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Found 3,501 results

  1. Pretty pleased with this one. I really like photos that incorporate vector shapes / line work, so wanted to have a stab at my own. The space / window section was done in Designer, than that file was placed into the larger picture in Photo with some further work done. I used a lot of tricks I learned from the lockdown Affinity sessions (isometric grids, using textures as overlays, various colour adjustments, etc.), so many thanks for those! 🙂
  2. I found a bug in AP, just follow next steps: open a picture select an item with Selection Brush Tool click to Refine in window change Output to New layer with mask, click OK turn on Background, and turn off mask see the results: you get a border (?) around selected area on image. If selected New Layer with mask the duplicated image will not same as Background! Need delete second image, duplicate background, and move mask under this third layer. Please fix this! I attached my screenshot from this "border".
  3. Affinity Photo filling areas for example paint brush made area. i seen their demostartion video where there is docuemnt where is shapes are made with geotric tools (i dont even know how) they filled areas with flood fill tool with bitmap. i dont understanded it tired many times and is possible but how area what i made paint brush tool i can fill this kind areas single colour but bitmap and gradient fill no luck. please give docuemntation stills and words not in video. single reason i can print pages but noi videos and keeping focus to video is harder and i understand better what i read than what i hear.
  4. New CD Package for Ricky Byrd's latest release, "Sobering Times." Went through a thousand or so iterations of the cover (seems like it) which ended up being the BACK cover as Ricky liked a more recent photo (the one on the FRONT cover) as it has more attitude. I've worked with musicians all my life and this is part of the process. It's that odd sensibility of knowing what they want but only when they finally see physically what they have going on their heads. As a designer, it's my job to extract that vision and make it a reality.
  5. I am right handed and have a 21 inch screen and I have to reach all the way across to the left side of the screen when I need to select tools. Is there anyway to move the Tools Bar so that it locks to the right side of the art board? Like the mock GUI pictured . . . thanks
  6. Hi there, I have 3 branding colors (1 main accent, one near white and one near black). In my video editor I found an option to set a different color for the light and the dark tone independently. So I set 2 of my colors, set the saturation and the intensity each to 50% - voila, loved the result. Now I want to do the same to my photos for branding reasons. So I tried all the options I could find (including the colorize function with the 2 sepia presets) but didn't get really close. How can I do this in Affinity Photo? Thanky ou for your help, Andi PS: My exact colors are vintage white: #FCF9F2 / 252 249 242 (instead of plain white) beige: #DEB887 / 222 184 135 dark brown (instead of plain black): #35211D / 53 33 29.
  7. Is there a 'shift edge' or equivalent for selections/masks? If, yes, where is it ? Shift edge is something found in Photoshop. Photoshop's Shift Edge expands or contracts the mask by +/- pixels. It's available in the Refine Mask dialogue box in PhotoShop. Because it's in the Refine Mask dialogue, it means it can be experimented with at the same time as other subtle adjustments to the mask. I mostly use Shift Edge in combination with Mask feather adjustment. The amount of feather dictates the amount of shift. Shift Edge is really great for avoiding the halo effect when feathering the mask edge on levels adjustment layers. This is when you've got photos with the common problem of under-exposed foreground + over-exposed sky. How do you achieve this in Affinity Photo if there is no Shift Edge? (as I suspect might be the case)
  8. Fill layers how use two or more in same time way here i can edit their shapes as well? for different areas in picture. but keep them editable way. my first test at least i cannot do this. i can change patterns/of colorus of fill but i cannot edit anymore i feel these fill areas shapes. have reason but not at least now words tell why i think is not possible. shape means here area here filling is made.
  9. Hi. I bought Affinity Photo to make CMYK book covers for printing presses. They need me to provide a PDF complete with crop marks (and spine marks). They need these crop marks to reach the edge of the document like this: But when I export my file (whether I choose to "include bleed" or not) It always inserts extra whitespace between the image and the crop marks like this (where the yellow is the book cover's color): But I know that it's possible to get the lines flush with the image because I saw a video where a guy does it like this: So what am I doing wrong? I'm not using margins at all (and when I do it doesn't change anything). The bleed and trim are all incorporated within the document. I just want to export a PDF with crop marks touching the very edge! Please help! And thanks for reading. EDIT: Also, if anybody knows how to include "Spine Marks" then that would be great too!
  10. Been reading Spy X Family lately and ended up loving it. Just wanted to make a fun little drawing of the cutest character in the manga, Anya. https://www.artstation.com/artwork/aYgyGq
  11. Pretty new user here, and have a question: Can I save a crop/rotate and apply that on other images? I have some identical product images, bust some lit, not lit etc. I want to apply the same crop & rotate at all of them. I didn't see any save crop function, so i ask.
  12. most easy way get cat from picture and put it another picture? is there any tools what makes selecting such complex things easier. i need do such things and one my friend even want see it becosue she also want do such things.
