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Found 1,340 results

  1. bodobe

    Her Companion

    My Vector-Illustration "Her Companion", (now) edited with AP.
  2. bodobe


    Hi Folks, another work ;) Drawn and edited with AD and AP (ship), using some free pics (landscape, children). Do you like it?
  3. My Strawberry Monkey

    The Spaceman

    Hi, I've been spending some time with Affinity Photo and loving the results i'm getting. Here is something that I've worked on today, enjoy. #TheSpaceman. Allan
  4. Hi, I have just started to work on AP yesterday and I have realised one thing as Adobe Lightroom user; Highlights and Shadows adjustment algorithms on AP doesn't work like Adobe. If I adjust highlights&shadows on Adobe it responses with mid tones and doesn't create fringes, but with AP they work so extremely, for example when removing with sky highlights I can't manage to have correct sky view anymore coz it effect all the photo extreme way. Do you have any idea how I can deal with it or do I apply somethings wrong? Thank you, Oflatun.
  5. When creating a new image there's a drop down with the label "DPI". This is incorrect, images doesn't have DPI (it's a printer unit), they have PPI.
  6. Hi all, when opening PSD files i always getting "Fonts Missing" message with "Suggested fonts" on the right and then when i open the files, ALL the text is OFF, not aligned, messy etc.. I never installed any new fonts on my OS. All my PSD files always open and edit perfectly using any other app like: Pixelmator, GIMP, Photoshop, Preview and so.. Only in Affinity Photo i have this weird bug. I tried "Reset fonts", reinstall the app, restart my iMac and nothing helped. See attached: original file, Missing fonts message, How it should look and how it looks like. Original.pdf
  7. bodobe

    Mona ... who...?

    Hi folks, another work ... ;) (photo manipulation)
  8. How to increase Grid line thickness - Affinity Photo The Grid lines are too thin for me. In Develop Persona I Show Grid and the open Grid and Axis Manager but I don't see a way to increase Grid line thickness. Can this be done and how?
  9. bodobe


