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Found 2,389 results

  1. Here is available Affinity Photo tutorial for creating a fruit juice manipulation. In this tutorial, we will see how to create orange cane juice portrait manipulation image.
  2. some recent images that travelled through Affinity Photo -- old fashion dodge and burn would the most used tool used in these images Lumix Fz300 Just like a big kid : throw -- throw it ----- ------ ----- ----- not so far next time Lonely pelican three photos of the one tree >background is bark from a nearby tree + a little texture brushing as above plus : black and white adjustment layer with a multiply blending layer + the orton effect I saw something in this long dead tree root beside the river ; however what I saw was not quite like how it ended up Very similar edits as the above files > honest comments / suggestions for next time / questions welcome
  3. Blend options are Broken in CMYK Modus: Bug: I try to remove a one color layer with "Blend option" but instead of removing one color its remove Multiple colors! (BGKru33tJI.gif) If i set "Source Layer Range" only to 0% (blendOptions.jpg) it don't remove the full channel color, still have black in my image. Future Request: What i would expect that in the background of "Blend options" should be a histogram for better fine-tuning. (blendOptionsRequest.jpg) Here some examples
  4. Hello people. Affinity Photo for iPad Pro won't accept my email address. i cannot register with AP even though i purchased the app from Apple's app store. if you can help me it would be greatly appreciated. i am a beginner with AP and with the iPad Pro 10.5" 2017. thank you all in advance. ali black
  5. Hey folks, here is another edit/composite using AP Result (work in progress): Source: At the moment, I am not quite happy about the masking of the palm leaves Refining the mask crashed Affinity Photo several times, so I tried my best with manual masking, but I am still not where I want to have it - maybe I will have to spend another hour to get it right... If you have some good hints about better masking, I would be happy Besides, what do you think about the edit? Cheers, Marc
  6. Hey there, I'm having a problem with those gaps/lines/edges of pixel layers (affinity.png) I made this sample file: test.afphoto This is what I have done, step by step: 1. Created a layer 2. Filled it with black 3. Resized canvas - 4 times of the original size 4. Duplicated the all-black layer 15 times 5. Snapped all layers side by side 6. Added a red background (just to show the problem) And now the problems: 1. Affinty Photo shows the gaps (having the color of the backgorund, white when no background, here - red) between the layers when the zoom is less than 100%, above 100% gaps disappear (affinity.png) 2. When exported on it's original size - there are no gaps (red lines) (height: 6000 - testh6000.jpg) but when exported on smaller size - gaps appear (height: 4000 - testh4000.jpg) Is there a bug or I'm doing something wrong? I would really appriciate a hint how to get rid of these lines both from exported files and from screen. I could probably resize the original and then export it, but I'm not sure if it works always. I was testing it few times, with different resamplers but haven't done any notes. Just that Nearest Neighbour resampler helps with this problem more often than other resamplers affinity.png I'm using Affinity Photo and was testing it on Affinity Photo Customer Beta and beta behaves the same. test.afphoto testh4000.jpg testh6000.jpg:
  7. This image was stacked and edited in APh 1.6.7 out of 40 single photos.
  8. I just purchased the programme from the Apple Store and when I click on any of the sample files that come with Affinity Photo (welcome screen), an X appears on the cloud icon. How do I access these files?
  9. I have been using Affinity Photo on my windows 10 desktop for almost a year. For the last 3 months I have been doing my main photo editing on Capture One Pro 12. If I choose "Edit with" or "Open with" in CO Pro the Affinity Photo comes up in the list of apps available to use. All fine. However, last week I bought a new desktop PC (Windows 10) and downloaded both Affinity Photo and Capture One to the new system. Both apps are the same version and build as my old system. The problem is that, on my new system, "Open with" and "Edit with" in CO Pro DOES NOT include Affinity Photo in the list of available apps. (It does, however, include in the list Affinity Designer which I also downloaded to my new PC when I downloaded Affinity Photo. So, both systems have the same software, and if I do an identical, side-by-side, operation of both old and new PCs, the list of available apps in CO Pro shows Affinity Photo on the old but not on the new!!! Any ideas, anyone?
