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Found 4,431 results

  1. I've a set of spot colours on a design where selecting one colour jumps to the other colour. These two spot colours involved are identical in that they reference the same Pantone colour but have different names. Is this by design or possibly a bug? I've tried changing the colour to reference a different Pantone and the colour then remains selected, changing it back and it jumps to the other, identical one. Also, I have two other colours in the design which perform the same function but neither of these jumps to the other. In case you are wondering I need to use two spot colours for the same print colour so that the exported PDF can be used to create separate plates as they have different trapping specs.
  2. I've a design with around 500 objects in it (pdf import). I need to do several versions with each object scaled around its centre. When selecting the objects the new centre is an average of all their centres which becomes the origin for scaling, and any scaling moves the position of all the objects towards or away from that centre point. Is there any option for keeping the position of the objects stationary and scaling them but with the scaling applied to a number of objects at the same time. This is a 30% of original size scaling that I'd like to do.
  3. Sometimes I just need a break... and a challenge 😁 Going back to the good old days with this work. What do you think? Cheers. P.S. - Made entirely in Affinity Designer (lots of layers, transparencies, gradients and symbols).
  4. The bowl was difficult ... not sure if a strictly pixel drawing would have been more successful. The photo version was the reference but lack of detail was problematic. The perspective on the “leaves” is not quite right. Any and all criticism or suggestions are welcome...
  5. Hello everyone, it happened now several times, that I´ve started Affinity Designer and my computer shuts down like I switched the power-button. I can turn on the computer again right after that issue. It mostly happens when I choose "Yes" for restoring unsaved files. When I click "No" the computer keeps working. Info: I have a Ryzen 3700X CPU at 35°C, a Nvidia 1660 GPU and no problems with other apps.
  6. Ok, another issue now, in the vector persona, brushes make Designer freeze & its very annoying. Have checked all, the RAM is 32GB and is fully dedicated to the software and have reset the studio multiple times as well! Why Oh Why then! Is it some bug? or what? My Graphics Card is all doing well. its a NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2060..
  7. Apologies in advance... I'm just so excited, I can't contain myself. I now have all three of the Affinity suite! I recently acquired an entirely FREE version of Aurora HDR 2018...and I successfully installed and use as a photo plugin. Digital creation life is good. That is all. I just had to share that. Feel free to delete this. I just needed to say it.
  8. Hello. I've placed the zero point of the rulers at the corner of a group in hopes of recording offsets from that zero point to objects within the group. placing a new object at the 100,100 point shows it's position as 285,59, which is the left edge of the document. I need to measure FROM the ruler zero point, which is how it should work. Is there a setting I'm missing?
  9. Dear Affinity-Team, I've seen some messages about Affinity Photo and Publisher crashing, but no one seems to have the same problem in Designer. My Problem: I created a file with some assets in Designer 1.8. Now the new version 1.9.0 crashes when I open this file. Since I would prefer not to publish my file, I would like to know if there is a way to send it to you so you could find out why it crashes. Kind regards, Alex
  10. Waxy the Waxman, is a fairytale they say...
  11. Having some fun with custom Type in Designer
  12. I did post this originally in the support forum, but I guess Bug Reporting is a better place for it given it's a major bug? It happens on all 3 programs, but I really need Publisher up and running for work so I reported it in Publisher bug sub-section, I hope that's OK? All 3 programs ran absolutely fine on 1.8, after upgrading to 1.9.0 all 3 programs crash as soon as the splash screen goes and it tries to open the main program window. Windows 10 is up-to-date. I'm using a Windows Surface Laptop 3 with the Ryzen 5 Windows Surface Edition. I ran the .NET Repair tool, that didn't seem to do anything. I tried opening the program by holding Control and clearing the pre-ticked caches, that did nothing. Please let me know if I can provide any more information. I saw on another thread to try "Can you then navigate to %appdata%/Affinity\Publisher\ and rename the 1.0 folder to 1.0 old, relaunch the app and let me know if still crashes on runup?" - I don't have a 1.0 folder? Thanks for all your help!
  13. As the title says, when I try to create, delete or rename a preset through More ▸ Manage Presets option in the Export dialogue box, it is greyed out and unavailable. This happens in Publisher, Photo and Designer, all versions 1.9.0, on an iMac running 10.14.6. Does anyone have an idea on how to fix this?
