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Found 4,050 results

  1. First one done. Might do some top tump style cards based on them, not sure yet.
  2. I've just stumbled across the tutorial linked to below, which explains a lot of the Designer features in a basic way, often using basic shapes. Although a bit out of date, the features are well explained. Clicking on SHOW MORE in the section directly under the video gives the contents and the ability to jump along the time line to the various items covered. https://youtu.be/Gd7FmjUxFnE
  3. I've just stumbled across the tutorial linked to below, which explains a lot of the Designer features in a basic way, often using basic shapes. Although a bit out of date, the features are well explained. Clicking on SHOW MORE in the section directly under the video gives the contents and the ability to jump along the time line to the various items covered. https://youtu.be/Gd7FmjUxFnE
  4. Working on a new vector piece of two women air kissing, called “Mwah”. I started this months ago and abandoned it as I couldn’t get the lady on right to work. I’ve picked it up again this week and really like how she’s turned out. Now I need to start woman on the left again so she matches the vibrancy and ludicrousness of the woman on the right! (She seems a bit dull and conservative in comparison). This is just a detail shot. They do have bodies/arms/cocktails in the full picture!
  5. Here is an illustration by me. It is a Bone-Eating Bearded Vulture. I videoed the beginning - and I videoed the ending -
  6. It could be that this has been discussed in the past already, I don’t remember, but in the colours panel you can select the sliders view, and then there is a select field for RGB and RGB hex with the only real difference that there is a hex value field below the sliders. And I’m thinking: is it really necessary to have two views? Couldn’t they be combined into one with the RGB numbers being shown next to the sliders and the HEX field below? This also applies to colours in the fill and border panels on shapes. Also, there is so much empty space next to the HEX field that could be used for two buttons to copy the HEX or RGB values quickly (see attached mock-up). That would be better than the current hidden option behind the button at the top right.
  7. I recently updated my Mac operating system and Affinity Designer. Since doing so, I've noticed that the selection boxes on things I click aren't in the right spot or they flicker and jump. The layers themselves move like normal, but the boxes are an issue and the software slowed way down. What should I do?
  8. Per suggestion from @Alfred Affinity Designer on the iPad Pro...my go-to software/hardware combination. Thanks Serif. IMG_0195.MOV
  9. Affinity Online Help Hello all, we're happy to be able to offer you an online version of the in-app help! Access Designer, Photo & Publisher Help here: https://affinity.help Here are some of the additional features we're able to implement as a result of having proper browser support: Dynamic language switching: The help will determine your language and (if it's available) serve you a localised copy of the help. If you prefer to read in another language, however, you'll find a combo box at the bottom left which will enable you to change languages—and stay on the page you're currently reading. Print: Sounds simple, but with full browser support we can now implement printing of the topic pages. The print icon in the bottom left will give you a nicely formatted printout of the current topic. Share: Clicking the clipboard icon will copy the current topic's URL to your clipboard, which means you can easily point other people towards topics that may help them. Responsive: The help was responsive anyway, including off-canvas menu functionality so you could collapse the window and still read a topic, but this is taken further in this version of the help. The help is formatted nicely and usable even on a 4" iPhone SE screen. Search: we've implemented our own bespoke search for the online help which is fast and accurate. Access it via the tab system along the top left. Favourites: you can add topics to your favourites list to easily access them during future browser sessions. Simply click the + (plus) icon next to the "Favourites" tab to add the current topic. With this online version you'll be able to print out topics and view them on your tablets/phones, which are two of the most common requests when it comes to help feedback. As always, if you have any feedback or find any issues with this online version, please let us know! Hope you find it useful.
  10. "Bring us the egg!" However mine represents cosmic happenings in a microscopic panspermia way delivered by asteroids and comets. Here is the image and a link to full draw video. Thanks you if you watch it. Video is about 1.5 hours, but skip along or stop and study. Into the Blue, awaaaaaaay!!!
  11. Windows 10 Home 2004, Designer (all drivers up-to-date). Watch the video to see what happens. With OpenCL acceleration switched OFF everything looks fine. However, after switching OpenCL acceleration switched ON, I get some very strange things happening. 2020-09-19_08-47-52.mp4 I've attached a screengrab of my preferences dialog. (Video is from external monitor but laptop screen shows the same issue.) I've also attached the file for testing purposes. parallelogram.afdesign I’ve attached another video showing the same problem when manipulating a simple rectangle. 2020-09-19_09-26-29.mp4
  12. Hi there, since Affinity 1.8 it is possible to edit the metadata in Affinity Photo. Exactly this feature I had mentioned a long time ago. I wonder why the metadata panel is not included in Affinity Designer 1.8. Is there anything you can do? I ask again because I am not a friend of work-arounds. Or do I need to buy Affinity Publisher? (makes no sense to me, because I only need this feature) My old thread: https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/101472-set-pdf-document-properties/&tab=comments#comment-544049 best regards!
  13. Hi everyone. I'm new to Affinity, I'm a sreen-printer and typography consultant, so I'm testing it for a possible switch from Adobe. But, I think Designes missed a very important feature of Illustrator, a dead-line to choose the switch. Illustrator can print on a Postscript file using the color separation feature, if I have a CMYK file, I can save a PS and give it to a RIP software or a "distiller" to crate a multipage PDF (C, M, Y, K in separated pages). I didn't found that in Designer... I attach a picture of Illustrator print window... Thanks!
