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Found 2,675 results

  1. Hey you all :-) I do love making transit maps and diagrams for fun in my spare. This time a super quick “3.5 hrs evening while watching TV” project show the trams and trains in Zwickau, Germany. Hope you enjoy it as much as I did when making it. Any feedback is of course appreciated and welcome.
  2. Just finished 2 hours 40 min AD Quick Start tutorial . Really great. Now I'm on to the 1.7 update. She is a wonderful instructor!
  3. Hello guys, since winter is near and we are preparing for winter sport here is a glimpse of a mountain logo: https://youtu.be/uBwjis9CQdI
  4. Welcome to my second post on this beautiful community. Since the first post was all about pizza, I though it's time to enjoy the sweet taste of wine: You can also check the tutorial video here:
  5. Learn simple Vector Design with Affinity Designer. This time we create 3 Ice Cream designs, inspired by a FreePik Artwork. It's always great to learn from other artists, see what they do and recreate it. Learn to work with Vector Shapes, Paths, Curves, Colors and more, to create these beautiful designs Original Art Source: https://www.freepik.com/free-vector/ice-cream-time_1242306.htm Support me on Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/sarikas Follow me on: https://www.facebook.com/sarikastutorials https://www.instagram.com/sarikasat/ Join us on Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/AffinityPhotoTuts/
  6. Hello Affinity, I was wondering if you guys are going to include a Prototyping Software for UX. I have purchased Affinity Designer and I loved it. I just wanted to know whether you guys are planning to add Prototyping Persona or maybe lunching a Prototyping software for UX since the User Experience industry is booming. I have created this UI in Affinity Designer and I would want to add interactivity to it. Like add transition effects, design overlays, clickable buttons to go from one artwork to another and record the whole process and render it as a video for user testing. I have also did a mini project and attached it in this form so it could give you guys an idea. Thank you
  7. It's never to late to have a new hero in town, so I present to you: the Super Cat: https://youtu.be/M56JzCl-M4I
  8. Hey Guys! I've been exploring affinity designer both on my mac and now on iPad, and guess what! I'm just loving it. Here is my recent work that I was exploring in order to create a new illustration style I named Flexi it looks. I hope you like it. https://dribbble.com/shots/7229199-Flexi-Illustration-Style-Hero-V-1-0
  9. Hello, wanted to share with you the result of my try at doing a circuit board. Tell me what do you think and also any advice is much appreciated.
  10. Hello. I need help. Plz tell me someone how to make a gulshat in affinity designer like on the screen? (something like waves formed by many curve lines)...
  11. SapphireStar9

    Costa Rican ox cart wheel

    My inspiration was the decor of the traditional painted oxcart of my country, Costa Rica. I used Affinity Designer and I very happy with the result. For the process of drawing, I saw some tutorials in youtube about drawing mandalas but one was very usefu for me as for process: Marco Creativo: https://youtu.be/KOA2texSMpw
  12. Since weekend is about to start everyone loves a great movie time. And what can be better than a bucket of chips and a good dip sauce along the road. Let me know what do you prefer: sour cream dip sauce or hot chili dip sauce? You can also see the clip in the bellow link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8QN5aVQ4Y4E
  13. Hey designers, wanted to share with you the result of a lunch brake: (also let me know your opinion)
  14. Hello designers, I'm Alin, just wanted to share some work with you guys and also learn more techniques. First post will be regarding a pizza illustration. Hope you like it and also any advice will be appreciate. Also the tutorial fost this illustration can be found on my youtube channel:
  15. My Strawberry Monkey

