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Found 4,431 results

  1. Here is an example of my new contact card with two vanity numbers "on board". Simple to remember and reach me -)
  2. Two Last names as a brand called B&B
  3. It's a combination of Dedolight's brand colors with the First and Last name of Head of sales agent in Russian Federation -)
  4. Hi all i have a big problem i was a AI and PS user for a long time and now with the 1.9 update AFFINITY DESIGNER uses ALT + SCROL to rotate the Canvas(Project) I used AutoHotKey to remap ALT=CTRL but is messy and can't remove curve points when creating a curved shape I want to ask you guys if there is a way to remap : CTRL+scroll wheel ALT+scroll wheel SHIFT+scroll wheel
  5. Hi, So I am new and I said I would trial Affinity products, unfortunately Publisher keeps crashing and wont start. I tried Reinstalling and Repairing. Still wont start. Wrote an email for support got directed here. Hope someone would help me resolve this as I would like to trial and see the capabilities before I purchase one. Regards, Francis
  6. Big learning curve: how to organise elements, color choosing, pentool in Designer and drawing excersize. And a big thank you to Stuart RC for all his contributions to this forum. As you can see, I used a lot of assets and his latest Dinosaur brushes, Poison brushes en vegetation brushes. It helps to look at the brushes how they are developed, it helps to look at the assets of leaves and plants and how they are build up. One day I can do it myself, but for now, I am using Stuarts Designs. So again, THANKS. Mostly done in Designer with Vectors. But the final touches are done in Photo. Yolanda
  7. Hello, <deutsch see below> I have constructed a Bavarian flag (diamond flag) in the designer: - many rectangles 30 x 1000 directly to each other, grouping - Copy the group, rotate by -51° - Rotate both groups by +67° - Colorize half of the resulting diamonds in blue, the rest in white or transparent, so that the laser does not perceive it as a shape afterwards. This worked so well. I save this as a future base for Bavarian flags. Now I need a strip 170 mm x 40 mm of it. Rest should disappear or be finally deleted. For this I marked both groups and cut them to size with the cut tool. Here is the first issue: The rest still exists, it's just not visible. How do I delete everything around it completely? Now I want to punch a rectangle in this remaining strip. A font is then to be embedded in this rectangle. The punched rectangle must become transparent again so that the laser does not do anything here. Unfortunately, I fail completely. I can't get the transparent "hole" punched through the many individual blue diamonds. How can I punch out a shape from a large number of individual curve objects that actually affects only a part of the objects? Or did I go about it the wrong way? The important thing is that I can end up exporting an SVG that can only export the blue diamonds and partial diamonds and the font as curve objects. This is the only way I can tell the laser where to laser at all and where "nothing" is. many thanks I can also post partial results as files here. I just didn't know what I needed and didn't want to upload too much here. deutsch: Hallo, ich habe mir eine bayerische Flagge (Rauten Flagge) im Designer konstruiert: - viele Rechtecke 30 x 1000 unmittelbar aneinander, gruppieren - Kopieren der Gruppe, drehen um -51° - Drehen beider Gruppen um +67° - Einfärben der Hälfte aller entstandenen Rauten in blau, Rest in weiß bzw. transparent, damit der Laser das nachher nicht als Form wahrnimmt. Das hat so gut funktioniert. Das speichere ich als zukünftige Basis für bayerische Flaggen. Nun brauche ich davon einen Streifen 170 mm x 40 mm. Rest soll verschwinden bzw. endgültig gelöscht werden. Dazu habe beide Gruppen markiert und mit dem zuschneiden Werkzeug auf Maß gebracht. Hier ist das erste Problem: Der Rest exisitiert immer noch, ist nur nicht sichtbar. Wie lösche ich alles umliegende vollständig? Nun möchte ich in diesen verbleibenden Streifen ein Rechteck stanzen. In dieses Rechteck soll dann eine Schrift eingelassen werden. Das ausgestanzte Rechteck muss dabei wieder transparent werden, damit der Laser hier nichts tut. Daran scheitere ich leider vollständig. Ich bekomme das transparente "loch" nicht durch die vielen einzelnen blauen Rauten gestanzt . Wie kann ich aus einer Vielzahl von einzelnen Kurvenobjekten eine Form ausstanzen, die auch nur einen Teil der Objekte wirklich betrifft? Oder habe ich das Ganze falsch angepackt? Wichtig ist, dass ich am Ende eine SVG exportieren kann, die nur die blauen Rauten und Teilrauten sowie die Schrift als Kurvenobjekte exportieren kann. Nur so kann ich dem Laser vorgeben, wo er überhaupt lasern soll und wo "nichts" ist. herzlichen Dank
