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Found 2,358 results

  1. Hi to all, I am encountering a strange behaviour which might be a bug (or a feature? - I don't know). I have a document in designer which consist of multiple embedded pictures. One picture needed further retouching so I want to open it in Photo. The problems came when I tried to get things back to designer. I tried two different approches 1) In designer I selected the picture and clicked "Edit image" (I don't know the correct english words as I am using the German version). Then I clicked File->Edit in Affinity Photo in the menu. Photo opened up, I did my retouching and saved. A dialog appeared if I wanted to save a reduced version for the desired file format can only contain pixel data -> ok. Then I closed Photo. But the changes did not appear in Designer at all. Bad luck. So I tried a different approach: 2) In designer I selected File->"Edit in Affinity Photo" for the whole document. Photo opens up. There I select the desired picture and select Edit image. Retouching. Save. Reduced format -> ok. Everything's fine. Then I save the whole document and open it again in Designer. But there the picture looks really ugly with huge pixels (like 32 x 24 or so). When I click "edit image" I have the HQ result from Photo but when I close the editing mode, again I have those big blocks. If I try to export a pdf for example - the picture is just not present (in my case there is a coloured square - the container which holds the image in the document). I am not quite sure if this is the correct behavior. But in my opinion at least (2) should have worked properly. So it seams that there is a bug somewhere. Anyway - it would be grad to have a better way to edit an embedded image in photo, like it works in publisher. That's really cool. The workflow to edit an image and then start up the other application while the document in the original application is closed is a bit clumsy imho. Thanks so far. Jan
  2. Hi All, I am seeing some nice photos from iPhone 11 and portrait mode, especially for low-key and high-key. Is there any way to do this with Affinity Photo Desktop? I saw some video on YouTube using the "lights" simulation and masks with Affinity Photo, but cannot find that clip anymore. Wondering if anyone else had some nice steps, samples to show how to create Low-Key and High-Key images with Affinity Photo (e.g. normal colour photo as source) and then end up with High and Low. Thanks in advance
  3. I don't want to start a new thread, just show the effects of the frost ... first big frost since the start of winter, edited in the last beta.
  4. What’s the best way to create this effect (in designer, publisher or photo)? The face and background of each photo have different color overlays. Thanks in advance!
  5. My different dodge and burn way using two curves adjustment layers . Seems to be less saturation I was having trouble with Open photo Add two curves adjustment layers [open one >Ctrl+J] Set one to darken similar as screenshot – does not have to match perfectly Name “burn” [or darken Set other to the opposite to lightening Name “dodge” [or lighten. Invert both > Ctrl + I Add a mask to each (especially if making a macro To use Bush settings >standard round brush >hardness 0 >opacity 10-20 are a good starting point . To darken >have burn layer active >paint with white To lighten >have dodge active >paint with white That's about all there is to it. Options Make yourself a macro /action --- pity we cannot make an action “with current settings” Use the layer mask + black brush to reduce /soften the effects especially on the edges. You can also reduce effects by lowering the opacity of the curves layer Open the adjustment panel to adjust curve settings – I am considering making the settings stronger . Tips to use. Little at a time is best. Or in other words, 10 brush strokes are better than one heavy brush stroke. Experiment with blend modes (not that I have yet) Not sure you will be able to paint in colours as can be done with the 50% grey method . I use that trick a lot so I now have both methods as macros and part of the ''start'' macros . The built in dodge and burn tools are great to target highlights or shadows With practise, and experience, you do do so much photo editing with only the dodge and burn tools that were used in the earliest darkrooms . Digital makes it so much easier! Honestly; I feel we are making photo editing more complicated than it already is, or needs to be . Would love to hear your thoughts, suggestions, and questions .
