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  1. I'm new to Affinity and basically self-taught so I try different things. Creating avatars is really fun and criticism is always appreciated in every way.
  2. Hi, I have a Mac OS with Big Sur 11.2. I have the Affinity suite purchased from the Mac App Store. Recently they updated and now I cannot access any of my files. I seem to be able to go in and create a new document, to save it, etc. but if I close it and want to re-open it, I just get a spinning beachball. This happens with all documents. I worked with Affinity Designer all day on Friday and it worked perfectly. However, once I went over to Publisher (which was also working fine on its own), I noticed that it wouldn't allow me to go to Designer persona, which is what I needed to do. Then, when I went to open these programs on Saturday morning, neither would allow me to open my files. Will this just work itself out? No idea what to do. I would appreciate any help! Thank you
  3. Designer and Publisher In the keyboard shortcuts page, I set Q as View>...>Studio Preset 1 and save it as an afshort file. It works as long as the programme is running but when I close the programme and restart it, the shortcut has gone. I had the same in the beta version but assumed it was because it was beta. Is it me?
  4. Both Photo and Designer (I don't use Publisher to check) have a new "My Account" button that allows you to view and manage your purchases. As an example, with Photo 1.9 I can log in with my account in and see the new free resources, and all previous ones I purchased: - 20 Fog Overlays by Paper Farms - 20 Rain Overlas by Paper Farms etc... I downloaded all of them using the "My Account" feature in Photo. Now, when I switch to the "My Account" feature from Designer, they are not listed as installed, instead I have to download them a second time. (1) Where are the assets stored once downloaded? There is no mention within the window, and I cannot find them by browsing to C:\Program Files\Affinity\... (2) Are the assets stored separately, as opposed to a 'shared' resource? Or is this a bug in the "My account" window
  5. Hi, I'm new here so apologies if this is in the wrong room, but I'm trying to create a frame like the one in this image using Designer and failing miserably. Anyone have any ideas?
  6. Someone recently sent me an .Ai file and after downloading it and opening it in Affinity Designer, I was met with a blank page. No layers are listed either. I had the person resend it and they said the file is fine on their end and the new file they sent also showed a blank screen. I'm using the most up to date version of affinity designer. Does anyone know why this is?
  7. Photo(s) of "Head of Bearded man" (Greek, 160-150 BC, Getty Museum, Los Angeles, CA) were processed in Affinity Photo. Illustration completed in Affinity Designer.
  8. Hey people, two days ago I did a FULL Tutorial (Live streaming) and Review about the new features on Complete review on Affinity Designer 1.9 Desktop and iPadand I share my thoughts and best practices!is this is a good update? check it out here below!There is a timestamp with the topics where you can skip direct to the point! enjoy!
  9. I have of text objects that I want to group (first screen shot). When I group them, the point size changes (2nd screen shot). Is this a bug?
  10. Hi everyone! First of all, excuse me for such provocative tittle, i'll try to explain what i mean. I purchased Affinity products a while ago and i'm still very happy with what you produce. As a person who actively uses Photoshop i still think that Affinity is much more pleasing to the eye. I really like the community and the way you approach some of the things. And, let's address elephant in the room - the fact that you provide programs for lifetime - that's amazing! I wish you all the good things! Now, with the "obligatory" part addressed, i'm really concerned that some of the things Serif promised to have (AD's warp tools, Vectorizer for example - key features without which it's nearly impossible to create something even semi professional) are still not in latest update. And as far as i got it, the next major update will require additional payment?
  11. Made a little tweak to the Affinity icon designs to help stand out on the dock.
  12. I have two objects in a document (below), a green rectangle and a pink ellipse. And I have a document palette. If I right-click on the pink ellipse and choose Add to Swatches > From Fill as Global, the color is added to the document palette. However, if I right-click on the green rectangle and choose Add to Swatches > From Fill as Global, the color is not added to the document palette. Why not? I can right-click on the green rectangle and choose Add to Swatches > From Fill, and it is added to the document palette. I can then right-click on that swatch and choose Make Global, and it becomes Global. Why can't I add it directly? (In case it matters, the two objects were created from Assets. The assets are also embedded in the document. I don't remember doing anything special or odd when creating the assets, but I don't really remember how I created them a few weeks ago.) Global-Fill-Question.afdesign
  13. Congratulations to the whole Affinity team with the launch of 1.9 and the introduction of so many new features I'm thankful to all those who have contributed with feedback for the Affinity apps, and to the Affinity team who takes our suggestions and concerns into consideration when working out each new update. It means a lot to the community - I'm certain about that. Focusing on Affinity Designer, many of us have been asking numerous times about a feature similar to the off-set path in Adobe Illustrator. Finally, Affinity has not only fulfilled this, but added a complete tool for the purpose. In my opinion, the contour tool could even be better packed with features than the one in Illustrator. Good work! It's worth to mention the new option to link images in the document in Designer and Photo, instead of embedding everything. A feature in Publisher that many have requested to be implemented in the rest of the apps. Now it is! I like how Affinity sets a major focus specifically on the performance of their apps. Hardware acceleration is important not only for those with powerful machinery, but also for those with rather decent computers who need to utilize their computing power to the fullest. Update 1.9 didn't miss that. These are some of the newly introduced features with the latest update that I'm happy to see. I'm sure many will find these improvements productive in their workflows and that Affinity will continue with the good work. Nice and steady, keep it up! Thanks to the team for the continuous help they offer to people struck by the Pandemic with the 90-day trial and 50% off on the whole creative suite. Wishing everyone a nice weekend and a happy new year with a slight delay! Cheers!
