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Found 2,284 results

  1. It would be possible to add a shortcut to change the size, opacity or hardness of the tools more quickly, as can be done in photoshop, that by pressing high and normal click you can vary the size and hardness of the brush, in general for all tools. Seria posible agregar un atajo para cambiar el tamaño, opacidad o dureza de las herramientas de formas mas rapida, como se puede hacer en photoshop, que al presioanr alt y clic normal se puede variar el tamaño y dureza del pincel, en general para todas las herramientas.
  2. To celebrate the end of 2019 and the start of a new decade, I decided to create a pre-2020 gift for all of you! I've just launched my first ever FREE mini course on how to select anything in Affinity Photo (for your compositions). Since it's my first ever course I'm not sure if everything works like it should. If you find any flaw or if you have any question, don't hesitate contact me! Now enjoy the FREE course ! -> Make sure to read the video description.
  3. When I convert my closed path into selection by press selection icon and it shows selected whole pic with blue line and pixel selection invisible but still masked a closed area. I tried to do another path and worked as normal. What happened to the previous one? I tried repetitively still unable to address.
  4. I enjoy the manipulation in Affinity Photo for the light. Soon, the video will come out. ;) Subscribe on my Youtube channel for notification: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCN32S3XUrtJvxGTUC7QOY5A
  5. Hi, I'm new to Affinity, and I admit I'm a little impatient. My version of Affinity Photo is French so I can only guess as to the English names for the various tools, so bear with me. I wanted to use a brush to change colours. So I found this tool called "Pinceau de remplacement des couleurs" which I suppose translates to something like "colour replacement brush". Since I want to know how to use it I entered the name of the tool in a search box and found a nice page which refers to a Color Pannel (well, Paneau des couleurs in French). All this is very well, except for the fact that there is no link to the color panel documentation which indicates how to display it. OK, I found it in the end, by fiddling around and guessing, but it took some time. My remark is not specific to just this, it's about the lack of hyperlinks in general. By the way the Python language docs have a similar deficiency! So please include more links in your doc.
  6. Working in Photo I have a number of pixel images. I created a vector shape to use as a mask and dragged multiple images under its layer to non destructively crop the images. Works fine. I can move each pixel layer around in the mask to only show within the "window" created by the vector mask. The problem shows up when I selected multiple pixel layers within that mask and "merged selected." At that point the pixel layers cropped themselves to the boundaries of the vector mask which ruins my ability to reposition them within the mask. I'd like to merge them for simplicity but don't want them to get destructively cropped. Did I miss something?
  7. Book cover for a bavarian crime novel. Three different pictures (free pics) will be one. Created with Affinity Photo and (for print) Affinity Publisher. DIE FRAU IM WEISSEN NACHTHEMD / woman in white nightgown https://www.bodobe.de/allgaeukrimi/
  8. Hi Affinity, I badly need the option to autosave - maybe a toggle icon or a prompt after a few minutes of working with a new file ("Do you want to autosave this file as you work?") which would also save history. I could then close anytime (without CMD+S) and all my edits are saved. I realize that there is an autorecover function, which I've rarely ever used since Affinity software is quite stable. The problem, rather, is my own stupidity. I sometimes open a lot of files to edit and then decide to exit them - the software asks me "do you want to save?" and certainly I don't want to save all these files I just opened (especially if I made some test edits). More than once this week already I have closed down without saving documents that I had been working on. Really terrible, and then it happened again. I try and train myself to look before I close everything, but my reptilian brain doesn't always comply.
  9. 4 very easy and useful ways to crop images in Affinity Photo. I will explain how and why to use these different methods. Every Method has it's benefits, but also downsides. So where to they fit best into the workflow? Let's find out. Awesome Deals for Affinity Photo: https://gumroad.com/sarikasat Support me on Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/sarikas Follow me on: https://www.facebook.com/sarikastutorials https://www.instagram.com/sarikasat/ Join us on Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/AffinityPhotoTuts/
  10. The picture is a panorama made from 27 TIFF images totaling about 2 GB size. AP did a fine job, fast, with such a large total file size and number of images. cheers, unni
  11. Hi how can I resize 100 photos? With PS I know how to, but now I use only Affinity Photo and I've stucked with this.
  12. In this Affinity Photo tutorial, I will show you, How to improve photo quality in just a minute.
  13. Affinity Photo Tutorial |Today! I am going to show you, How to create one of the most popular special effects in photo manipulation. Particle effects like dispersion and disintegration are always eye-catching. Particularly in the case of dispersion photo effect.
  14. Ist question: The color values for the color picker RGB appear to be displayed two ways. One as the traditional 3 digit values and a decimal and 2 digits. When the latter happens , how do I get it to revert the original values? I may have fat fingered the keyboard to trigger it. 2nd question: I have a render of the inside of a building produced in Sketchup with a Vray render. I want to change the color of the walls. Is there a way to outline the outside edges (corners and ceilings) and the inside edges (windows and doors) and use the color replacer? I am trying to speed up the process and keep the edges crisp and clean. See the orange lines on the example. TIA DAve
  15. Cool: I created this Spiral Typography Art. It took 16 layers to create this. Looks amazing. I copied each image & pasted it, instead of moving it, I rotated it instead to create the spiral.
  16. Real Smoke (675 pixels).ABRI tried to import several ABR Brushes into my AP iPadOS Pro and each crashed. I imported from Files, iCloud Drive, not local storage. I made a short screen video, cutting out private info, using iMovie. I did go to a Settings, General, iPad Storage, Photo and cleared data and re-downloaded. I also shut down iPad, to ensure data was cleared. IMG_1701.MOV
  17. Hi. The title says it all. When I export an AP file as a TIFF, whether 8-bit RGB or CMYK, I can't open it in Painter. I keep getting "unsupported compression method." Anything I can do about this?
  18. Learn when to use JPG, GIF, PNG or EPS. Find out which compression rate is right. Lear a easy method to get the perfect resolution and file format for your image. In this video i will cover when you should use PNG, JPG or GIF. I will show you in which occasions they are the best format, and how they are different from each other. We will also cover EPS for special occasions like Vector Shapes or Text. Awesome Deals for Affinity Photo: https://gumroad.com/sarikasat Support me on Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/sarikas Follow me on: https://www.facebook.com/sarikastutorials https://www.instagram.com/sarikasat/ Join us on Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/AffinityPhotoTuts/
  19. Smee Again

