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Found 3,476 results

  1. Hello world, Just created my isometric UX poster. Here is the timelapse. Thank you Here is the YouTube Link:
  2. Another dude, a new drawing https://www.bodobe.de/another-dude/
  3. I’m a fashion student so do a lot of my technical drawings on this app, however I’m having trouble exporting them. SVG is really the only file that when exported still gives me crisp clear lines but recently I’ve started having issues I’ve attached an example of one of my drawings vs what happens when it exports, ill export it as an svg (for export) and ill go into my files and it will look completely fine within a few minutes I go back to see if it’s all good and I’m left with either nothing or one small part of a drawing . I’d appreciate any help or advice on this issue I’m not sure if I’m doing something wrong or if there is something else I can export it as without compromising the quality? I’ve attached screenshots below.
  4. CMD + J doesn't work properly ... why? Any explanations? Thanks!
  5. Adinkra are symbols that represent concepts or aphorisms. Adinkra are used extensively in fabrics and pottery among the Ashantis of Ashanti Kingdom and the baoules who historically migrated to Ghana. Some Adinkra Symbols I used in the design are named and explained below; GYE NYAME : Except for God, Supremacy for God SANKOFA : Return and get it, Learn from the past NSAA : Type of hand-woven cloth, excellence, genuineness, authenticity MPUANNUM : "five tufts" (of hair), Priestly office, loyalty, adroitness Designed By : Selorm Butsor Gamenyah Country : Ghana Tel : +233 55 924 0134
  6. Hello, any eye-dea what I've done wrong on this? All pupils were created using the brush tool, I don't remember doing anything different, however this is my first project using Affinity and I have done most of it through trial and error (love it, btw!). The top character's pupils are pixellated on export, but the bottom ones are fine. If I copy the pupils from character 2 to character 1, it fixes the problem, so I'm curious what I've done wrong. I've had a few friends open the file on their computers to check it's not just my PDF software but they see the same issue. Both lines seem to have the same stoke details: Thanks! Anna
  7. Hello, I was struggling for hours trying to create a macOS Application Icon Set from an SVG with Affinity Designer (v1.8.3). I went to Export Persona > Slices > Batch builder and select "Xcode JSON: macOS Application Icon" and I just could not figure out what to do next to actually export the icon set. There is no help or topic on how to make it work. Accidentally, I found that after selecting the "Xcode JSON: macOS Application Icon" option in "Batch builder" dropdown, I next must select "OSX Application Icon" in "Export preset" dropdown: Just having done these steps I could click the little export button on the right to finally export the complete icon set. What if Affinity Designer would auto select the related "Export preset" for options in "Batch builder" dropdown? Or what if there should not be any "Export preset" selected for Batch builder jobs? The batch should work just without any other option selected... Could you improve the Batch builder feature and ease our work experience, please? Hope this feature request makes sense for all Affinity Designer users. Devy
  8. I am trying to learn CG illustration, this is totally different to the way I used to paint. That's more similar to oil painting, but I have no idea about that. I only tried watercolour before. But I‘d love to try new things, it's feel so good for now, especially drawing the light, the shadow and the grey part.
  9. Designer on Windows 10 Home 1909. See my attached short video for some unexpected results after using the Divide function on two simple shapes. First application: Additional circle is created and rectangle has no hole. Second application: Shapes divided as expected leaving circle and rectangle with hole. Third application: Shape with no form created while rectangle has expected hole. Original file is also attached. 2020-05-07 12-28-23.mp4 unusual divide results.afdesign
  10. Using now Designer the first time and Publisher for quite a while, I realize some issues with export into pdf. Seems like the pdf mostly need double the size at least to appear sharp as it seems to be inside the app itself. Exported the files may look to have to little resolution and the jpgs look much better. Had the same with export as SVG as well. What do I have to look after to avoid these issues? In my experience when I use certain pixel measurements it should export in the same resolution as pdf/svg/png, shouldn`t it?
  11. The other day I suddenly thought I ought to make something to commemorate the 75th anniversary of VE Day, remembering the Allies' victory in Europe in the Second World War. Unusually for me, the design came into my head in almost finished form, illustrating lines from the chorus of Vera Lynn's famous song, (There'll Be Bluebirds Over) The White Cliffs of Dover. I thought I'd share it here before I post it on social media. I Googled a few photos for guidance as I'm not brilliant at drawing completely from scratch, and made up some vector illustrations almost entirely with the Pen tool (rather than starting with shapes, my usual method), switching between Designer and Photo and back as I went along. The wavy text I made by rasterising Artistic Text and applying the Mesh Warp tool: turning on the grid made sure I applied the distortion evenly. The leaves and clouds are simply Cloud shapes, while the flowers I did with a pixel brush on layers clipped to their vector layers. Finally, the VE Day 75 logo is easy to find online, but only in pixel format, so I downloaded one and made up a vector version. The letters are Arial Black, but the numerals aren't: I couldn't find a close enough match in the fonts I have, so I made them as vectors too. (BTW, I'm not forgetting the war against Japan. I'll see what appears.) This was originally A2 in size, but I've reduced it for posting ... VE-DAY-LOGO.afdesign
  12. After a complex vector-brush drawing I'm having problem selecting the line/layer I want to edit. I understand that there is a layer system, but is there a trick or workhabit to make it more easy to select the right item in a busy vector creation? Cheers.
