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Found 1,356 results

  1. First off, this is not a bug in that the application is *wrong*, simply that IMHO it doesn't meet the users expectation and can lead to "bad files' with lots of duplicate objects, etc. In Affinity Designer if you drag to copy either by `alt` or `command` + click and drag, the object you selected will be copied in to the place you have moved it to. However, if you then do `command` + `z` or Undo, the action of moving the object is undone, but the act of copying is not. There is now 2 identical objects overlaying each other, and theres no good way to tell. This can lead to lots of sneaky duplicate objects all over the place. Again, this is opinion but I think undo should effect both actions, the move action and the copy. Cheers!
  2. Dear Affinity Team, I love your application - it's just fantastic. Infinitely better than anything Adobe has contributed to the software market (and I have Adobe software). It is my preferred graphics editor hands down! I have been working on a few documents recently that are very large, with many elements, that I am tweaking for someone else after they paid for them to be created commercially. Unfortunately, the company that created the document didn't group or layer it very well. It's nigh on impossible to tweak the file without spending ages looking at each individual element. Would it be possible to add a feature to search for element types, for example, text etc. It won't find the exact object I'm looking for, but it would certainly help to limit the number of elements I manually need to search through! ​Hope you might be able to consider this for a future release. Best regards, Moi :)
  3. Hi guys, I got an AI file from my game designers. Since I do not use Adobe products any more, i tried opening the file with both Affinity Photo and Affinity Designer. Both times, some of the layers do not look proper when opened with Affinity Products. Any idea why? This is not my profession, I am just using these products to make minor adjustments, change text copy, cut the image, move around some assets etc. Here is the comparison between how the file should look like (on the left hand side), and how it looks when opened with Affinity. https://www.dropbox.com/s/o8wzqteabqy3jav/Paparazzi%20Pow%20-%20Illustrator%20vs%20Affinity%20.jpg?dl=0&preview=Paparazzi+Pow+-+Illustrator+vs+Affinity+.jpg In attachment you have the AI file. Cheers Darko PaparazziPow_vertical.ai
  4. So far I am loving the updates for AD and AP. I am however having one issue: In Designer and when working with an existing document, whenever I select the Pixel Persona and show the layer panel, no layers are shown. When I attempt to add a layer, I can see that a new layer has indeed been created as indicated on the bottom toolbar that displays tips/info. Again though, these layers don't show in the layer window when working with an existing document. I have found a workaround for it. When a new document is created, layers in the layer panel appear properly and function just fine. After creating this new document, I switch windows to my existing document and layers "magically" show up again. They appear to function just fine as well so far. I have noticed one difference in the update that may or may not contribute to this issue. When opening AD, the draw persona is displayed by default with no sidebar for layers, strokes, etc.... I have to select pixel persona to display this sidebar. Prior to the update, this sidebar was loaded and displayed by default. AFAIK, this issue has not affected me in AP.
  5. Hi! I'm absolutely delighted by Affinity Designer from the first time I purchased and opened it, so first of all I'd like to thank all the devs for the great work they're doing! Now, I have a feature request, there's a little tool that I use every so often in Illustrator called the colorize tool. If I create some vector art in a color scheme (for instance in shades of blue and red) but then want to use it in a different background and would like it to be in different colors, I could go one by one to all the elements but if there are many it's tedious and time consuming. The colorize tool lets me change all colours at one using a color wheel that maintains basically the relation of luminance of each shade but changing the colors. Now I'm working with the color superposition tool to achieve a basic similar result, but a color changing tool like the colorize tool in illustrator would be more precise and versatile. Thanks and keep the great work! J.-
  6. Please help! I bought Affinity Designer from the Apple App Store, and the download hasn't been successful over the last 12 hours. They directed me to you. How should I address this problem?
  7. luizcotta


