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Found 2,769 results

  1. I am having this odd problem where Designer draws this imaginary horizontal line and decides that anything above that line should be pixelated. Any ideas as to what setting might be causing this?
  2. StuartRc

    Monster Club

    Hi All Finally! completed the first artwork originally for #INKTOBER 2016 (Twelve) and then recreated in Affinity Designer/Photo and now looking forward to the next one!. Original file size 600mm (300dpi) 12 additional 250x310mm (300dpi) for each creature
  3. This's 2nd time to post my work here.
  4. Hey everyone. This is a piece I finished recently in Affinity Designer. I wanted to create the look and feel of 70s retro scifi illustrations and at the same time I wanted to stay 100% vector. No traces, no bitmaps, no pixel layers. Critique, opinions and questions welcome :D
  5. eejits


    Hey folks, Been a wee while but I'm back at creating creatures with Affinity Designer (and paper & pencil). Instead of adding a new topic for every one I make, I thought I'd start this new thread to put them all in and show them off to you all. So here's one for ya! :) George
  6. Hello Sir, Once again i'm sorry if somebody has requested for this feature or reported this bug... but this is too important and annoying. The use of "Esc" key in very proper way... The default use of "Esc" is "don't apply these changes and close this opened command." suppose I've opened an image, and pressed "command+m" it will open Curve Adjustment, now there is no use of "Esc" you have to manually press "close" button.. but even if i pressed close button, or clicked outside that Curves Adjustment applies.. I've to manually select that layer and delete it. and the delete button on "Curves" dialogue box is un-necessary. Secondly, if I pressed command+t it will load a big box of text, and no esc works on it and one has to close that box manually. too annoying.. "BTW try Laptops and see how difficult it becomes to move full arm from keyboard to touchpad so repeatedly. Similarly , if I used erase brush or any color brush, it pixelate image without letting me know if I really want this to happen or not. This should first ask "If i really want to pixelate it or not" And if I press "Esc" it shouldn't pixelate the image so I could do that manually (after making a backup layer). Because there is no "smart" object option in AP, so once image is "not pixelated" it is already smart object and can be scaled up or down, but once it is pixelated, all information is lost and that can't be scaled up anymore. So there should be a "confirmation" dialogue instead of "you are already killed" dialogue. And there, where escape shouldn't close the box, it is totally ruining the system. in system preferences, if I accidentally changed anything.. the press of "Esc" not only applies that, but also closes that .. OMG.. what change did I do?.. Please make "Esc" to just go to Preferences's home view and remove the "close" button and change that to "save/apply". And "close" button here and "x" button on the top are same. if some change is made, the "esc" shouldn't apply that but go to Preferences's home view. This all goes to.. "MESH TOOL", "Transform", "etc" ... "Enter/Return" to "apply" and "Esc to Cancel" I hope these changes will put some ease in life.. Thank you MacOS Catalina - 10.15 (19A602) Affinity Photo 1.7.3 Macbook Pro -mid 15, 15inch.
  7. Hello friends, I imported psd file which contains webdesign and im trying to get specifications from it. I can see W/H of sections, used colours, but i cant see what font was used. It should be Open Sans... yes i had installed this font to Windows. Any suggestions ? Thanks
  8. Hi there, I was trying to create a 4x4 (with subdivisions later) grid on an A3 file, but the grid didn't work as expected. It didn't start at the beggining of the artboard and kept shifting while I zoomed in and out. Snapping was useless since the grid didn't stick to its place. I tried to replicate the issue on Windows but there it works as expected. grid-bug.mov
  9. Hello sir, I'm so sorry if this is already request by other users, i tried to search but couldn't find if i'm searching in right way. Is there any plan for Mesh tool like we have in Adobe Illustrator. Please see the attachment. thank you Pardon again if i'm asking a duplicate question.
  10. Hi there! Might have pressed something unwillingly, but double clicking on any object no matter which always selects the top layer/object. Have no clue how to fix this. Restarted the program and nothing. I need to mention these layers were brought in from another Designer file. Thanks in advance!
  11. Remember Macromedia (!) Fireworks? I loved Fireworks! I even keep an old copy alive on my old Mac Pro. It crashes every few minutes, but for me the user experience of working in an application that really makes sense to me, even when I'm away from it for a few months, makes up for all the crashes and for the the annoying homebrew definition by which Fireworks hides vector stuff in a PNG. In the last 10 years I've repeatedly tried to get used to Photoshop and Illustrator. Since I'm not doing design on a day to day basis, I kept on loosing too much time maintaining the software, getting puzzled and figuring out how to do simple stuff. A few weeks ago I started using Affinity Designer. My SO was very enthousiast about Affinity Photo and finally convinced me to take the jump. Dear Affinity developers, I'm having so much fun! I've even revived a few silly hobby projects, just because ... fun! Having a great UX really matters. Of course there's stuff missing from Affinity Designer. My main complaint is not being able to distort and warp vector objects. And Fireworks has this great way of gradually simplifying strokes that hold too many points, I'd love to see that in Affinity Designer as well. But still, I'm happy - happy - happy (I feel a song coming up!) I've been playing around a bit. I've had a lot of help from tutorial video's, the Affinity Designer Workbook and of course this great forum. So I'd like to share a playful vector brush set with you as a small tooken of my appreciation for this great community. The afbrushes file holds the brush definitions, the afdesign file has some more examples and and my notes on how to create a vector brush. Title reference: "That's not a knife. That's a knife!" from Crocodile Dundee (1986) real pencil artboards.afdesign real pencil.afbrushes
  12. Hello designers, today I will share with you a simple Illustration that you can easily use as a Windows lock screen:
  13. Hello, I come here to expose a problem that I had on a .eps file created under AFD. Indeed, this file transmitted to a friend who works with AI is pixelated and not vectorized and there is no possibility to break down the elements of the file. Does anyone else have this kind of problem? I specify that the visual was made with the brushes "chunky markers"
  14. With the release of Catalina, Apple has included a ton of localized versions of Noto Sans in its system font library. These fonts can’t be removed or disabled. I actually have the complete Noto Sans and Noto Sans Display font families installed, and it’s difficult to quickly find them now. A way to be able to hide fonts would be extremely helpful. For the time being I’ve favorited the Noto Sans families I use but I don’t want to have to add every font to my favorite list just to avoid seeing the system fonts. i see two ways of doing this. The first is adding a hide action next to the existing favorite one and creating a new hidden fonts tab after favorites this allows the user to still select a hidden font for use if they want to. Alternatively, placing the font list in a preference pane, using checkboxes to select fonts you want to hide, and not showing them in the UI at all. In either solution you would be choosing which fonts to hide, not which fonts to show. This way new fonts that are installed would always be immediately available.
  15. I put this together for my offline Twitch channel banner. I've been looking at Miami Vice imagery, and recently rewatched the trailer for Far Cry: Blood Dragon and thought I'd take a stab at something like this. The font is a freebie called "Free Fat Font". Perfect for 80s Retro. Thanks for the look!
  16. I created some logo files for my wife's business in a previous version of Affinity Designer and now when I try and open them in version or in the beta version 1.8.0? the files do not open properly the file seems to be corrupted, however I can open exactly the same file in Affinity Publisher perfectly ok and as expected. I have attached the file so that your developers can take a look and see what could be the cause of the corruption. fselogo.afdesign
  17. when using "open from cloud" I used to be able to see thumbnails of the files - this was very helpful as the names are often not enough. since a few versions ago its not possible anymore. my device is iPad Pro 11" 256GB
  18. So I'm having an issue where I'm creating a package with a large resolution photo (300MB or something), but on export the whole file compresses to a very small size (15MB) and the printer is saying that the photo is losing a ton of resolution as a result. I've tried exporting as an EPS and a PDF both in the Export Persona and via the File Menu and under "more" unticked all options like "downsample" etc. I'm not sure if the photo is importing smaller or if it only loses quality on export. I eventually just switched over to Adobe Illustrator to recreate the design and placed the photos (which are PSDs) and the file exported at a size larger than the photo as I originally expected it to. Has anyone else ran into this and solved it? I really don't want to switch back to Illustrator after all this great time on Affinity Designer.
  19. Matthew Slater