  6. Just for fun I thought I’d have a go at recreating an image from an old CCTV camera using Photo. It’s not perfect but I’m reasonably pleased with it so far, all done with Live Filters and Adjustments. If I do any more tweaks then I might post another version. For comparison, you can find the original image here: https://pixabay.com/photos/city-street-traffic-cars-731239/
  7. Hey guys......so I was working on my new course...and got the the lesson on making brushes.....sooooo I had to amek some brushes. I made a set of fog/ smoke brushes in raster and a set of silky smooth stroke brushes for your vector applications. I have learned so much from the people on the site....I wanted to give back, so here ya go . I am working on new blog post and some new art using them....so I will keep you in the loop Feedback on them is always appreciated, I love making these sorts of tools Jeremy , www.7thseasonstudios.com Stroke brushes -7th season studios .afbrushes Smoke and fog brushes -7th season studios.afbrushes
  8. Hi there, I'm trying to achieve a visual similar to the images attached. I've tried using Affinity Photo's LUT's, adjustments and tutorials but I just can't get there. I think it would include a minor fade on the black, a deepening to the blues (seeking a teal'ish blue), deep blue and greens (never overly saturated). Anyone know which adjustments I can play with and how to achieve this? Would super appreciate your time. Thank you so much~ - Denise
  9. Affinity Online Help Hello all, we're happy to be able to offer you an online version of the in-app help! Access Designer, Photo & Publisher Help here: https://affinity.help Here are some of the additional features we're able to implement as a result of having proper browser support: Dynamic language switching: The help will determine your language and (if it's available) serve you a localised copy of the help. If you prefer to read in another language, however, you'll find a combo box at the bottom left which will enable you to change languages—and stay on the page you're currently reading. Print: Sounds simple, but with full browser support we can now implement printing of the topic pages. The print icon in the bottom left will give you a nicely formatted printout of the current topic. Share: Clicking the clipboard icon will copy the current topic's URL to your clipboard, which means you can easily point other people towards topics that may help them. Responsive: The help was responsive anyway, including off-canvas menu functionality so you could collapse the window and still read a topic, but this is taken further in this version of the help. The help is formatted nicely and usable even on a 4" iPhone SE screen. Search: we've implemented our own bespoke search for the online help which is fast and accurate. Access it via the tab system along the top left. Favourites: you can add topics to your favourites list to easily access them during future browser sessions. Simply click the + (plus) icon next to the "Favourites" tab to add the current topic. With this online version you'll be able to print out topics and view them on your tablets/phones, which are two of the most common requests when it comes to help feedback. As always, if you have any feedback or find any issues with this online version, please let us know! Hope you find it useful.
  10. Hello guys, I learn how to work with Affinity Photo. I have got enclosed a file from this source https://discuss.pixls.us/t/out-of-the-box-raw-rendering-not-up-to-jpegs/6669/23 and I have tried to change the colors of the bridge. In another editor, I can change the colors quite well but in Affinity Photo is a problem for me. If somebody can help me with how to correct these colors I will be delighted. DSCF1110.RAF
  11. Hi everyone, I want to export a png with transparent background so I can import it in my CAD software. I created a document 1000x1000 pixels. Used a tree-brush to create said image with a shadow. Next I click on export PNG and when I go and import it in my CAD software it just doesnt let me choose a Alpha channel. So I assume theres none exported. I tried all solutions that have been posted on the forum but I cant seem to get it right. I added the file and a screenshot of the import window. Thanks in advance for your help. Tree.afphoto
  12. colin foster


