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Found 1,359 results

  1. I am trying to create a design following this tutorial made for Illustrator but I get white lines between my polygons. How do I fix that? Here's the tutorial: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=ozUx-4Ves5w
  2. Hello, We plan to buy 5 licenses of Affinity designer (1 has been bought already) for our business. As it happens, volume/business licensing for Apple isn't available in India yet. Could you please let us know what's the best way to procure the licenses. Of course, it's not possible for us to buy 5 licenses from 5 different Apple account since we don't have that many cards to link with accounts separately :) Regards, Shishir
  3. Analogue Blacksheep

    Blacksheep's Requests

    Hello all, here is my feature request thread for the Windows Beta and the programs in general. You can find my bugs thread at https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/21303-blacksheeps-bugs/ You can find my beta roughs thread at https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/21321-blacksheeps-roughs/ For reference here is my computers specs: Intel NUC6i7KYK (Skull Canyon) Processor - Intel Core i7-6770HQ Skylake-H, 4C/8T, 2.6 GHz (Turbo to 3.5 GHz), 14nm, 6MB L2, 45W TDP Internal Graphics - Intel Iris Pro Graphics 580 (Can be upgraded via Thunderbolt 3 based External GPU) Internal Storage - 2x Samsung SSD 950 PRO (512 GB; M.2 Type 2280 PCIe 3.0 x4 NVMe; 40nm; MLC V-NAND) RAM - G.SKILL Ripjaws Series 32GB (2 x 16G) 260-Pin DDR4 SO-DIMM DDR4 2133 (PC4 17000) Laptop Memory Model F4 2133C15D-32GRS Monitor - Asus MB169C+ 15.6-Inch Portable USB Monitor --- Request 1 (30/06/2016) - Guides improvements Suggested improvements to work-flow with guides. Would like the Node tool to be able to drag guides from the rulers just as the move tool can. Would like guides to snap to points as they are being dragged. Snapping manger is used to turn on snapping with guides. Would like the option to individually control which guides snap --- Request 2 (30/06/2016) - Layers Need the greater right click controllers for the layers The option to send a layer to the top, bottom and perhaps middle of the hierarchy
  4. flavioteca


    Hello, After a short time away, this is my Joker.
  5. Hello everyone, Since the last update (1.4.2) I got some trouble with PSD export. It's impossible to open the file (with PS or AD). Photoshop message : Could not complete your request because an unexpected end-of-file was encountered. Affinity Designer message : The file could not be analyzed. (translate form french). With he old version (1.4.1) everything worked well. If somebody has a solution, It will be cool ! Thx
  6. I exported my vector design in Affinity Designer as a PNG file, and the graphic is pixelated. How can I resolve this issue? This is intended for web display. Also, when I tried to edit this in Affinity Photo using the "Edit in Photo" feature, the graphic displayed as pixelated too. How can this issue be resolved as well?
  7. Hi there, I am creating a morale patch design (2 in x 3 in) for the first time in Affinity Designer that will eventually be embroidered. I noticed for Adobe Illustrator there's an embroidery plugin available to ensure your design is suited for an embroidery machine. Is there a similar plugin we can use for Affinity Designer? Also, how large does the border width need to be in my design? I haven't found any answers online and hope you can be of help.
  8. Hey! I'm sure there must be simpler/better ways to create vector textures but I have created a small tutorial on my website for anyone who wishes to create the effect... http://www.funkyimage.com/blog/creating-gradient-vector-texures-in-affinity-designer
  9. Hi all, I just found a bug with nudging which exists in the latest versions of both Designer and Photo (v1.4.1). Steps to reproduce it: 1. create a new document 2. paint some squiggles with a pixel-based brush 3. marquee a rectangle region in the squiggles 4. duplicate the region with CMD-J 5. select the move tool 6. move the copied piece with the mouse near to where you want to put it 7. nudge the piece with the arrow keys At the last step, the copied piece jumps back to the position it was before you moved it with the mouse. Cheers, Jules
  10. Hey guys, I designed a logo which has a transparent background but cannot manage to have the background transparent then in an exported jpeg. I select "selection w/o background but the background in the file is then filled white. neither Apple preview nor Designer shows me that chessboard-like transparent background. What's my fault?
  11. Hallo all together, I wanted to know if Affinity Photo and Affinity Designer support the ICC-RGB-Profiles version 4 and version 2. Therefore I opened a PDF test document in Affinity Photo and Affinity Designer, that I found on the webpage of the International Color Consortium (http://www.color.org...ion4html.xalter). I was very surprised having to take note, that neither in Affinity Photo nor in Affinity Designer the color for both version 2 and version 4 were displayed correctly. So my question is if the two programs really don't support these ICC-Profiles or is the incorrect displayed color caused by my preferences. Many thanks in advance for answering.
  12. Dear team, Though I had been using Fireworks for 15 years, I've just decided to switch to AD. I love it so much and I'm very looking forward to symbol and previewing for export image. Please keep on. BTW, I'm aware unknown purple outline appears around a first letter when I type the text on the canvas. Is this a known behavior? If it were to be a bug, I'll log it to Bug form. Thanks,
  13. So I purchased Daub Pigmento (a set of 72 brushes) and noticed after installing them that there were little icons on the right of each brush, I have no clue as to what they mean... I need enlightment :huh:
  14. Hi, As you are no doubt beavering away at making Affinity products even better (and I can't wait to hear of any update on any DAM and DTP products, hint ;) ;) ), maybe it's time to throw this into the mix: meta data handling. Especially those that work commercially need to make sure their meta data is set correctly as that often influences how the work is archived, retrieved, distributed and sold. This means different things in different formats (in PNG and JPG it would be stored in PCT/EXIF tags, but PDF has quite a few fields too), but there are some common themes: artist/author, copyright holder and maybe distribution. Where possible a freeform field would be good where the meta format allows, because you could use that for library markings (which could help with a DAM retrieval mode, for instance). To use this, you'd need facilities to set and edit these fields, and a way to template an optional default. At present there's nothing for that in the AD/AP export facilities so you end up having to reprint/edit PDFs and run the venerable exiftool over images to add the data. Cheers! PS: I'll be in London next week - if any of you guys venture into town I'll buy you a beer :P
  15. 1. Is there a way to move a handle while having multiple objects selected? 2. Is it possible to add multiple strokes to just one shape? The attached file are 3 layers of rectangles with a slight curve, I copy pasted each rectangle on top of each other to create a multi stroke "look" by aligning each rectangle stroke to inside, outside and centre but now if I want to alter the curve with all 3 rectangles selected to alter the curve uniformly, how can I achieve this?
  16. Brett Stebbins