    Photo Manipulation with AP (Full HD wallpaper), do you like it? Free images used from pixabay.
  10. I'd like to use Guides for Lens Correction in Develop Persona in Affinity Photo How can I Enable Guides in Develop Persona? I enable View>Show Rulers and then View>Show Guides. There is no Move Tool to drag a Guide out. There is no View>Guides Manager.
  11. Hello, in PS, it is pretty handy to be able to copy layer, layers or even group of layer onto other documents. I would appreciate if you could implements this feature in Affinity Photo. Thanks for listening.
  12. Hi, Has anyone noticed a difference in color of the raw file in AP and that same file in PS? How can i be sure i'm getting the correct color from the adjustments I'm making? Just curious because when i try to process in AP the images don't come out as great as i believe they are in PS. Thanks!
  13. Hello Affinity, Congratulations on creating the first real competition that Photoshop has ever had. Photo is a great application! I found a few small bugs in the UI. They're just minor annoyances... nothing major. MARQUEE Inconsistent Keyboard Shortcut Response - Select Marquee Tool - Hold down [Command+Spacebar] and click to zoom. - The first click is usually counted as a “deselect” instead of a zoom. When clicking quickly, the second or third click usually causes it to work properly. - The behavior is the same when using [Option+Spacebar] to zoom out. Shift Key Should Add To Current Selection - Select Marquee Tool - Make a selection - If the Shift Key is held down and another selection is made, it should Add to the current selection. Currently, it deselects the current selection and begins to create a selection that’s constrained to a square. The Option Key behaves properly in this respect because if a selection is made and then another selection is made with the Option Key held down, it Subtracts from the first selection. INPAINTING TOOL Icon Changes to Move Tool Icon - Select Inpainting Tool - Click canvas scrollbar and mouse back over the canvas - Icon will have changed to the move tool icon - Tapping the spacebar will revert the icon to its proper state ADJUSTMENT LAYERS Option Click should also revert to non-mask view - Option+click shows the contents of an adjustment layer mask, but it should also return the user to the non-mask view when they click on the mask again.
  14. To reproduce: Draw with the brush tool or otherwise generate a raster layer with some content Using the move tool or the transform panel, add a rotate transform to the layer Run a destructive filter command from the main menu (tested with Radial Blur) Increase the Angle parameter for the filter to have a visible effect With the preview active, click somewhere on the canvas to set the center point for the effect to something meaningful, like the center BUG: The filter preview will now be clipped rectangularly (presumably to a memory manager tile boundary) and not display in the extended area the filter would expand the layer region into. Applying the filter will now briefly show a huge bounding box for the layer, which after a short moment shrinks to the correct size The final rendered result is correct even though the preview was not.
  15. Affinity Photo only has entire image/document based cropping. It needs to have image/layer based cropping. While one can use selection/deletion (which is destructive) or masking (which can be awkward), I think a simple straight line crop tool (like the document crop) and a bezier and b-spline crop tool with handles/point control would be good. I'd like to see two features in that regard (time to suggest them in the Feature Request forum): • There should be a Non Destructive Crop • It should have handles/points (much as the crop tool does). That can work for both "straight lines" or on bezier and b-spline curves. * Ideally it should have x, y coordinate point readout which might help in some cases.
  16. I try (test) Affinity Photo beta with different motives. Here are two cats from a children's book. Not really ;) , I just try several illustrations to ‚explore‘ AP. Previously Pohothosp was my home in graphics, now it’s AD and AP. That's a bit strange, but… very, very good. What is your own experience?
  17. It would be great to have global clipping warnings inside of the regular Photo persona. Photoshop has implemented clipping warning overlays as part of a few tools, such as Levels and Curves, but it won't for instance help you when you are trying to use the dodge and burn tools to get a pure white or pure black background and other workflows. Since I assume that this is already planned as part of the Curves and Levels improvements on the roadmap, I would suggest to make it a view option, accessible either from the View menu or in the Histogram/Scopes panels that can be used at any time, with any of the tools available instead of adding it only to two or meticulously adding it to all sorts of adjustments manually. Holding Option inside Levels/Curves and on the Luminosity slider in HSL adjustments, Black&White etc. would then temporary toggle that option to the opposite of its current setting (i.e. on when it's off and off when it's on). Video cameras often implement the overlay as a zebra pattern, and you can customize the threshold at which it shows up. That's actually a useful workflow for other areas as well. For instance, you could have your clipping warnings at 95% if you wanted to see which areas are reaching a range that while they might not be clipped, would not show detail when offset printing the image. A preference to animate a zebra pattern inside the clipping warning, like the marching ants of selections do, would also make it help stand out when the image is visually very similar to the overlay pattern.
  18. In addition to the current sampling settings in the Healing Brush etc., a "Current Layer and Below in Group" option would be very useful. One frequent use case would be frequency separation. I like to use two groups, one for the low frequency and one for the high pass image. I can then create additional layers in each one. For the low pass group, that's pretty simple since "Current Layer & Below" will work fine. To work with layers inside the high frequency group, however, I need to manually hide all layers below until I can clone/heal from the high frequency image only onto a new layer. That means I currently get no live preview of my results, and checking what I am doing involves manually selecting and toggling all layers below all the time. Being able to restrict sampling to the current group would solve these issues. Also, a checkbox inside the Frequency Separation command to create groups with layers in them instead of single layers would save the trouble of creating the groups, setting the high frequency layer's blend mode to normal and setting the high frequency group's blend mode to Linear Light every time, and it could even create empty layers above each base layer as well. While I am at it, it would be very nice if the Blemish Removal Tool could also get sampling options since that is really the only way one could work non-destructively with that particular tool.
  19. When using the Frequency Separation effect, dragging inside the document view will interactively adjust the Radius parameter. So far that's pretty awesome. However, dragging with the mouse will lead to strange and very erratic changes in value for the parameter. Dragging horizontally in a single direction, it might go down and then up again, which is really strange. I looked at the slider behaviour a little more closely, and it turns out the algorithm currently calculates the radius using something like this: Radius = RadiusBeforeAnyChanges + FixedMultiplier * distance( CurrentMousePos, InitialMouseDownPos ); This means that it is impossible to go lower than the initial slider value. So dragging right will increase the radius, but then dragging back left without releasing the mouse will only decrease the value until the original point where the mouse button was pressed is reached, at which point the distance is going to increase again, meaning the slider goes up again. Values lower than when the mouse was pressed can never be reached since a distance is always positive or zero of course. This is confusing to the user to the point where I would consider it a bug that makes the feature useless. I would suggest that the algorithm detect on first mouse move whether the mouse is predominantly moving horizontally or vertically and then to use that axis like a slider, for example Radius = InitialRadius + FixedMultiplier * DeltaX for horizontal movement. Any movement upwards or to the right would be defined as positive increments, and anything to the left or downwards as negative increments. That way the user could go below the value that the slider had when the mouse was first held down, and it would mean that the value would always change in a predictable and consistent way when the user drags in a particular direction. When going beyond the limits of the slider, it would probably ideally behave in a way that if, say, the slider limit was 1.0 and the user went to the right to the point where 10.0 would be, moving back to the left would then instantly lead to the slider value being decremented again. One possible addition (though that would probably be considered a feature request) would be support for holding down modifier keys to influence the FixedMultiplier so that the parameter could optionally be changed faster or with more fine-grained precision. Sorry if all this sounds a bit confusing.
  20. Hi, Just curious when we'll see the new Tutorials for AP? :)
  21. DawnSnow


    Downloaded the app! yay.. making my way through the menu, so I can replace Adobe. I was excited to read that it works with PS plugins. I use the Portraiture plugin and have upgraded it to work with the newest PS. I told AP where the plugin folder was. Tried to use it, and every time, this plug in seems to crash AP. It opens, I set it, and get no further. It simply closes the program. help!
  22. Hi friends, Now that I have purchased the Affiniy Photo Inhad dreamed that this one of my former questions would be answered by the working of the app. ut I am desappointed for is not. I am longing to get the selection outline being softened by a slight blurring, but as much as I repeat the action, select-shrink-invert selection-apply blurring....the result is that the blurring does affect the whole shape and. not the outline that is outside of the "marching ants" I have followed a moderator's instructions or tips and the hing does happen again and again, Can anyone have tried to do this action and succeed? I would appreciiate, again a bit of. help in this, Is important for my conpositions and though I coulld refine the outlines with Photoshop...mmmm....the thing is to get ride of it as much as possible...you see. Thank you so much in advance. Rosa
  23. just purchased Affinity Photo from app store for $39.99 but the charge on my credit card shows $44.98, why?
  24. The screenshot below was taken in AD. The alignment and distribution blocks are missing from AP's toolbar customisation window. As it currently is, one has to drag the alignment buttons one by one to the toolbar (not as convenient as dragging the blocks). Could we have them in AP as well please? Cheers!
  25. bodobe


    vector drawing (AD), edited with APh (effects). I try Affinity Photo beta, and what can I say ... it’s damn good! :rolleyes: