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Found 4,431 results

  1. I really want to like Affinity Designer, but everytime I try to use it, it throws up just odd things. I find being able to work with even the simplest of shapes and elements really frustrating. Be it joining two lines or extending a shape, I'm not sure why it can't just work simply. I have no idea why these two "nodes" wont join, whereas the other two do. Any help on how to "fix" this, I don't want to have to redraw the lines to workaround it. https://share.getcloudapp.com/geu4Axr2 Screen Recording 2021-02-17 at 04.57.14 pm.mp4
  2. In Designer 1.9 I stumbled across linked layers. I thought this was only a Photo feature(?). I can view a Links panel, and link / unlink between layers and change attributes. I only found this by accident when I noticed the 'linked to' icon in one of my adjustment layers. Is this some 'hidden' feature that's not documented? Searching for mention of it in help or on the internet only gives me results for Photo. There is no matching item in the Layers or Studio menus. So how would I explicitly enable the Links panel normally?
  3. Hi There, I am running into some problems using Designer. First up ... I am not a graphic designer, I just know enough to get done what I need to. With that out of the way, I am hoping to get some help with a very strange problem. I have been told to use SVG's where ever possible when designing, this is because they scale better then anything. So as I was working on a project I tried to bring in a bunch of SVG files, most worked great but there were a few problems. Some of these SVG's I was importing or just plain opening in designer would either be clipped/cropped and they could be missing their curves. I thought maybe the file was corrupt, but the person who gave them to me had no problems when opening in Figma. I have attached the SVG, and screenshots of what things look like in Figma and Designer. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Stay Safe ... Mike Power Automate.svg
  4. Good day everybody, i am experirencing many issues with how Affinity handles PSD embedded objects. There are many mickups showing unwanted shapes on top of the image. These shapes are increasing/decreasing depending on how much is the zoom. Unfortuantely, thse disortions (unwanted shapes) keep showing even after exporting the final image. The same Mockups are working perfectly within Photoshop
  5. Good evening All, Slowly making progress (but lots more practice needed), going to keep going on this and see if it gets better....dew drops causing me problems at the moment. Texture will be the next problem.
  6. Hello ! I downloaded the 90-month trial, and I'm wondering due to them coming in a package deal with 3 licences is affinity photo, designer and publisher included in one price ? Or are they separate purchases ? I'm sorry if it's answered in the trial somewhere, but I have yet to install it at the time of writing I will edit the post if it gets answered when I get my hands on the software's trial
  7. Hello, I am new to Affinity (switched from Adobe). Currently I am having issues with vector brush tool in Designer. Is there an option to somehow get rid of this weird looking lines (dots)? This does not happen when i try longer lines a draw them quicker, but when i want to be more precise it is quite annoying. I am using wacom tablet (CTL-671) with up to date driver and working on windows 10. I tried different tablet settings and still not happy with the result. Not sure if this is a bug or just an imperfection of software. If its the software problem, I think some "auto-smooth" of this pressure curve could work nice. I can't fix every single brush stroke manually. I hope you get my problem and thanks for replying.
  8. Sandhill Crane and De Havilland Beaver on floats on a dawn takeoff from a northern Manitoba lake.
  9. I’ve a simple rectangle. Pasted inside it, is a complex artwork which is much larger than the rectangle. Is there a way to move the rectangle without moving the artwork that’s inside it? I’ve tried locking the artwork that’s inside the rectangle = didn’t work. I’ve explored choosing the node tool = nope. Can’t think what else logically to do. All help appreciated, thank you.
  10. Since I work mobile and often put my computer to sleep in power saving mode, I have since the latest update ( all Affinity products incl. Designer) constantly problems with freezing of the program interface after "waking up" the computer. 2021-02-12-21-26-19.mp4 When I restart my computer then the Affinity programs work perfectly, as soon as the computer goes into power saving mode and is woken up again the user interface freezes in the Affinity programs used at the time (Designer, Photo, Publisher). As soon as I "kill" the frozen program and open it again, I can't create a new document in it, because the user interface freezes immediately. The only thing that helps then is a restart of the system. The worst thing is, there is no "crash report" and no "backup" of my work is created. What I have already tried: - "Clear User Data" applied. - Deleted the contents of the Prefetch folder. - Uninstalled all Affinity products, cleaned up the system & registry and reinstalled everything. - Installed new video card drivers This phenomenon happens after the latest update and even with the latest beta from Designer My configuration: - Computer: HP EliteBook 8560w (2013) - Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-2820QM CPU @ 2.30GHz, 2301 MHz, 4 core(s), 8 logical processor(s) - Main memory: 32GB - Graphics card: NVIDIA Quadro 2000M (driver: - System drive: Samsung SSD 850 EVO 500GB - Operating system: Microsoft Windows 10 Pro (10.0.19042) I don't know what else to do, un these circumstances I cannot continue to work professionally with Affinity products and recommend them with a clear conscience. Error report from Windows.txt Error report from Windows (Beta).txt
  11. Hello I have not found via searching ( workflows, there are references to the term but not as outline/suggestions except for specific problem ) any outline(s) for learning approach(s) for AD. I do have the desktop book on order and perhaps that will address my question(s). Can one point to a PDF on the subject of preferences in which order to expose/watch "basics" they have no obvious numbering sequences that I discerned. I realize some of this is probably opinion of course, that is to be expected from your experiences. What approaches to learning and applying AD to poster creation for print, versus postcards, web pages for mobile phones or large monitor ( kiosk, thinking scale ). My broad interests. So has anyone seen these or is it to abstract and not relevant? Thanks for reading and your potential responses. Terence D