    Hello! I've been updating some old drawings with AD. Some I save as .afdesign, others I keep as SVG. This one is some years old. I got rid of some masks, reorganized some layers, resized for my current desktop. Then I saw this "angel-like" shape I had not seen when I first made it. It may not be some of a merit for AD, but there's a chance it's something to do with the interface and how the original drawing looked on it. Anyway, it feels refreshed to me. Funny thing about me finding a new tool is how excited I am to review old stuff. There are a lot of things that are much easier to do in AD so that I'll probably try. This particular one was done in CorelDraw and updated in inkscape. The proper tool gives you control over the kind of result you want. I like this design, this very result I got (on all of the X-Women I've drawn) but something as artistically unattached as interface is critical to see some things and affects the final work. Thank you for your attention.
  8. Hi there, the "Support..." link in the "Help" menu seems to open fine, but it first loads a URL that causes a redirect to the actual Forums URL. This has the negative side effect that the Forums software doesn't respect the "Remember Me" login option and the user always has to "Sign In" again and again (CRSF protection or something?). It's slightly annoying. :) Easy fix: the "Support..." link in the menu should open the actual forum URL (proper link and protocol) directly, so there's no redirect anymore. Additional request: Maybe the link should say "Support and Community..." (or something in that direction), so the user knows beforehand he ends up on a Forums site and not on some kind of contact page or similar (that's somehow what I expected when I used the link for the first time :) ) regards, tokai
  9. Hey, why there always some blue lines in the Affinity Designer??? My mouse didn't move on it. It confused me for a long time. Software verison: 1.4
  10. Hi, An SVG/color issue: Why are colors wrong when pasting in a #SVG? Logo found here: https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/e/e2/Google_Chrome_icon_%282011%29.svg I copied the raw SVG (view source, copy) and pasted it into Affinity Designer 1.4, only to see this result:
  11. I'm doing a sixties rock icons portfolio and decided to give Affinity Designer 1.4 a go for Peter Paul & Mary. I like AD more and more. Kat
  12. Hello - I'm wondering if creating a solo point is possible. Thus far, I haven't figured out a solution. If this isn't yet a feature, it would be nice to have (for things like typography and playing in the Cartesian plane). Drew
  13. Tatyana

    bug font

    Hello everybody! Today I found a bug in AD problem fonts, font supports Russian, but for some reason again goes to Arial. In the beta version 1.4.1, it is not. The video shows how buggy font. Tatyana. bug font.mov
  14. supersaiyansubtlety

