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Found 1,354 results

  1. Maybe a side effect of what I was used to before AD (let's call it Anno Designer -AD- :P), but I greatly appreciate the automatic selection of "Export Selection" mode (as opposed to "Export whole document") in packages such as Pixelmator or OmniGraffle when you choose Export with something highlighted, and I miss it in AD. Is there a way I can achieve that in AD? At the moment, everything is driven from the document size but if you're experimenting you just set up a large canvas and try out ideas, and to then have to hammer everything back into a specific document size is quite an enterprise - ironically losing the whole benefit of vectorisation to pixel related issues. So far, the only way way I have found to exercise some control is by using an Export Persona Slice, but here too, you must start with first mapping the elements you want to export into one group, as the slice creation tool will otherwise create a slice for each component. Maybe a modifier to the "Create Slice" button would help. If you could alt-click or shift-click to create one SINGLE slice of all the selected layers instead of a herd of individual slices of each selected layer it would already be a big step forward. Anything I missed?
  2. I love Affinity for its one time purchase and many of its great features but it desperately needs to support photoshop/illustrator smart layers to compete. I use the smart layers to easily create mock-ups for various projects and without this feature my work would be significantly more difficult. Thank you for your time, J. Wolfe Freelance Graphic Designer and Brand Works
  3. I'm trying to do some shading in my illustration, but the brush has gone all pixellated at the edges. This happened to me once before and in playing around I managed to get it back to normal (smooth edges), but it just seemed to happen - I don't know how I fixed it. Take a look at the image below, and please please let me know how I can get back to painting normally again!
  4. Hello everybody, I've bought Affinity designer to set up Artboards for webdesign. Right now I am working on an administrator dashboard for a SAAS application. I have a few artboards. To name a few: - Favicon artboard - Logo artboard - Background image artboard - Dashboard homepage design artboard. It would be nice if we could use artboards in other artboards, like a portal. Right now I am editting my logo in the logo artboard and then copy the logo over to the dashboard artboard. It would be nice if I could put a reference to the logo artboard in the dashboard artboard, so that changes made to the logo artboard would instantly appear in the dashboard artboard. Best regards.
  5. Hey all, Take a look at this,.. In this tutorial we look at using a really cool app called Lingo to organise and store your assets, - icons, logo's illustrations, photos etc and how it works seamlessly with the Affinity Apps. Organising your assets -Tutorial Don't forget to click subscribe to stay up to date... Allan
  6. Elements of my design are being lost on export: background shapes that I've applied gaussian blur or transparency to are completely GONE in the exported image. I've tried just about every one of the export presets to no avail, including those that claim to flatten. Export to png worked just fine the first time I tried it as a proof, but subsequent exports have the problem I've described above. Any idea what I might have done to cause this to happen?
  7. There must be some kind of tool because there´s no question about this in the forum: But how do I make a color selection in AD? (I know MacOSX has one aboard :D ) Cheers P.
  8. I have changed some preferences in my AD, restarted it and now it shows all menus in German, which, sorry, it's embarrassing, I don't know, . I can't find how to change it back to English. Help, please.
  9. I updated AD yesterday evening, and today text in text boxes has somehow collapsed so there is no line-height. Changing the line height does not affect anything. Restarting the application does not make a difference. This is happening to all multi-line text in my document — on the day I need to export it and supply it to the printer! Edit: I jumped the gun a bit. This is _not_ happening to all text boxes. Just some of them. (Which is just as mysterious to me). And to make this even more fun, new text boxes don't seem to be affected by this. (However, copy/pasting the misbehaving text into a new text box, does not help.) This seems like not-a-bug, but a mistake I may have made without knowing. Is there a character or paragraph setting that does this? Again: Changing line-height has no effect.
  10. Hi, I worked on the file for one month now. Just closed the program and reopened for modifications, and I got this error. I am saving it usually on iDrive, but I copied on the Desktop, for checking. Same error. I saw that there were in the past issues, can I send the file to help me work on it? Failed to open document /Users/alxndr/Desktop/OSB-21.03.2016-MASTER.afdesign The file appears to be corrupted.
