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Found 3,706 results

  1. Just a random thought: how can I reimagine the keyboard? heres three quite useless ideas: 1. the vertical keyboard (might be handy for one handed typing 🤪) 2. the air guitar keyboard 3. a keyboard with realistic letter sizes (the e is much more prominent in English than the q, quite strange they have the same size on a keyboard) its still work in progress. Next step is adding some shadow and background so they look like an Apple commercial (still, better inventions than the touchbar!) curious to hear your thoughts
  2. I'm currently working on some UI replacements for a game in Affinity Designer. The images are not going to be very high resolution, that's why every pixel counts. My problem while being in the pixel view mode and exporting the image as png is that the lower layers bleed through on the edges and make the pixels brighter as they should be. Normal View: Pixel View: These bright pixels are very visible in-game and make them look very disrupted. It does not make any sense for me that they are brighter. How do I get rid of these pixels?
  3. This is a work that I did for a video tutorial and now I've done a guide for it. you guys can use as tutorial to learn how I like to built my designs. enjoy! insta: @jhonatan.ssilva youtube.com/jhonatanssilva
  4. I used the new brushes and texture overlays I made to promote my new quick-start kits on my Gumroad store. This was the result! I teach English, and only get to draw in my free time. I'm still working up the courage and energy to do a complete dragon illustration. Will post here when I do! - Cheers!
  5. As a kid I would watch my fav shows frame by frame learning to animate. I recreated one of my fav scenes from Transformers the Movie. Only the clouds are pixel persona.
  6. What to do on a boring rainy weekend? I thought I would try and get some more milage out of the UFO pictured in "Contact" and revisit "Close encounter" by adding oodles of detail to the Conny.The Conny herself is from a picture I took of the Breitling Conny at her base in Basel. I think it turned out well.
  7. I'm trying to look for an angled/tilted brush for hand writing with my pen tablet. I know it sounds extremely simple – it's one of the default brushes on Adobe Illustrator – but I can't seem to find it on Affinity Designer. Everything is rounded... Some taper off a the ends. But none are actually angled. Please help!
  8. in Affinity Designer, I appear to have lost the toolbox from where one, amongst other things, can select a vector brush. How do I get it back please? William
  9. Hi there! I love designing with repeating patterns. Now I found a good workflow to design and apply repeating patterns in AD. I recorded a tutorial that shows you how to design them, build a style library and apply patterns. They blend nicely with color fills using blend modes. The pattern and the color fill are in one shape, so no duplicates! --> https://vimeo.com/443692483 If you prefer the short explanation: I design vector patterns in a separate document using symbols to get the tiling right, export as bitmaps, use bitmap fills to build up a Style Library and apply those in drawings on iPad and desktop.
  10. Hi Using Gradients, or shadow effects dramatically increases the exported SVG file size. Do anyone have any tips/tricks for how to use gradients in a way that does not affect the file size? This is important for use on webdesign etc. By example, a file was 4kb, without gradient. Introducing 1 gradient and 1 shadow effect resulted in a 60kb SVG file. Anders
  11. Hi! I have a shape with several pieces that I want to cut out. I have followed the instructions I found here: https://graphicdesign.stackexchange.com/questions/119718/why-cant-subtract-complex-form-in-affinity-designer but it doesn't work. Somehow, I got it to work once with a different file but I'm not quite sure how, and now, I'm unable to reproduce that success with a new file. Is this a bug, or am I missing something? I want to cut out the red shape from the white background. When I cut it, it ends up looking like this, instead of the holes being cut out and showing the transparent background: What am I doing wrong? affinity-cutting-problem.afdesign
  12. Hey guys! Let me share this guide that I did recently, building this item using Affinity Designer on ipad! also I did a tutorial on my youtube channel showing in real time how to do it... jhonatan's youtube I hope this help you guys! have a great day! Regards Jhon
  13. Hi, I have create this brush in Pixel persona using a square brush and adding a texture that I have created using symbols in vector personal. I could not add an SVG as texture so I added an PNG. The problem is that is looks very pix-elated. Looks really bad. I tried to make the texture bigger, smaller, played with zoom but it still looks bad. Do you have any idea what I should to to make it look batter?
  14. Whenever you try to flip multiple objects with the "Transform Objects Separately" enabled, they flip as a group and not as individual objects. I opened up a thread yesterday showing this behaviour in detail and looking for a workaround but I was wondering if this is a bug or if it's meant to be as it is. In my opinion since Flip is a transform tool I expected the objects to be flipped individually instead of as a group. That's why I consider it a bug but, again, I'm not 100% sure it is.
