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Found 2,682 results

  1. Hi everyone! Hope you are having a great weekend. Well, I wanted to share something I did and something new for me: drawing a Pug using a "Kawaii style". The intention is to create a character and then having said character in different moods and situations (like Facebook stickers). As I said, this style is something new for me, so any feedback and tip will be appreciated. Best regards!
  2. Blending a mass of shapes, (raymondemery, thanks for your post) Massive self-indulgence, eye candy if you will. Might eventually find a use for the tool marks made in the blending playground.
  3. In this tutorial you will learn how to work with clipping masks in Affinity Designer. It's a simple and enjoyable process, once you know the basic rules. Here is the link to the tutorial - watch If you find the video useful, please it. Thanks!
  4. Hey guys, I have a question regarding the performance of Affinity Designer using only a CPU. Working with large and complex files, really slows down my AD and im wondering if a graphics card would solve that problem, so I thought maybe i ask you guys here with more experience. My current specs are the following: Windows 10 Pro 64bit Intel i7-7700 @ 3.60 GHz 32GB RAM AD Version So my AD is currently running only over the CPU and I thought maybe adding a GPU would increase the performance but after reading some topics in this forum I became a bit sceptical if this would improve my performance. Is it true that a GPU would only have a little impact on my experience? Or are these problems generally existent in the windows version? Unfortunatly I can't provide a example file due to corporate privacy guidelines.
  5. Dear Affinity Designer/Photo Team, Here is the second batch of some suggestions and improvements in Affinity Designer/Affinity Photo,based on my experience with the app so far. File: > We should have the ability to 'revert' a 'modified document that is not saved' to its 'last saved state' and then re-open it. This is sometimes a chore currently,as we need to close the document,choose don't save and then open the document again. This Will help in increasing productivity by reducing the number of steps required. Symbols: > We should have a context menu in the Symbol Panel where in we can right click any symbol and choose the number of instances to be created. Lets say if i wanted to create 3 instances of symbol,we right click on the symbol,provide the number of instances in the field and then click the 'Okay' button to create those instances on the canvas. This will make us more productive,as we don't need to drag and drop a particular symbol 3 times and on to the canvas. > Allow selection of Multiple Symbols from the Symbols panel,by using one of the modifier keys. Currently we can only select one symbol from the Symbols panel at a time. > Allow a mechanism to create a folder or other mechanism to group symbols into categories. > Ability to import and export Symbols set in any affinity Designer Document. Assets: > We should have the ability to drag and drop 'Sub categories' in a given 'category' to move them around. Currently we can move the one place at a time using the 'sub-category' menu which could be quite cumbersome,especially if the sub-category is to be moved at the top. > Two options in the sub-catgory could be quite useful: > Move at the Top > Move at the Bottom > In the 'Category' menu,we should have the ability to 'Expand' all sub-categories. currently we only have the ability to 'Collapse All' sub-categories. ___ > Can we get custom shapes,based on the vector shapes and save them as shape presets? > Close All documents opened in Affinity Designer and Affinity Photo. Currently we only have the option to close the currently selected document. > There is no 'drag and drop' feature in 'Panorama' creation in affinity photo. We need to click the 'Add' button to browse for images. Artboards: > Allow creation of presets that can be used for both New document creation and Artboards. > A manager should also be there for exporting these presets of sizes as external files,so that we may hand them over to teams working on it. > We should have the ability to import multiple images in a document in their own separate artboards in one go. This is especially usefull if you are working on a story board or initial thumbnail of images that are to be conceptualized into detailed conceptual art or when working with keyframes for an animation. Here size of the image should dictate the size of the artboard. Exports: > PDF export lacks the options for setting security features such document assembly,copying of text,printing not allowed or allowed flag,securing document by setting password. > We should be able to export Affinity Designer to .AI(Adobe Illustrator Files) Color Swatches(Palettes): > Should allow export of swatches or palettes to other formats as well like: > Color Table(.act) > Flash Color Set(.clr) etc compatible with other graphic applications.currently designer supports .afpalette(both import and export) and .ase(Import only). Keyboard Shortcuts: > We currently have the ability to customize keyboard shortcuts in Affinity Designer. We should also have the ability to export all the currently set keyboard shortcuts in affinity designer into a user friendly file like a text file,html file and a pdf file for reference purposes. History: > We should have the ability to playback the entire history from beginning to end just like we have video controls to control the playback of a video file. Even play,pause and stop would do. Painting with Brushes: (01)We should have the ability to sample and select a paint brush based on the strokes made on a canvas[Important,will speed up painting time and make us more productive]. I have faced this issue especially when painting in Affinity Designer. If i am using multiple brushes in a single painting i cannot select them by sampling them from the paint on the canvas. Lets say if i have utilized 7 brushes in my painting,then there must be a way for me to select any of them by sampling them and the brushes that can be selected should include both raster brushes and vector brushes. This mechanism is actually available in the mypaint software that i have used a lot. In order to select a brush from a painting in my paint,you move the cursor over the brush stroke and press the 'w' key to sample and then select the brush[along with its settings] without selecting and remembering the brush from the brush panel. Here is a short video demonstrating this feature as i do many brush strokes and select those by sampling them. A similar feature should also be available in affinity designer and photo,as if we are using close to a lets say 25 brushes in a painting,do we need to remember each of them?. This feature will boost our productivity.
  6. SalfingerAndrew

