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Found 2,346 results

  1. 4 very easy and useful ways to crop images in Affinity Photo. I will explain how and why to use these different methods. Every Method has it's benefits, but also downsides. So where to they fit best into the workflow? Let's find out. Awesome Deals for Affinity Photo: https://gumroad.com/sarikasat Support me on Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/sarikas Follow me on: https://www.facebook.com/sarikastutorials https://www.instagram.com/sarikasat/ Join us on Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/AffinityPhotoTuts/
  2. Hi how can I resize 100 photos? With PS I know how to, but now I use only Affinity Photo and I've stucked with this.
  3. In this Affinity Photo tutorial, I will show you, How to improve photo quality in just a minute.
  4. Ist question: The color values for the color picker RGB appear to be displayed two ways. One as the traditional 3 digit values and a decimal and 2 digits. When the latter happens , how do I get it to revert the original values? I may have fat fingered the keyboard to trigger it. 2nd question: I have a render of the inside of a building produced in Sketchup with a Vray render. I want to change the color of the walls. Is there a way to outline the outside edges (corners and ceilings) and the inside edges (windows and doors) and use the color replacer? I am trying to speed up the process and keep the edges crisp and clean. See the orange lines on the example. TIA DAve
  5. Affinity Photo Tutorial |Today! I am going to show you, How to create one of the most popular special effects in photo manipulation. Particle effects like dispersion and disintegration are always eye-catching. Particularly in the case of dispersion photo effect.
  6. Hi Affinity By Serif, I'm using Affinity Photo and Affinity Designer. I noticed that once I have imported new brushes, I cannot re-order brush categories or sort the brush categories by name. The most recent imported brushes are at the bottom of the scroll down menu in the brushes panel. Would it be possible to add such an ordering or sorting feature so that users can actually order the brush categories according to their own preferences? < I could not find such a feature/ functionality in Photo or Designer. > Would be nice. With kind regards, Bastiaan
  7. Hello there, I created brushes i need to work and use on Affinity Photo like i used to have in Photoshop, im making a move to using Serif's software using my ipad... Though my brush were functioning well as i have watch some tutorials but seems i cant find other videos wherein the apply these strokes using the pen tool... So how to use my custom brushes to apply them as a Stroke using them on as the lines to stroke my pen tool curves?
  8. Cool: I created this Spiral Typography Art. It took 16 layers to create this. Looks amazing. I copied each image & pasted it, instead of moving it, I rotated it instead to create the spiral.
  9. Hi. The title says it all. When I export an AP file as a TIFF, whether 8-bit RGB or CMYK, I can't open it in Painter. I keep getting "unsupported compression method." Anything I can do about this?
  10. Learn when to use JPG, GIF, PNG or EPS. Find out which compression rate is right. Lear a easy method to get the perfect resolution and file format for your image. In this video i will cover when you should use PNG, JPG or GIF. I will show you in which occasions they are the best format, and how they are different from each other. We will also cover EPS for special occasions like Vector Shapes or Text. Awesome Deals for Affinity Photo: https://gumroad.com/sarikasat Support me on Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/sarikas Follow me on: https://www.facebook.com/sarikastutorials https://www.instagram.com/sarikasat/ Join us on Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/AffinityPhotoTuts/
  11. Hi, running Windows 10, drivers up to date , all Windows updates done, NVDIA graphics card. for a while now whenever I open either Affinity Designer or Photo my computer slows right down becomes unresponsive and then when I try anything in either app I get a black screen like in attached image and it says either app not responding. It locks up every app I'm in at the time After a few minutes it comes right but It is really annoying the hell out of me! I noticed a similar issue in FAQ Here but it's not quite the same. Is anyone else having this or similar issue?
  12. HI I've checked the forum and did not find the answer to this, I'm trying to group several adjustment layers and standard layers while recording my macro, but I cannot select the layers individually in the layers panel to group them i get this popup asking me to pick a single layer. When i use the "select - select all layers" command it works, but when i run the macro (on a new file with multiple layers), any layer that is not locked gets placed in the group the macro created (i don't want this). Am i missing something, is there a better way to select the layers and group them while recording a macro? Forgot to mention i'm running affinity photo
  13. I can't get vector paths in Affinity Photo to use brushes. It looks like the support is meant to be available... Under stroke style there is an option called Texture Line Style but it dosn't appear to do anything differently to the solid line style. It has the exact same options. Is this a bug?... Or am i missing something here? I am running Affinity Photo 1.7.2 for mac
  14. For example - i have complex file with layers. Each layer has it is own set of effects and transparency settings - but the same content - some vector shape in curves or some word or logo. Then i wish to replace the object (shape in curves) in each layer - but want to replace in ones - and other dependencies also updates automatically. In the same manner there are templates made for use in Photoshop. What is the right name for this functionality and where i can read about this ?