  11. I seem to have managed to pick up a wonderful AD keyboard template PDF from somewhere, but I have no idea where from (there isn't a "downloads" or "resources" section on the Affinity website which is IMHO an omission). I find templates handy because they speed up the shortcut learning process, a lesson I learned long ago in the days of WordPerfect and Wordstar :). The challenge: I would like to adjust it as the key outlines are too faint for me (on account of the negative correlation between experience and eyesight), so I was wondering if Affinity was willing to release the source of this document (at least, I hope it was done in AD). You can pull the PDF into AD and edit it, but if there is an actual AD starting point I would prefer that, and it would also help others who may have to work with different layouts. So, in summary: 1 - where can others download this AD keyboard shortcut PDF from? 2 - is there a more "AD native" version available? Ditto for Affinity Photo. Cheers! (edit: attached the PDF in question) Affinity-Designer-Shortcuts-Cheat-Sheet.pdf
  12. I am using Magic Trackpad. But you can not really use the trackpads pressure functionality. For that, I I followed exactly https://vimeo.com/111534016, but if I try to modify stroke width as shown in video, I can drag the points and lines in the pressure profile as I want to: absolutely nothing happens to my line... Would really appreciate any help... Cheers, Roland
  13. abk


    Hi there, Here is an image i did on Affinity Designer. It's still a work in progress, hope you'll enjoy ! Peace, k
  14. Howdy, I'm new to this program, using a demo and I love it except for a couple of things. One extremely basic and simple thing I absolutely cannot figure out how to do is set the cursor to fall back to the Move Tool after I create an object. This is standard behavior in many other graphics programs but I can't find a way to make this setting in AD. To be more clear, after I draw a square with the Rectangle Tool I want the cursor to revert back to the Move tool and not have to manually select it or press "V" on the keyboard. I hope this functionality exists, please say it's so! Thanks!
  15. I have a project that is low res and shouldn't allow @2x images. In my layers when exporting I get the <!> triangle saying it won't allow @2x exporting due to resolution, which makes sense - it's all low res, so the warning is correct. The problem is that when I do hit export, it ONLY makes a fuzzy @2x image and ignores exporting the normal @1x image. In a document that might have a mix of high and low res images, I wouldn't want to toggle @2x export off just for some layers - instead I'd think it would simply export both even knowingly with the @2x ending up fuzzy.
  16. Hi, When using Affinity Designer I've noticed that in some cases you need to hold the shift key when resizing an object in order to retain the aspect ratio, however at other times the aspect ratio is automatically locked and you don't need to hold the shift key. This seems completely random to me but I'm sure it isn't. Could someone explain when the shift key is needed and when it isn't? Thanks Phil
  17. Hi, I just wondered if there is a shortcut for selecting the eyedropper. I'm kind of used to the double click of a colour and then selecting another like in Adobe Illustrator. The behaviour in AD appears to be to click and drag on the eyedropper. It may be me but I find it a bit convoluted. Also is there a way to copy one object's style attributes and paste to another, rather than creating a style first and then clicking on it. I'll apologise now if I've missed something glaringly obvious, I usually do!
  18. I've been using Affinity designer to make maps for a novel I'm working on. As one would imagine, it is quite time-consuming to draw a properly jagged coastline. What would make easier is if you could draw fractal lines, curves, and shapes like in ProFantasy's app Campaign Cartographer 3. I have attached a mock-up of some examples of what I have in mind for Affinity Designer's equivalent. Firstly, unlike CC3, AD's bézier handles and corner tool would make fractal curves and corners far more versatile. As with the corner tool, fractal lines could be "baked" for more precise node editing. The actual jaggedness of the fractal could be adjusted for softer or harsher coasts depending on the effect one is looking for, and the line could also be smooth but wavy, which would be useful for drawing rivers. I'm sure that there would be many uses for this feature outside of mapmaking, and it would certainly make my job quite a bit easier as CC3's export functionality leaves a great deal to be desired. If fractals were added to Affinity Designer's already astounding features, it would save a huge amount of time when trying to make jagged shapes.