    TossUP - In-depth gaming magazine

    The project is finally done. For the past 13 weeks I’ve been working on a gaming magazine while at SAE. The magazine deals with gaming but unlike other magazines where they talk about news and reviews TossUp talks about in-depth gaming information such as what works, what dose not, fail within games, game mechanics and more. The project was made with a mix of affinity designer, affinity photo and indesign. (This project was made for a uni assessment and is not a real magazine.) If you would like to view the magazine online click here: https://adobe.ly/2Ex6EaF Below are mockups of the magazine. What do you think of the magazine? __ In need of a graphic design? Then you came to the right place. Contact me: hello@andrewsalfinger.com Want to check out my work : www.andrewsalfinger.com __ Social Media: Website: www.andrewsalfinger.com Portfolio : www.andrewsalfinger.com/portfolio Twitter: http://bit.ly/20Khwdk Facebook: http://bit.ly/2ao3AT3 Instagram: http://bit.ly/2ce9pRK YouTube: http://bit.ly/1y2e8b1 Linkedin: http://bit.ly/2cajil9 Behance: http://bit.ly/2cZosR1
  7. abra100pro

    Logo "nu"

    A logo study to get to knoe AD better - God, I love this Programm! Haven't been so intuitively creative in a while...
  8. Good morning, last night I was on Microsoft website, and they also sell the Affinity software, I was reading all the features tools, great program come to find out it does not work on Windows 8.1 it works with windows 10 so bummed to know that. so I am stuck with software that cannot be used on my desk top computer. Jdesigns.
  9. I created a curve in Affinity Designer. I copy over, flip the horizontal to create two equal symmetrical shapes. With snapping on I move them so they are flush together, then I add curves again to create a new shape which are these two, identical and symmetrical shapes together. Why then does it add these nodes to the new curve?
  10. They just came to torture! Inked with brushes with new affinity stabilizer, they are cool! And as always my favorite EGA palette )
  11. System Details Affinity Designer from the App Store version 1.6.0 (according to the About box). Running macOS High Sierra version 10.13.3 on an iMac 27-inch late 2013. 3.5GHz Intel Core i7, 16 GB RAM. Crash Details I have a simple drawing of a mac folder icon, it has two layers and three sublayers, all the objects are rounded rectangles (six of them), two were converted to curves and unioned together. I have created a new rectangle on a new layer and wish change its color from the gradient I last used that it defaulted to. I actually just wish to change the gradient's tint, uniformly. I select Fill→Color→Tint and as soon as I try to adjust the slider the app crashes. I have repeated these steps exactly three times and every time it crashes the moment I try to slide the tint slider. Out of curiosity, on a fourth go at it, I selected Fill→Swatch and chose a random color then Color→Tint and it did not crash. Apparently, trying to tint a gradient does not work. This is somewhat of a bummer as I would like to adjust the tint of the gradient in one fell swoop evenly. If this kind of operation is not allowed, then Affinity Designer should bring up a (helpful) error message as to that fact instead of ungracefully crashing (imho). Mac-Crash-tint.txt
  12. Hi All, We’re getting ready to launch the version 1.6 updates of Affinity Photo and Designer and we need your help! To support all the marketing we do – web pages, videos, social media posts or in-app samples – it’s great to have photos and artwork which our users have created to show off the capability of our apps. So, we wanted to reach out to you to ask if you have any fantastic work you would be happy for us to use in this way. In addition to forming part of the publicity campaign to promote the possibilities of our apps to new users, you’ll receive a fee of US$300 to license each piece we use. For our Affinity Photo marketing we mostly need incredible photos of any subject matter - landscapes, model shots, nature, architecture, weddings, sports, automotive, etc. Also any work which utilises focus stacking, HDR, panorama stitching, 360 images or full multi-layered compositions would be great too. For Affinity Designer we need any work created in the app – illustrations, web / app mock ups, icons, logos, print projects, paintings, etc. To get an idea of what we have used before, check out our website (affinity.serif.com) or the latest product videos: AFFINITY PHOTO VIDEO AFFINITY DESIGNER VIDEO If you have created anything you think might be suitable, and as long as you are the copyright owner and hold all the rights to license the work to us, then please get in touch. You can send your photos or designs to consider to affinityart@serif.com. A flattened PNG or JPG (or a link if you have a gallery on Behance, etc.) is fine at this stage, though if you’re successful we’ll ultimately need the full res image or Affinity file. Please keep your initial submission down to a maximum of five files but by all means let us know if have more. The closing date for submissions is 25th August 2017. If you have any questions then please don’t hesitate to ask us on affinityart@serif.com. We look forward to checking out your work! Thanks, Ash
  13. CalvinCoolridge