    red movie1.mp4 red_movie1.mp4
  13. colin foster

    Vamporia - Red Dead Stories

    Thought I would share this story, not sure if there is much of a call for this type of content nowadays. This intro story is inspired by my partial play through of RED Dead Redemption 2 on PC. I have used the setting for the story from the game where I then did a photo shoot taking pictures from inside the game world and then enhancing them using Affinity Photo and Designer. I was very pleased with the level of detail shown by the creators of this game world and this prompted me to write a series of RED Dead Stories. Digital Media Only Red Dead Vamporia.pdf
  14. The Nikon ES-2 Film digitising adapter seems to be an effective way of digitising negative colour film. Is there an easy workflow in Affinity Photo to convert the negative RAW or JPEG files into positive pictures?
  15. Hello community, Not sure what happened, for months i have used many brushes in affinity photo and have added tons as well. Suddenly noticing, there are only default brushes left. All my brushes have disappeared. Help very much appreciated. Thanks Gyan
  16. I'm using Affinity Photo to create logos and then exporting them as a png for use in a number of places. One of the places I'm using the logos is in a brand book that is being built in Affinity Publisher. I've noticed that the Affinity Photo and Affinity Publisher color codes don't match... Is it a bug? Am I doing something wrong or do I not understand something?
  17. I've been tinkering with conditional expressions in Apply Image. Ideally you'd do something like (conditional-expression?A:B) so if conditional-expression (eg x>0.5) evaluates as true then the result is A otherwise B. But they are not natural, so my current thinking is: roundup(clamp(expression,0,1)) If expression evaluates as negative, then the result is 0 otherwise 1 (including if it is >1), so you then multiply the whole thing by what you want to actually end up with. The 'else' alternative would be found by adding a similar term with the expression reversed. eg. DR=roundup(clamp(SR-0.5,0,1))*SG+roundup(clamp(0.5-SR,0,1))*SB This should set red pixels to equal to green pixel if the red pixel < 0.5, otherwise it should be blue. This, for example, lets you play with DIY blend modes which flip formula either side of 0.5. Untidy, I know. Does it make sense? Any improvements?
  18. This may seem like a small detail, but it constantly trips me up when opening new documents that the top default tool in Affinity Photo is for some reason the View tool (Hand, for panning around) and not the arrow pointer Move tool. This is different for some reason in Photo, whilst both Affinity Designer and Publisher follow the convention of most other tool-based graphics software that have move/select tools as the first default tool and the view/pan tool placed by the zoom tool. Seems extra strange since the View tool is probably the one tool I never use as it's so easy to pan around with middle mouse button or space bar. So if you don't have any good reason for this, please change the default top tool to the Move tool and move the View tool down like in your other software.
  19. Patrick Connor

    Affinity Photo Workbook

    Hi All, As announced in a recent blog post we have launched the Affinity Photo Workbook to accompany the desktop versions of Affinity Photo Affinity Photo Workbook Launch Announcement November 23, 2017 We are proud to announce the launch of the official Affinity Photo Workbook, our first ever guide to Affinity Photo on macOS and Windows. Painstakingly put together over many months, the long-awaited Workbook teaches you everything there is to know about Affinity Photo and mastering its powerful tools and capabilities. . This is a big book - 488 pages, in hardback - and it includes fantastic projects created by some top photographers, as well as a comprehensive reference to all our tools and panels, and a set of core skills tutorials. For those who are interested, there is a further blog post describing the creation process Behind the Scenes: Creating the Affinity Photo Workbook November 27, 2017 As we released our glossy full-colour Affinity Photo Workbook last week, we thought you might like to take a look into how it was created… You can find more information about it here. Usual price is $49.99 / £37.99 (+ shipping and handling). It's available in English and German. Hope you like it!
  20. Affinity Photo - Macro Bundle 1 (15 Styles) | Architecture Edition elathi-affinity photo-macro.mp4 Download Link 15 Different Styles of "Affinity Photo Macros Bundle 1 - Architecture Edition" as mentioned below. Heat Map 1 Heat Map 2 Smooth Colourise Cyber City 1 Cyber City 2 Trace Light Surface Radium 1 Thermal Scan Night Vision 1 Night Vision 2 X-Ray Comic 1 Comic 2 Comic 3 Diagonal Line Drawing
  21. John Rostron

    Slide scanner direct

    I have often used my flatbed scanner to directly create images of flat objects such as leaves, so I thought I would have a try with a slide scanner. When I retired, I was able to keep some of my computer hardware including a microscope slide holder for my Nikon LS50 slide scanner. I have been searching rather desultorily for a suitable subject to scan., The problem is that I have to first place the microscope slide in the holder, then add the subject, then a cover slip. I cannot push a loaded slide into the holder. I recently came across this subject. It was an old flower head from some composite plant with many pappuses (parachutes). I was able to detatch a few of these and immerse them in liquid and add to my slide with a coverslip. I used the top layer from a bottle of Dentyl mouthwash as a liquid medium as it wetted the pappus nicely. Post-processing comprised a bit of sharpening and a Levels adjustment. After much trial and error I managed this. It is hardly a fine photograph, more a proof of concept. I will keep hunting for a suitable subject. January is not the ideal time, but I hope to find a small skeletonized leaf. John
  22. Mensch Mesch

    FLOWER POWER Brushes

    Hey folks! I've created a little collection of some flower brushes for AP and AD (Pixel Persona). Hope you like it. You can download the brushes here: FLOWER-POWER-by-MENSCH-MESCH.afbrushes.zip [12.3 MB] Installation: Unzip the downloaded zip-file. Install the FLOWER-POWER-by-MENSCH-MESCH.afbrushes file in your brush panel. Keep on drawin' Norbert

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