  12. Recently commissioned portrait, from a lady that wanted to be reminded of her life in better (non-COVID) times...
  13. Recently commissioned portrait, from a lady that wanted to be reminded of her life in better (non-COVID) times... Caroline_(Web).pdf
  14. Please, add an option to offset inner and outer glow in Layer FX, similar to the offset in inner and outer shadow effects.
  15. At first I thought I would be funny, but the results were decidedly pitiful. Good thing I am not a designer for a living!! Then I thought we could all use some calm and gentleness in this turbulent and social-distanced world. @StuartRc's beautiful color from his palette "inktober 2020 06 Rodent #49" was perfect for the giraffes. His generosity in sharing so much of his genius with us all (as do so many on these forums), and the indefatigable efforts of the brilliant ladies and gentlemen at Serif are truly appreciated! So Happy Valentine's Day and may 2021 be happy for everybody.
  16. Hi, I don’t know if this is a bug, but when I tried importing vector brushes, it doesn’t load. I’ve uploaded a screen record. Pixel brush are ok. But vector brush doesn’t import (load). I’m using iPad Pro 11” 2018 with the latest OS and Affinity Designer 1.9 IMG_1204.MP4
  17. good afternoon affinity team I'm trying to buy affinity photo, affinity publisher, and affinity designer for five hours with my bank card that I usually use for buying online now I get the same error ( Server Internal Error To reconnect click the Reload button on the browser or click the button below ) I did use 3 different browsers, contacted my bank they say everything is working but they didn't receive any payment request from your side, so can you please help me with this issue
  18. Not just Affinity Photo I have, I also have Affinity Design (both of which I have brought fully and continued using). Anyway, on Affinity Design, I've been inspired by the Funko Pop vinyl figures, I thought about doing a version of myself. I know its good, but not great, as abit more work is needed here and there.
  19. Haven’t done any figure drawing in ages... I like that AD lets me correct all my mistakes (at least the ones I can recognize...)🤓 The fish is a stock Upsplash photo, and the figure drawn from imagination...
  20. Hello everyone www.livinnature.eu is my blog about lifestyle I love using Affinity tools to create my designs I would love it if you can check out my blog and give me some feedbacks to improve. I am a newbie in web designing. The website is few days old. I would love any kind of suggestions. Thank you Liveinnature.
  21. I opened a large PDF in Affinity Designer, everything looks fine, but then I tried to copy an Artboard from another doc to the current doc (which worked fine in 1.8) it only shows the selection box, this is after I re-saved as an .afdesign. I figured maybe it was landing on an existing Artboard so decided to create a new Artboard and just copy the contents, but the Artboard tool was suddenly locked and I got an error message saying "Artboard Tool - Artboards cannot be added to a document with multiple pages or master pages. This doesn't make sense for two reasons 1) Since the Affinity apps all share code, this seems like it would be an Affinity Publisher issue since you can't even create Pages/Master pages in Affinity Designer. 2) I can create new Artboards through duplication (Alt-Drag). It's not a memory issue because I have 32GB free. Can we please get a bug fix for this. Thank you.
  22. I did a shutdown on AD, but hadn't made a final save after moving a layer to a different group. So I agreed to a save when AD offered it. I then opened AD again and a minute later up came a crash report. AD is working fine when I reopened it. AD did all other saves without a problem. When reopening AD the layer move wasn't saved. It must have crashed after I agreed to the save during a shutdown so I didn't even notice it. Crash report: Crash 2-12-21.txt
  23. A tiny thing but probably one that should be fixed: I clicked OK instead of Cancel after selecting Rename of a Global Spot when I then decided that it didn't need changing.
  24. Hej there... I'm having a serious problem with Affinity Publisher. I have my document, with loads of linked images in RGB. Now I have to change them to CMYK. But when I do, the images lose their placement and size. They get bigger or smaller, they jump to the left or the right.. (I tried in serval ways- first, click edit document and swich to Aff Photo, format to cmyk..save and boom.. image is MUCH bigger than before.) I have to place each image all over again... How can this be solved??
  25. Dinosaur Assets A set of multi-layer vector symbols and textures based on dinosaur skin Cover Image 290 x175mm 300dpi all vector Built from 15 multi-layer symbols all vector based to be used for brush base textures | assets | styles | scalable grunge tiled patterns
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