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Found 2,852 results

  1. Don Lee

    251 Series

    After near 2 months resting, I am going to paint again, and I am learning how to draw with Affinity and Wacom, it's cool. And what's more, there is one thing recently makes me very angry, Huawei 251 issue, so it makes me to start my new series —— against 251, it's least I can do. This paint is the first one of 251, it's a copy from pinterest.
  2. Hello designers, it's winter, and it's getting colder and colder, even the thermometer it's getting fronze:
  3. In this video, I will show you, How to create a colorful vector flower / Simple Mandala in Affinity Designer.
  4. It would be great if there are options for copying, pasting, disabling and removing layer effects by right clicking on a layer. I know layer effects can removed by clicking on the fx icon and unchecking the boxes. What do you think friends?
  5. Mac desktop apps. Running both up to date designer and photo. I read in the Affinity help sections that all Affinity files can be opened in any Affinity app. But when I go to open a afphoto file in afdesign half the layers are missing from the afphoto file. Back story I designed a vector logo in afphoto and just bought afdesign over Black Friday. But the logo is not importing 100% into afdesign. If I click and drag the missing layer from photo over to the design window, That won't work either. Any help thanks. MTN Logo Square 2020 Final.afphoto
  6. I'm a new user, coming from Illustrator. Unless I've missed something there seem to be some oversights in Designer's colour handling. 1. I can Create Palette From Document to add used colour swatches, but these are always non-Global swatches. Although I can then convert them to Global swatches, the illustration colours aren't linked to these swatches. Illustrator correctly creates Global swatches when the Add Used Colors / Add Selected Colors command is used. In commercial design work it's common to have to edit colours in an existing file, and Add Used Colors is used a lot, for example to remove any 4-colour blacks or find incorrect colour mixes. 2. Likewise Select All Unused is a commonly used command in Illustrator. When preparing files for printing it's useful to be able to see exactly which colours appear in a file and to be able to delete and edit them. Illustrator has a strange way of doing this, where you Merge swatches. Personally I think Indesign handles this better, using a dialogue box. 3. Illustrator's Select Same (Fill, Stroke, Stroke Weight) command is also something that gets a lot of use, for line drawings and diagrams. I've added a comment to a different thread that is a feature request for this. 4. Not as important, but it is useful to be able to see colour splits without editing the colour swatch. Indesign has a Name With Color Value option and shows the CMYK mix when you mouse over the swatch. Illustrator uses the CMYK values as the default name when creating a new Global swatch.
  7. For example - i have complex file with layers. Each layer has it is own set of effects and transparency settings - but the same content - some vector shape in curves or some word or logo. Then i wish to replace the object (shape in curves) in each layer - but want to replace in ones - and other dependencies also updates automatically. In the same manner there are templates made for use in Photoshop. What is the right name for this functionality and where i can read about this ?
  8. How long will Affinity Publisher, Designer & Photo be in beta before the public release? > Been checking for updates in Microsoft Windows Store for 2 months so far, so far no updates yet. I have
  9. Recently had a colleague asking about my thoughts on switching to Affinity Designer from Ai. I've been using Designer since 1.2 and overall really love the program, but this question reminded me of some of the common issues that come up for me daily. So my response was that is was a great program that can replace Ai… but there are some issues so I can't fully recommend you do it. The main issues that stop me from fully recommending the app are: 1. Expand stroke can create truly horrible results, especially if you have variation in the stroke pressure. From excessive points (no simplify path operations either) to weird curves. And the smooth rounded ends of variable pressure strokes become pointed. 2. There is no Free transform tool. Something I sorely miss from Ai to make quick perspective changes on grouped objects. 3. For some reason I find it very unpredictable where the resulting shape of path operations will go. I don't know how much time I waste having to put errant resulting intersected shape back into the group from which it's parents came. 4. And lastly, working in the web, it find it a little inconvenient no to be able to enter colour values (ie. hex, rgb) on the Colour palette. I know there is also the Colour Chooser palette with the number fields, but it is so gigantic and doesn't fit in with the other palettes. If they would just combine those into one, with the option of toggling the colour fields. That'd be so nice.
  10. In this video, I'm showing you how to draw a premium quality badge, using affinity designer. For more videos visit https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCUzuRWH5tnmt-OEOByR8S-g?
  11. Hey, I just started out with vector design, especially isometric vector design. This is one of my practice projects. It was quite fun figuring out how to do it. I decided that it makes sense to use the "Symbols" feature in Affinity Designer so I can create each side in 2D.
  12. Hello! I recently emailed Affinity Support with a suggestion for a pattern tool similar to the one in Illustrator, and they advised me to make a post here. I'm a newbie when it comes to graphic design, but I have played around with both Affinity Designer and Illustrator, and the one thing I personally miss is the pattern tool in Illustrator. I love the interface in Designer because it seems to have a little bit less of a learning curve, but some kind of pattern tool would enable me to switch over completely, I think. Probably not the first one to suggest this, so I hope it's okay to post about! Thanks.
  13. Hello designers, altough it's winter, it's never to late for an ice cream. So here's a tutorial on how to make an ice cream illustration. Enjoy:
  14. Greggry P