  10. Using Focusstack and the mirror filter in APbeta
  11. Hey folks, this time just some basic photo adjustments, dodge&burn and repairing/inpainting to clean up the ground and the couple: Original: Hope you like it - Cheers, Marc
  12. bit of a just for fun photo composite of four images started with very recent sunrise image >I found it to too hard to line up the wires >added a rectangle marquee >added outline > added mask > removed the outline not needed >use warp tool to add the bend / saging > added masks to bird image > removed wire> added a darken blend layer. No idea how convincing it is > all photos taken with a little Pana Fz300 from the house yard Suggestions, honest comments and questions welcome
  13. See the attached screenshot. I noticed this as well with "alignment" during this process.
  14. Was about to leave for work, and this tiny flower caught my attention --- so I go grab the camera and head back out, but the one little ray of sunshine had vanished. Yet I still had to take the pic because it appealed to me so much. This is the original shot (resized for the forum): Wasn't really happy with the shot because it didn't match what it was when there was a bit of sunlight. I took it into affinity later that morning and did a bit of work on it. Don't like the way my digital cameras treat reds and magentas --- my Nikon and Canon cameras both make them look terrible. So I grabbed the blue channel and used a luminosity blend mode, adjusting it until I got the results I wanted with the color of the flower. Of course, I masked that layer so that it only affected the color of the flower. Added a fill layer with a gold tone, and used an inverted version of the previous mask. I also thought the droplets needed a bit of attention to make them stand out, so I used a trick someone showed me back when I was using Paintshop Pro and I liked the results. I made a copy of the original and applied a high pass filter, monochrome, and ran the slider to the far right. In the mask, I grabbed a brush with white and painted in the water droplets. To get the effect right requires adjusting flow, brush hardness/softness and the opacity of the layer. Think it is an improvement.
  15. 49 Shots, the rest made in Affinity Photo Beta (112)
  16. This is the time of year that Amaryllis (aka Hippeastrum) bulbs burst into flower. This is the second flower from one bulb. The first has rather gone over and the third is not quite open. I photographed this full face using 13 images in a stack, focusing on the tip of the stigma and progressively down into the throat of the flower. I found that using the jpegs resulted in the white parts of the petals being rather blown out, so I used the original raw (awr) files. Using the merge, I cropped it, then duplicated it and made a selection of the flower itself and deleted it. I then inverted the selection and applied a Layer > New Live Filter > Blur > Gaussian Blur with Preserve Alpha selected. Restoring the flower from the bottom layer gave the finished image. John
  17. In this video, We are going to show you, How to create an "Intertwine Text Logo" or Interlock Text Logo in Affinity Photo and Affinity Designer, Now this time, We are using Affinity Photo for this work, But don't worry, This same method will work in Affinity Designer.
  18. Here is my latest digital painting , hand painted in AP. Comments welcomed.
  19. It seems like I have to change directory each time I work on different file and I have a lot of directories/categories. Its default in photoshop and many other apps not sure where to do it in Affinity. Please advise. Thank you in advance.
  20. I am trying to recreate the basic shape shown in photo 1 in affinity photo (photo 2 is my attempt). I figured the easiest way would be to use the circle tool and pen tool and then cut out the excess lines afterward. The problem is I can't figure out how to remove the unwanted lines. If you know how to do this, help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  21. Why does it select content outside the selection when using refine selection?
  22. Thought I would share this project with you all. I don't mean to tread on anyone's political leanings; I just wanted to share the project for whatever it's worth (This + ~~$1.50 will get you a cup of coffee) https://www.dropbox.com/s/kurq4tx7kq4p5ob/VOTE BLUE 2.afphoto?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/y27u1d06sebwc8k/VOTE BLUE 2.png?dl=0
  23. Hi, is there any possibility in Affinity Photo to bend a text? Or even "text on a path"?
  24. Rolling along in a groove, thanks to Photo, Designer, QuarkXpress, and PDF Expert (no Adobe products involved WHATSOEVER). Latest Issue of Tattoo Media Ink's "Tattoos For Men" #109 is on sale now. Cover to cover, all photos were processed with Photo. Mind you some of the source material wasn't the greatest, but you work with what you've been dealt. I used Designer to recreate the Title logo, which is also used as footers on the inner pages. It's been almost 2 years since I used Adobe products, and especially InDesign and I don't miss any of it. Dabbling with Publisher and am looking forward to when I can use it side by side with Xpress. I've used Publisher for some small single page projects, but I can't put a 100 page publication solely on it's shoulders just yet. Loving Affinity products.
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