  14. Hi guys! I was working on some social media ads for a client and created a simple template for all major social media ad sizes including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, Snapchat and Reddit. This is a simple file with art boards for all your ad designs. It could come in handy next time you need to create a simple promo banner or ad for a client. Cheers! Social Media Banner Ads.afdesign
  15. Hello, This suggestion is related to this one but also kinda different. I noticed the color picker tool, when configured as "Average (*x*)", will only return the average color when the cursor is inside the document/canvas. When outside, it will return the color of the pixel the mouse pointer is above, and not the actual average color of the zone. It would be nice if the tool could return the average color of the zone, no matter its location (inside/outside the document/canvas, inside/outside the program, whatever the monitor # the cursor is in, etc.). For example, when selecting the color picker tool in average mode and pointing to a 2nd monitor / another window / outside Affinity Designer/Photo, it should return the actual color average.
  16. Batman and joker illustration, one of the important heroes of popular culture. I hope you will like it. For those who are curious about the production process, the video is on my youtube channel. Link >> https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCATDXq4Y_mVf4U_cLkcKm4w
  17. Hello! It seems like even after switching on "Copy items as SVG" in preferences, I can't copy vector items (for example, the icons that I create in affinity designer) as SVG into UI & Prototyping apps like invision, figma or similar apps. What is the reason for this? Is there a way to fix it? Has anyone faced similar issues? If anyone knows to fix it, please let me know. I use affinity on windows 10 laptop. (Believe hardware wouldn't matter, so not mentioning them) Have a great day!
  18. I'm not a newbie to illustrating, but what I would like to do in this particular instance has me a bit stumped on how to go about accomplishing it. What I've made is a cartoon poodle dog and on the tail, chest, poofs on fur on the front legs, right ear, and top poof of fur on its head it has a lighter color that would, in effect, be where light would be coming from. See in-line screenshots of fur example and tongue. Are these areas made with the pen tool on top of the solid color of the fur? And how does this area get made? The lighter shade goes right up to the stroke color (black) of the fill color. I'm hoping this is fairly easy to accomplish but I don't want to tear my hair out trying to get it done, either, and I would be okay with the fur and tongue being just a solid color with a black stroke. Thank you in advance for your help.
  19. Alice - Resident Evil - Portrait created in Affinity Designer
  20. Hi fellow Affinity users. Having been confined to the house during the Covid pandemic I have taken the opportunity to update the Designer PDF help file to version There have been numerous additions in this version so you may benefit from updating. I hope you find it useful. I have attached a copy of the PDF version of the Affinity Designer IPad apps built in Help file directly to this post. See below. (I have also attached a Dropbox “link” to a PDF version). Both files are the same. File size is 10 mb. I have also provided a higher resolution version (26mb) where small icons may be clearer. You can open the PDF file in a reader or iBook allowing you to view and search the help file while working on a document in Affinity Designer. All links within the document should be working. I hope you find it as useful as I do. Please note that this PDF is not in any way supported by Affinity, nor are they responsible for any errors or omissions, so please do not refer any errors or omissions in the Document to Affinity. Every attempt has been made (by me) to ensure the content is an accurate representation of the built in Help file, however some errors 'may' have slipped through . I will endeavour to keep it up to date (at least for a little while) . When Publisher comes out I may redo the layout (Pages is a little limited in the area of indexing). My Dropbox account is basic and limits daily bandwidth, if you experience a problem downloading just try again next day. Here is the DropBox link (or simply download the attached zip file at the bottom of this post. The attached file has been reduced to a 10mb file size, see Dropbox link for higher res copies). https://www.dropbox.com/sh/wulycsq0un4uo6i/AACz5hvGbGrteZB4E9q_HPI5a?dl=0 Enjoy Dave Affinity_Designer_Help_File_1.8.3.2.zip
  21. Hi, I just wanted to check if there a way to see the list of fonts used in a Affinity Designer document? I generally convert all the fonts to curve before sending the file (PDF) to printer to avoid missing fonts issue. But some font's don't get converted with ctrl+select (eg. fonts used in symbols). Finding the list of fonts in the document would help to identify if there's still some fonts that are not converted. Thank you.
  22. Very often you see fruit with hundreds of black or yellowy colour pores on the skin, i tried to do this individually with a pen as in hundreds of little dots but affinity crashed after about a 100, then i tried to go into pixel; mode and spray them on but even with the size and scatter mode set high it doesnt produce a realistic result. Also i'm not satisfied with the gradient banding, how can i get more scatter to produce better fading instead of a very visible line, its not bad but i think it could be better.
  23. Hi all, my name is Robert (aka Deadbyxmas!), I'm an illustrator, animator etc and by accident I bumped into Affinity Designer a couple of weeks ago (I was probably googling around for alternatives to Ai....don't we all), tried the demo (in between paid jobs...hmm) and then, once I had a better idea of its workflow, bought it and got cracking with a few sketches and ideas. As usual I tend to explore new software by trial and accident, without tutorials and stuff, so probably I'm still overlooking a lot of its features - I noticed that every time I use it I find a better way around things etc. - but I thought I'd share with you some of my first experiments. Actually I'm not sure what I can share or not here - there is a pic that is proving quite popular on another social site, but is slightly (veeeeeery slightly, I wouldn't even consider it so) risquè, so you tell me - I can direct you to the external link. In the meantime here's my first (nearly) full illustratration done entirely in AD, included the texture masking. best! r.
  24. Completely new too drawing with curves which after stumbling upon these examples prompted an interest in the workflow, anyways for now just following along with Isabel Aracama's Udemy AD tute and pretty much enjoying the process thus far. Cheers. Reference Image Current Progress (atm detailing the body shell)
  25. Combining three of my aircraft, bit of an experiment.
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