  15. How long will Affinity Publisher, Designer & Photo be in beta before the public release? > Been checking for updates in Microsoft Windows Store for 2 months so far, so far no updates yet. I have
  16. Hey guys......so I was working on my new course...and got the the lesson on making brushes.....sooooo I had to amek some brushes. I made a set of fog/ smoke brushes in raster and a set of silky smooth stroke brushes for your vector applications. I have learned so much from the people on the site....I wanted to give back, so here ya go . I am working on new blog post and some new art using them....so I will keep you in the loop Feedback on them is always appreciated, I love making these sorts of tools Jeremy , www.7thseasonstudios.com Stroke brushes -7th season studios .afbrushes Smoke and fog brushes -7th season studios.afbrushes
  17. Nik Collection just prompted me to install an upgrade to version I am on Affinity Photo 1.7.3 and I want to avoid another disaster like what we experienced about a year ago with Nik just bombing on Affinity Photo. That was only changed when the finger pointing and shoulder shrugging caused a user community sh*t storm. However, I don't have time for the same thing this time around. Can anybody tell me if this is compatible BEFORE I install the upgrade, please? If it is not compatible, when can we expect it to be? Thanks. PS. I am on Mac OS Catalina.
  18. It would be great if there are options for copying, pasting, disabling and removing layer effects by right clicking on a layer. I know layer effects can removed by clicking on the fx icon and unchecking the boxes. What do you think friends?
  19. Mac desktop apps. Running both up to date designer and photo. I read in the Affinity help sections that all Affinity files can be opened in any Affinity app. But when I go to open a afphoto file in afdesign half the layers are missing from the afphoto file. Back story I designed a vector logo in afphoto and just bought afdesign over Black Friday. But the logo is not importing 100% into afdesign. If I click and drag the missing layer from photo over to the design window, That won't work either. Any help thanks. MTN Logo Square 2020 Final.afphoto
  20. Learn how I created my most liked Instagram Photo. I will show you step by step how i merged multiple images into my "Ghost of the Bear" art work. BLACK FRIDAY Everything Bundle: https://gum.co/ARRKD Based on Photos by @wflwong and @andredantan Awesome Deals for Affinity Photo: https://gumroad.com/sarikasat Support me on Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/sarikas Follow me on: https://www.facebook.com/sarikastutorials https://www.instagram.com/sarikasat/ Join us on Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/AffinityPhotoTuts/ Photos used: https://unsplash.com/photos/IW8qQeYP1tA https://unsplash.com/photos/uuVguyksViA Fog Brush https://www.brusheezy.com/free/fog
  21. Hi there, I have just started using Affinity Photo on the iPad Pro so I am very new to this software. Mainly using Affinity Photo to merge bracketed photos taken with a drone (Mavic Air DJI) and have had intermittent issues with the software introducing unwanted noise in the merged photos. Sometimes the issue will go away once I do a reset on the iPad, however most of the time the noise will remain, even after another attempt at HDR merge. I would love to see this issue resolved, so thank you in advance! PS: attached are the bracketed shots to be used for your tests. DJI_0099.DNG DJI_0101.dng DJI_0100.dng
  22. It's really annoying to see files open at screen those weird zoomed in views instead of 100%, I can't find any options to set the default view to 100%. How can I achieve this? Thanks for help!
  23. I'm consistently having an issue in Affinity Photo in which adjustments (such as applying a mask, or cropping) apply to the entire image, and not just the selected layer. This happens regardless of whether the "Edit All Layers" button is checked or not. Is this a bug, or is something wrong in my preferences?
  24. Hello, I have MAC Osx 10.14.6 I tried to open my copy of affinity Photo which has worked fine in the past and it asked me to enter my registration details again. When I did I got the following error. The product key is valid, but there was an error writing the licence file! I updated affinity photo to the latest version but still get the same error. Can anyone help?

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