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Found 4,431 results

  1. Valentine done with Affinity Designer and Photo on new IPad Pro so quite a learning experience. Halloween done with Affinity Photo on desktop
  2. When I place an .afphoto file into Designer the image have a grayish outline or border around it. This doesn't happen if I convert the image to TIFF. The photo in this example have a mask on it. I don't know if it is a bug or it is intended and this expected behavior. Seems a little strange to me. I don't know why it happens.
  3. Hi there, I'm not sure if this is the correct forum but is there anywhere where I could access social media mockups, or mockups in general? I'm new to Affinity and still learning the ropes as it were. Thank you so much.
  4. This took me some time to do here and there, but I managed it with Harley Quinn, and got a Daddys L'il Monster png design quite easily.
  5. I am using a wacom tablet to draw in Affinity Designer and any time I use the VECTOR BRUSH TOOL and select a Brush Texture (like pencil or acrylic), the Vector Brush Tool is forever stuck on Textures. I cannot get it to return to the default Vector lines without closing the program and re-opening it and it's becoming rather irritating. Can we get this fixed down the line?
  6. I love Affinity Designer, but I cannot understand why the issues with the boolean operations persist years after they have been flagged repeatedly in the forums. Trying to expand simple strokes and divide and add together parts of these simple shapes results in a ton of errors. When I had discussed this in prior posts to the forum, it was alluded to that "dirty geometry" was the issue - because I had used the pen tool like a brush, building up multiple strokes at times to get the kind of thick to thin lines I wanted. In this case here, I'm using single pen strokes. I really want to replace Illustrator with Designer - but I cannot understand why such a major component of Designer is still not anywhere closer to being fixed years after the problems began. I literally have to take the design out of Designer and into Illustrator or VectorStyler to expand it and merge cleanly the different parts Anchor.afdesign
  7. I’m the past I could create vertical vector lines with handles on top that’s could be pivoted from the origin spot. Now all my line always get the handle in the middle. This make it un use Ake for my work. I’m a fashion designer, I make patterns and some times I have to trace very long lines pivoting from a point and with an exact measurement until it touches a pony in a reference line. I could easily do it before now I can’t even seen the end of the line y I want to use the middle handle. And the precision went it of the window. I used to also been able to move the origin and transforming length from wherever the origin was. Can’t do it any more either. Also any diagonal now is a damn hypotenuse am I supposed to calculate the Pythagoras problem every time I need to see how long my lines are ?
  8. Hello, is there some way to turn the move tool handles to move and rotate the lines back at how they were previous 1.9? I’m a fashion designer and I make my patterns here. I used to create vertical straight vector lines with handles on top so I could set a fixed measurement and then move the origin and pivot it from there. Now I generate lines wit side handles that to me are worthless because I must see were it touch with my reference lines precisely. Also I used to change the origin and it would increase or decrease a measurement starting from there now they only get modified referencing the center unless I go to the panel and set a new origin on the square thingy there, very annoying since it take me out of my work flow every two minutes. I really hope this is fixable with some kind of setting adjustment. Cuz if not this is definitely a bye bye for me.
  9. Time to start the planning for a new workstation. PC-based, Windows OS, probably 3 monitors, web development, graphics (Affinity Ph, Des, Pub; Elementor Pro, some video production). Looking for input from anyone who has experience with current graphics cards/accelerators. Good, bad, benefits, limitations, monitors partnered with, insights; anything you think relative. Thanks in advance.
  10. I just got Affinity Designer several days ago. I remember being able to show the grids. I am not sure what i did, as I am not able to figure out why it wasn't showing anymore on the canvas. I have set "show grid", pressed ctrl+', and also ticked the checkbox for "show grid" on the Grid and Axis Manager, still nothing. Please help, here are some of the screeshot. Thank you
  11. Hi there, I just updated my Affinity designer to, but can not pop up atfer loaded fonts interface shown, Thanks, Gede Sujendra
  12. Is there a way in Designer iPad to ‘pin’ layers to the top of the layers stack, so that any layers created as you draw sit below them? Locking the layers does not do it. —————————————- Background: Why I need this. I’ve scanned a sketch. I now want to draw vector shapes based on the sketch. I’m using the image layer with a 20% opacity setting as a guide. I draw objects (at 100% opacity) below this top image layer. It saves me having to mess about with the opacity of umpteen layers rather than one. Some would call these reference layers. —————————————- . @Jowday’s post starts talking about reference layers in the Desktop app (I’ve not read it all).
