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Found 3,214 results

  1. Hi there! This is an illustration I just did. Any suggestion to improve will be great! Thank you very much!
  2. Hey you all! I did this one for fun as usual Constructive feedback and corrections are appreciated! Enjoy it! šŸ™‚ Chris
  3. Hi there! Well, more than a legend in a good sense, the first try of Microsoft to bring Internet Explorer to the "present" back then. I must say, I always liked this kind of Icons, so, I had a little time to play a little and try to reproduce Internet Explorer 7's Symbol: May I will do Edge next... If anyone is itnerested, I attached the source file. Hope you all are doing well. Best regards! Internet Explorer 7.afdesign
  4. Hello. I would like to propose a feature that would give the user an option to male the blue line guide in pen tool be hidden and only the actual stroke be visible. This feauture would be useful on siuations where the stroke width is very thin like 1px to 5px. The proposed feature will look something like this with the only difference where the blue line guide is not visible.
  5. Hi. I have an image I want to fade into on both sides. So I use the transparency tool on one side, then when I click on the other side, the left one doesn't remain in place? Any ideas how to do this please. Thanks
  6. Made this with affinity designer . No raster layers , only vectors
  7. I am wanting to save my color palettes as system palettes and in the windows version I do not have that option. I'm also finding it virtually impossible to export the color palettes that I have created for the customer to have that is a separate file that can be opened by any other software. I'm very new to Affinity and designing, your help is greatly appreciated.
  8. In export mode, you can create slices from layers or with Slice Tool, but you cannot modify their size after they are created using any of the tools. You can, however, double click a layer and it will bring up the transform bounding box, which allows you to scale, rotate and move the layer. This does not seem to be intended behavior as at that point, there is no tool selected from the tool menu.
  9. Hi all, I was wondering on MacOS what happens with the update installation files with the automatic update after they are installed? Are they automatically deleted or they remain on the hard drive? Thanks
  10. Hi, I just bought Designer and I have a question. I have two custom shapes, one above the other, fill and stroke. Stroke settings: "allign to inside" When I zoom in, I can see a line appear (see example) This line disappears when I set my strokesettings to: "align to centre" but then, my sharp points are gone. What setting am I missing to fix this?
  11. A select similar is a must for me. Need a select tool to select similar items according to : color fill, color stroke, stroke width. When working on large imported file it's a must. Also when I need to recolor an artwork from a Pantone color to another. The Select similar function is basic from Illustrator since...
  12. I Can't Purchase Affinity Designer In Checkout Page, there is no any way to finish payment (I Captured whole page screenshot) I Tried 4 accounts, and 3 browsers (2 PC & 1 Mobile) but all the same.
  13. Hiya folks! šŸ–– I'm sure we're all dealing with the same stresses and frustrations brought on by the COVID-19 chaos (my country has been on full lockdown for a while now). It's important to stay busy to stop the cabin fever from kicking in, so I decided to create a little custom raster/pixel brush pack for Affinity apps - free for all! The brushes are not too complex, mimicking some traditional inking tools we all know and love, such as brush pens and fineliners. Perfect for those 'run-and-gun' illustrations where you just want to get to work and avoid the option-paralysis brought on by having to go through hundreds of custom brushes first. Included in the "Lockdown Liners" brush pack you'll find: 1 x HB Pencil (inspired by the Palomino Blackwing 602 pencil) 1 x Precision Eraser (inspired by the Tombow Mono eraser) 4 x Fineliners in Broad, Medium, Fine, and Ultra Fine (inspired by Pigma Micron technical pens) 1 x Brush Pen (inspired by the Tombow Fudenosuke Hard Tip brush pen) 1 x Gel Pen (inspired by the Sakura Gelly Roll) Fully compatible with Affinity Photo for desktop and iPad, and Designer's Pixel Persona for desktop and iPad. *Best used with a drawing tablet or iPad with Apple Pencil to take full advantage of the pressure sensitivity that the brushes offer. I'll likely make a few tweaks to the pack as I go along, but I'll be sure to update it on Gumroad when I do so that everyone who has already downloaded it can be notified. Hopefully you can create some cool work with the brushes to help pass the time while we're all stuck indoors - if you do, be sure to tag me on Instagram, http://www.instagram.com/christidutoit, I'd love to see what you make! Here's the download link to the brushes on Gumroad: http://www.gum.co/lockdownliners As mentioned, these brushes are totally free to download and use, just type $0 in the price tab and click "I Want This!". Stay safe out there! - Christi. ā˜ ļø