  19. I’m working on a 5 artboard file (75MB). If I work on it with continuous export enabled, after an action sometime the app (Affinity Designer 1.4.1) becomes unresponsive and I have to force the closing. As action I mean, a resize, deselect edit text or other. Working on the same file with continuous export disabled I’ve never had issues. If it can help I can share the file with the developers. Attached the complete crash log. crash-log.txt
  20. For example, I select a layer and nudge one point to the right by pressing the arrow key, but often (I have been unable to determine a pattern as to when exactly) the layer will jump a random number of points in another direction, as if the nudge is being applied to out of date layer/object coordinates. Often the jump is on multiple axes which can break alignment. At large zoom levels this can mean that the layer's contents disappear from view completely. After the initial jump, the nudge function then works as expected. This issue occurs both when nudging a single point and 10x points (with the shift button pressed). There seems to be no workaround. Undoing and then re-attempting the nudge results in the same random jump in position. The only workaround is to a) accept the jump in position and This is an extremely annoying bug which should be addressed as soon as possible.
  21. Hello... I have to admit that I've gotten to the point where I am preparing to migrate all my work back to Adobe Illustrator after being a fan of Affinity Designer from the beginning - I purchased it from the MAS, was impressed immediately and quickly adopted it as my daily graphic design tool, replacing Illustrator (even though my company pays for Adobe CC for me). But over the last few months, Affinity Designer is becoming increasingly unusable - so many bugs and I don't have time to log in here and report them all. I'm usually far too swamped with projects and it's bad enough I've had to spend extra time recreating whole projects in Illustrator just to get an output that is a professional enough quality to turn in. I can't tell you how many times I've exported a project from AD and ended up having to apologize for the poor output due to the way AD handles color, PDF exports, fonts, etc etc etc...the list seems to be expanding with each new release. What sucks is that I REALLY want to keep using AD - its user interface works for me so much better than Illustrator and I've become so accustomed to its workflow that I dread having to re-orient myself to the idiosyncrasies of Illustrator. And I REALLY don't want to have to shell out the cash to try something else like Sketch (which seems to have a higher adoption rate industry wide). I've even been using the betas as they're released in the hopes that some of the issues I've been experiencing will be addressed and each time I get hopeful as I download the latest one and infer from the release notes that maybe, just maybe one or two things have been fixed. But alas, there are still some persistent bugs that add time and frustration to my workflow and rather than that number decreasing, it seems to be increasing with each new release bringing a further and further degradation in performance. So, PLEASE can someone give me a reason to stick around? Please tell me there is a light at the end of the tunnel and that what seems to be a downhill slide for AD is only temporary and the dev team is aware and working on bringing it back to the glory and esteem it once held? In the meantime, despite feeling like I don't have the time to do so, I am going to start hammering you with every bug I encounter in the hopes that your team will actually listen and fix them and the time I spend reporting the bugs will be less than the time it would take me to migrate back to Illustrator as my primary graphic design app. Here's to hoping you make me a fan again. Sad and Skeptically Yours, Chris
  22. The problem I'm having is that Pixel View modes and exports are half the size they should be. If I export at 2x, the exported file, while named @2x is actually the resolution of a 1x export. Same goes for the Pixel View modes, they're half sized (see screenshots). So, when I export or preview at 1x, the image is pixelated down to ludicrous mode. Until today, I hadn't used Affinity since the last update (I'm now on 1.4.1), so I suppose this issue could have been introduced in 1.4.1. Here are some screenshots I took while zoomed at 100% (document setup included as well): Vector Mode (Pixel View Mode disabled): Retina Pixel View Mode: Pixel View Mode: Document Setup:
  23. Hi, I use Affinity Designer regularly. I found a typographical error in Japanese. Drawing ellipse tool in draw persona is not called "台形ツール" but "楕円ツール". I hope this will be of some help :) .
  24. I would love if it was possible to offset the start point of the grid. In both directions, either negative or positive (top or down).
  25. Hello everyone, My question is hard to describe but I feel like its solution will be easy. I have a file that was originally black and white and everything on the image that was in white was supposed to have no fill. After changing the background color on my image i realised that the inside of the design had a white fill instead of no fill. When i changed the white fill into no fill i was then only left with a black image. I have attached the file below using a blue background for you to understand better. Hopefully you were able to understand my description. If not please ask me anything and I will try to clarify. Thanks you for all your help. Merlin affinity test.afdesign