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Found 3,072 results

  1. Hello designers, it's the last day of 2019 and what will be better than a photo camera to capture all the amazing moments. That's why I wanted to teach you all how to make a photo camera using Affinity Designer.And to start a small conversation let me know what are you 2020 expectations. Enjoy:
  2. Hey there :-) A tried to make a decent transit map for the Sidney light rail network that actually shows connections to other modes of transportation. Also included the soon to be Parramatta light line in a separate diagram. Have fun and great New Year 2020 :-) Constructive feedback is appreciated and welcome! Chris :-)
  3. Hello everybody, Studio link not working in affinity Photo and Designer. Both apps are purchased from the affinity website. Both apps are updated and I'm using Mac OS Catalina which is also the latest version. Both apps are a clean install. I also try downloading the trial version of affinity publisher and for some reason only the affinity publisher has the studio link option. I've attached a screenshot which shows the three interfaces. Can anyone please help?
  4. Here's an example mockup for playing around over Xmas, so to say your individual customizable xmas style coffee mug. This APhoto mockup example has been mainly done with bitmap layers and contains an embedded/places APhoto mug file on top of a common mug on wood bitmap. Where the embedded APhoto mug is the main customizable portion of this mockup and can be changed to individual needs in terms of coloring or the mug front text and object placements. The above image shows the selected embedded/placed in APhoto layer and how to open that in order to edit it. Once opened certain things can be changed/edited inside that embedded file ... ... some predefined placed items like example text and xmas silhouettes have been placed as vectors instead (for easier modification). Note however that the main mug shapes and masks are bitmaps though, so the mug colors have to be changed with bitmap/raster color tools. The corresponding sample mockup file: xmas_mug_mockup.afphoto Have a nice Xmas time!
  5. While working on a file, having both the "Colour" and "Swatches" panels open, I thought both offer a fair amount of wasted white space. Secondly I thought "why are these two panels separate anyways?". Both utilities compliment each other, complimentary colour pun intended, and it would clear up the UI a bit more for users with preference for minimal opened panels and/or smaller screens. Why not split the revised Colour panel into two columns: colour wheel/meters/editing components on the left-hand side, and the swatches on the right. I've made a quick, rough mockup of this as attached.
  6. How do i flip scale of ruler? I always wanted to move my ruler origin to bottom left side of the document. As we have this feature in AD, but I'm still unable to flip the ruler as it is stuck in the original ways. what my ruler graph should look like (X,Y) plain on top right (-X,Y) plain on top left (-X,-Y) plain on bottom left (X,-Y) plain on bottom right AD does have X-axis the right way, but i want to flip the Y-axis. as when i reset ruler origin to bottom left side of the document. the Y-axis appear to be flipped up. This will help me to create guide line easily. now i'm doing more calculation than designing.
  7. Hey there, video tutorial in real time, showing my workflow that I use to build my characters I hope this helps you!
  8. Hi, If I type Japanese texts in Affinity Designer(1.7.3) on Catalina(10.15.1), it be Alphabets. Please fix it. - hi_jp
  9. Further details are documented here. Blessings to you all - and thank you Affinity for a lovely piece of software.
  10. I was working on Affinity Designer and must have gotten a little carried away when I dragged an image file into the program. Before doing this, the border/bounds of my image were transparent. Now, any image I create is surrounded by an immovable white border and I cannot figure out how to get rid of it. Please help!
  11. here is the tutorial to make this Polar Bear - complete process, with nice techniques!
  12. Hello Affinity, I was wondering if you guys are going to include a Prototyping Software for UX. I have purchased Affinity Designer and I loved it. I just wanted to know whether you guys are planning to add Prototyping Persona or maybe lunching a Prototyping software for UX since the User Experience industry is booming. I have created this UI in Affinity Designer and I would want to add interactivity to it. Like add transition effects, design overlays, clickable buttons to go from one artwork to another and record the whole process and render it as a video for user testing. I have also did a mini project and attached it in this form so it could give you guys an idea. Thank you
  13. Under macOS 10.15 Catalina (and, iirc) under 10.14 Mojave, the macOS Desktop sorts Affinity Designer and Affinity Photo files under “Other” when using Stacks — rather than under “Images”, where it puts .png, .jpg, .ai, & .psd files. Is this something that needs to be addressed within the apps? I can’t find anything that suggests a user-editable way to update this.
  14. Cool, I did some typography art in Affinity. I copied texts & arranged them to create a square that surrounds another text. I grouped all the texts, then I used the photo persona to 1st copied the text, then I went to the menu, then selected >File >New from Clipboard. Then I exported it to PNG.
  15. Cool, Merry Christmas, I created this in Affinity Publisher using the photo persona.
  16. Love this software, never used it until a few months ago, it's so intuitive! Created this vector this week, hope you like.
  17. Don't get confused Greets Noxxi
  18. Hey there, this is the artwork from my tutorial done using Affinity designer ipad, available in my youtube channel I'll let the link at the tutorial section topics, enjoy! Regards Jhon
  19. Hello, I'm new here and want to share my self made drawings with the members here for FREE. I draw 100% nonprofit. Files are vcarve ready and laser ready. Dxf ore a Svg files you can download them Free. One Reminder keep my drawings Free in anyway you use it so don't sell them. https://storyboardsdraftsman.wordpress.com/ https://www.facebook.com/groups/597383347469762/
  20. Here is some of my lettering experiments in Affinity software.
  21. Hello everyone! :-) I've created a free digital 2020 planner for everyone to use in the next year. Some of the design features I included are: - overview of the year, each quarter, and each month, with places to write down the most important tasks and dates, - "Gantt overview" to see which times of the year are more or less busy (it's not really Gantt chart, just a timeline view to see the whole year at a glance with multiple long-running projects), - "Habits" to track progress of up to 10 habits, each row is the habit, each column is the day, you have 6 boxes there for water intake tracking, mindfulness practice, sport, etc. - a complete 54-week week spread planner with extra rows at the bottom for weather, mood, food, and gratefulness tracking :-) (left column is for tasks for the week to have a nice overview) It works best with a stylus/Apple Pencil on a tablet, or in a PDF annotation tool on desktop. Let me know what you think and I really hope you will find it useful in the coming year! :-) cubitoo-2020-planner.pdf
  22. Hey, this is the first time I used an actual image as an example and tried to recreate it in isometric style. You can see the outcome in the video thumbnail. I also embedded the example for comparison. It was quite challenging, especially the wooden planks. It's the first time I work with gradients and the wood look had me struggle for quite a while. The video shows my full process, including trial and error on the gradients. I won't consider it "done" yet as there are definitely some things to improve, like the roof where I had no idea what to add as details. I thought about doing the same wooden plank gradients in an interesting pattern but I guess that would be too much. Overall, it looks more like an asset from an old browsergame. It doesn't have this special isometric art style. I think it's because of the muted colors and too much detail. If I would redo it some day, I would try to use brighter colors (exploring more orang'ey for the wood) and have less small details. What do you think? I would be happy for feedback and some tips. Example:
  23. I have a problem in Affinity Designer where if i were to create a 90 degree angle curve (1/4 of a circle) with the pen tool, the curve would turn out uneven. Is there any way for me to achieve a perfect curve as this was very much possible in Adobe Illustrator. Please see attached video for a visual example. Affinity Designer 2019-12-22 23-25-38_Trim.mp4
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