  14. Dear Serif Ltd, My name is Jonathan Kolomoni and I am a 29 year old, Belgian, All-round Creative. I love the fact that you've created a software that is accessible to so many other creatives around the world. I send you much appreciation for that. On the other hand I would love to give you an advice on a feature you may add to one of your future updates: Affinity Designer; Could you allow vector drawing shapes or paths to be having a different selection-colour when selecting the drawn shape? That would be awesome. I happen to be quite limited to my colouring cause I always draw all my shapes before I colour-fill them individually. Affinity Video (Proposition); - Could you guys create a software that would allow us to edit video with the vector shapes or paths drawn into Affinity Designer? - Could you guys also create a feature than enables Rotoscoping existing images and video in order to animate captured video fragments into some sort of vector or cartoon-style? Iā€™m not a programmer myself, but I think you guys would definitely be able to develop these ideas and would be able to use them into your advantage. Please let me know if you're considering this mail. Iā€™d love to know what you guys think!
  15. I'm not sure if this work, but I'm trying to add a embed youtube video Edit: No it didn't work, so I added the link instead of a project I'm working on in AD šŸ™‚ Such a great tool.. I try to do most of the work on the iPad.. This is a scrollwork design meant for laser engraving for a client.. I'm a hand engraver, but some commission work is good these days šŸ™‚ By the way, is there a way to put the youtube video directly in the post? šŸ™‚
  16. Edit in Photo (File menu) has disappeared from the beta versions of Designer and Publisher. Should it be there?
  17. Hi everybody, I have an issue with synchronizing defaults from the selection for the Pen Tool. It works for Shapes, Pencil Tool, and even for the Vector Brush, but it fails every time I try to set defaults for the Pen Tool. Has anyone an idea, how can I avoid or fix this issue? Many thanks in advance. I use Affinity Designer 1.8.2 on Mac (High Sierra 10.13.6)
  18. Hi, What Affinity products is best for Web Develoeprs? Also can Affinity Publisher do what Sketch can do like the Hero/Banner background image of https://fontawesome.com/ assuming I already the icons?
  19. Affinity Designer v1.8.2 on Mac Create a new document and draw something Click in the menu bar: View -> New View Now there are two window tabs but only one window is visible and active Is there a way to view both windows side by side? I can't undock any of them from the tab bar in order to rearrange them NOTE: That Window -> Separated Mode shows the windows but also show the desktop of my Mac as background and the tool panels scrambled I also want to see two documents opened side by side.
  20. Hey all I've been working on a comic for the last few months and now that I'm posting episodes on Webtoon I figured I'd share it with the community here. The panel in the post is from what'll be episode 11 or 12. I'm really happy with how this one turned out. I do all the inking and most of the flatting in Procreate on my iPad Pro (just upgraded from the 9.7 inch Pro to the new 12.9!) then I bring it into Affinity Photo and do all the colour work. Sometimes I'll make a few vector objects in Designer. I've been doing all the lettering in Publisher. You can check out the webtoon link at https://www.webtoons.com/en/challenge/thicc-skinned/list?title_no=404235 and I'd love if you'd subscribe
  21. Every time I change to anther brush and go back to the last brush used, the size resets to default. Is there a way to maintain the size of the brush? To maintain the size, I have to leave the brush properties open and change the size from there šŸ˜•.
  22. Good Afternoon, Can someone please tell me if there is a function to remove a background from a picture in Affinity? I've searched and see nothing, unless I'm missing it. I use remove.bg at this time, but I'm hopeful I can accomplish the same in Affinity! Thank you!!!
  23. affinity softwares don't know the location of the opened files! because of this, I can't connect eg. 3d softwares to Affinity as external editor, because after it opens up the file, for example a psd, it can't resave to the original location, because affinity doesn't know it, and the 3d application also doesn't add info about the location of these temporary files. So I stand here with a temporary file, and I can't save it back.
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