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Found 2,789 results

  1. I got the pen tool working. Now to figure out how to add color!
  2. I have just completed my fist piece of 'paid' branding in Affinity, its for a local Party Booth company launching very soon.
  3. Take a person out of a picture and putting it in another picture is probably one of the hardest things to do in an image editing application. The fact that I can do this inside a vector application excites me! You use to have to go back and forth from Photoshop to illustrator to do this while combining your vector and pixel workflows is just amazing. I am really digging this hybrid approach to design and image creation! There just not enough hours in the day! Thank You Affinity for putting the fun back into the game! I can't waitto see what the future of this application has in store for us!
  4. MEGraphicDesign

    Color Value Input bug

    Helllo Affinity team, I wanted to make you aware of a slight bug in the color value input panel. When I try to manually input CMYK or any other value types the value adjusts, but like it has a mind of its own....not at all the value I inputted. The value sliders also have a slight issue wanting to jump to its own value input when I try to do it that way. Crazy as it may seem....it doesn't always do this. Help!
  5. Affinity designer is my first AI type program Ive used (as AI is too expensive) - heres a quick logo mockup for a design competition - they're an electronics company... Still wondering when they're or if they already have put a save as png option? z-icon.afdesign
  6. I just started trying out Affinity Designer and I was trying to "ink" some pencil art I scanned in. I'm using the "brush" tool with the variance set at 100% trying to get good varied line widths. I trace the line and the preview, as I'm drawing the line, looks correct but when I lift my stylus, it's nothing like the preview. It's either all thick or it snaps back to being a thin wispy line. Even changing my sensitivity in the Wacom preferences doesn't seem to help much. Am I missing something? I'm using a Cintiq Companion Hybrid and also trying it with a Wacom Intuos Pro. Same thing happens on both. Macbook Pro 15" (late 2011) with 16GB RAM running Yosemite (completely updated)
  7. First of all, great job with affinity designer! Kudos to everyone involved! Today I needed to open and make some alterations on a PSD file which I had sent to large format printing last year. I noticed after saving it in .afdesign format that the selective colour layer reverts back to "relative" mode. I unchecked the "relative" checkbox, saved and closed the document. Upon reopening I saw that it reverted back to relative mode again. Seems like it doesn't save the selective colour adjustment layer in what is called "absolute" mode in adobe products. It's a tiny bug, but it becomes a bit annoying when you have several adjustment layers on the document. Off topic P.S. 1024 px brush size doesn't quite cut it when working with large format stuff. Especially when tying to soften up the pixel layer masks. I hope you guys give us the option to use much bigger brushes down the road. Cheers, Haluk
  8. Well hello there, I'm lucky enough to have been blessed with a lovely baby boy the last few weeks so haven't had much time to spend on this image. I really wanted to show everybody the characters though, so I've bunched em up and here they are! I've started a blog incase anybody's interested, http://craigearnshaw.net Why not follow me! Its pretty bare at the moment but hopefully I'll fill it up over time! Anyway thanks for having a look. Craig.
  9. Hi, here are some designs for my personal project: an iOS app for anglers: https://www.behance.net/gallery/23018151/iFishBook-App-Design (Still fighting with some AD bugs & UX inconsistencies, though :()
  10. Overdone topic I know, started this a week ago with the news of that the shoes are to going on sale this year. It then found its way to the top of my "Avoiding real work todo list". (Don't worry, Pirate Cat riding a polar bear is NOT forgot and is in build)
  11. http://i.imgur.com/27CZ4S8.jpg First time at butterfly wings but pen tool is so easy to use on AD. Plus gradient tool makes it easy to look so much more interesting. Also love 3D tool and outline fx. Awesome, awesome programme!
  12. Jakerlund

    Origami Bird

    Doing some digital paper origami :)
  13. ronniemcbride

    Vector OWL

    So, I created this owl as part of one of recent class lectures update on compound shapes. I had a "hoot" while creating him in AD!
  14. I'm trying to make a painting brush, to create a painting in AD. It looks as if I'm going in the right direction. I'll make another to do more detailed work, we'll see what we need later on For the moment I'm only doing b&w paintings, I will dive in later to make them mix colors. This is actually fun to do !
  15. ronnyb