    Security Company Logo

    I created this logo in Affinity Designer for a local client.
  17. Brett Stebbins

    Fantasy Tree House

    Here is concept art for a game for a client of mine. This is the exterior and interior of the same house. All work done with Affinity Photo. You can see more of these and some of my process on my Artstation profile.
  18. Selecting the option "Tampa de topo" (Portuguese for "top end" I guess) make the path transparent. When the other 2 end types are selected (rounded or square), path reverts to normal. Opacity was set to 100% in all cases (didn't change this adjustment). I'm attaching detail screenshots.
  19. スキャンした画像のエッジを自動的にパスに変換してくれる方法ってないですか?
  20. Hi, Came across something interesting: AD seems to have a problem with a Freemind SVG export. Just to check I loaded the SVG into another SVG capable program (Artboard), and that seemed fine after ungrouping the import. That suggests the issue is not the SVG file but rather what Affinity Designer does with it. Please find attached 1 - a Freemind file (made with version 1.1.0 beta 2) 2 - a screenshot of what it looks like on screen in Freemind itself 3 - the exported SVG of that file 4 - a screenshot of what Artboard makes of that SVG file 5 - a screenshot of what Affinity Designer makes of it. (and yes, I know there is a spelink misteake in it :) ) It appears somewhere along the line something goes awry.. Cheers! AD demo.mm.zip AD demo.svg
  21. Hey guys, I did a design job the other day and was asked which companies used Affinity Designer. It would be interesting to know which companies have switched over completely from illustrator. I know that there is one in Portugal that has made the switch completely. Its still very early days for Affinity but i think its going to go far :) I love it
  22. ronniemcbride

    I like wine made with Affinity

    This was made completely with Affinity Designer.
  23. I am working on pattern design and want to know if there is an offset filter in Affinity Designer. I know you can offset in Photo but I need to be working with vector images, not raster images. If theres no offset filter, is there another way to offset images? If not, is this something that could possibly be in a future update for Designer? The program is great and would love for it to replace Illustrator!
  24. Hello everyone, I was wondering whether there was any other way (command) to deselect a selection in Aff.-Designer. I find it confusing that I can select all (cmd-A) but deselct (cmd-D) does nothing. The command in menue/ select/ deselect is fogged out, also. Is this a bug, a problem with my machine, or is the deselect command meant for pixels only? Has anybody else encountered this problem? I would be grateful for an answer/ idea/ hint from anybody. Cheers George
  25. Hello... So I've been encountering inconsistent export behavior that doesn't seem to have any rhyme or reason to it and it gets SOO friggin frustrating to never know from one instant to the next how Affinity Designer is going to decide to behave - it's incredibly disruptive to my workflow especially since it seems to change every time. Have seen this for at least a couple releases now. Currently on 1.4.1 as updated from the MAS. What I'm experiencing: When I have an artboard selected within a document with multiple artboards and I go to File > Export..., sometimes the export mechanism will automatically choose for the "Area" dropdown that specific artboard only which is (for me anyway) the expected behavior. But sometimes (and I've not been able to figure out a pattern to it) it pre-selects the "Whole Document". In fact, funny enough, as I was writing this, in order to check the steps I took, it went from choosing the whole document the first time to choosing only the artboard I had selected the second time after saying "cancel". ALSO and MOST FRUSTRATING OF ALL the dimensions in the export popup mechanism can never seem to get it right anymore. Used to work just fine until a couple releases ago. At the moment, for example, I have an artboard selected with dimensions of 708pt x 354pt and DPI of 144, but when I go to export it (doesn't matter what format), the export popup shows 1417px x 708px instead of the expected 1416px x 708px. Worse still, if I change one of those dimensions with the aspect ratio locked, it doesn't get the other dimension right. Using the current example, I just changed the short side to 354px (which should yield a change of the long side to 708px) and AD changed the long side to 448px!!! WTF?!?! I changed the long side to 708px and AD made the short side 559px instead of the expected 354px. I'm attaching screenshots so you don't think I'm losing my mind (even though lately, AD has been making me lose it). Messed up thing is, just like the inconsistency with whether AD chooses the individual artboard or the whole document, there is similar inconsistency with the way it chooses to respect aspect ratio - sometimes it works exactly as expected BUT I never know when that's going to happen and it works correctly much less frequently than it doesn't.