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Found 3,464 results

  1. Well, it's been a pretty awful year. let's hope things will start to improve. Here's my New Year video, made with APhoto and MoviePlus. For those who can't understand the lads' Black Country accents (which will be most of you, I expect!) I've provided subtitles in English -- click on the little icon in the bottom right-hand corner.
  2. Hi everyone, I've just uploaded a 90 page guide covering the absolute basics of Affinity Photo. If you go here https://theeagerlearner.com/ and subscribe you can download it along with the photos used in the chapters so you can follow along. This guide could be described as the written equivalent of my Affinity Photo: 5 steps to Better Photos course over at udemy. Actually it's the first chapters of a larger book I'm writing which will be the broad equivalent of the Affinity Photo: Solid Foundations course, also at Udemy. But it will be slightly different. I may not cover all the topics from the video course but I will be including written material about using the develop persona to process RAW files, for example. So why do this? Well, I'm aiming to sell the final book and I want people to have a clear idea of what to expect. I also think that if you are going to give something for free as a taster, you should give something good that's going to be of real use to people. It also gives you a chance to give any feedback to me here so I can match the final book to peoples hopes and wishes. So I hope it gives you plenty of useful information and I look forward to hearing any comments you may have about it. Cheers, Simon Foster
  3. This was one of those silly ideas that just needed to be done. My partner has 4 gerbils and her sister has a single male hamster. So I thought it would be funny to knock up a rough and ready card, based on my photos and a stock picture of the web. To make it look more studenty, I made the photos look cheap 'n' cheerful, stuck on the main picture, with Dymo tape styled messages from each rodent, pasted onto something resembling a cork board. Not one to plagiarise, honest...some of the messages might look familiar. Yes, everybody loved it.
  4. In Adobe Lightroom, it has a "dehaze" slider in the area for developing raw photos. I was wondering if this could be a good addition to the develop persona. Kind regards Tom.
  5. Hi guys, I just uploaded a new video, this is gonna be my last video in 2020. So this video is about how to add reflection to your photo. So you don't have to worry anymore if you take a flat photo, you can change the background and add reflection to it to make it looks more fantastic. I hope you enjoy this video. Thank you, and happy new year guys! See you next year.
  6. If I cannot open them, does anyone know of a free converter? I'd like to convert .indd to .png I've tried a couple of free converters but both gave error messages. Thanks
  7. Pop Up Affinity Photo Tutorial This is a pop up photo manipulation, but I thought I would change it up by adding some floating graphics from the background. The tutorial uses shapes, geometry, blend ranges (blend-if) perspective and more. This Digitally Fearless Affinity Photo tutorial was requested by one of my subscribers. https://youtu.be/z1_drshbedo
  8. Hi there. Not sure if I can find help with it, but want to share my frustrating experience. While working with mutilayered file in Affinity Photo on Win10, I established 3 correcting layers in separate folders - Shadows Highlights Halftone. Shadows and Halftone folders had corecting layers inside (1 and 4 on screenshot) and Highlights has a filled with yellow paint layer in soft-light mode with mask inside (2 and 3 on screenshot) Last time I worked with this file was yesterday. I checked the results of my work and saved it. But when openinig this file today I found the layers 1 and 4 was completely black, all hand painted mask disappeared, layer 3 was light gray instead of yellow like before. But mask (3) is ok. I exclude the possibility of accidental or malicious damage - nobody switched on my laptop since yesterday, I checked this layers before closing and I can't believe that I could damage (eg fill with black) accidentally all three layers simultaneously. So, I assume there is a some bug in program. PS I tried to find any possibility to restore previous versions of file and found that there is no autobackup option in Affinity, although there are user's requests of this option on forum from 2018. Instead of that there are recommendations to save manually. Well, thanks a lot. .
  9. Hey I have an issue in that when i use my Wacom tablet in affinity photo, often (but not always) this will completely disable my ability to click with my mouse. Once I've used my Wacom , I have to stick with it until I close and open the program again. The keyboard still works fine, but Photo just refuses to accept any sort of mouse input. this is really frustrating as navigating menus and using sliders with a Wacom pen isn't the best. I actually have a home machine and a work machine, one with an intuos, and one with a cintiq, and affinity photo does this on both. As far as i can tell via google , I'm the only one getting this issue. What am i doing wrong?