    Garden Animals

    A little experiment in keeping things black and white. The main outlines were vectors with detail added in pixel mode. Used brushes/pencil tools to do the vector lines, not the pen tool as I wanted a slightly loose feel, but not too much. In fact, I didn't really know what I wanted!
  20. I'm not sure what I am doing wrong - I opened a jpeg in Affinity designer and then lowered the opacity and locked it so I could trace it with the brush tool overtop. As I drag and copy items on the canvas (nodes and strokes, etc) it's unlocking the jpeg layer and making copies of it as well. Am I missing something? I saved a screen capture video and included it in this note in case it helps. thanks! ScreenFlow.mp4
  21. sketchyadam

    First Post

    Hi all. I've been playing around with the trial version of Affinity Designer for the last few days and so far I'm really liking it. I've dipped in and out of art as a hobby for quite a long time and just recently decided to dip back in. Here's something I did today. I based this on a randomly generated description of a critter. I've always been shy about sharing my work, but I'm trying to get over that. Even though it's only a hobby and something I can only devote a few hours a day to, I am interested in improving. Does anyone have any suggestions as to places I can post my work to get feedback? I know people post to places like Instagram and Imgur (which I've done), but those aren't really places geared towards getting criticisms of your work. A downvote on Imgur doesn't really give you a good idea of what you need to improve. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks in advance!
  22. The problem just happens as it titles, I want to install fonts on Affinity Designer for iPad as the Affinity page tutorial follows, going to settings, pressing the cloud icon, locating the fonts I want to install, select each weight (file) such as bold, light, etc, and then tapping on "Open" but after that nothing happens, the fonts don't show on the list, tried this several times, also checked the font file extension and it is .ttf and .otf and none of them show, also checked on the text studio to see if them were just not showing up on the list but were available to use and nope, the fonts weren't installed, and I don't know what to do anymore! I've tried several times with different files and nothing happens, every time I repeat the profes of the cloud, select and open is like if I just did nothing, the list keeps empty and that's it, what could be happening?
  23. Hey, here's my "Masking & Layering Hair in Affinity Designer" - Not a beginner friendly tutorial 5 tips for layering and masking hair (or other objects) in vector. Listed in the order I like from most to least. Apologies for the mic pops, I'm working on a better setup.
  24. Quick doodle in between a couple of more complex pieces.
  25. Hi guys, yesterday I purchased AD and this morning I decide to give it a try. Great software! After an hour and a half this is my first work. Hope you like it.

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