  8. Hi, Using boolean operations like Add on a bunch of shapes results in unexpected behavior. I know I can get around this issue by using "Layer > Geometry > Merge curves". AD-2021-02-22-1.mov
  9. Bright bird on a branch. Upsplash photo reference. Still trying to develop technique. The branch with buds and flower are rough and sort of impressionistic with the most detail reserved for the bird to draw attention and focus.
  10. Hello! I’m trying to export a file for print in TIFF format, which was created on a 50cm x 70cm artboard. As soon as I try to export it as a TIFF the app reduces its size considerably, and doesn’t seem to want to deal in anything other than pixels (it automatically switches back to pixels as soon as I try to apply the size in cm - so if I enter 50cm, it becomes 50px). If I try to enter the correct size in pixels instead, it just reduces the size by around 50% and the image becomes horribly pixelated. I’m having exactly the same issues on desktop too. Anyone have any ideas?
  11. Good Afternoon, I've recently been trying to use Affinity Designer after the 1.9 update but came across some kind of bug. When in the Designer Persona, all brush models are clearly seen and can be used. When transferring to the Pixel Persona on the other hand, all brushes turn invisible and cannot be used. I have tried using the "Clear User Data" dialog by holding 'Ctrl' but it still has not solved my issue. Here are photos to help anyone out.
  12. Hi, I intend to realize a design from affinity designer with a laser engraver on wood. The design contains for example letters. I have converted these letters into curves. For the laser I now need a second version of this letter, shrunk by 1 pixel from all sides. I know this for example from Photoshop. There a selection can be selected 1 pixel narrower. Can I get that in the designer with a curve also somehow? Thanks for your help Regards Sepp Deutsch: Hi, Ich beabsichtige ein Design aus affinity designer mit einem Laser Engraver auf Holz umsetzen. Das Design enthält zum Beispiel Buchstaben. Diese Buchstaben habe ich in Kurven umgewandelt. Für den Laser benötige ich nun eine zweite Version dieses Buchstaben, der um jeweils 1 Pixel von allen Seiten geschrumpft ist. Ich kenne das zum Beispiel von Photoshop. Dort kann eine Auswahl um 1 Pixel enger gewählt werden. Kann ich das im Designer mit einer Kurve auch irgendwie hinbekommen? Danke für eure Hilfe Grüße Sepp
  13. I have a question about curves / shapes inside another (parent - child). When selecting shape or closed path containing curves, stroke modification change only parent item. To change children strokes, they have to be selected separately. When items are grouped, there is no problem - changing group stroke make effect on all items in group. Is there a way to change child property when changing parent, or to select both, parent and child, to apply format for all items.
  14. Only two months into using Affinity Designer here. Starting at some point through the progress of my project, any time I create and type new Artistic Text, a purple highlight appears behind it. I don't remember messing with any settings to make it appear. I've tried to look very carefully at the color options on the Artistic Text object but I can't find anything. What am I missing? This hasn't happened to me during other projects until after the 1.9 update, so there's the possibility of a bug or new feature/setting that I'm not aware of yet. I also attached what the problem looks like in Affinity Designer. The text color was intended to be white, and the color shows as white in the Color tab.