  15. Hi, I need to create a document with multiple 32x32px artboards in designer. I can't for the life of my find that setting where you can specify how many artboards. I don't wanna create 100 artboards, one at a time 🤨. Does anyone know where it is?
  16. Hello, Could anyone from the Serif team explain me, what does the repeat thing do in the bitmap section? I already watched tutorial about bitmaps, but this part isn't explained, and when I select repeat or zero, nothing happens, unlike of wrap and mirror. Is there a some bug or am I missing something? Best Regards
  17. Simulating end grain wood engraving using Affinity Designer I am interested in end grain wood engraving to produce prints. I decided to try to simulate end grain wood engraving using Affinity Designer. I am delighted to have found that Affinity Designer has Engraving as a category of brushes. I have tried using a vector brush with Clean Engraving 03. I am using the brush in white on a black filled rectangle as an unengraved wood block would print solid black in a letterpress printing process. Has anyone tried simulating wood engraving? As engraving on metal plates is also possible, could someone from Serif say on what basis the engraving brushes were designed please. Is anyone here interested in simulating end grain wood engraving using Affinity Designer? William
  18. Nowhere in Affinity Designer can I find character-level letter manipulation anywhere. I don't mean the Character - Positioning and Transform table. This is suitable for normal kerning, although still a very clumsy and slow way. I want the possibility of horizontal and vertical shift of the character in Artistic Text Tools. Just like I show in the video. Is this possible in AD? And I don't mean conversion to curves. Because if he can't make such a small change for a few seconds, I'll do it relatively uncomfortably and for a long time. The source is from Corel and I understand I'm soaked with it (25 years of work). Affinity has many perfect techniques and ways, but I haven't worked out this basic technique for me. Thank you very much for your guidance and answers. Video example from CorelDraw:
  19. In 2017 I started a cartoon blog (https://endsandoddsblog.wordpress.com) and posted a bunch of random cartoon drawings I made with Affinity Designer. I recently restarted posting and thought I'd post the new ones here.
  20. There should be a way to switch the way strokes react with the font as an object. Whether it recognizes the letter or the whole word/ phrase as a single object. I heavily dislike that when i increase the stroke size it covers the letters and they overlap instead of just increasing the stroke of the word/phrase as a whole. To get a similar Effect for logos and such i have to physically outline the words and create a solid filled object. This would also be good to stroke multiple objects together. Like a liquid type response, the closer the objects get the two strokes could like “melt” together. AGAIN, i don’t mean for this to be the only way it works, (i see the potential uses for the current application) but i just wish there was a way to select an object(font/word/phrase/letter)and switch how it reacts with other objects(font/word/phrase/letter) around it concerning stroke. *this being the ipad version, i have not dealt with the desktop app yet*
  21. One of my favorite features from Illustrator is that it has a library of symbols. I do enjoy designer, but there are some things that i really miss and one of those is a library of premade symbols.
  22. Logo design and cycling clothes for the Szczecin bicycle group.
  23. (EDIT) (I just heard that this might be a feature that i didn't know. Apparently, if you let go from the space bar while still holding mouse on a shape, the view tool will get locked for some reason. This topic might be in the wrong place now, since I don't know how I can delete this.) Hi! I have an extremely annoying problem with the Designer. My workflow includes a lot of panning around my document using the View tool with my space bar. Designer should reset to the previous tool when I let go the spacebar, right? Well, in my case the View tool gets stuck especially when moving shapes using Move tool and panning my document frequently. This bug came with one of the latest updates, since it wasn't around a while ago. This drives me crazy and my workflow nearly impossible. I have this problem in both of my two Macs: 13-inch late 2013 Macbook Pro, 10.11.6 El Capitan 15-inch mid 2014 Macbook Pro, 10.12.3 Sierra Using the latest Affinity Designer version 1.5.4. Thanks for the support, - Elias Salonen
  24. I have same problem on MacBook Pro (16-inch, 2019) - Affinity Designer 1.8.3 - Mac OS Catalina 10.15.5. But, there's no problem on my old one: MacBook Pro (Retina, 13-inch, Late 2013) - Affinity Designer 1.8.3 - Mac OS Mojave 10.14.6. I suppose there's some compatibility problem with new Magic Keyboard. If possible, please check on MacBook with new Magic Keyboard.
  25. Leonie is a fictional character that I drew with Affinity Designer. https://www.bodobe.de/leonie/
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