer edit in Affinity. I gave the sharpeners in Affinity the best try but to my opinion the results from Lightroom and Canon are both superior & sharper, less blocky and seem to be much smoother generally. I have tried to get the same with Affinity Photo but it has eluded me. In Affinity I used a Live Filter Layer with both Unsharp Mask and High Pass.
  19. I'm learning to work with wacom intuos pro and affinity photo.) http://tomasnero.com https://www.instagram.com/unconsistentcum/
  20. So far I've not found a way to determine the exact grey value of a particular pixel of a layer mask in Affinity Photo. The info panel only shows colour values of the underlying layers. This is a very useful feature, for example if you work with gradients to combine two photos and you want to refine a certain area of the mask and apply the same grey value as in other areas of the mask. If such a feature really does not exist in Affinity Photo I'd like to request it to be implemented. If it does exist and I've simply not found it yet I'd be grateful if somebody could instruct me how to do it.
  21. I was not quite sure where to post this but anyway, Back to the Mac is a weekly Mac-centric YouTube show that "considers all things Mac," produced by the 9to5Mac web site. Episode 2 is about the author's favorite apps, & Affinity Photo is the second one he discusses. There apparently is a giveaway of some sort (read the "more" blurb) with a copy of Affinity Photo & the Workbook as the prize.
  22. Dear all, I would like to compress my massive amount of JPGs in order to save some space and when I just opened up a picture in order to try out the amount of compression that would not yet show too much in the quality the following thing surprised me: The original JPG is about 4.4 MB big. If I go straight to "Export" (really don't do anything in between) and want to export it at 100% it is suddenly 9.43 MB when using Affinity Photo. When using Photo Plus X8 the "new" picture is about 8.0 MB. So it more than doubles in size just by opening in a programme and exporting it in the original format, the original resolution and at the original quality? Is it correct to assume that this is somehow because of the Resampling Method? Kind of like: I didn't do anything but the programme actually did quite a lot? And if I cannot export without resampling: Can anyone recommend a combination of Resampling Method and quality level that one the one hand don't lover the perceived quality too much but on the other hand put a good dent in the file size? Thank you very much in advance, Dreamer
  23. Hi there, after upgrading to latest release i got extremly unresponsive paintbrush in layer mask with 650 pixel width System: AMD Ryzen 7 1800X, 8+8 cores, 32GB RAM, SSD, Nvidia 1080 GTX, Windows 10, 1980x1200 Dell 2408 Display (Adobe RGB calibrated with Spyder 5). Using "Max Performance" Energy plan. Always latest Windows patches installed (to 1709 release) Canon CR2 RAW files (~30 MByte each), stack of 4 images with exposure bracketing, without HDR mapping (unchecked during "open" dialog). Steps to reproduce: 1. open 4 RAW files as HDR stack, uncheck "HDR mapping" 2. clone pixel map 3. HDR mapping of cloned pixel map 4. add curve adjustment 5. add highpass filter layer, 1 pixel, "linear light" blend mode 6. use paintbrusch with ~650 pixel width, black color, to modify filter mask layer. Result: CPU goes to 100% (on 16 cores!) several seconds lag before paintbrush results get visible, even preview of black paintbrusch on white mask layer lags needs 2-3 seconds. "bumpy" paintbrush results, chain of seperate black circles instead of full black mask. Any ideas?
  24. Tried out a fisheye lens on my camera (canon 800D) last saturday and wanted to see how it looked. But when I open it in affinity photo it opens it very shortly and closes the program down. As you can also see it made the corners black and deforms my picture. This is probably because it is trying to do some lens correction or whatever. The added movie was with (develop) assistant manager turned off. When turned on it closes down even quicker. I am either doing something horribly wrong, or affinity photo is failing on me. I have also tried opening the picture in other programs and they render the picture perfectly fine. ap_fail.mp4
  25. 1. Type some text 2. Apply font "Helvetica" 3. Export as PDF with "for Print" Profile Expected : All text should be correct Observed : Characters get changed Is it a font corruption in my system? or font not embed properly. I try this font from PagePlus & Drawplus in my system and they work properly. Thanks in advance Arun A_Photo.pdf untitled.afphoto

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