  14. Inspired by the isometric grid 🙂 AD + AP 1920x1080, png 8bit
  15. Hi, After update to afd 1.9 on iPad, I find out afd thumbnail is change into afd logo. Is there a way to change back a thumbnail shows a preview of its content? Thank you
  16. Designer - Windows 10. I have a rectangle, move it off the canvas and deselect it. I draw a rectangle on the canvas and then delete it. The rectangle tool is still selected. I then adjust the stroke and fill to draw another rectangle and find that these are applied to the rectangle off the canvas. Why is the rectangle off canvas automatically selected when I don't want it to be and why should I have to remember to deselect it if it's out of view?
  17. Hi. Disaster release 1.9 contains another bug: Select a layer (inside a group) in a layer stack, have an object in clipboard, click Insert at the top of the layer button, it gets highlighted, but on paste the object appears at the top of the layer stack. It worked flawlessly in all other previous releases I can think of since like version 1.5. Same goes when the same button is selected and one clicks New Layer icon.
  18. hello, I want to create vector brushes for Designer, at the moment I already was successful with black and grey shape on transparent background with the PNG-file-format. If I use the brush which is made from the black pixel shape it keeps black even if I give the stroke a colour, the grey ones show some colour but not the full saturation. I checked the exsisting standard brushes and saw the image ist white, but if I use a white shape on transparent background, the brush stroke keeps white. What kind of image is needed to create a vector brush to get a brush stroke with the colour which is chosen on the colour panel? Does it need another trancparency value? Or a different file format than PNG? Thanks in advance.
  19. Having just purchased all 3 Workbooks I am wondering what plans there are to provide updates either in electronic or physical format especially so as the books have cost more than the apps?
  20. When I last used affinity designer I could move a text box until it lined up with the edges of radius corners shown in the image below and the text box would snap to them, this is no longer the case. My snapping options have not changed but I have tried various combinations to get it working again without luck. I frequently use this to lay out text and have numerous documents where this will no longer work. I've not used Designer for a couple of months So I cannot say for certain if the 1.9 update is responsible or not, unfortunatly I updated to 1.9 before noticing this issue. It was however working fine when I last used it and I have not changed any other settings in the meantime, quite literally stopped using it and picked it back up again. I'm experiencing the same issue on both my laptop and desktop windows computers.
  21. So I just purchased another copy of Designer for a new PC. Running win10 pro 64 bit. Updated to 1.9 and thought I was ready to go. I downloaded a copy of the Helvetica Neue family (11 styles - Helvetica Neue, and 2 of each of the others i.e. Helvetica Neue Light and Helvetica Neue Lt), activated it on my font manager (FontBase) and only 7 styles showed up, 6 were the same and one was different. So then I deleted the files from the manager (only ones I've added) and installed them directly. Same issue but different ones showed up. Read every forum on reddit and affinity that I could find about this and am still lost. Downloaded the file from three different places (cofonts, etc) all to the same issue. Deleted by hand from windows but only two showed up in the list. As soon as I deleted one, another style would show up. Only five will install at a time as windows says it has already been installed and asks if I want to replace with the other (light vs lt). I am at a loss. Checked other programs to see if it's Windows or Affinity and in paint I can see HelveticaNeue and HelveticaNeue BlackCondensed. In Affinity I see HelveticaNeue italic and 6 options for Bold. If I only install 2 to windows those show up in Affinity. The ones listed in windows are the ones that show in Affinity not the ones that show in Paint. Don't have access to my other pc to test on it right now. Looking like maybe a windows 10 issue? Anyone else come across this?
  22. Midnight Run to the Outhouse I did this in Pixel Persona.
  23. Hey ! I’m a newbiee and i got inspired from this guy @VectorVonDoom his Porsche 917 car illustration was beyond god like i didn’t believe that was a vector until i saw his .afdesign file ..coz it was so perfect to be a vector and at first i thought it was a photo. After opening his .afdesign file i was like WTfF 🤯🤯🔥 and man tnx for inspiring me and i hope i dont lose interest and will complete this lambo series 😅😂 !!! Device : iPad Pro 10.5 (2017) ) Software : Affinity Designer
  24. I’m wondering, is there anything like the High Pass filter (edge detection) available inside Affinity Designer on iPad. I know it’s in Affinity Photo, but it’d be great if I can apply it to a vector-based image. Hoping for any tips (like being able to approximate it with other available filters) or if I had missed something. Thanks.
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