  13. Added a PDF tutorial describing some of the methods to create vector brushes from a personal perspective. Some of the techniques are a bit unconventional.. but I hope you find it useful! Created using AD and APu (1.7 beta) Sample pages as below: Create Vector Brush_06.pdf
  14. I have enable psd smart object and import the psd mockup. However the quality of the photo is lose and turn dim a little bit. What’s wrong with that? I have seen layout and smart object work. Just the quality different.
  15. Affinity Photo i drawed stuff wrong postion how i can move stuff what i selected with freehand selection tool? i imagined i cut remove old one and paste with correct location but no luck.
  16. Hi. I have made a Spanish manual of Affinity Photo based on the help of the software. I hope it helps. Greetings. Affinity Photo Spanish Manual.pdf
  17. Hi there, I am confused why just a straight plain jpg file with a default sRGB profile looks different in the shadows with a slight difference in colors too - whether you look at it in the Affinity Photo Viewport or any other app: I tried Windows Photo, Google Chrome, Foundry Nuke, Davinci Resolve. And it's not about a particular file, I see the difference in any file. The only app which also shows the same image as Affinity Photo is CaptureOne but their support couldn't explain that to me. Here is what I have: - Windows 10 PC with Nvidia GTX1060 3GB videocard and the latest drivers - two calibrated AOC 24B1W1 monitors with their respective .icm profiles set as defaults in the Windows Color Management Settings - standard JPG files with sRGB IEC61966-2.1 profile look brighter in Affinity Photo (and Capture One) than in many other professional apps. I originally took Sony RAW photos, developed them in CaptureOne and exported as JPGs with all defaults. The exported images look darker loosing shadow details when viewed anywhere else, except Affinity Photo which also shows the JPG as I see it in Capture One. - any random jpg from the internet also looks brighter in the shadows in Affiity Photo - I generally like what I see in Affintiy more but I must be sure which colors are true when I edit the photos to deliver them to a client Sometimes, I hear that app is not color managed, and that app IS color managed. So can anyone please explain to me in which case I see a true picture - in the viewport of Affinity Photo or in other apps? I can only add that if I go to Document -> Assign ICC Profile and chose the profile for my monitor than an image gets slightly darker, exactly like what I see in the Windows Photo Viewer, Google Chrome, Nuke or Davinci. Does it mean that in order to see a true image I need to do that operation, or what I see in Affinity Photo as is - is the true image and all other app lie to me, despite their being much more 'professional'? I've added a screenshot as an example of what I see on the same monitor in different apps, I hope you can see the difference too. It's subtle but quite noticable when you see the whole image which lacks details in the shadows when you look at the exported image.
  18. Steps to reproduce: 1. Have a document of a particular size (in my case, I often work with making composite screenshots, so PrintScreen the whole screen, CTRL+SHIFT+ALT+N to create a new document and paste in the clipboard) 2. Copy some pixel data of exactly the same size (PrintScreen something else, so clipboard contains another image exactly the same size as the document) 3. Paste as a new layer Result: The new layer is added, but it is always shifted with X: -15px and Y: -15px. Expected result: As the clipboard is exactly the same size as the document, I'd expect it to be positioned exactly at X: 0 and Y: 0. Even if Affinity Photo was trying to paste to the center of the document or whatever, it should still be aligned perfectly with the first layer, no?
  19. hello, here is my "Serie about Geometric Birds". They are for sale - just in case - just let me know. Thanks
  20. Hello Is there any option in Affinity Photo for Change Case for Text, like "Sentence Case", "Upper Case", "Lower Case" etc. Thanks in advance.
  21. Found in the archive: Old drawing "Ludwig van Beethoven - Unrest in Music" (approx. 1992), watercolor & sepia ink. https://www.bodobe.de/ludwig/
  22. Digital painting brush work testing link https://gumroad.com/l/nsCEh
  23. Just a simple photo but this one I developed and edited with Affinity Photo. I normally process my raw files with DxO and are now (since I bought it) editing the resulting tiff files with Affinity Photo, but for this HDR I used Affinity Photo to automatically process and combine the original raw files from five takes (which I did with different shutter speeds covering a range of about just 2,5 stops difference between the first and last take). After that, in Persona Photo I erased (cloned out) a small motorboat that I didn’t like to be in the picture, I shrank the sky a bit downwards (using the rectangle selection tool and the move tool) because there was too much sky in the photo, I moved a bit the exposition, changed a bit the white balance, I boosted some colours and de-saturated or darkened others using the HSL tool and also masks, and I sharpened the image using the “mascara de enfoque” (focusing mask?) setting a low “factor” (amount) and a high radius (it works for me). Not much of a photo, but I am very satisfied with the performance of Affinity Photo, it has become my main photo editing tool. I use ASDSee to manage my photo files though, I hope Serif doesn’t mind 🙂
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