  13. Hi there! Seeing the latest Reaction on Facebook and how it's very good meme material, I decided to do a little excercise and redraw it, with a little change... I attached the source file (the heart is included there if you want to use it). Best regards! Affinity Me.afdesign
  14. Hi, I have a PC with these specs: Core i9 CPU + 32 GB RAM + RX580 8 GB GPU + Dell 4K Display. Latest version of Affinity Designer. Every driver is up to date. I'm getting huge performance issues whenever I enable isometric grid layout. Just dragging around a single rectangle is super lagging. It's a fresh install of Affinity and just a blank Desktop artboard. I tried to record my screen but couldn't find anything that can record properly 60 fps. (open for suggestions how to record my screen. tried build in game bar but it's terrible.) Any suggestions? Thanks.
  15. I'm having trouble joining nodes. Summary: I have a closed shape I break the curves at two places Add som nodes, adjust the curves I then want to close the curves again to have a closed shape. Unable to close the nodes to create a closed shape Best regards, Olle 1. I have this shape 2. I then break the curve at these two nodes 3. I then do some work and want to close the shape again with "Join corves". But I'm unable to join them.
  16. This may be one hell of a beginner question but I can't find any information about this.. I hope I can explain my issue well enough. If I have 2 curves. like some funky squares that touch with an edge. and they need to be separate colors so i can't combine them. Can I use just 1 edge between them? I am now drawing all my touching edges double and they never match because once you zoom in far enough it's never perfect. It seems really redundant to draw those touching edges twice all the time. Maybe that's just how it should work, I don't know. I'm just beginning , going full n00b..
  17. Is there a way to set the fill mode to winding (non-zero) permanently? It seems to switch back to Alternate (even odd) with every new document and also sometimes multiple times in the same document as I work. Thanks!
  18. “Bernadette” is a semi-realistic drawing that I created with Affinity Designer. AD is a (truly) excellent tool for vector graphics, but it also offers the best conditions for creating drawings and digital painting in the pixel range. more about this work: https://www.bodobe.de/zeichnung-mit-affinity-designer/ Best regards, stay healthy 😌
  19. I need to put a slashed zero in this Affinity Designer project I'm doing. How do you access this character? I got several fonts to choose from like Clarika and Cormac, and others.
  20. Here are some metal styles (mostly silver and gold textures): The compressed styles file: metal-styles.afstyles.zip
  21. My first ever digital scrapbooking pages were done using Serif Pageplus, and then I moved into Serif's Scrapbooking Software which evolved inot Craft Artist. My children and I have been using Craft Artist for years. However it's crashing and freezing a lot, with the problems getting worse with successive Windows 10 updates. So I decided to try out the Affinity free Trail in April. This is my journey learning to scrapbook in Affinity so far: First go - using Affinity Photo. Scrapbooking with Affinity Photo is much more clunky than using Craft Artist, and took at least twice as long. The text tools are too basic for my needs. On a plus note, the psd template imported well. My page created in Affinity Photo using a psd scrapbooking template. https://the-lilypad.com/forum/galleries/royal-memories.431453/ Second go - using Affinity Publisher Scrapbooking with Affinity Publisher is fairly straight forward and is done in a similar way as with Craft Artist. The text tool power is stronger than Craft Artist's, but it can't edit or create graphics. However, it can borrow functionality from Affinity Photo and Designer to accomplish that stuff, which is why I'm looking at the complete suite. This page is done in Publisher using the "Photo Persona" to edit the colours in some of the elements. https://the-lilypad.com/forum/galleries/psalm-24.431470/ Using Designer to create a template I used Affinity Designer to create a template for this page with intersecting shapes. I had a go at text on a path too. https://the-lilypad.com/forum/galleries/spring.431552/ Drawing & Painting I've been testing out the drawing and painting tools today, and drew and painted the balloon on this art journaling page https://the-lilypad.com/forum/galleries/balloon.431571/ Using a ready made Photo Mask Today's task for Affinity is masking - seems to work fine. I'm still getting the hang of basic drop shadows. The parameters used in the dialog box are different to those used in Craft Artist. Not worked out how to do fancy shadows yet https://the-lilypad.com/forum/galleries/free-food.431614/ How about a 2 pager? My first go at attempting a 2 pager with the Affinity Suite. It's not as easy to line everything up working on 2 separate pages as it is in Craft Artist. However, Affinity doesn't freeze, struggle with large file sizes or crash on me like Craft Artist does increasingly more with every Windows 10 update. So next time I'll try working on it as one large page instead of 2 side by side pages. https://the-lilypad.com/forum/galleries/april-birthday-2-pager.432101/ Pre-flight Checks I do like the "pre-flight checks" function in Affinity Publisher. When I exported the page I was working on it told me I had spelt something wrong, and had text outside my text box, and suggested fixing it before exporting the document. Recolouring digital stamps/brushes I've learnt how to use the Colour Overlay effect to recolour stamps and brushes, and I've has some more vector drawing practice too. https://the-lilypad.com/forum/galleries/find-peace.433188/ Creating a blending Mask With the Photo Persona I used the Oval Selection tool with a feather of 150px to create a mask for blending the photo in this page. Everything else was done in Publisher https://the-lilypad.com/forum/galleries/blending.433328/ I'm getting quite comfortable now with using Affinity Publisher as my main scrapbooking software, using the Photo or Designer Personas as needed. I now have the option of using psd templates which did not work in Craft Artist. Using psd templates requires me to start with Affinity Photo instead of Publisher. But when I want to add any fancy text I can close the document and reopen it in publisher without any difficulties or need to export/import first. I think I'm going to talk with hubby about purchasing on the 50% off offer that is currently still running.
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