  13. Affinity Designer crashes when I open my recent documents or create new ones, and fails to open with saved preferences. Crash log attached. macOS 10.14 (Mojave) on MacBook Pro 9,1 Core i7 nVidia 650M. Additionally, running it causes fans to go bonkers. Affinity Designer 1.9 is OK. Problem Report for Affinity Designer - crash.txt
  14. Hello to everyone, who loves Affinity ... ! Have created the group in the Telegram messenger to share your experience, free content and discuss knowledge. Welcome: https://t.me/AffinityTalk
  15. I had this problem with 1.9, but refrained from reporting it, since there were many who were reporting bugs with printing. I just installed 1.9.1 and the issue is still present. When I attempt to print and choose FILE, PRINT, the program crashes. Every time. Both Designer and Photo. My specs: OS: Mac: 11.2.1 (Big Sur) Hardware: MacBook Pro (Retina, 15-inch, Mid 2014), 16 GB 1600 MHz DDR3 Printer: HP Office Pro 7740 Series (drivers are up to date) This did not happen in 1.8.x
  16. Hi, to all. Affinity Designer does not know how to ungroup SVG files. Yet it is one of the most widespread vector formats, and the only one available on Wikipedia. This means that you have to go through InkScape to be able to paste the unbundled image at the lowest level in Affinity Designer (Ungroup All)! See this example of SVG file on which you have to ungroup several times in InScape to finally reach the fully ungrouped level. As for Affinity Designer, it does not even see that the image is grouped! Map_of_the_administrative_divisions_of_Turkey.svg
  17. These are fake album covers I made with Affinity Photo for the Album Cover Challenge thing. I also included the a simple logo I made for my project 674D55F3-4B1D-45C2-9FA9-180D4776B1CC.MP4
  18. Is it possible to access swatches from the context menu as shown below? Of course I mean document palettes should be listed here shouldn’t they, logically? If not, why not? Thanks
  19. Was working fine in 1.9.0. Copy/pasting simple shapes/lines to create cut file templates. Granted they're rather large files but I had no issues in the previous version. Happens when alt-dragging to copy and paste, and also with regular copy and pasting. Tried starting a new file and bringing in a single object from the old file to create a new template from and getting the same result. Different file of similar templates of a different shape is acting fine, but it originated via save-as from the file that's having the issues. Also started a template from scratch and it is having no issues, to the problem seems to lie with how 1.9.1 is handling the curves in the file from the previous version. I'm not certain if this problematic file originated in 1.8.6 or 1.9.0. It was initially created from an opened pdf from a different software (non-Affinity) with the stickers that needed cut lines created and the sticker images/objects were deleted out after the cut lines were created. TL;DR - Program was being slow with a file from pre-1.9.1, problem revolves around the paths drawn in the file. Copy/pasting paths into new file didn't solve issue. Solution was to start new paths in new file from scratch. Willing to send along the problematic file to the Dropbox.
  20. Hello, I am using Affinity Photo, Designer & Publisher version on a Windows 10 machine. No matter in which programme...I save my own shortcuts, work in the respective programme...save my documents...close the programme...when I restart, my shortcuts are gone again and only the standard shortcuts are active. What can I do to load my own shortcuts automatically? Thanks for any information on how to solve this problem.
  21. Hi Everyone I really am having a lot of coordination problems between Designer and Publisher... maybe I have got conceptually the wrong end of the stick but I cannot find any good tuturials on how they interact with one another. In this specific problom I have designed an object in Designer... it is a simple rectangluar sign 100mm x 100mm I just want to copy this into a page in Publisher,, so naturally I copy it in Designer , Paste in the Publisher on a page... To my shock reverything gets resized,, in this case smaller [24 x24mm ] what in hell is going on???? in both cases the document / file units are set as mm and in both files the page size is A3 is is a basic bug... Yes, I could build the design in Publisher using the Designer persona... [In fact, that is the workflow I am persueing , but I have a lot of artwork already in Designer.. Interestingly, when i copy/paste form Publisher to Designer the size is respected, no change happens???? Actually, I expected the Studiolink between Publisher and Designer to be the same as between Publisher and photo,, it definately does not! Frankly, I expected to be able to insert a designer file into publisher [as a link] and have it editable and dynamically updated regardless of which app I worked in... At the moment I cannot even reliably COPY / PASTE between them PS, I don't have a problem with scaling that I can control ,, eg it would be good if I can take a full size design in Designer and insert/link it as a smaller scale object in publisher... but I need to have explicit control of that scaling This is how most CAD drafting packages operate! All affinity software are the latest reelases , W10 latest patch
  22. It's just a beautiful cats as a word ! -)
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