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Found 3,593 results

  1. Hi, This logo was made following the Material Design Product icon Rules. If you want a little guide that show you how i made this logo with Affinity Designer, just tell me and i will post it in the tutorial section of this forum.
  2. What is the alternative to the smooth tool of Adobe Illustrator or what is the way to do it in Affinity Designer; and not using corner tool. Thank you
  3. I wonder if anyone here already tried to use Affinity Designer on iPadOS 14? Are there any issues occured?
  4. I was hit with inspiration to make these. I have a group of city icons as well, like Boston, Montreal, Prague... I t was fun to do and helped me learn more skills in Designer and how to get the most out of the app.
  5. Hello , any one knows how can i do this color harmony ? I want to know how can i creat this , i saw a vedio on youtube but it was with photoshop , so anyone knows how to do this with affinity photo or designer ? Thanks Vedio link :
  6. Official Affinity Designer Desktop Tutorials For Designer 1.7, we've got a brand new set of tutorials that follow a more structured approach and are sorted into logical categories. You can access them by following this link: https://affinity.serif.com/tutorials/designer/desktop The web page that is displayed is also accessible directly from Designer's Welcome screen itself. Please note that the previous thread is now considered legacy and has been unpinned. The videos linked in the thread are also considered legacy although they will remain accessible (albeit unlisted). The videos listed at the above link are hosted on Vimeo. Alternatively, please find a list below with YouTube links: Basic Operations UI overview New document Open and import Pan, zoom and rotate canvas Selecting Transform, scale, rotate and shear Grouping Ordering Layers panel Align and distribute Copy, paste and power duplicate Undo, redo and history Placing images Quick export Advanced Operations Artboards Symbols Assets panel View modes for pixel preview Square and triangular grids Isometric design and grid setup Advanced axonometric grid setup Design Aids Ruler and column guides Object snapping Curve snapping: nodes and control handles Vector Tools Pen tool Node tool Point transform tool Advanced curves 1: bézier drawing in detail Advanced curves 2: multi-node select, align and transform Pencil tool Shape tools Multiple strokes and fills Corner tool Boolean operations Colour picker tool Fill tool Advanced colour Transparency tool Vector brush tool Managing vector brushes Pixel Tools Pixel tool Paint brush tool Advanced brush options Managing raster brushes Smudge tools Erase brush tool Flood fill tool Symmetry and mirror painting Drawn selections Smart selection brush tool Selection modification tools Refine selections Export Persona Slice tool Layers panel Export options panel Slices panel Text Tools Frame text tool Art text tool Advanced typography Text on a path Effects and Adjustments Applying adjustments Masking adjustments Layer effects Advanced layer effects Blend modes Styles
  7. So run into this problem where the head and tail offsets for a brush don’t seem to work for closed shapes (broken since 2017 btw). Outside of converting to curves and breaking the line, which creates other issues, the only way I see to fix this is to modify the brush texture image so there are no gaps on the ends and making the endpoints so they can be tiled. The question is, how do I export a textured brush’s source image (like from the default brushes) so that I can modify the the texture so there’s no gaps - since it seems that in 3 years Serif hasn’t bothered to fix this.
  8. I finally broke down and updated Affinity Designer to the latest release and what I feared the most happened. The functionality of the node tool has gone out of the window. I can no longer add anchor points along a path with the node tool. As an example, I draw a lot of text and then bring those sketches into Designer. I select a basic shape like a box and work around my sketch adding points and manipulating handles along the way. Now when I choose the simple shape to work with, convert to curves and try to add anchor points with the node tool all I can do is manipulate the path between two existing points. New anchor points cannot be added, period. I am extremely frustrated, is there a way I can go back to the previous iteration of Affinity Designer where the node tool worked well? This is a make or break function for me as a users. That tool worked perfectly in previous versions of the software. Thanks, Dave
  9. I have two objects that I want to "add" together to create one vector object. I have done this many times before but now I am getting poor results. Both layers are Curves. They are not text layers or shape layers. See before and after images below.