  10. Third magazine created with Affinity Publisher (and Photo and Designer). No Adobe products were used in the creation and proofing of this issue. There was a problem about halfway through the creation where Publisher 1.8 would seize up the file when saving and for whatever still unknown reason, the file could not be opened. All sorts of error messages. Thankfully there was a backup through Time Machine, although much work was lost. Paranoia set in and started saving copies every few minutes to several different folders. Sure enough, the same saving error occurred and file would be corrupted so I'd open a backup and kept juggling like that for half a day. Long story short, I reinstalled 1.7 and carried on with no problems. I did post the problem in the forums but the only semi-useful suggestion from another user was to try the 1.9 Beta. As my deadline was shortened by the problems I couldn't take the chance with the Beta version and reverting to 1.7 solved the problem. Still love the program despite that glitch (although there was much cursing during the crisis mode!). Before anyone asks, it was the magazine's publisher that requested the cover logos be turned on their sides. When anyone figures that one out, please let me know! As there are two covers, let me explain. It was decided that the two magazine titles were to be combined into one issue, evenly split (50 pages each). At the 50 mark, the pages are flipped upside-down. Not something I'm crazy about but then again, my job is to Art Direct and produce the magazine.
  11. Although the JixiPix plugins will not work yet with my new MacBook Pro 2020 M1 chip with Big Sur, here is a first attempt using their Pastello Pro software with my good old trusty iMac (High Sierra). I used an image from the Stock Panel applied the pastel plugin, then sent it back to Photo where I added a Curves adjustment, a Levels adjustment to the pastel effect, to lighten and brighten it a little and then tossed in a border with an outline. So here are some "social distance-ers" without masks. Merry Christmas everyone and here's hoping that the developers of various apps make their plugins work with our lovely Affinity Photo in 2021.
  12. Hello Affinity team, as a designer who heavily relies on art boards to produce an array of files for a single project. I would love to see a save feature within the export persona that allows for us to export the art boards as the artboard name we have chosen, but also the project name. Something like this: MasterFileName_ArtboardName.psd. That way when we export multiple files that are very similar in size and have the same extension, we can move them around more efficiently. If this is already a feature, please someone show me how. I feel like this would boost my productivity immensely.
  13. Masks,Live adjustment layers and Colour Dodge etc is possible load/save colour dodge data using file to mask ? (when using custom brush is not option becouse its limit is 4000x4000 pixels). same for live adjustment layers is there way load/save mask forr these ? i found save this kind stuff and i found i can mix layer using dodge mode and such. but if i save selected layer to png. get pink stripes left and right side and bottom and top border also looks weird. happens even i hide other layers (original image and anotehr layer). and i use save selection.
  14. So I designed these 4 Christmas & new year greeting card templates for you, and it's totally free. You can use or edit it and then print it out or share it on your social media. Here's the link to download it: - https://gumroad.com/krisna0#ZEKOu I'm also going to print out these templates on canvas and do a giveaway once it arrived. Only 4 people will get it, just comment down below to who do you want to give this print-out template to or if you want to keep it to yourself. I will choose these 4 people randomly from the comments and will announce it in the next video, so stay tuned. I hope you like the templates that I made for you. Thanks for watching! I wish you a Merry Christmas & happy new year!
  15. Hi, I've been combing the forums both here and DxO's and I can't seem to find an answer that addresses my problem. I've been trying to install the new Nik Collection plugins from DxO, after the recent email from Affinity saying the collection was compatible. (I'm using Affinity Photo 1.8.3 on a Mac, and the latest download of the Nik Collection from the DxO website -- newly purchased.) When installing the collection, there are no applications the installer recognizes as hosts other than an old version of Bridge CS6 I have to use as an image browser (I have no other Adobe CS or CC applications on my laptop). It does not allow me to select any Affinity product as a host. Regardless, when I run the installer, even if I try to add an Affinity app, it's greyed out. I've included two screenshots. After the installation is complete, there is a Nik Collection folder in my applications folder showing just .app versions of the plugins (the standalone versions), no plugin folder, nothing else. (And nothing in any application support folders that might be usable.) Launching into Affinity Photo afterwards and clicking on the Photoshop plugins pane of the preferences panel, I can add the Nik Collection folder as a "Plugin Search Folder", but as far as I can tell, that hasn't actually added them to the Affinity Photo filters menu. From other forum entries, it seems that AP wants to see .8bf files (is that true?). But, by default, the installer I'm using doesn't seem to install them. Trying the installation on an iMac at work (running Adobe CC), I can get AP to load the plug-ins if, when I install, I indicate that Photoshop CC is the host application and then include the Photoshop CC plugins folder in the list of Plugin Search Folders in AP. So is the issue with the Nik Installer that it's not recognizing AP as a "Compatible Host"? Or is there something I'm missing? Spent almost 3 hours trying to troubleshoot this. And I give up. Help, please.