    Street Dreams

    Composite . . . car pulled from advertisement, background image from pixabay. Added shadow, text, fog, and some zoom blur. Don't know why those black lines kept showing up (box) but even trying to mask it out doesn't help. It belongs to the layer the car is on. Have had that problem off and on with AP. car was cut out with the lasso tool so the lines showing up makes no sense.
  20. Hello there, I created brushes i need to work and use on Affinity Photo like i used to have in Photoshop, im making a move to using Serif's software using my ipad... Though my brush were functioning well as i have watch some tutorials but seems i cant find other videos wherein the apply these strokes using the pen tool... So how to use my custom brushes to apply them as a Stroke using them on as the lines to stroke my pen tool curves?
  21. Nik Collection just prompted me to install an upgrade to version I am on Affinity Photo 1.7.3 and I want to avoid another disaster like what we experienced about a year ago with Nik just bombing on Affinity Photo. That was only changed when the finger pointing and shoulder shrugging caused a user community sh*t storm. However, I don't have time for the same thing this time around. Can anybody tell me if this is compatible BEFORE I install the upgrade, please? If it is not compatible, when can we expect it to be? Thanks. PS. I am on Mac OS Catalina.
  22. It would be great if there are options for copying, pasting, disabling and removing layer effects by right clicking on a layer. I know layer effects can removed by clicking on the fx icon and unchecking the boxes. What do you think friends?
  23. Mac desktop apps. Running both up to date designer and photo. I read in the Affinity help sections that all Affinity files can be opened in any Affinity app. But when I go to open a afphoto file in afdesign half the layers are missing from the afphoto file. Back story I designed a vector logo in afphoto and just bought afdesign over Black Friday. But the logo is not importing 100% into afdesign. If I click and drag the missing layer from photo over to the design window, That won't work either. Any help thanks. MTN Logo Square 2020 Final.afphoto
  24. For example - i have complex file with layers. Each layer has it is own set of effects and transparency settings - but the same content - some vector shape in curves or some word or logo. Then i wish to replace the object (shape in curves) in each layer - but want to replace in ones - and other dependencies also updates automatically. In the same manner there are templates made for use in Photoshop. What is the right name for this functionality and where i can read about this ?
  25. How long will Affinity Publisher, Designer & Photo be in beta before the public release? > Been checking for updates in Microsoft Windows Store for 2 months so far, so far no updates yet. I have

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