  10. Daub Whirlpool Water brush used in Affinity Designer. The original is A5 landscape. Red (255, 0, 0) upper then yellow (255, 255, 0) at left then blue (0, 255, 255) then yellow (255, 255, 0) at right then red (255, 0, 0) lower The orange, green and purple just happened The order of application of the colours makes a big difference. This image is a png 512 pixels high, aspect ratio conserved. William
  11. Learn how to use the Insertion tools / insert target in Affinity Designer. These tools help you to target where a new object is to be placed in your layers. Cheers
  12. Where is the Frame text tool please? I am using Affinity Designer in Pixel Persona so as to try the Daub watercolour brushes and I want to add some text to the image. I have read of the Frame text tool in the Help system and how to use it but I cannot find the tool yet! William
  13. excuse me, i have a little problem, i dont know what i touched but my designer its now on short form or another interface of the program, now when i click in "archive" appear the people "pixel" and "export" what i do for changue that to the normal interface
  14. Hello, a question: Is there a function in AfDesigner as an Illustrator Blending Object? Thanks so much
  15. I have just updated my affinity design and the behavior of the text bloc as changed. How can resize my text bloc without scaling its content ? I dont want to manually insert line return each time I want to change the size of the text bloc. Thanks
  16. Hello, I am preparing some templates panels (eg 4x2) and I am stuck in the decision on what to do, because I want to use the ability of Designer to create artboards and export them at once with different names; but at the same time I would like to have the ability to place `picture frames` in my template, so I can be sure that the pictures I add have the same dimensions. I tried to make the template in Publisher, but then the `picture frame` is editable only once if I open the same file with Designer -- so, if I make a mistake and need to insert the picture again the `picture frame` would not be there. On the other way, if I make the template in Designer, and open it in Publisher I have to add the `picture frame` one by one, and export all the artboards one by one. tl:dr: What would be the best way make a template where you can have `picture frames` to add pictures in different artboards, and export the artboards with one click? Thank you in advance Leo
  17. It's been a minute since I last posted here, so I figured I'd show off what I've been working on these last few. I don't have a complete project as of yet. What I'm doing is building up assets for a comic project I'm working on, trying to do at least one model a day over the next year or so until I have enough objects to mix and match together to build up my various scenes. I have about 23 models so far. I've thrown them together into a single scene to see if they work together coherently, and, so far, I've been pleased with the results. Since I'm using Designer heavily for labels and other designs, alongside a bit of Photo for touch up work, I figured I'd show off what I've done here. These are some of the labels I've done over the last couple of days. It's the first time I've used artboards, which makes me feel extra fancy. I actually did a lot of these vegetable objects awhile ago, based on a tutorial I did back when I was first learning Designer. I decided to repurpose them here, and add a few more to flesh things out. And here they are in scene, alongside a bunch of other objects I've made. I'm only a few steps along on a greater journey, but I think I'm off to a good start thus far. edit: Gotta include my most recent can.
  18. Vector graphic in retro poster style https://www.bodobe.de/faye-the-butterfly/
  19. In my fantasy the Broadsword is a plane built to specifications of the Royal Flying Corps for an allweather fighterbomber. There are the traits of five aircraft in the Broadsword, see if you can find them all. It´s also a test if the Perlin noise can replace PS´s difference clouds... Why yes it can, and then some. The clouds and the Broadsword´s cammo for instance is pure perlin noise.
  20. I was commissioned to make a label for a Mead Brew. I figured I would make a bottle to put the logo on.
  21. I’m working on seamless pattern tiles in Affinity Designer and need to keep objects inside a square. Everything touching/outside of the square edge needs to be cropped. I’ve simplified my question on the attached image. The problem is: It looks like the Boolean crop operation can only work on two objects at a time. With hundreds of objects, how should I crop the parts outside of the square? (with different colour I am unable to create compound shapes.) p.s. clipping, masking, hiding the parts out of view not an option.
  22. There is a bug, that occured when I tried to copy an Object, from which I generated a Symbol into an other document. I realized, that the object was still marked as symbol after I did the copy. Within the symbols tool window of the new document, the symbol was not listed. When I tried to delete the symbol state, the application crashed immediately. On restart, Affinity restored the work I did, but took up a lot of cpu power, so my fan started to spin like crazy. Finally, the application crashed again. On second restart, Affinity designer worked normal.
  23. I am rotating this shape(both a rectangles) and I would like it to snap so that the one rectangle is exactly perpendicular to the other rectangle Affinity Snap Perpendicular.mp4
  24. This isn't my work at all, but use of a lovely firework file (firework.afdesign) so very kindly shared with us by @v_kyr last year at Christmas time. I thought nothing could better express my delight (and I am sure I am only one of hundreds of thousands of others) with Affinity Publisher -- 1 year old today. So many happy returns of the day, and best wishes for more and more exciting developments as the years go by! Thank you, Serif!!
  25. I use the blend tool a ton in Illustrator and Corel Draw, and it will be very nice if Designer had a similar tool. I was just wondering if something like that was in the works. Thank you!
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