  14. I haven't look at all the updates for Affinity Designer but I can tell you that the one missing ingredient is animation, as a graphics designer and digital marketer we can not all Adobe to hold on to it's main stream audience because of animated features within it's programs, even if you guys roll out just one feature to begin the process is enough. The only reason why I hold on to Photoshop even as an avid user for Affinity and a legacy owner since the first program dropped is because when I need to create animated banners I can do in Photoshop. I thank the Serif team for the 1.9 update but if you want to place a nail in the coffin when it comes to Adobe find a way to implement animation so the users can finally tap into motion graphics and create not only animated banners but logo animation. Do a poll and you will see that logo animation and animated banners is a very big deal in the graphic design community. 😎🔥🔥🔥 Don't mind the picture I had to do it I had a geek moment. #MCU😭😭😭
  15. two parts related to selecting objects... Suggestion: Within Affinity Designer Help, under "selecting objects", it states what modifier keys to use in selecting an object by dragging over only a portion of the object instead of having to drag marquee over the entire object. It took me a bit to realize that in order for this to work you first need to start the dragging of a maquee before clicking the Control key modifier. I might suggest adding to the below statement within help: As you drag a selection marquee, pressing the selects objects which are only partially covered by the selection marquee. Be sure to begin your drag of the marquee BEFORE pressing the CTRL key. This behavior can be made the default in Preferences*. Question: Help suggests that you can change this behavior to be the default in Preferences but I'm not understanding where in references this change needs to be made? Any guidance would be appreciated.
  16. I have the same problem. I bought all programs (designer, photo, publisher) in MS Store...
  17. I have experienced in both Designer and Publisher 1.9 that grouping objects sometimes changes the font size of the text. It does seem It does not seem to connected to the font, but maybe rather to some changes I have done to the font (scaling, size, color etc). I do not remember all the changes but here is a look at what happens. The left is ungrouped objects. The right is objects grouped - that is the only difference between the two sides.
  18. I am working with graphics that are in the red and green hues. I added a adjustment LUT layer that simulates red/green color blindness. It works fine in the layout in both Affinity Designer and Publisher. But trying to print or export the document to a PDF with the LUT adjustment layer active makes no difference in the PDF. Is there some box I have forgot to tick of some where?
  19. Hi! I'm encountering a crash in Designer during the update process from 1.86 to 1.9 - the programme successfully finds the update on launch, downloads the data but then crashes during extraction. I've had a search of the forum but can't see anything similar; I've updated Photo and Publisher to 1.9 successfully but Designer won't play ball! Please could you advise - is there any further info I can provide to help? I've attached the crash report as text doc - not sure if that's helpful? Many thanks, Andy. Affinity Designer Crash Report.rtf
  20. As soon as I choose Print or Ctrl+P the program crashes. This is both n Designer and Publisher ver.1.9. Using Export functions seems to work. It was working fine in 1.8.x. If you provide a upload link I can send you the file with the condition that you keep it confidential as it is customer work.
  21. Hi, This is a bug that effects 1.8 builds and the new 1.9, but did NOT effect the 1.9 beta, and does not seem to effect a different user account. Designer is behaving as if it's hard coded to the left hand side of a multi display system. Toggling into separated mode, and back brings the main window back to the middle (main) display. I've uninstalled Designer using AppCleaner, which seemed to get a lot of files in ~/Library etc. Then downloaded Designer afresh and installed afresh, BUT it hasn't asked me for a serial or acted like it's in trial mode (which it did when I launched in a different user account on the machine) - so my working hypothesis is that since it didn't effect the beta (being a different application), or a different user account, is there is some persistent file that contains the rego information, and the damaged screen position at launch, within my working user account on this machine. So, what are the locations for every possible file related to designer that contain rego information or anything related to preferences, window positioning etc?
  22. Yesterday, I updated my Affinity's to v1.9, and soon after they finish updating, I can't seem to operate the programs at all, and my computer would slow down to a halt. Even Task Manager is struggling. Before the upgrade, the Affinity programs worked fine. I am not sure what is wrong and what other info I need to provide. Hope someone can shed some light on this. My PC Specs: GTX 1080ti 64 GB ram Intel i7 7700k
  23. Hey Serif! First of all, loving the new 1.9 update! Tons of feature improvements and they're all awesome. There is a bug that I'm seeing in the select same tool. When I use "Select Object > Unstroked Objects" , it works the same as "Select Object > Stroked Objects". It selects only stroked objects and not the unstroked ones. Here is a reference video. A1LXRiNPvj.mp4
  24. The passthrough option in the context toolbar is missing in Designer and Photo. It's only in Publisher.
  25. Hey everyone, In this video I will walk you through the process of creating a poster design using thumbnail sketches with Affinity Designer. Before I begin working on a design project, I always felt that creating thumbnails is an essential part of the creative process because by sketching out thumbnail layouts, I am able to play around with different layout ideas and work more efficiently later in the design stage. It may not be for everyone but I hope that this video tutorial is helpful 😊. Thanks, Mike
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