    Here's a flyer I built in AD for my ex girlfriend, who's a chef. It was so much fun not being stuck inside AI :D
  16. Jobalou

    Red Button

    This was a study for me. I made this button inspiring on a picture I saw. It is a test for gradients, blurs and transparencies. I find more and more fantastic features inside AD. ^_^ Edited to upload the original file Enjoy and learn :rolleyes: RealisticButton.afdesign
  17. So... I wanted to see how Affinity Designer's pixel painting feature set stacked up to Photoshop's with a little experiment. I had created this Bunny illustration in Photoshop CS4 (yes I know I'm a little behind the curve) and decided to take a crack at it in AD. I was excited with some earlier attempts at painting in AD so I thought a back to back comparison would really reveal it's strengths and/or weaknesses. The original image on the left is PS the recreated AD image is on the right. The other two images are from AD with a background added. Years ago I used to be an airbrush artist and I worked out a workflow in PS where I used the paths as "frisket" to created selections to "airbrush" inside of. The AD piece at right is done in a similar fashion. I created paths of the various objects, arranged them on layers and painted inside them using the great selection of brushes available. But with AD I was finding I could work a little more flexible and more "un-destructive" allowing for more freedom to experiment and play with ideas... for instance the whiskers are strokes that I can continue to tweak if needed, the high lights on the ears are also strokes that could be further refined and a lot of the "painting" are actually effects and not painted at all, so those would be adjustable after the fact as well... ...all in all I was very pleased with the outcome and more importantly the "workflow" exceeded my expectations. For me, truly this is the perfect workflow that I have been wanting for years, a real balance of vector and pixel that delivers on what it promises - finally! Now I'm not dis'ing Photoshop, and I don't want to start an Adobe bashing thread... I just thought a comparison of what I discovered in my working method might benefit others and also I wanted to thank the Serif team for offering all of us a solid choice!
  18. Welcome the world of cars and magic.
  19. If you would like to view the entire layout click this link. more about this project can be found here
  20. So after a few weeks playing with Affinity tonight I decided to scan in a drawing to see what I could come up with. I have to tell you I love this software. I first traced the outline and filled with black to create a solid silhouette, I then created all the other objects in front. Hope you like!
  21. Having used Affinity to do my first technical illustration on a computer I have now completed my second one using a perspective grid that I created in Adobe Illustrator. This time I decided to go for full colour. The perspective was in the top layer and could be switched in or out as I desired. This has been removed as it is not necessary once the drawing has been completed. This is a machine that I'm making for sharpening lawnmower blades. The blades and the gear wheel were quite a challenge. Interestingly Serif's DrawPlus had a very useful quick shape for creating gear wheels. Perhaps Affinity will eventually have such a feature. https://www.dropbox.com/s/3222owrg76lhswu/Grinding%20Jig%20Affinity.afdesign?dl=0
  22. After many dark days I am waiting for spring. Started this with a ballpen drawing (attached) and finished it in Affinity. Many layer fx and gradients used. I really like the possibility to insert different markers in the gradient panel - very helpful. The idea was she is waking up from a deep sleep, the bird with her. Winter hasn't left yet but the little color-glows are already pointing towards spring. Used a mix of muted colors and fresher accents.
  23. Hello all :) This is my second completed attempt with A.D. ( first is my avatar ). This was all about learning so please forgive the many mistakes haha! Made it in drawing persona, next will try something wholly in pixel persona. Got to say really loving Affinity Designer!. Congratulations to all their team. I think once you add the items mentioned on your roadmap, lots and lots more people will be waving goodbye to Adobe. ThePinkRings.afdesign
  24. Just played around tonight doing a bulb. Wanted to make some matt metal and high gloss glass with transparent effect. Not super real, but OK I guess? Could be fun to try and make the same but with light in it :-) Hope you all like it! Update: Added original AD file. Not cleaned up so well in the naming of layers. Bulb.afdesign

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