    Ohhh My Strawberry Monkey

    Hi all, hope all is well, its been a while since I posted any updates. I've finally completed the first of many children's picture books, you may have seen a copy a while back, but I wasn't happy with the end results from the printers and there has been many, many changes. I have also designed the website in Affinity Designer which contains games and free activities for schools and parents. Ohhh My Strawberry Monkey is the series of books and are stories of friendship based around a cute, pink, lovable, but somewhat clumsy monkey who will certainly cause a few chuckles. The website is mystrawberrymonkey.com and you can find our first paperback here on Amazon If you have grandkids, kids, nieces or nephews go check this out! Allan Thompson
  16. I don't know if this is even possible, properly not, since I don't image that Sketch has open sourced its plugin system. But it would be awesome if Affinity Designer had a plugin system, one that were compatible with plugins from other apps... Far fetched i know. But image if you could import this Sketch plugin https://material.io/resources/theme-editor/. It would be mighty useful.
  17. Hey. I study Affinity designer. Tell me, please, how to configure the export to PDF or EPS so that the layers and groups remain in place? I grouped the elements into groups and layers in the iPad app, but they ungrouped when exported to EPS or PDF
  18. When I try to use a guide it shows red and dotted but when I put the pencil on it to move it, the guide turns blue and will not move. Initially I could use horizontal but not vertical guides but now it's happening with the horizontal one too. Any ideas how to fix this? I saw and older thread which suggested this was a known bug and was being fixed as a matter of urgency. TIA
  19. I know designer is meant for vector, but I just had so so much fun with it's pixel persona. I doubt if I'll ever use procreate much anymore, if ever. Not to mention if it's anything past a doodle or a sketch I always need the vector tools.
  20. hey there, I'm sharing this work and a complete video that I've made using Affinity Designer on ipad pro I hope you will enjoy the techniques that I use to build my characters, you can download some projects done in my youtube, it's available in my patreon for learning community on there I dedicate time to public exercises and useful contents for affinity users, illustrators, and designers. Thank you!
  21. Dear serif. I am a logo designer. I bought affinity designer for logo designing. Every logo designer needs mockup But affinity designer doesn't have warp effect so you can't have mockups. The only way to use mockups is by buying affinity photo (50$). Dear serif. Be sure that i won't pay another $50 And if i didn't get the warp tool in the next update be sure that i will leave this program
  22. Hi all! I'm new to Affinity and was loving how easy it was to import stuff until today. I searched the forums and it looks like there are several folks with some EPS image problems where opening an EPS turns to grayscale. I bought an EPS from istockphoto and something is indeed wonky with it, thought it isn't the same as other described issues. Instead of being a good quality EPS, it's basically a tiny, poor quality, pixelated image with layers. The EPS even has some text/curves and when I try to simply hide those layers, they don't hide. I want to use this image as a background for a very large presentation at a tradeshow in a couple of weeks, and I can't seem to open the file correctly. I wonder if I could open it in AI and save as an AI file if it would then open correctly in AFdesign. Is there anyone out there that could try that for me? Or, I am open to any other fixes. My capture image shows how it is supposed to look (minus the watermark) and my EPSquality image shows what I am seeing. EPS also attached. Any help would be much appreciated! THANKS in advance. iStock-984414892.eps
  23. Good morning! I am using Affinity designer on my iPad Pro and today, when exporting a file I have exported many times, one of my groups is not exporting at all. Everything is visible and I can’t figure out what’s wrong. I did at some point slice the area that is disappearing to export just that part of the image, but I have since deleted all slices and still having the issue. Any support would be appreciated. Thanks, Joe Update: So I did some experimenting and it seems that there is one group and one specific layer that keeps getting exported (happening with jpg as well). Any other layers I make visible do not export. If I create a new layer, it will show, but older layers will not export when I make them visible. Also tried copying the layers and pasting into a new file with no luck.
  24. After the 1.6 update, the expand stroke function that wasn't accurate with rounded rectangles before, now is completely broken (see screenshot of a rounded rectangle, circle, and a cog). Upd. It seems to happen only in certain affinity files, not all of them. Regards, Anton
  25. This took me a couple of hours. Mainly because I had trouble to figure out what kind of glass I want. Even though it's "ready", I feels like its missing something.

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