    Never done a self portrait before, but needed a profile pic so here ya go...
  15. Need help for the issue I bought black friday Affinity Designer on iPad but I paid the Price 22€ and not the 30% of 15€ why????
  16. When i try to purchase designer for ipad..the discount is not reflected...ínstead of 14; show 20
  17. Guys, I'm using here the Affinity Designer 1.7.3 on my Macbook pro 2018 (16gb, Radeon 560x 4gb) I can't understand why this issue is happening with a very small project, few pixel layers and getting this unpleasant issue during my work Look at this video as example, It's a clear document not heavy one, tested different brushes too, no reason to have this problem, any help? Please any solution? I'm starting get tired to always stop my work to report issues to help the bugs report and no feedback. AFFINITY-DESIGNER-1.7.3-DELAY-RASTER-PERSONA.mov
  18. hey there, when I always try to use the pencil tool, is very overwhelming to close the path when I draw free hand shapes. my suggestion would be, if the user draw any shape and hold the pencil/mouse for few secs, the Path close automatically. and please I believe this tool Needs to have a big review for free hand vector drawings Why? Sculpt mode doesn't work as we want. the nodes generated are too crazy Establisher function works well sometimes, however Window stabiliser generates multiples nodes at the beginning of the path, it's not optimised to use properly. I hope this can give to the team a nice direction for the improvements of this amazing software. regards Jhon
  19. My latest work is Affinity Designer. I hope you will like it. If you want to watch the entire production process, you can visit my youtube channel.
  20. Hello designers, in today's lesson I will show you how to make a radio mic using Affinity Designer. Enjoy:
  21. Hi! I just jumped into Affinity Designer for iPad. I immediately found two things that disappointed me a lot. Table changes color after adding a new artboard. For someone who spends 16+ hours daily behind screens for a living, having a dark mode or the ability to select a darker scheme is a must and most of the times, a dealmaker. I loved the dark UI but why does it needs to change to light gray after I add a new artboard? In the desktop version there’s an option to change that behavior but not in the iPad version. So far the solution is to create a huge black vector square, lower the opacity, lock the layer and create everything on top of that. The artboard names are always on display. I would make them appear only when the user activates the artboard tool. So far, everything else has been working like a charm. Greetings!
  22. Bonsoir Je suis nouvelle et je suis tombée amoureuse de Affinité Designer . Je passe la majorité de mon temps à travailler sur Aff . Designer .
  23. Well it's THAT time of year again, and there's no avoiding it... This month, create something related to the holiday season. This could be a photo of a Christmas Tree or a Christmas lights display, a wintry landscape, your dog in a Santa hat etc. If you're looking for an extra challenge, try to work in some unusual angles or experiment with depth of focus. When posting, if you can, please also write a sentence of two on the editing techniques you used or the filters you applied, so that we can learn from each other. Alternatively, create something in Designer or Publisher that expresses 'December'. This could be a holiday greeting card, a gift-wrapped box, Santa's reindeers crossing a starry sky, etc etc. If your style is more 'Christmas Grinch' than 'Santa's Little Helper' (no judgement here), create a photo or piece of art that channels 'Mid-winter', or 'the shortest day'. (Apologies to people in the Southern Hemisphere - maybe you could do the longest day and make us northies jealous of your fine weather!) We had some gorgeous pics last month, and I hope more of you can find the time to join in again. Let's see what you've got!
  24. I just purchased Affinity Designer in a Black Friday deal via Store App on Win 10 Pro. Kindly guide me on how to find my product key for the same as I would like to share it with my Family using Affinity Designer on different Machines at home.

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