    Pen Tool Hotkey

    I'd like an additional hotkey that can be used with the pen tool. Currently, after click and dragging to make a node and adjust its bezier handles, you can break the colinear-ness of the bezier handles by holding option. This matches the behavior of going back to break and edit bezier handles on existing nodes. You can also currently hold command to go back and edit the length of and existing bezier handle without breaking its colinear-ness with its counterpart. The hotkey I'd like added is: after clicking and dragging to create a new node and adjust its bezier handles, hold command to adjust the and of both handles (because they remain colinear) and the length of the second handle (the one that it under the cursor) while maintaining their colinear-ness. Currently holding command in this context does nothing, and I think this would add some symmetry between the behavior of the option and command keys between creating new nodes and editing old bezier handles.
  15. Thank you so so so much for implementing this feature I am positive I am not the only one that feels this thankful. Please take what I'm about to say in the most positive way possible. I want this app to be the best it can be. I offer feedback because I believe it can be better.. :) and if it can be better than why not.... First off, I feel like an artboard isn't really a "Tool" so I find it odd that it has been implemented as one. When using the "Insert Artboard" button in the context menu you are given the option to create an artboard with the same dimensions as the "document" which is really just an artboard as well, just the initial one. Should naming be changed so "document" means the entire affinity designer file, and "artboard" means each board that allows for placement of layers and elements? I was thinking that the task flow can be: when nothing is selected (same as when the "Document Setup" button appears in the context menu), a button labeled "Artboards" appears as well and where clicking on this button brings up a menu similar to the "Document Setup" menu that allows users to enter the number of artboards we want to create, their sizes, and how we want to place them (using a grid of rows and columns) I've attached a file (New Artboard Implementation.png) to better demonstrate what I mean in this last part. I also feel that in the layers panel something should be done UI wise to denote that an artboard is different and higher level than a layer, maybe the triangle pointer icon enclosed in a circle should be exclusive to artboards and the previous triangle icon be used for layers like in the last version of AD? So sorry if I've offended anyone on the team with this, but the way it's currently implemented makes me scratch my head and reminds me of when I was trying to learn Illustrator and I cannot have AD be in any way like Illustrator in that sense. I want AD to be great so that is why I'm throwing in my 2 cents. Thanks for reading!
  16. I tried to update Designer from the Apple store, but received this message: ' Update Unavailable with this Apple ID This update is not available with Apple ID either because it was bought by a different user or the item was refunded or cancel' I have both Infinity Designer and Photo and both have updated before with my Apple ID. What's also puzzling is that Photo updated but designer wouldn't. I tried to find a way to contact Apple Store about the problem but I couldn't find a place to do that. I see there was live chat available to US residents but not available outside the US. Any ideas what may be causing the problem and how to resolve it? Cheers Michael
  17. Bonjour la communauté Je recherche comment faire le raccourci clavier vers la pipette car le glisser me dérange, je trouve ça pas très pratique. Si quelqu'un aurait une idée ou l'astuce pour faire appel à l'outil pipette avec le clavier c'est cool merci à vous. Hello community I look for how the keyboard shortcut for the eyedropper as the drag bother me, I find it not very practical. If someone would have an idea or tip to appeal to the eyedropper tool with the keyboard is cool thank you to you.
  18. I have been using AD to design labels and now posters for quite a big product range. There are graphical features that appear on each of these labels as a part of the branding. Currently I have been opening a completed file, copying the elements I need and pasting them into the new project file. Is this the only way of getting these elements into a new file? Is there a way of saving these graphical elements as a file I can drag into each new project? Perhaps keep them organised in a library type folder? This is probably a workflow type of question, but I am still green with how to use AD efficiently. Thanks for your help.
  19. Hi all! I know you guys are very very busy prepping for the next full version of Affinity software to be available to customers in the Mac App Store, so this is by no means a biggy issue. I was just wondering if it could be possible in the future to have an automatic or manual upload button within AP (maybe AD as well?) to the online photo hosting service SmugMug? In case you are curious, here are a few links: SmugMug online hosting service SmugMug API (home) Third-party uploaders, downloaders, migration tools and utilities Thank you for your time and keep up the extraordinary work! You make an awesome team! :wub:
  20. Layers are not pixel aligned when pasted, even when the "Snapping Manager" is set up to snap all geometry to pixels and "Force Pixel Alignment", "Move by While Pixels" and "Snapping" are enabled in the toolbar. As a result, I have to manually pixel align every layer pasted by editing the values of the x and y fields in the Transform panel. This gets old really fast. It would be great if Affinity Designer would automatically pixel align all content when pasted.
  21. A minor bug causes the user interface to disappear when doing the following: Create at least 2 virtual desktops in Mac OS X Switch Affinity Designer to separated mode Press control + up Switch to a different desktop (control + left or right) Press control + up again Switch back to desktop with Affinity Designer (control + left or right) The floating windows (toolbars, side-bar) "permanently" disappear and can only be brought back by pressing control + up twice.
  22. Just saw this a couple of days ago, a tutorial for newbies like me on how to Create a Friendly, Futuristic Robot in Affinity Designer :)
  23. It appears that Affinity Designer does not always write changes back to the original file. These changes are then flushed when the document is closed. This behavior can easily be observed in Finder by noting the file modification date and/or size, which do not change when the file is saved in Affinity Designer. However, the file modification date and size are updated once the document is closed. It appears that changes are being written to a temporary document in another location while the document is closed and then "committed" to the original file only when the document is closed. This behavior may be dependent on file size, at was only exhibited for larger files -- my smaller files appear to be written back to their original location immediately. This behavior is problematic, as it breaks our workflow in serious ways. For example, without closing the document: i) Other computers and users that share the same DropBox account don't see changes, even though they were explicitly saved in Affinity Designer. ii) Modifications may not be backed up to Time Machine as long as the file remains open in Affinity Designer. iii) Changes will not be flushed/committed back to the original file in the event that the app crashes. iv) It makes working with a version control system such as a Git or Subversion problematic, as the VCS will not "see" the changes until the file is closed. This interrupts our workflow where we expect to be able to commit changes to the repository without having to always close the document to ensure that the changes are written back to the original location. I have no idea whether this behavior is a bug or by design, but it needs to change. Buffering changes to a temporary location is OK to ensure that data is not lost by a crash, but changes should *always* be written back to the original file location whenever the user explicitly saves the file.
  24. Boolean operations can result in incorrect geometry. This seems to most often happen with shapes with rounded corners. Sometimes the problem can be worked around by converting the shape to a curve before applying the boolean operation, although this shouldn't be necessary. See attached file and screenshot for an example ("Example Boolean Bug.afdesign" and "Boolean Bug 1"). Another problem often exhibited when performing boolean operations is faceting around the edge of filled objects. Combining two layers by grouping does not exhibit this issue. See "Faceting - Boolean" and "Faceting - Grouped" (attached) for examples of this behavior. The only difference between the geometry in these two screenshots is that the two objects were combined with a boolean operation in one and grouped in the other. Example Boolean Bug.afdesign