  15. Is there a way to change the thumbnails back to the original thumbnail? After I updated all the files I save have the AD logo as the thumbnail instead of the actual project contents. I’m bad at naming files so I rely on the thumbnail to pick which projects I need. On another forum someone said that the files will eventually change back to the original thumbnail. But it hasn’t changed yet.
  16. Hi there, I'm trying to add text on path in 2 ways and don't know how to do it: 1. Add text on path on the top of diamond shape, but keep all the letters pointing straight up. 2. Shape the text in diamond (starts short, tallest in the middle, then short at the end). Please help, i couldn't find any tutorial for that online. Thanx.
  17. Hi. Please, is it possible to use and make your own vector brushes. What i need is to take a simple vector object and stretch it across a curve. Is it possible in the Designer? Since I couldn't find a solution, I'm affraid it's not possible. Thank you.
  18. The first one is for the Instagram page @humansonbikesnyc. The owner is a big Pink Floyd fan, so looking at some of the P.F. art, The Dark Side of The Moon was instantly the source of inspiration. I'm sure we all know that iconic cover. In my design, I took the yellow street lines on NYC and used them in place of the ray of light, the bicycle wheel takes the place of the pyramid and the rainbow's place is taken by the cycling championship flag colors. My idea was that cycling in NYC (I myself am also a cyclist/messenger) is like being on a giant course. The streets of the city become components of a massive velodrome (a track where bicycle races are held). So, the bicycle (the prism) converts the street (rays of white light) in a race track of sorts on a massive velodrome, which is why the championship flag colors (the rainbow) come out. Whether it's a crit, and alley cat, delivery, messwork, it's all part of the rat race we are all riding to and from, day in and day out. I call this design, Dark Side of The Road (because, well, the asphalt and whatnot). The logo for bike messenger company/collective Street Kings NYC (@streetkingsnyc) was already in use before I was ask to clean it up. The founder, Kid Ill, requested to keep the same cyclist image but he wanted the lines to look sharper. The original was done haphazardly and the lines had no sense of weight to them, they were a fixed with. I just make the ends of the lines come to a point, adjusted the riders body a bit but kept the design true to the original. The shield and sword I had tweaked a bit more. Originally there were no swords (the swords were requested). Also, the original design was the rider with NYC in a stencil font. I opted for a more "royal" looking font for NYC (I forgot the name of the font, if anyone knows, please tell me, thanks) and added the banner with 2012 in Roman numerals (I think it looks better than just "Est. 2012) I added the original design at the end. Let me know what ya'll think.
  19. These are designs I created in Affinity Designer and Photo. Inspired by 70's Anarcho punk band Crass from the UK. I am using these for my attempt project called PIPE BOMB MEDIA. I'm the guy sitting in the "I'm Already Dead" image, I am also using the pseudonym "Manifest Destiny" for this project. I am a really big fan of this style and minimalism in general.
  20. Affinity Designer beginner with a newbie question I'll be embarrassed about someday: How do I change the color of everything at once? Thanks for your help!
  21. hey guys! let me share my design done for a tutorial made specially using affinity designer on ipad ✅ Link available here Click to watch full video I hope you guys enjoy! and learn the power of Vector! subscribe on there to get more free tutorials, cheers! Jhon @jhonatan.ssilva
  22. At some point when adding a new guide, all the guides disappear. I tried to "Show Guides" (Ctrl+;) again, but no success. You can see the guides on the ruler area, but not on the work area. Had to close the application and open it again to make it work. Very annoying! I don't remember having this problem before last update. Running Affinity Designer version Windows 10 Pro v.10.0.19042 Build 19042
  23. After the update to 1.9 I can no longer access the help files. A new Window opens but nothing is displayed. I reran the install files and program repaired itself. Still no help files. Windows 10 Pro 20H2.
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