    // Jazzo400

    Cover art for a friend of mine. Instagram : CalvinCoolridge
  14. Hi, I recently bought affinity photo and designer and I absolutly love those apps. My mother is recently on the verge of completing her first book from a series that will be published. During my work on her book we noticed that it would be really helpful if there where preset document sizes of the most common print sizes for example 8,5inch x 5,5inch is a common create space book size and also the book size my mother went for. Also what would be helpful is to implement industry standard margins and bleeds for those templates so all a user would have to do is open a preset and would have a print ready format with bleed and margins all correct in place. There are much more of common book sizes and there missing as presets, so please add them in the next update. sencirily David
  15. A small compilation of the eyes from my work (vector graphic, Affinity Designer) http://b-bertuleit.de/augen-vector-graphics/ Thank you for feedback
  16. From looking around it sounds like once you buy Affinity Designer you can install it on as many computers as you wish, just you can only use it on a single computer at a time. This is great because I have multiple computers that I work on. Where there might be a problem is I work both on Windows and on Mac. So Ideally an license would also be cross-platform. From what I can tell though this is not the case, I would have to buy a license for Windows and a separate license for Mac. Is this correct?
  17. raymondemery

    Ice Blue Gem

    I'm always amazed with the things you can do with blend modes. This is just 4 circles, multiplied and repeated on a 9° rotation. So simple. So beautiful.
  18. I am VERY interested in a tool for Affinity Designer that would work the same as the 'Knife" tool in Adobe Illustrator. That is, it would separate and trim complex vector designs. So, for instance, a vector circle could be divided into two vector half circles, both half circles being complete but separate vector objects. So if you needed to trim 100 circles all into half circles, then you could do it all at once, and very quickly. Currently, this ability does not exist in AD, so I have to manually trim all the various vector objects at the edge of a vector drawing. If this is available in AD 1.6 please let me know. If it is coming up, that would be great to know and look forward to as well. Thanks, Rick
  19. I am VERY interested in a tool for Affinity Designer that would work the same as the 'Knife" tool in Adobe Illustrator. That is, it would separate and trim complex vector designs. So, for instance, a vector circle could be divided into two vector half circles, both half circles being complete but separate vector objects. So if you needed to trim 100 circles all into half circles, then you could do it all at once, and very quickly. Currently, this ability does not exist in AD, so I have to manually trim all the various vector objects at the edge of a vector drawing. If this is available in AD 1.6 please let me know. If it is coming up, that would be great to know and look forward to as well. Thanks, Rick
  20. Hi everyone, I am desperately searching for a tutorial or tips of you guys, how you are working with text styles in affinity designer. I dont' mean the artistic way of creating 3d texts or effects and the likes, but rather how u organize your h1, h2, text body styles, how do you create them and how to you apply these...any helpful tips or links are welcome. Thank you all. Best regards, rnb
  21. Affinity Designer is crashing constantly - to the point it is totally unusable. I'm working on simple shapes, nothing complex, no layers, 2 colors, no artboards. The only consistent variable seems to be when I open and attempt to use a panel like Layers or Swatches. I'm running Affinity Designer 1.6.0 on a Mac Book Pro with High Sierra 10.13.3. I really want Affinity Designer to work - I'm so sick of Illustrator's bloated and non-precise environment. BUT - at this very moment AD is just a painful joke.
  22. In this tutorial I will demonstrate the option Copy items as SVG in Affinity Designer 1.6.0. I use this function often to animate SVG with CSS keyframe animations and some JS in HTML. Just like this example which is a GIF (SVG is not allowed because of it's security issue). You can watch the original SVG file here. Keep on drawin' Norbert
  23. The king with the blue cloak. All started with paper and pencil, then outlined and colored in almighty Affinity Designer.
  24. I haven't been inside AD in a very long time, like since the 1.5.... I used the Illustrator Beginner Tutorial: Impossible Star Logo ImpossStar-2.afdesign
  25. Hey! Hope you all are doing well! First Thanks for all that you all do and are working towards! Thanks for providing the community with a great and constantly improving program. After using Affinity Designer, there are a few things from utilizing a tablet and the program that I think would benefit user experience and workflow. - Tablet Options When utilizing a tablet. Having some availability options to change and set keys with the tablets through the app would be great. Also, shape/pressure options within the application as well. I suppose more enhanced support when it comes to tablets. - Expanding stroke. When utilizing this, it seems to over compensate on the strokes causing bigger unproportioned (To the original stroke) shapes and makes it difficult to combine/merge the layers to one full layer. -Dividing shapes. When using this, If there could be an option with how many duplicates it makes. It divides and cuts out all the parts, but it does it by doubling up the parts and i end up having to shift around layers to get it to its original state to start working again. Hope this one makes sense. Ill attach examples. Again thanks for what you all do and are developing there at Serif Labs!

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