  16. Affinity Photo Devleop persona i want change (i dont found way) before and after order. to my eyes is better order. to me one command line tool is years ago very bad becouse there is this kind order what this program follows but i imagine source is left and dwstionation is right. i more left handled enby (non binary) maybe related this. Ps. even normal Photo persona this split view what some earlier sayed soudns good idea.
  17. After making the required adjustments in the Develop Persona then click on the Develop button it takes up to a minute before the image is processed and moves to the Photo Persona. This is infuriatingly slow. I'm sure it didn't used to take this long. Sorry if this was posted before but I was unable to find anything.
  18. Hi. Something strange happens to me with affinity photo, which doesn't happen to me in any other artistic program, or not. The problem is that the background, flickers or changes color, becoming a little darker or lighter with certain actions (it is possible that even the canvas does, but where it really shows is in the background), I would say that what does is darken for half a second and then regain normal lighting.It happens in two ways. The first is done randomly when I press the alt, control, or shift modifier keys. The other, always happens in the same way, and it is curious because it does so depending on the tool you have selected. It occurs in two cases when it does. The first, when you move the cursor from the canvas to the background or from the background to the canvas. This only happens with the following selected tools: brush tool, mix brush tool, rubber tool, overexposure brush, all blur tools, except the finger tool. The second case occurs when you go from the background to the toolbar but not when you go to the canvas. This occurs with the following tools. Gradient tool, pen tool, geometric shapes tool and text tool. The color variation is not much, I did not notice it on my external monitor, until I changed the configuration to one with high light (presentation on my Benq monitor), but with this configuration it is very remarkable. I also could not make a video for a curious reason. As soon as I open OBS studio (my recording program), this flickering stops happening. I don't even have to record, just by opening the program this problem stops happening. In this designer forum they talk about something that seems similar . I have verified that changing to WARP as it is said there the problem stops happening, but unfortunately the brushes become unusable due to their slowness, since Intel UHD 620 is the option that my card should use. My computer. HP Notebook, 16g ram, I7, Intel UHD 620 integrated graphics card. I use windows 10. Hope this problem can be solved. Thank you very much for your attention and greetings.
  19. Pop Art Face comic style. Affinity Photo Tutorial requested by one of my Digitally Fearless subscribers. This tutorial uses blend modes, FX and a double half tone. https://youtu.be/9R1w1pRsAgU
  20. When I have a layer selected and press "v" (move tool) while the move tool is already selected affinity photo jumps to a layer which starts with the name "v". I really don't want that. Is there a way to turn off layer selection by (first character of the layer) name?
  21. Here are some general christmas theme silhouettes as vector assets for reusage in Affinity Photo & Designer & Publisher. The associated assets file: xmas_silhouettes.afassets Have a nice time!
  22. That's something I reported times (years) ago, but nothing happend so far! - In the stroke panel the miter label (german: "Gehrung") covers the corner selection button type selection and thus makes it pretty difficult (sometimes impossible) to select the underlayed selection button. screencast.mp4 Either make the stroke panel wider or abbreviate the localized label entry. - This affects all Affinity versions (ADe, APh, APu), I can't believe this still isn't fixed in the actual Affinity v1.8.4/v.1.8.6 line!
  23. Hello, I wanted to stitch photos together but then I noticed that the result was much darker and the highlights have been clipped. I was wondering if there are adjustments to disable the behaviour of automatically tweaking the photo. Because I very much like total control over these settings. I linked the Pano and on of the source images. Is that normal? Can I change that, or do I have to accept this flaw?
  24. I have been playing at colorizing old family photos with a fascinating AI called "DeepAI" The results were then imported to Photo and hit with various filters and curves and color tools. The AI isn´t quite there yet but give it another few years of learning and it will be mainstream. In the meantime I think these pictures came out pretty good considering some of them are over a hundred years old.
  25. I have just started shooting in RAW only (Sony A7iii) so obviously when I open the image in AP in will open in the develop persona, now I would normally just click the develop tab so it would open in the photo persona and I would edit my image from here. Should I be doing the editing in the Develop Persona first ? What's the difference between editing in the develop persona compared to developing in the photo persona ? How far should I edit my image in the develop persona before doing the final if any editing in the photo persona ? Thanks.
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